The state has little involvement in Carbon Credits except to sell a storage area, known as Carbon Sequestration, or sell a CO2 filter, known as Carbon Offsets.  These bills are merely a framework to allow us to get started investigating the possibilities, nothing more. They are not ESG and contain no state tax incentives or other financial obligations to Alaskans, other than the cost of establishing an office to monitor and develop this process. The ultimate return to the state could be billions of dollars in the next two or three decades on this small investment.

The storage area or “hole” bill (HB50)

The “Storage area” strategy is a hole or well drilled 2800 feet underground. These wells are known as Title Six wells and are drilled to access what is known as “pore storage” which may be the reservoirs that oil came out of, or possibly other porous areas that had no oil in them. The well may also be used to access unusable coal seams below 2800 feet which contain a type of coal that is not useable to us even if we wanted a deep shaft coal mine.

These wells, which will inject pressurized CO2 into the ground, are fully permitted by the EPA and the state.  Remember that CO2 is an inert gas that is only harmful to humans in enough concentration to remove oxygen. In fact, carbonated water is carbonated by adding CO2 (carbonic acid) to water. Also, keep in mind that we have been injecting CO2 into the ground since the 1970s to help with extended oil recovery.

An overarching reason to put this framework in place has to do with the gas line. Prior to putting natural gas into the pipeline, it must have the CO2 stripped out of it. Having a “storage” area, via this bill, on the north slope, is way cheaper than shipping it out via a barge – and better for the environment than just venting it to the open air. So, if an oil or gas company wants to “sequester” their carbon for whatever reason, shouldn’t we charge them for it? This is our land – our resource – and our constitution mandates that we develop our resources. So, if oil/gas companies want to use leased land and drill wells to store their carbon, should we not be the ones to lease it to them – and then charge them by the ton to store their carbon in our empty reservoirs?

The filter or “tree” bill (HB49)

The ”tree,” or “filter,” bill allows a company anywhere in the world to lease a piece of our forest, or possibly mariculture area, to “offset” their carbon footprint or emissions. Scientists know that a certain acreage of trees (or kelp), filters a certain tonnage of carbon – e.g., the tree or kelp uses the carbon to grow, and then produces oxygen. According to the US Forest Service, America’s forests currently sequester over 800 million tons of carbon a year. During the process of photosynthesis trees pull carbon out of the atmosphere to grow. So, forests store carbon in the trees and soil. Trees would also release carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere through decomposition when they die; so it is up to us to manage the forests and cut the tree before it dies and rots. Keep in mind that carbon within forests is captured and released on a cycle, thus forest management can influence these cycles and enhance carbon capture by harvesting the trees into lumber before they rot and release the carbon back to the atmosphere.

This bill would also provide a framework for the state to use this strategy and would help us on many levels. For instance, it would require that we manage our forests which is good for fire prevention as well as wood growth – AND we would get paid for doing so. So, if we can get paid to do something we should already be doing, isn’t that a win-win? Keep in mind that this leased land, and forests, would still be useable to Alaskans for hunting, hiking, trail riding, etc. It would not section off, fence off, or otherwise set aside the land or prevent us from using it. In fact, it may provide more access via logging roads and trails. More access for Alaskans, not only for recreation but for firefighting as well.

Intellectual dishonesty

There are many misconceptions surrounding HB49 and HB50 as well as the bills in the Senate. Most of these misconceptions and half-truths are born of the disdain for the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) or Green New Deal, which we all know is a farce. Let me assure you, this is not the direction the state is going. And if people will read the bills or watch the House Resource committee meetings (archived and linked below), they will see that we have spent a LOT of time on making sure we understood the direction the Governor and DNR wanted to go.

My staff and I have spent hundreds of hours on these bills and on understanding what, exactly, they are designed to accomplish. Rest assured, the Governor dislikes the ESG idea as bad as any conservative and he (and the DNR personnel) have assured me on multiple occasions – on the record – that it is not their intent; nor will it be their intent to drive us into ESG or Green New Deal policies.

