As you know, both pro-life and pro-abortion voters are extremely invested in the life issue, and in the outcome of Alaska’s election in less than a month.

That makes it more important than ever to address this sensitive issue with truth and compassion, communicating your position respectfully and clearly to voters on all sides of this issue.

Every candidate should remember that pro-life Alaskans make up a large portion of the electorate in every district. They want to see and hear your clear leadership on the life issue. Many of them will be dismayed if you ignore the abortion issue rather than clearly and respectfully communicating your position. Some may even choose to stay home in if you are silent on the most pressing human rights issue of our time.

Our opponents support abortion until the moment of birth with no limitations – that is an extreme position not shared by most Alaskans and it must be countered with the truth.

Remember, most Alaskans do NOT support our Alaska Supreme Court’s interpretation of our Constitution permitting abortion any time for any reason up to the moment of birth. Or that taxpayers have to pay for elective abortions. Very few Alaskans want abortion to be legal without any limitations. And yet, almost no pro-abortion candidates in Alaska support any limitations on abortion, making theirs the real extreme position.

That’s why it’s worth asking your pro-abortion opponents, and voters inclined to support them, why they don’t support limitations on abortion, as most Alaskans do. Would they not agree that it would be better to support women in unplanned pregnancies with material and financial support, childcare, and the encouragement they need to confidently raise their children or give them a chance at life with a loving adoptive family, rather than the non-solution of abortion, which leaves women wounded and uncared for?

Pro-life candidates have no need to ignore this issue or be defensive. We show, by our actions, that we care both for preborn children and women in unexpected pregnancies. We have truth and compassion on our side, and we have the ability to clearly communicate on this issue, encouraging voters who are already pro-life, winning undecided voters to our cause, and earning at least the respect of our opponents.

Thus, we can approach Alaska voters with a message on abortion, which most of them already agree with — and a message that will win in November.

Here are three truthful, appealing, and constructive ways to communicate on this issue.

— Abortion isn’t a real solution for women – Alaskan women deserve better.

— The Alaska Supreme Court has interpreted the state constitution to provide a right to abortion, but abortion is not one of the unalienable rights, like free speech or freedom of religion and conscience, granted to Alaskans by the actual text of the Constitution itself.

— Our opponents support abortion until the moment of birth with no limitations – that is an extreme position not shared by most Alaskans and it must be countered with the truth.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Alaska’s prolife candidates must publicly speak out on abortion

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    I still say STOP the MURDERING of our babies. it’s tge only way. God doesn’t say it’s ok until this week.or that week, he says no to MURDER its one of the Ten Commandments. It’s that simple. Obey GOD’S will not yours.


  • kris spencer says:

    I find it very, very sad that ADOPTION is missing from the pro-life argument. In fact, Abortion has usurped adoption as the “choice” between parenting and not parenting. Interesting that adoption is often missing in the conversation. The choice today is always presented as parenting or abortion, isn’t it? Those who want abortion to be legal make their strongest case concerning women who just aren’t ready to be a parent. This is where they claim their “freedom” comes in. They may have college or career or lack steady income, or even lack interest in parenting. The Pro-life camp comes in with all the aid to “help” a woman (and also the father) with parenting…from parenting classes, baby clothes, diapers and toys, While all this is wonderful, what if a woman STILL doesn’t want to parent? It used to be that ADOPTION, not abortion was the choice. I was born before Roe and placed for adoption, otherwise, I might not be here now! With today’s open adoption, a woman can choose the couple she would like to parent her baby. She can meet them in person and in this way, take an active role in her child’s future. If she wants, she can even arrange to visit her baby and be present for birthdays and other special occasions. With adoption, a woman is free to continue on with her life without the burden of parenting. But just to know she can be in a relationship with that person she gave birth to. Afterall, she won’t feel the same at 50 as she does in the younger years of pregnancy. If someone has had an abortion, there is forgiveness and restoration in Christ Jesus. One of the very best adoption information and support organizations I’ve encountered is Brave Love out of TX.

  • Paola Estrada says:

    Keep you Christian fascist hands off my body.

    • mhs says:

      Keep your satanic knives off that baby’s body. If you don’t want a baby be smart enough to not get pregnant in the first place- take a pill or better yet just get spayed but don’t cover your stupid mistakes by murdering someone else.

  • Dean says:

    Paola, these are exactly the words you should be saying to the person about to impregnate you.

  • Sharon says:

    Abortion is murder!! Don’t vote for anyone that supports abortion at any stage!! Value our women!! Treat them with respect! Don’t put them in that situation where they feel abandoned!!

  • Whidbey Thedog says:

    How many innocent fetuses did God kill when he rained fire and brimstone down on Sodom and Gomorrah, or when he killed everyone during the Great Flood?

    • mhs says:

      If you had any real knowledge of the Bible you would know no innocent lives were killed in those 2 events.

      • Whidbey Thedog says:

        Why would I waste my time studying a book which is nothing mostly fantasy and nonsense?