Amid mass confusion among young people surrounding gender identity and human sexuality, an Anchorage-based apologetics group is planning to tackle some of the most difficult questions of our age.

Wisdom Apologetics will address these issues with an upcoming three-part, in-person series titled, “Candid Conversations on Gender and Sexuality.”

Coming from a Christian worldview, the presentations will explore questions surrounding gender identity and expression, transgenderism and homosexuality.

Cheryl Lynn Stone, who is helping coordinate the events, said the presentations will tackle the “big issues in our nation today.”

“There is a lot of confusion among young people regarding their sexuality, and we want to shed truth on it,” she said.

The aim is to explore foundational truths in a world that often denies the reality that human beings are created male and female.

Stone said the talks will include open and candid discussions within a Christian framework.

“We just want to bring truth and quality information since there is a lot of incorrect information out there,” she said. “We want to give people the full information and balance it out.”

Over the course of three evenings, attendees will explore how the culture has rapidly changed and what they can do to effectively navigate discussions with friends and family on these sensitive topics.

The gatherings will be June 15, July 13, and August 10 at 7 p.m. A video presentation from some of the best thinkers on this broad topic will be followed by a discussion and Q&A period. Questions after each video presentation are encouraged and will be fielded by local apologists: Prince Nwankudu (Wisdom Apologetics), Matthew Cote (Alaska Bible College), and Chris Gonzalez (Reasonable Faith). Each event will be held at a Spenard venue located at 3300 Spenard Road.

The talks are specifically directed at high school and college-age adults, but are free and open to everyone.

Wisdom Apologetics has been active in Anchorage for many years, providing events and discussion forums at colleges, churches and other venues with the aim of helping youth and young adults understand the rationality behind the claims of Christianity.


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Anchorage apologetics group to host ‘Candid Conversations on Gender & Sexuality’

Sarah Strubel
Sarah Strubel is studying Political Science at Loyola University Chicago. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, practicing French and Chinese, and cooking. She is currently working as a summer intern for the Alaska Watchman.


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