Correction: Sen. Murkowski was not one of 10 Republicans to announce support for new gun control measures. Murkowski said the group’s announcement was an encouraging step, but she has not yet given it her backing.

Days after announcing that she is open to helping Senate Democrats pass gun control legislation, Sen. Lisa Murkowski is now set to speak to Alaska’s educational leaders about gun violence and school safety.

The livestream meeting on June 16 will be hosted by the Association of Alaska School Boards and the Alaska Superintendents’ Association. It will run from noon to 12:45 p.m.

The upcoming meeting can be viewed here.

Earlier this month, Murkowski told shooting survivor and gun-control activist David Hogg that Congress “owes some steps” regarding gun violence as senators negotiate a bipartisan deal. On June 16, Murkowski’s Communications Director Karina Borger told the Watchman that Murkowski called the group’s announcement on a framework agreement “an encouraging step and that she will view the details of its final form, once legislative text is finalized, but has not given her support.”

The plan is not yet finalized, but it includes incentives for states to pass red flag laws aimed at keeping firearms from those who have never committed a crime but are nonetheless deemed by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others. Critics say these laws are unconstitutional because they violate the rights of citizens who have committed no crimes.

Other aspects of the package include funding for mental health and school safety programs, added background check protocols and greater restrictions for gun sellers.

While many Democrats, including President Joe Biden want to go even further, they say the proposed package would be the most significant gun control legislation to pass Congress in decades.

Kelly Tshibaka, Murkowski’s leading challenger in the upcoming election, has blasted the 20-year senator for suggesting that she may side with Democrats to restrict gun ownership of law-abiding citizens. Tshibaka said, June 12, that America must address the root causes of violent attacks “such as mental health, rather than blaming inanimate objects.”

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Murkowski to speak with Alaska education leaders about guns & schools

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Andy says:

    Anyone with ill intent will always find a way around any sort of law placed in their way, that being said I find it abhorrent that law abiding citizens are always getting shafted because politicians lack common sense. There is one reason these lunatics target large gatherings and that’s because they know no one will shoot back, do you liberals out there understand this fact? We can have armed guards risking their lives protecting cash in fortified buildings so lets also place them in schools where our most valuable assets are, our children who are our future. Murkowski and others can stop mincing the issue and get real.

  • Lezz Gu Brandon says:

    Rhinowski is a burdensome parasite.
    Too bad we live in a Godless nation..

    • Hunter says:

      Is your first line or even your name Godly? I agree with your last comment, but it is for a wide variety of reasons. We’ll continue to be that way full-on until Christians also begin acting like Christians again.

  • Greg in Homer says:

    Lisa proposes putting new burdens on legal gun owners in the hopes that it will influence criminals. What tortured logic, criminals are going to ignore the law anyway. They are criminals after all. Lisa, most Alaskans can not wait to vote against you. November will not come soon enough.

  • Diana Kuest says:

    Amen, Greg in Homer!

  • Great Granny says:
    No other words needed!!

  • Theresa says:

    It is worth considering that Planned Parenthood operates or plays a role in many public schools across the nation.

    PP actively teaches our nation’s children that killing your unborn child is a solution to problems or difficulties you may face.

    —Children are taught by PP that killing defenseless human persons is an acceptable solution to your personal problems.—

    Where else and how else have we seen this error in thinking play out among some young people in our nation? Is it merely coincidence?

    If Lisa Murkowski is going to address gun violence in our schools, she needs to reconsider her alliance with Planned Parenthood and the culture of violence and killing they cultivate within our schools.

  • Steve P Peterson says:

    Gawd! She looks like Gollum in that photo!
    Please just go away. We don’t want you “Daddy’s Girl”.