But if a company wants to voluntarily sequester or offset their carbon, Alaska should be prepared to offer our services to them… as we Alaskans do it cleaner and better than anyone else on the planet. We have a constitutional mandate to develop our resources (yes, the empty oil reservoirs and pore storage areas ARE a resource). It makes good financial sense to be ready for this coming industry.

Full Hearing on bill:

Net Zero goals:       

Pie in the sky, verifiable assets, Alaska does it best/good reputation:

Explore “Charisma”:

Leasing State Land/Alaskans access to lands:

Forest Management:

Carbon Offset Discussion in Ways and Means Committee:

OPINION: How Carbon Credits would work

Rep. Kevin McCabe
Rep. Kevin McCabe is a 40-year Alaskan, retired U.S. Coast Guard and currently a captain on Boeing 747s for a major international cargo airline. He and his wife live in Big Lake, an area he represents as a member of the Alaska House of Representatives.


  • Kgak100 says:

    It seems Rep Kevin McCabe will go to great lengths to sell this Carbon Offset Credit system to the citizens he is hoping you don’t listen to the meetings because if you did you would hear that the only incentive for these programs is the 45Q Federal Tax Credit (more printed money) if this was a profitable venture it would not require subsidies?
    if an oil or gas company wants to “sequester” their carbon for whatever reason, shouldn’t we charge them for it? Kevins words given that its $68.00 a barrel to get it out of the ground here VS $6.00 in Saudi then the answer to his question is no unless you want an increase in cost of production of energy in an already non competitive environment oil company are global they will simply make more profit in Saudi then jere so this will lead to lower production they will buy all the offset credits here and do all the drilling over there we should be lowering the tax to spur intrest and developing state land with a competitive rate and contracts that build confidence in a long term return not to mention that the Carbon Offset Credits value is not even determined by the state of Alaska nor this country for that matter

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Mr. McCabe, I have a hard time trusting your assurances. These assurances coming from one of the people who rolls his eyes when Rep. Eastman talks and who believes that we should work with those across the aisle (where has that gotten us so far?). Just saying this up front. I have not read your article – only skimmed through it. But, I gotta tell you that if we give Biden’s regime an inch, they are going to plow us over. From what I am seeing from DeSantis in Florida and what I am hearing from people well-versed in constitutions, Dunleavy has a lot more power than what he is using. We do not want to work with Biden’ s team. To hell with the money – don’t sell us out to the corrupt government.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    “Trust me “ I’m from the government!!! Kevin you need to be turned over, your rot is starting to stink!!!

    • Dawn says:

      Yep!! When he sends his wife to be his sounding board on this topic in a district that he isn’t even affiliated with … you know something is rotten in Denmark!

    • Carbon Cult says:

      It’s an odd thing that a “conservative” would want to set up the ways, means, fiat currency and banking system for with without ESG Marxism could never flourish. This rep goes on about the “extensive” hearings that he’s conducted. Extensively one sided! We’ve never seen a chairman be so blatantly a cheerleader for a bill that is supposed to be reviewed and analyzed from all sides! Note the names in this video, Blue Source (an extremist eco group paid by the governor for $500k) and Morgan Stanley (Francis Dunleavy) are referenced. Weird eh? Nothing to see here? Why did Brian Murkowski and Gene Peltola start carbon exchange LLCs? Coincidences are so weird right? Why should anyone get wealthy by taxing others and providing NOTHING in return?

    • Ken says:

      WOW Rep Kevin McCabe will sell any thing to the citizens no matter the cost McCabe askes should we not be the ones to lease it to them – and then charge them by the ton to store their carbon in our empty reservoirs? Well the answer is if you want to make energy production more uncompetitive than yes add more cost to the production its already $68.00 a barrel to just get it out of the ground in Alaska where as in Saudi Arabia its $6.00 a barrel to get it out of the ground oil markets are global this bill will decrese production not increase it why do we need the federal government to spend 45Q tax dollars to subsidies this if the oil company’s want it and feel its profitable then let them pay for it with there own liquidity for the record i love oil companies i am pro development and pro jobs Alaskan jobs we need to develop our state lands lower or eliminate the taxes to spur intrest and learn to become competitive while decreaseing federal dollar dependency this bill is not that nor is it the frame work for it its time for Alaska to be emancipated instead of acting like a federal enclave

    • Edward Donald Martin says:

      Dave you are so right …. A fool ( us tax payers) & his money ( the government who have our money) soon parts !

