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Years ago, when I worked at Home Club in Sacramento, CA, a very nice employee who also worked there did public presentations on how to install flooring.

One day when he was working with a crowd around him, he accidentally sliced off his finger when cutting the flooring with a sharp blade.  

Immediately he was taken to ER and his finger was packed in ice and at the hospital they successfully reattached his finger. 

The doctors recognized that his hand was missing a finger, so they fixed it by putting it back on. They did not attach a toe or a nose or a fox tail, they attached what his body was designed to hold in that area, a finger.

Each of us is designed by God to be who we are based on genetic factors from our parents and then chosen to become a male or female. Once the decision is made, nobody can ever change that. 

People can pretend to change it by mutilating their bodies or taking hormones, but in reality, they are their biological sex forever. Surgeries and hormone therapies are just like putting on costumes; they don’t change anything deep down – it’s all just surface alterations.

Hormone imbalances are nothing to mess with and can cause serious mental and physical problems.

But this column isn’t about arguing with who’s male or female, it’s about sharing information that I have discovered which can change the lives of thousands of sexually confused men and women.

The following information is from a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous. 

For years I’ve pondered how a man could be sexually attracted to another man or how a woman could be attracted to other women. How could this happen when in nature it’s exceedingly rare because it threatens the continuation of that species?

The information I’m about to share can offer an explanation.

There are other factors too like childhood trauma or parental neglect or just enjoying the attention (yes, popularity is a factor because I’ve seen it firsthand on multiple occasions in public school settings), but I’m addressing this from a scientific perspective. 

Many times, a homosexual male or lesbian female will have hormone imbalances. This is why a gay man may talk like a girl or a lesbian may be stronger than most men. Hormone imbalances are nothing to mess with and can cause serious mental and physical problems.

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 When a man has too many female hormones, he may become attracted to men. When a woman has too many male hormones, she could be attracted to women. This is what our society is classifying as “gay.” Once these individuals have decided to be gay, or believe they are gay, then everything changes in their world. Some family members get very upset while others may “accept” them. Men may begin to wear makeup and dresses and they will live by their new sexual lifestyle. People all around them will either support them, discourage them or try to ignore their behaviors.

As time goes on and these gender-confused people live their lives, their bodies are deteriorating slowly.

The point is that as people react in various ways to the individuals who are exhibiting a LGBTQ lifestyle, the tragedy is that inside of their bodies, there is a war going on that no one is addressing including the medical community.

People with these hormone imbalances are at a high risk for mental health issues like depression and anxiety. The reason for that is explained in the medical links above, but the point is that when a gay person goes into a doctor’s office for mental health issues, they do not focus on the hormonal imbalance, instead they give them depression or anxiety pills.

Hormones are a huge factor in regulating serotonin, cortisol and dopamine levels. Let’s take it one step further. Many times, the doctor, counselor or psychologist will encourage the gay behavior as a way to “cure” them by saying that they need a better support system and more understanding. It doesn’t stop there. Transitional drugs, which will further harm their already struggling body, can lead to catastrophic results. In other words, the entire social, medical and mental health response is backwards, and it’s hurting people with these imbalances. It’s not just hurting them, it’s killing them.

Let’s break this down. The female body is specially designed from the top of her head to the tip of her toes to be a woman. She thinks like a woman as far as how her brain is designed, she can carry a baby, make milk, multitask, she’s sensitive to emotions, her immune system, hormones, bones, muscles, skin are all female.

The appropriate response to a person with gender confusion and hormone imbalances is to restore their hormones to match their actual gender, just like putting a finger back onto a hand.

You can take a woman cadaver without seeing her actual face and figure out she’s a woman. So, like the Home Club employee, if something about her is hurting her womanhood, it needs to be solved to repair it to the natural state. It’s harmful to put a nose where a finger once was, just as it’s harmful to take someone with a hormone imbalance and support and encourage this state, or to give them mental drugs and continue to change their hormones even more against who they are designed to be. It will throw off her entire metabolic, psychiatric, reproductive and skeletal system.

I have seen many middle school and teenage girls who change their names to boy’s names and say they are now boys. Nobody corrects them and tells them the basic science that they aren’t and can never be a boy. Why aren’t we telling these kids the truth? They will never be another gender, period. School is where kids should be learning science, which says you cannot change chromosomes.

As time goes on and these gender-confused people live their lives, their bodies are deteriorating slowly. They will be in a constant state of war within themselves. They won’t be having any children naturally, and everyone is just supposed to watch this tragedy unfold and “support” it. I believe many people support them because they can sense their delicate nature and realize that if society doesn’t treat them gently, since they’re not getting the appropriate medical care they require, that they are in an unstable situation.

One last point I’d like to mention. As people continue to encourage transitional drug therapies, they need to keep in mind what a college professor mentioned in an Alaskan university: This can lead to osteoporosis, especially in women.

