Construction crews work on building a bridge at mile 43 of Denali Park Road.

The crew working on a 475-foot-long bridge in Alaska’s Denali National Park was recently told that they could no longer fly the American flag from their trucks or heavy equipment, which are being used in the $207 million Federal Highway Administration project.

The bridge is being built by Granite Construction, after a 2021 rockslide took out a portion of the popular Denali Park Road that is used by visitors and tour buses to access more remote areas of the national park.

Since 2023, construction has been underway to repair the road at mile 45. This spring two mobile trucks and one piece of heavy equipment had been flying standard-sized U.S. flags.

One of the contractors working on the bridge reached out to the Alaska Watchman regarding the recent order that the flags be removed. He asked that his name not be used, given that he is actively working on the project.

According to the contractor, Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell contacted the man overseeing the federal highways project, claiming there had been complaints about the U.S. flags, and notifying him that bridge workers must stop flying the stars and strips from their vehicles because it detracts from the “park experience.”

Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell

“The trucks are flying these American flags, about a foot atop the trucks, about three-foot by four-foot flags, and they said they don’t want this,” the contractor explained. “They’re saying it isn’t conducive and it doesn’t fit the park experience.”

Up until this week, however, the flags were displayed without incident. It was only when the park began running tour buses that the order was given to take down the flags, he added.

“Here I am in a national park, and we’re being told we can’t fly the American flag,” the contractor continued. “I understand there are rules for contractors working in the national parks, but you wouldn’t think flying the American flag would be part of those rules.”

He blamed Superintendent Merrell, who took control of the park in 2022. At the time, she was celebrated as the first-ever female to serve as superintendent in 105-year-old park.

Merrell moved to Alaska in 2009 as a transportation planner and environmental coordinator. A Pennsylvania native, she received a master’s degree in urban planning. Prior to moving to Alaska, she worked for the City of Portland and the Gulf Islands National Seashore, along with left-leaning environmentalist and social justice groups such as DNA People’s Legal Services and Columbia Riverkeeper.

“When these liberals get in charge of these parks, that’s how it is,” the crewman said.

The Watchman reached out to Denali National Park for comment as to why workers were told to remove their flags, and to get clarification on whether the park has any policy against visitors flying American flags from their personal vehicles. There was no comment as of this publication.

The park does, however, fly the U.S. flag from several stations inside the park, and at the visitors’ center.

Additionally, the National Park Service actively promotes the flying of other flags, which many would consider controversial. In fact, the official website of the National Park Service has an entire page  dedicated to honoring a whole host of LGBTQ+ flags, including pictures of them on display at national parks in the Lower-48.


— Contact National Park Service Regional Director for Alaska Sarah Creachbaum at (907) 644-3510 or by mail at 240 West 5th Avenue, Suite 114, Anchorage, AK 99501

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Denali National Park bridge crew ordered to stop flying American flags

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • David Shoemaker says:

    Thank you for reporting this. It is a NATIONAL Park. Fly the flag whenever you go through it. Be proud to be a part of our great nation’s heritage. We are a great country. t
    The greatest in history. Be proud of that.
    I will be putting up a flag at my business for this reason now.

    • JaneLee says:
      • Emma says:

        If the flag is being properly displayed, there should be no reason not to carry on this construction crew tradition. Proudly displaying our nation’s flag is a patriotic symbol we all should be able to rally around.

      • Nicole says:

        people visiting want to enjoy the landscape and scenery without it being peppered with flags of any kind. This article is nothing but gaslighting.

      • Darrell says:

        lol yet the construction crew, materials, and equipment are OK? SMH

      • Mark says:

        The construction isn’t taking away from the landscape? Sounds like the tour buses were Chinese people and it offended their CCP handlers.

      • Wayne Ishler says:

        This is BS you should be able to fly our flag anytime and anywhere and be damn proud of it

      • Rick says:

        If you are a U.S citizen and can’t stand the sight of the nation’s flag flying, then you no longer need to be here. LEAVE!! If you are employed by the U.S. government and feel the same, RESIGN AND LEAVE!!

      • Jon mendez says:

        While I don’t agree with not displaying the American Flag. I also don’t agree that the gay pride flag should not be displayed. There are millions of gay Americans. They also have a right to be heard with. That’s said put the american flag back up

      • David Rasbold says:

        This a US National Park. The construction workers are American citizens working on US soil, US government property. To ask not to fly the US Flag is ludicrous! Reverse this action. I put 24 years in the USAF to keep us free, to defend the US Constitution, not to retreat and take the US Flag down because someone was offended! Put it back up!!!

      • Vikki jo kennedy says:

        wow is our jane lee who used to be in kodiak?? hey its me vikki jo, ive been in juneau about 7 yrs now. would REALLY LOVE to talk with you. im at 907 500 8048 . call whenever. things like this flags BS being threatened to disban ! its just wrong.

