In an attempt to solicit candid and unfiltered responses from leading activists from the most radical LGBTQ groups in Alaska, I attended the June 24 Anchorage gay “Pride Parade” and festivities – posing as the father of a 13-year-old transgender girl (a biological boy).

This is video was shot on June 24 at the festival following the Anchorage Pride Parade.

Armed with a hidden video recorder, my goal was to hear directly from LGBTQ activists about how they work to push their agenda on gender-confused minors.

My first stop was the Identity tent, one of many booths stationed at the Delaney Park Strip for the festival that followed the morning “Pride” parade. Identity is a multi-faceted nonprofit that organizes queer youth clubs, drag queen story hours for kids, trans-parent meetings and much more. It also operates Identity Health Clinic, which pushes puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and life-altering, irreversible surgeries on both youth and adults.   

Manning the Identity booth that day was Asia Berry, who has worked as a medical assistant at Identity Health Clinic for the past year and a half.

When told that I was seeking information about how to help a 13-year-old trans girl, Berry immediately told me about the clinic’s gender-blocking services, which interrupt natural puberty so that children do not develop normal physical characteristics associated with their biological sex.

These blockers can lead to serious health conditions such as elevated spinal fluid pressure on the brain, permanent infertility, blood clotting, increased aggression, high blood pressure, inflamed liver, baldness, swelling of hands, feet and legs, weight gain, cancers of the breast, ovaries and uterus, heart disease, high cholesterol, fat deposits around internal organs, strokes, cognitive impairment, heart attacks, bone density loss, vaginal injuries and a heightened risk of STDs.

Berry did not mention that 80 to 95 percent of pre-pubertal youth with gender dysphoria come to accept their biological sex as they reach adulthood.

She did note that Identity works with Seattle-based psychologists who meet with youth to discuss their options. She also said Identity has youth “support groups,” as well as a transgender camp for kids ages – 13 to 18.

“There’s blockers if they’re translating from woman to male, and they may have HRT (hormone replacement therapy) blockers for vice versa – so we do provide a lot of care and we also just have stuff to just stop hormones – that’s in the clinic,” Berry explained. “We have HRT and the estradiol, and we have the blockers. If they’re male and the [don’t] want to have the testosterone flowing, they can block those. Yeah, so we do have the blockers and they just have to have parent consent … and then they take that med.”

When asked about whether Identity works with public schools to expand its reach to local children, Berry acknowledged that they have a developing relationship with several Anchorage schools.

She added that the clinic takes all forms of insurance, including from Alaska’s publicly funded Denali KidCare program.

When asked what a 13-year-old should do, when considering how to deal with gender dysphoria, Berry suggested having the child come into the clinic to find out “what transitioning would be like,” if they decided to take gender altering drugs or wanted to have “any kind of surgeries.”

“They definitely have psychiatrists for that,” she said. “They don’t just let people do those things. So, they talk to you and make sure you understand what’s going on – what you’re choosing and it’s just a really, really great program for our youth.”

Berry criticized other Alaska healthcare providers that “say they are there for the community, but do not believe” in using puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones or surgeries to address gender confusion.

“So, this is the only clinic that provides this kind of care to our community,” she said. “It’s just a safe space for people who are transitioning.”

Berry said Identity does not perform the actual transgender surgeries, but they do refer patients to surgeons will do them.

“We send out referrals, so if they are thinking about getting gender affirming – switching – we do have places that we do refer them to that take care of insurance and stuff like that,” Berry said. “So, we have every step of the way.”

She said there are some surgeons in Alaska who will do trans surgeries.

“We have some here,” Berry said. “It just depends on what surgery you’re looking into, but they do have some here.”

When asked about whether Identity works with public schools to reach out to children, Berry acknowledged that they have a developing relationship with several Anchorage schools.

“We actually do. We just started broadening ourselves just because with the new bill for transgender kids for the sports, we’re getting more out,” she said. “We’ve gotten to Clark Middle School. We’ve been to a couple of high schools … We’re just going to keep growing.”

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AK Watchman undercover: LGBTQ activists push cross-sex drugs, surgeries to Alaska minors

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    They are surprisingly open in their relentless pursuit of evil, I will grant them that. They must believe that a substantial portion of the population wants these horrible abuses to occur. Who are the parents who buy this horrid evil, and how do we reach them before it is too late?

