LGBTQ activists taunt a group of concerned citizens who were praying outside of Cafecito Bonito restaurant on March 24.


On March 24, roughly a dozen concerned Anchorage residents peacefully assembled outside Cafecito Bonito restaurant in Anchorage to hold a prayer vigil while an all-ages drag queen show occurred inside the restaurant.

The protesters were outnumbered by a few dozen radical LGBTQ activists known as the Queen’s Guard, who stood in front of the restaurant.

Those who showed up to pray held signs clearly stating their reason for being present – “STOP child abuse,” “STOP child grooming,” and “STOP Dragging the Children Down.”

Despite multiple attempts by LGBTQ activists to engage the prayer vigil attendees with loud music, finger gestures, and screaming, these tactics were met with silent prayer.

“On a Friday night during Lent, while many Catholics are inside church buildings praying the Stations of the Cross, we are out here in the cold, with Christ on the Via Dolorosa for the sake of God’s Children, being mocked and cursed by men in women’s clothing,” one prayer vigil attendee said.

The protesters – both Catholic and non-Catholic – varied between three and 11 participants, and ranged in age from 16 to 67 years. Joined in solidarity, they prayed for those engaged in the drag event, while protesting the exposure of young children to such shows.

“Jesus had 11-diciples who remained with him after Judas ran off to betray him,” Another prayer vigil attendee noted.

“While we are small in number, King David was small in stature when he took on the giant, Goliath,” added coordinator Deacon Dez Martinez.

The organizing group, Church Militant Resistance-Alaska (CMR-A), said the rampant assault on the family and children needs to be publicly resisted at the local level.

“These shows are occurring throughout the country as these misogynistic individuals say they are trying to ‘normalize’ their behavior, but what they are doing is grooming children by exposing them to behavior that is detrimental to a child’s natural development,” explained a member of CMR-A. “This is child abuse-period.” 

Prayer vigil attendees gathered before, during and after the drag show, without detraction.  When asked why he attended this event, Deacon Martinez stated, “Jesus died for us in public, so we must live for him in public – not just in the privacy of our homes and church buildings. We are here for God’s children, old and young.”

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Anchorage protesters hold vigil against all-ages drag show targeting young kids