Think about that when you see a child or young adult transitioning with hormone “therapy” which isn’t actually therapy at all, but poison – they could be destroying their bones. The medical community knows this. Do they tell anyone? I haven’t read one article anywhere from any doctor in Alaska warning about this. Hormones are needed to trigger the job of osteoblasts to restore bones. 

It’s time to stop going against God’s plan for our lives and our bodies. Our bodies are his temple. The appropriate response to a person with gender confusion and hormone imbalances is to restore their hormones to match their actual gender, just like putting a finger back onto a hand.

If a boy is low on testosterone, give him more. If a girl is low on estrogen, help her to balance it back to the normal state. When society and families encourage gender confused people to stay in an unbalanced state, they only hurt them.

Think of it like this, the earth has to be in perfect balance for life to exist. There has to be rain, snow, deserts, atmosphere, a moon, wind, sunlight, clouds, it all has to be working together for life to continue. Our bodies are like a planet. We have to be in balance too. Our blood work has to have ranges that match up like our iron levels, white blood cells, kidney function, etc. Our hormones regulate much of our body and they need to match the sex that we are born with because that is how we are designed. 

It’s all about balance.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Giving cross-sex drugs to the gender confused is the real anti-science

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She currently serves on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is the president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.


  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    I expect that most of the “trans” kids these days are doing it for attention. I doubt that most if any of them actually has a medical condition, but probably a mental one. The concept that nobody should ever suffer the slightest mistreatment or learn to deal with disappointment has led to a society where being the “latest sensation” is more important than being who you are. This is a social disease, for the most part. I should think that anyone who really believes they should “transition” is not interested in the limelight, either.

  • Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    PAMELA: You need to talk to more LGBTQ people. None of the links you provided established a connection between sexual orientation and hormone imbalances. Furthermore, sexual orientation and gender identity are two completely different things. Human sexual expression is far more complicated than just what’s between your legs, let all you can do is try to stuff people into two neat little boxes. As for the “continuation of the species,” let me reassure you: Most people are and always will be Straight (i.e. heterosexual), and they will continue making babies as they always have.

  • John J Otness says:

    Powers and principalities are at work. We face pure evil.

  • Lucinda says:

    Samash: Why do you and other Christians think so much about the sexual nature of other people?

    I’m disappointed that the headline didn’t match the story. True adherence to the scientific method would produce different conclusions than those you presented. Also, you’re not clear on some scientific principles. Consider your statement about balance. I know what you’re getting at, but evolution (for example) advances because of IMBALANCE, not balance.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Lucinda, why do you think so much about how other people care about humanity and do not want to see them harmed? Why do you twist their good thoughts and statements into perverted, sick thoughts and then comment on it? Also, you keep pushing your demon-created “science,” but people know the truth. Project much?

      • Clark says:

        Demons created science?

        You know that demons are just Angels that don’t live in Heaven anymore, right? All of them created and loved by God just as he does all mankind.

      • Lobo says:

        Clark.. Perhaps re-read;… “”Demon CREATED science””.. vs.. “”DEMONS created science”” Context in important when criticizing others.. I agree, however, with the rest of your post.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        My other comment has not posted. Clark, God Almighty did create those angels and he loved them; but, they disobeyed him and they were expelled from Heaven. I cannot speak for God Almighty, but since God Almighty was their father also, having to expel the angels from heaven was probably a very painful decision. But, God Almighty is a fair and just God. Demon-created science works against God Almighty’s creations – once again, the demons are going against God Almighty.

      • Lucinda says:

        FoH. You flummoxed me with your term “demon-created “science” “. Can you give me a definition please?

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        No, I won’t give you a definition Lucinda. You said that you were way smarter than me, so if I can figure it out then you can figure it out.

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      Actually, Lucy, it’s you and your ilk that keep pushing your perverted natures upon kids and everyone else, for that matter. I was told, back in the day, that homosexuals just wanted to be left alone, and that what they did in their bedrooms was their own business. Now we have homosexuals filming themselves having homosexual sex in the US Senate chambers and claiming that the only reason we have an issue with that is because of who they “love.” No, we have an issue with perversion precisely because it is not love at all, but lust, and only harms everyone concerned. Now, about that scientific method, that was developed by the Catholic Scholastics. Why do you assume that anyone who has a different opinion than yours is anti-science? We are anti-BS, dear, and your comments generally fit that category nicely.

      • Lucinda says:

        Tamra. You’re wrong about crediting Catholic Scholastics with the development of the scientific method. The way of determining best outcomes is innate in all of us and most animals too. It’s instinctual.

        Let me clear up something. I’ve never claimed to push any sexual identity. I’m neutral . I only push acceptance of behaviors that don’t harm you.

        And if someone has an opinion different from mine and it is derived from a supernatural source like believing in angels or ghosts, then that opinion, by definition, is anti-science.

  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    Well, Lucy, good to know you have your own facts. Explains a great deal about your opinions.

    • Trans guy says:

      My trans bones are pretty healthy after 12 years of being on HRT but thanks for the weirdly specific concern I guess