An Oct. 13 screen shot of the Ryan Middle School website show links to highly explicit LGBTQ websites that are tailored students.

Ryan Middle School in Fairbanks is using public resources to encourage youth to question and explore their sexual orientation, gender identity and how to engage in various sexual acts, while directing kids with sexual questions to speak confidentially to school counselors.

The school’s website provides links for students to visit five specific LGBTQ activist websites that advocate for same-sex locker rooms and bathrooms, as well as allowing biological boys to compete on all female teams. One website helps students discover whether they are gay, lesbian or bisexual, while providing explicit details on how to have anal and oral sex. It also includes “first time sex stories” and tells students how to prevent pregnancy through pulling out, abortion and the morning after pill, among other options.

In addition to providing direct links to highly explicit LGBTQ content, the school website also encourages students to talk about sexual matters with school counselors when questions arise.

“Don’t hesitate to talk to the counselors about sexual orientation concerns, questions, or needed support,” the school website states. It adds that any services provided by school counselors is confidential, so long as students don’t reveal “an intent to harm yourself or others.”

“Please feel free to approach the counselors about any concerns you may have, but understand that everything will remain confidential unless it places yourself or others at risk for harm,” the school website states.

Given the school is clearly using its official website and paid counselors to promote LGBTQ sexuality, state law may have something to say about the matter.

According to Alaska State Statute parents must be notified “not less than two weeks before any activity, class, or program that includes content involving human reproduction or sexual matters is provided to a child.”

Parents have the right to “review the content of an activity, class, performance standard, or program” and withdraw the child if they see fit, the law states.


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Fairbanks middle school website directs students to explore LGBTQ sexuality

Joel Davidson
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