      • Timothy Bates says:

        Denali is an experience, older than America, if anything it should bear flags of the native Americans not the usa

      • Mom says:

        Saying that someone complained is a lame excuse. Our national flag should absolutely be flown and displayed throughout the national national parks. However, flags promoting any type of sexuality has no place. Nothing about a national park has to do with anyone’s sexuality. That is what is out of place and inappropriate.

      • Jack says:

        They when I get rid of a flag get rid of the flag for the mentally ill

      • Leroy Rokusek says:

        this Merrill lady needs to be removed or terminated for infringing on the workers rights on displaying our national flag. she disgraces our country!!! replace her.

      • Nick says:

        If the Gay Pride flag needs to be flown then then so does the straight flag, the Japanese flag, Chinese flag, Russian flag etc…. there is only one flag for this country and it represents all of us regardless of your religion, sexual orientation etc. Stop with the BS we don’t need separate flags for a unified nation. stop trying to separate and divide. I would fly the US flag regardless.

      • S.Spillar says:

        For those not wanting our US flag displayed at the Denali National Park (people like Nicole and others like her) it is just a hop, skip and jump to Russia so why don’t you just move there and try to tell Russians they can’t fly their flag and see where that gets you – also will rid our blessed country of “people” like you. And take Donna Merrill with you please. Thank you Joel Davidson for reporting this.

      • Christina says:

        To anyone who thinks flying the flag is wrong, do your research on the flag! Learn about all those who sacrificed their live for our nation under the flag! During the Revolutionary War the men ran to hold the flag and keep it standing just to have the British bomb them, over and over, this symbol was to show we were staying and we became the great nation we are now!

      • Sheila says:

        For those not wanting our US flag displayed at the Denali National Park (people like Nicole and others like her) it is just a hop, skip and jump to Russia so why don’t you just move there and try to tell Russians they can’t fly their flag and see where that gets you – also will rid our blessed country of “people” like you. And take Donna Merrill with you please. Thank you Joel Davidson for reporting this.

      • Arden Barden says:

        I see people saying, No, Alaska is indigenous people , USA colonizers. If USA gave up Sovereign rights to Alaska, it would become an international war zone for the next 100 yrs. with China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and 50 others claiming it.

      • T A says:

        I agree. patriotism is being threatened daily. are we NOT proud to be Americans anymore? Merrell you are out of line and a disgrace to our patriotism

      • Jo says:

        WHY is the construction crew flying the flag?
        the park isn’t “flying” other flags, they have them posted on their web page, not flying from their stations.
        if I’m traveling through a national park, yes it’s a distraction and takes away from the experience of enjoying nature to see man made symbols flying all over the place, trying to make a statement or something. what has got you people so up in arms? I love my country, I don’t need to fly a flag from my vehicle to show it, and honestly it’s gotten ridiculously out of hand.

      • George Costanza says:

        The problem is, they should be flown upside-down.

    • Leo Keller ( NATIVE AMERICAN ) says:

      I’m totally confused, those libtards , live here in the ( UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. ) make their living in the ( UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) but don’t want to fly the flag of the ( UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. )

      • KIM says:

        that’s right, but these days,”what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. ” personally if you don’t like this country you live in ( people in government, too) move go to a nother country. Lets see how long they live,survive there.

      • Matthew says:

        That’s because the trumpians have hijacked the stars and stripes for their racist cause. Most of whom havnt even served their country and have no idea what it symbolizes. That’s why!

      • Jack says:

        SO, Matthew has a problem with the American flag being flown by LOWLY workers, because he is a Liberal with Commie leanings?

      • Emma says:

        Using the term ‘libtards’ is an unfortunate use of a term meant to keep us divided. Many liberal, left-leaning, Democratic people proudly display OUR flag. The article does not clarify why this decision was made. Let’s start there before cutting such a deep line in the snow.

      • Emma says:

        Libtards? Is that really necessary? It is not constructive or addressing the real issues when language like this is used.

      • Jeremy Bilbee says:

        Matthew, do you live in mama’s basement? In what world do you think your statement matters, what is a “trumpian”, and how does one hijack a flag?? There is no instance where pride in one’s country and the freedom it provides is bad, maybe think before you type.

      • Todd says:

        All of them are like Brooke Merrell and love our freedoms as long as they aren’t benefitting those of opposite moral views. Old Glory should fly ANYWHERE IN AMERICA! as long is it is within flag code!
        Anyone who doesn’t like it can go pound sand or exercise your freedom to LEAVE!

