Gov. Mike Dunleavy has introduced a bill for the Alaska Legislature which would amend state education statutes to strengthen parental rights over their children’s education.

The bill aims to create stronger notification and consent requirements to empower and inform parents about the instruction and policies that are being presented to kids.

During a March 7 press conference, Dunleavy said the goal is to clarify existing state law that requires parental notification before educators discuss sexual matters with students. The proposed law would require notification and written permission from parents before students learn about “gender identity” issues.

It would also mandate that schools get written permission from parents before changing the name or pronouns they use in referring to a child.

In order to better hold school accountable, Dunleavy’s bill requires school districts to inform parents, in writing, of their right to pursue legal action against a district if the parent’s rights have been violated.

“I’ve supported increasing parental involvement in education as a school principal and school board president,” Dunleavy said in announcing the bill. “Then as a State Senator in 2016 I sponsored the bill that codified some parental rights in education in Alaska. This bill builds upon that work to increase family involvement and secure parental rights in education.”

The governor added, “Research shows that involving families more in a child’s education leads to better relationships and improved educational outcomes for students, and this bill will do just that.”

In addition to instructional and name change matters, the bill also aims to ensure that a school district does not selectively withhold information regarding a child’s physical, medical, or mental health from a parent, foster parent, or guardian unless a reasonably prudent person would believe that disclosure of the information would result in child abuse or neglect.

Finally, the bill also seeks to safeguard a student’s right to privacy by requiring school districts to include procedures addressing the physical safety and privacy of students in locker rooms and restrooms as part of the school’s disciplinary and safety program.

Physical safety and privacy of students in locker rooms is to be addressed through the physical separation of students by biological sex, access to single occupant facilities, or other safety and privacy protocols consistent with Alaska law.

The bills have been filed as House Bill 105 and Senate Bill 96.

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Dunleavy bill looks to empower Alaska parents against schools’ LGBTQ agenda

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • DaveMaxwell says:

    This on the surface looks admirable! Think for just one minute. School staff presenting to grade school and junior high students, welcome to class in 2023. The syllabus for this year is instead of math we are continuing a deep dive into what is a woman and are you sure you are one!
    Dunleavy is so stupid he’s proposing that parents should decide whether this lunacy should be attended???! This dope was a educator!! He can’t evaluate whether this is educating or not!!!? Brain dead fetterman might in fact come to a sober conclusion faster than our dope in charge!!!
    God forgive us and rescue us!!!

  • Lobo says:

    Well.. Looking at the compositions of the house, and senate in Juneau, we will see if that kite flies.,.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Why can’t you be a man/ leader and shut the smut down????????????????

  • JD says:

    Sex education is not meant to be in schools. Biology (real science) regarding physical differences is meant to be in schools. This bill needs to require parental permission for all teachings or counseling in regards to sexuality. Children are under the authority of their parents not any government or school unless granted temporary authority for specific reasons by the parents . Marxist and communist countries treat citizens as property. Remember our rights come from The Creator.

  • Shelia says:

    Funny how people just assume the governor can just snap his fingers and get instant obedience. Please keep in mind that the people advancing the LGBTQ agenda have been at this for decades. The amount of push-back that they are making against any public official raising their head is tremendous. In Alaska that means that the governor has to work with a legislature that has a woke left that is super active in branding Governor Dunleavy as using parents’ rights for a darker agenda. The issue is simple. Stop the left from teaching every kid that he is not what he was born with, especially in the youngest most impressionistic ages. So instead of branding the governor as some kind of “dope” it is high time to begin the long fight toward taking back our schools. Dunleavy knows the laws must be in place before the actions. He is willing to fight for parental rights, knowing it will be a long and brutal battle. Are conservatives and all concerned parents willing to make the commitment to join with the governor to fight for victory?

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Shelia are you related to this dope? Give me a **** break!
    This governor has more power than any other governor in the US! He has a red pen! He can and should stop funding until the peoples agenda is done! The resistance he experiences is precisely because he shows himself as a indecisive dope! The watchman is trying to “encourage “ him to finally “stand up “ and not continue to take half measures!
    Fence sitters might draw compassion out of you Shelia, but for me it pisses me off! I long for a leader who courageously leads! Dunleavy is not going to.

  • ML Moore says:

    Wow, I think we all want change and therefore we are all in this battle together. The bottom line is that Schools are and have been working out of the scope of their intended job description. There are always different ways to approach a problem and the Bills presented by the Governor is one way. Unfortunately, as Jim has pointed out with our Anchorage area liberals in the Senate, it most likely won’t pass, or even be heard. Perhaps the approach might be better addressed by dictating what we want our educators to teach. A Bill stating clearly what is expected and allowed to be taught in our schools, and it’s parameters might be a better approach. Such as, School Districts will teach basic learning practices of reading, writing and arithmetic, and to include science, which includes basic biology within and chemistry. Given Alaska’s report card is very poor on basic fundamental education, this would focus on this issue. Sex education would be left to the parents, as it should and has been since the beginning of time, with curriculums being subject to parental approval at every level.
    Schools need to be a place of learning the skills you will need and use for a life time, and not subject to the whims of politically correct non-sense driven from outside our State, and perpetuated nation wide. If high school graduates are well versed in the basics then they are prepared to move into adult life with the fundamental building blocks for their future. Be that, continuing higher education, and attending a college, or learning a trade. After high school graduation they are at that point old enough by law to make their own decisions in every aspect of their lives. It’s time to focus on basic education in 1 through 12, and ensure our young adults are ready for the next step. The matter of parental rights is not even a topic of discussion, as a parent, by law you are responsible for maintaining the safety and well-being of your child, the nurturing of your child, and supporting your children. Sorry, but a parents rights are inalienable rights given by God as perceived within the US Constitution. For too long we’ve have had the tail wagging the dog when it comes to education and parental oversight. Boys are boys at birth, and girls are girls at birth, and both will be what they are until death, no matter how they, as adults choose to mutilate there bodies.

    Just some food for thought, but the phrase make it simple stupid comes to mind in these matters. It’s all a basic right or wrong answer.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Amen ML Moore
    Shelia, is the fact that sin has been around for decades a reasonable response to our responsibility to eradicate it?
    I voted for dunleavy to be a leader, not a mushy middle man! Scripture gives a mandate in this arena as well,” I would rather you were hot or cold, being warm will get you spit out of His mouth “!

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Dunleavy’s dope in charge at matsu headquarters Todd’s molding is a sold out “educator “ as well! Something smells rotten coming from these ex educators! Their brains are mush and lopsided! Lead poisoning from sucking on pencils???!