Before I discuss schools, let’s cover some “forbidden topics”.

I have a good family culture, one worth defending. I want my kids to be supported in choosing that. Further, I want my kids to remain children for a good while. I don’t want them to be confronted with adult decisions about sexuality, pornography, life-changing friends or situations. In short, I want them to first learn to resist the false promises of a noisy world that will draw them away from the peace, joy, satisfaction, and ultimate purpose that I have in my life.

What can I say about schools?

School and educational success is a direct reflection of how fully teachers support or elevate your family culture and educational values. The harder your school fights against your families values – whether they be educational, discipline or religious – the worse the education will be for your child.  If your children have a consistent message from you, from teachers, from the discipline/respect structure of the school and from their friends, the greater the chance that your children will know what you believe, why, and how important it is to a life well-lived.

I have six graduates from Holy Rosary Academy in Anchorage. I have three children soon to be in the 4th, 9th and 12th grades. When you talk with my kids, you will recognize a part of me in all of them. They are all different, but healthy, happy, productive, unconfused thinkers and believers. For my children’s education, you could say I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. I have done my part for my children by first living a vibrant faith, and also sacrificing my time, treasure and talent to their school, which has ever been my partner in raising children who know me, who I know, and who, most importantly, know themselves.

Tempus Fugit. Choose your school wisely.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINON: The harder schools fight against your values, the worse off your kids will be

Glen Biegel
Glen Biegel is a long-time Anchorage resident, former host of a popular radio talk-show, a community activist and a political strategist.