  • Lance says:

    “and better for the environment than just venting it to the open air.”
    A complete lie. CO2 is great for the environment, fostering more vegetative growth.
    McCabe has bought into the climate change lie.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Kevin let me ask a simple question? Did God design the creation that you and I exist in? Did He make a mistake? A rotting tree produces a gas that needs to be pumped 2800’ underground? Are you thinking clearly? Come on Kevin, your allegiance to dunleavy is showing!

  • Theresa says:

    You may not drill for oil.
    You may not cut down trees.
    But you MAY lease land to those companies who may want to “voluntarily offset their carbon.”
    Hook, line, and sinker, McCabe.
    Is Alaska really preparing for an “industry” in “land-leasing” for a crop of companies that will soon be “voluntarily” seeking ways to offset their carbon?
    Good grief. Who is gullible enough to believe this tripe?
    Be honest: the writing is on the wall and we, as a state, are simply going to go along with it. Why not prop up the state as long as can? Don’t look at that man behind the curtain…

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    There will always be those that are for and those against. Is this good for Alaska? I for one need more information to make a good call one way or another before I vote!

  • Jjalaska says:

    Thank you Rep McCabe for the thoughtful information. I’ll watch the meetings. I appreciate you and Alaska needs more reps like you.

  • Dawn says:

    What an absolute farce. In this frame work we give credence that there is an inherent value to CO2. China is the top polluter. Who buys most of the credits? Bill Gates. What is the primary incentive for this legislation? FEDERAL tax credits that have a 90+% fraud rate as reported by the Government Accountability Office. Cool story bro…

    • Rose12 says:

      The WEF is a pile of technocrats, that are using a potential 2* celcius climate change to implement governance over the citizen. This implementation comes from “framework policy” that is weaker than a wet noodle and full of loopholes. Once a country, state, or city decides to fall for the “climate crisis” they have prioritized the WEF agenda at the expense of the health, safety, and freedom of the individual.

      If you don’t understand how powerful, dangerous, and in-control the WEF agenda is, I’d implore you to investigate Covid lock downs, and the increasing “died suddenly” death rate along with the spike in miscarriages and birth complications.

      Why is the WEF attacking government policy? Because a corporations are designed and intended to make a profit. They play by a set of rules only accountable to their shareholders. This has allowed the WEF to “partner”, “monopolize”, or out right buy the corporations.

      America is the land of the free and home of the brave. By attacking the environmental policy, the social standards, and the governmental power; the WEF is infiltrating America like any other terrorist country would with the sole intent of total control, at any cost.

      How does this apply to HB 49&50?

      This wet noodle framework opens Alaska up to be scammed by the WEF, held under the Federal Govt. Thumb through tax credits and under the WEF thumb through “carbon credits, allowances, trading. Emission allocation,” (quote from hb50) etc.

      There is no language in this bill that protects the rights of the citizen.
      Example, how hard would it be for the commission (given all the power according to this bill) to regulate that Alaskans can’t use state land with motorized vehicles because” that would defeat the purpose of trying to reduce carbon”. So they implement control through regulations. This has happened many, many times over. There’s never been an exception to regulatory inforcement because that’s how the government maintains control away from the people.

      • Mary says:

        Well stated Rose12. I am tired of the “the scientists say” line. Go back a decade or so and discover who these so-called scientists are and who they represent. There are an equal number or more scientists that have tried to discount this whole climate change nonsense but they are censored/blocked at every turn.

