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Churches unite to evangelize secular Alaska

Revive Alaska Outreach is the hub for Christians desiring to revive the spiritual and moral life of Alaska. It is a multi-church partnership where believers gather to pray, listen to speakers, share evangelism strategies, and plan community outreach. The
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It’s not a dirty word – we’re all ‘political’

Calling anything “political” is now akin to an outright insult. Even politicians shy away from the “political” label these days. The word, however, simply means “pertaining to public affairs.” Anything dealing with people is political. Pretending
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Alaska youth equipped to defend faith, engage society

A new generation of culturally and politically minded young Alaskans are preparing to bring a Christian worldview to the pressing issues of their day. For the past 15 years TeenPact has gathered Alaskan youth to strengthen their bond with Christ while