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Horrifying. Asia came across as very knowledgeable and caring yet heart wrenching that she is so blind and misguided. It is true as Joel states above that most kids simply grow out of any gender questioning by after puberty and the very few that do not, need psychological help, not devastating enabling. Would these same people help an anorexic to starve, an agoraphobic to spend their lives barricaded in a room, a schizophrenic to remain in a psychotic world – such a huge disconnect from truly caring for people, such a gross lie!. It has become a mass hysteria, a sociological contagion, cultic, and I suspect driven by the left to add to confusion chaos and division.

    • Kgak says:

      Wow well said 100% erasing the gender making a genderless society has always been apert of the Communist ideology just go back and look at history you will see

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Thank you for doing this Mr. Davidson and sharing the video.

  • et_tu_socrates says:

    So we learned that the child must undergo an interview session to ensure they fully understand what the process would entail and what they would be giving up/risking. Then after that they still require parental consent. All that to just get a referral, not a for sure approval. Sure doesn’t sound like the boogeyman it’s made out to be. Sounds a lot like a resource that you have to jump through a lot of informed explicit hoops in order to reach the end result; not people going around grabbing kids out from underneath their parents skirts like it’s made out to be.

    • KN says:

      I disagree. From the words of some who have transitioned and spoken out about it, they were not told of the negative, some long lasting, side effects and the potential side effects of taking all these drugs. They were not informed that the vast majority of teens grow into accepting their gender with time. As with most things serious, kids are not able to fully comprehend what they would be giving up, i.e. losing their breast, vagina, penis, ability to have children, ability to have a normal sex life with a person of the opposite sex. Because of kids’ inability to fully comprehend what they are giving up for the future, it is illegal for kids to smoke and drink until they are older and know what the possible consequences are for their bodies. We don’t let them get married or take certain jobs that could be dangerous either for the same reason. But we’ll let them decide they can take life altering drugs and undergo life altering surgery….
      Of all the people talking about their transition, none has said that all of the above were addressed.
      Remember kids can now say that their parents don’t support their decision and there are protocols in place for people to help the child transition without parental permission. if you don’t believe this, you need to do more research and listen to all sides of this issue to see what’s really going on. In fact. there’re is legislation, either pending or passed, in CA and WA where it is considered child abuse if a parent does not agree to Trans their child and the child can be taken away.
      Studies show that most kids that identify have underlying issues and those never get addressed before transitioning.
      When listening to detransitioners, all had unresolved underlying issues that were not addressed. When some of the issues were addressed, they were then able to mature, grow and accept how they were born.
      That discussion with a counselor in the Municipality of Anchorage is now illegal, thanks to our “enlightened” Assembly, who does NOT seem to care about the well-being of our children. If they did, they would allow a counseling session to go wherever it leads, as it is, it HAS to go in the direction of transing if that idea is presented to the counselor from the child. And there can be no questioning of that to see if that is the healthiest thing for that particular child.

      • et_tu_socrates says:

        So you disagree with the article/reporting? Because the author of the article is saying that the undercover individual got verbal confirmation that the first part of the process is to inform about the risks before moving forward.

    • Independent Observer says:

      So easy to spin this article out of context. There are no quotes from the source in regards to the side affects, leading one to assume that this is research added by the writer. If one goes into an undercover situation and begins asking pointedly specific questions you’re gonna spook the target and get a side show or invitation to leave. Just because referrals are made to psychiatrist doesn’t mean they are disinterested. This is, afterall, a propaganda filled industry where physicians who have taken an oath to do no harm are harming the crap out of adolescents! This organization is working with schools who have already begun indoctrinating children and assisting them in making these decisions without consent from their parents. What about this article leads your to believe these consults are made with parents in attendance? Boogey Man, absolutely. Maybe you should remove the blinders; they make it difficult to see or read clearly.

    • HomeschoolersToldYou says:

      The fact they are doing it at all is depraved, just because they add layers of fuax beuracracy some how makes it benign and not dangerous or sick?
      your argument is nonsensical.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    What more evidence does dunleavy need?

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Watch Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening by Mikki Willis. It talks about how the layers of corruption have been laid. Talks about the Mao Revolution and more.