        Now, about these carbon credits. I understand exactly what they are: a way to allow the likes of Gates, China, etc to continue with unrestricted emissions. Should we knowingly provide a program that encourages polluters elsewhere to contaminate their local air? Ask. ?? Why have people in China’s big cities been wearing masks for decades. That should be a non question if you have ever tried to breathe in one of those always gray cities. I am all for caring for the creation that God gave us, but carbon footprints, etc is not the way.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Yah, true colors are showing through his thin veil of deceit! Anything that has to do with the O’biden regime’s ideas and plans is not good for us or our country!

  • Joseph Wannabefree says: Blue Source (TPG Anew) and Morgan Stanley…. What coukd go wrong? Why is saving the earth all about crony enrichment with carbon credits? Why grow the state at cost to the people? Why not just sell the land instead of hold it? Taxing people for a carbon scam where China is building a coal plant every two days is freakishly dumb. What’s next, Amway, fentanyl, human trafficking? Many legislators are heard to say “It’s free money, why not?” Here’s why: Inflation. This scam is part of setting up Alaska for a net zero caused destitution. It also sets up the trading and grift system for ESG Marxism, any other intentions notwithstanding. The only people for this are ecoterrorists and people looking to grift. Call your representative, say no to jumping on the ESG. Stay free and productive!

  • Ken says:

    I dont know why i keep getting censored on this topic i have not written any thing offensive in any way frankly i am suprised to see a propaganda piece in the watch man i consider it to be the best source of news in the state and i have never been censored amd propaganda is not new i have donated to this organization for some time through my company but not any more

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    As far as Kevin is concerned, fat vs brains, that discussion is now relevant as far as what’s in his head!

  • micah6v8 says:

    How about no. No to all of the gobbledygook you wrote about. What a farce.

  • micah6v8 says:

    I am surprised to see this leftist tripe published in the Watchman.

  • nunya says:

    Looks like Big Lake has the beginnings of a WEF infection.

    • Mark MeFree says:

      It is an odd coincidence that the rino caucus faction arenthe one in lockstep adherence to the ESG/carbon credit process is it not? This further cements rinos in their place as never having been the Constitutional conservatives that they falsely campaigned as being in the first place. Remember this next election. Play carboncult with someone else’s money and sovereignity, leave Alaska out of this attempt to instill ESG Marxism. This is beginning to include those oddly silent on the matter like Rauscher. Wilson, McKay, McCarbon, er McCabe, all cheerlead it like good little WEF tools, what about the rest of them? Break the carbon cult narrative. If it is voluntary, stealing from others for the normalization of it is the same as installing it ourselves. Just don’t help make us all subject to ESG Marxism. And we’d all best believe that taking money for it makes us all subject to it later. To state otherwise is to believe all Alaskans are idiots. They are not.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        Rauscher doesn’t lead anything! Huh? Which way did he go????? Uh? Uhoh ! Guess it must be break time!!!!

      • nunya says:

        RINO is another term for neoconservative, which directly descended from trotskyite communism. No surprise where their black hearts lie.

  • Chief Goose says:

    What happens to the House Bills after it leaves your committee and the Democrat Senate gets a chance to put back all the negative wording with the help of RINO’s?

  • Independent Observer says:

    Mr. McCabe has shown how little he knows about the long term goal of the greenies. “Keep in mind that this leased land, and forests, would still be useable to Alaskans for hunting, hiking, trail riding, etc. It would not section off, fence off, or otherwise set aside the land or prevent us from using it. In fact, it may provide more access via logging roads and trails. More access for Alaskans, not only for recreation but for firefighting as well.” Access to the land is the absolute last thing the greenies want. If they had it their way, they’d “sequester” civilization into cramped high rise apartment buildings in existing concrete jungles and allow the earth to reclaim the roads and infrastructure. The greenies won’t allow for more road building; just refer to the recent Biden Executive Order shutting down the Tongass and the possibility for completing a road to Juneau, or the 11 mile road in Sand Point, or road construction from the highway system to Western Alaska. The last thing in the world they want is to build more roads or infrastructure, manicure the forests or allow for people to step one foot off the existing road. According to this theory, we can capture all this carbon and pump it into the ground. So, how do we keep up with the volcano eruptions, the pure smog coming out of China? How can McCabe say that Dunleavey is not interested in ESG or the Green New Deal policies, when this whole concept falls squarely within their plan and purview, and is ripe for additional regulation to make it all look as if they are working hard manage carbon. The only thing we need to “filter” is the flatulence and carbon being emitted from these legislatures selling bug juice and snake oil for the taxpayers of this country. The swamps of Juneau and DC are by far the largest producers of measurable carbon and do require offsets; I do support injecting that element into the ground. This whole concept is a slight of hand from the left, and they know that if they shake the money tree the RINO’s will come running. Why all the hub-bub? We only need oil for another decade anyway – Joe said so!
    There are no conservatives anywhere to be found in this side show, for they know that you cannot add anything to industry which that industry will not recoup from the customer base. How can anyone think that this is a win-win for Alaskan’s, when Alaskan’s will be fitting the bill, paying at the pump, the tax bill and life will have gotten no easier or cheaper in Alaska. Intellectual dishonesty is McCabe’s catch phrase, and he has made it all sound so simple; What could possibly go wrong?

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Thank you for this good information. Found more explanation online that is along the lines of what you are saying. How could McCabe lie like this to the People of Alaska?

  • North to the future says:

    The bills have been transmitted to the next committee. If they pass them out of committee, they go to a vote of the whole house. If they make it to the senate they are referred to committees, and go through the same process as in the house. If amendments are made in the senate, they are returned to the house for a concurrence vote. Lots of stops along the way and a chance for research and provide input. The resource committee was the first stop. Perhaps it’s good these bills are being heard; the publicity encourages conversation and more of the public becomes informed of the big picture issues. Our elected representatives have a responsibility to explore controversial topics in-depth, and I appreciate the ensuing engagement and debate these bills have encouraged, and the research it has caused people to do. The sky is not falling and there is no need for panic or nasty vitriol about people’s motives. Engage in the process!

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      The sky may not be falling, but humanity is falling to its knees and to its graves because of the globalist agenda to eventually wipe us all off of the earth and have Alaska and other places for their playgrounds. We should not panic, but we do need to be looking at motives. Why would you discourage us from questioning the plan or the motives of someone who has not been known to fully support the conservative crowd that he is supposed to represent?

      • North to the future says:

        Who is really in control of us falling to our knees or our graves? IMHO, it’s not us! I’d like to learn more about these ideas before I form an opinion, but it’s hard to form an opinion if we shut down the conversation mid-stream? And, by “he,” I presume you mean Representative McCabe? From what I’ve seen and heard, he is 100% focused on what is good for Alaska. Who in the conservative crowd does he not fully support? How does he vote? He doesn’t appear to be stuck in the cult of personality some folks seem to embrace, but focuses on policy and problem-solving. In my experience, he’s been reasonable, articulate, knowledgeable, and hard-working, even returning calls late in the evening. He has always responded quickly when I’ve had questions, and has provided thoughtful and insightful answers. Have you talked to him?

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        North to the Future, are you McCabe’s wife? I caught some the live stream of the Alaska School of Government this evening and the discussion was about the Carbon Credits and all the crap that ties in with it. I did not hear one person speaking favorably of the whole scheme. We know where this all is going if it gets pushed through – Alaskans will lose their way of life AND their lives while our pocket books will be emptied. Kevin McCabe apparently has been bought out to be pushing these lies like he is doing. Alaskans who understand the globalist scheme are not falling for this story of McCabes. I, personally, wish that McCabe would resign from his seat because he does not represent the humanity-loving people of Alaska.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        North to the future, pass this on to McCabe because he might not have gotten the memo:

    • DaveMaxwell says:

      Engage in the process! This bs is going to cause the session to go into extra innings again and pad the incompetent asses once again. No pfd or budget resolution!!!

  • Kathy says:

    This is very interesting to claim this “Is not ESG”… The Gold Standard for “Global Goals” is the body that sets the standard for climate development and intervention. This body was referenced in the Governor’s own FAQ about the carbon management bills! The “Global Goals” they are talking about are the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which were created by the UN and adopted by the World Economic Forum. From the Gold Standard website – “What buyers of Gold Standard can claim – Contribution to the Paris Climate Agreement and SDG 13 – to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts by financing a direct and quantifiable impact on climate change mitigation that is monitored, verified and certified Gold Standard.” This framework does not exist without ESG. It is very concerning the repeated claims from Mr. McCabe that this is not ESG. Mr. McCabe – if you are, as demonstrated, unwilling to accept this very basic concept and where it is derived from as a key fundamental, you’ve proven your inability to think critically and frankly are calling the rest of us who know better, stupid. Who is asking for this again? Because I haven’t seen one positive comment on this thread and testimony in favor of was provided only by employees of companies who had something to gain from it, and that wasn’t even testimony from PRODUCERS. Citizens aren’t stupid and they aren’t liars – it’s obvious you’ve lost control of the narrative when you can’t refute any of the data and you resort to calling people liars. Very unbecoming and unprofessional.

  • Wethepeoplealaska says:

    Looks like the citizens are THOROUGHLY informed on this topic and overwhelmingly opposed. So, whose asking for this again? And yeah, to quote from the op-ed, there sure is “intellectual dishonesty” here and that is all coming from the author. Carbon Credits aren’t ESG….Repeated misinformation from Rep. McCarbon.

  • Ken says:

    All the comments here are great its nice to see this many people getting involved no matter how you feel when the people dont participate the government gets put on autopilot this FRAME WORK is unnecessary HB50 is not necessary if all we want is to have a conversation about the industry that is not how normal businesses is done there should be no hurry on this bill has any one asked why there is a need to fast track this bill? Only so we can have a conversation about it? This bill is not needed for existing energy companys on north slope existing leases to inject CO2 backinto the ground which we are not already doing by the way that i am aware of ots not currently a used method for EOR nor is it economical because we get little to no CO2 from what products we are pulling out of the ground currently not to mention there is no market for such activity what makes McCabe think energy companys want to increase the cost of production on existing leases Alaska crude is selling for $80.31 per barrel and current cost of production is $68.00 per barrel let that sink in and then lets ask the question how this idea of CCUS will increase production or intrest in production no company pays taxes consumers of there products do thats YOU and i this is an indirect tax on the consumers of energy that will harm production thanks McCabe for calling me a liar on public radio thanks for attacking my character and that of your own constituents instead of just pointing out how and where i might be wrong this is the problem in Juneau the government is not intrested in being competitive they think the oil companys cant and wont go elsewhere if you think that then look at current production levels

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Chris Sky and Sean with SGT Report talking about 15 minute cities, carbon credits and so on. This is coming to Alaska!

  • Michael Chambers says:

    Kevin, You are either extremely naïve about how carbon credits are determined through ESG or you are wittingly deceiving your audience. I know you to be intelligent man so I can only assume you are leading us by deception. I know you take issue with anyone who disagrees with you. Perhaps a slice of humble pie is in order.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Nice to see Lynn Mcabe tonight at the school of government co2 presentation! I hope you learned something to bring back to your husband! The information should have given you pause as it is apparent that your husband is on the wrong side of this! The question is what will he do now? You are definitely in a hard spot that everyone is watching and your character will be scrutinized under a microscope! Enjoy the ride!!

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Impeachment Mike Dunleavy

  • Michael Chambers says:

    Allow me to keep this simple so your bully nature stays intact. CO2 is a nutrient, not a pollutant. Step away from the koolaide!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Hey McCabe, incase you did not get the memo! Gov Ron DeSantis leads alliance of 18 states to fight against Biden’s ESG financial fraud – Alaska is one of those 18 states!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    McCabe, I’d trust David Dubyne w/Adapt 2030 before I’d trust you and he is saying that the Carbon Credit stuff IS tied in with ESG. Quit lying to Alaskans McCabe. Maybe you should move back on the grid and suffer like the rest of us if the b.s. you are pushing goes through.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Wonder why Kevin Mcabe has not responded to these multiple flattering comments? Come on Kevin you initiated this, the people responded, and now nothing? Are you afraid of the process?