      • Mike says:

        shut it up Matthew, if patriotism bothers you sit down and shut your mouth. This just proves people who support trump love our country and only want what is best . People who support the cuck puppet biden just want to throw tantrums about literally everything . No flag but the US flag and the state flag should be allowed to be flown in government buildings period. Find a new home because if you feel flying old glory is divisive , you do not belong here

      • Eric says:

        Liberals make everything worse. We should take back the original park name from them: Mount McKinley National Park! Denali was put in place by liberals who hate America.

      • Eric says:

        Mount McKinley National Park is the true conservative name for the park. Liberals demanded it be named Denali. White people discovered the mountain, we should keep the original name.

      • Greg says:

        it is a national park the flag should be flown at every entry in the park. How can a flagattached to a truck or equipment take away from park experience more than the trucks and equipment?

      • Matthew Murphy says:

        As a wilderness guide, any time you see something man-made in a wild area, it is a bit of jolt to your experience. The whole point of Denali National Park is to have an experience in nature. I agree that flying huge colorful banners along the road corridor detracts from that experience– regardless of how much pride I take in seeing our flag flown, this is not the place to do it. Keep it wild.

      • JOHN says:

        I am a vet and wouldn’t work for a company that wouldn’t let me fly my American flag. These libturds think its more important to fly lgbtq colors and flags than to promote our country. I fought for freedom for America and Ukraine and I am so sick of arm chair quartbacks sitting in judgment of our way of life. Here’s a secret; TRUMPS RIGHT!, it’s America first! If you want to fly the Palestinian flag or Lgbtq or anything other than the American flag first, then get the he’ll out of this coutry!

      • Rob B says:

        What’s interesting about the cashless is so many (getting to be the majority) of business either charge more or give a discount for paying with cash because the fees are so high . I get prepaid Visa cards so my name and bank info isn’t spread across the country for the hackers to grab .

      • Rob B says:

        Matthew Murphy we are not talking about in the wilderness , this is at a construction site on the highway attached to a construction vehicle. In an U.S park and the project is funded with U.S dollars. I would be shocked and agree if it was on a random flagpole in the middle of a scenic vista .

      • JoJoJr says:

        Name calling just displays your intelligence and maturity level for all to see. If this story is true it makes no sense, but why jump to a conclusion with no proof?

      • Daniel Boren says:

        This Democrat would fly the American Ensign along with my Auxiliary ensign, no matter what state I was living in.

      • JoJoJr says:

        BTW, it was DENALI before it was renamed Mount McKinley, and the original name was Restored.

      • Ron K says:

        Right on, Leo…your absolutely correct.

      • Donna says:

        I completely agree with you Leo. Very well said.
        Thank You!

      • Jon Mendez says:

        Get off your ante liberal wagon. I’m a liberal veteran, my father fought in WWII. That’s nothing to do with the party. That is some individual who has an issue with the flag nothing more.

      • Jon mendez says:

        If your truely American Indian, then you should know better than to use terms like liberal in a hateful way. Republicans don’t like you anyway.

      • Larry says:

        This is to eric. The name : Mt McKinley National Park was given that name by president Woodrow Wilson who is A DEMOCRAT LIB TARD As ignorant pukes like you (Eric) use as a derogatory name for democrats although democrats look as it as a way for Repub tards to identify themselves..
        but it wasn’t originally named by the Republicans or conservatives.

        so your soooooo wrong. you just parrot what others you feel would actually want to be your friend might say… This is because you have no identity…

      • Poo poo says:

        love the (NATIVE AMERICAN) in parenthesis. I wonder how much xenophobia that can get you out of before becoming a certified nationalist and pos.

      • David Wineland says:

        Dear Mr. Keller, I believe your words carry more weight then most here, seeing as you are a Native American & I agree with you completely. If the flag of this Nation offends you, then there’s absolutely no reason for your being here. Go back where you came from never to return. Signed, an AMERICAN PATRIOT ❤️

      • Ralph Harrell says:

        I bet Mathew has a problem with the General Lee too.

      • Kevin says:

        If this is true, WTF? especially around memorial day when we remember all of the people who died to give us our freedom. freedom of speech, celebration of our country. time to stand up for the most unprecedented and beautiful republic in the history of humanity. don’t love our country? move to an oppressive one that will take away all of your rights

      • Jerry says:

        I don’t know if I am right or wrong but don’t most construction trucks display flags. I have seen a lot of construction trucks with them. if they want to have a American flag on there trucks at work they should be allowed to. the rainbow flag has no business in a national park .

      • Ray H. Noblit says:

        what a low brow remark. As a proud American who is as liberal as they come, I question the ban on the workers flying our flag. I would like to know why? I would think they should be allowed to fly the flag. This isn’t a left or right issue, but as a liberal it is a freedom of expression issue, something low brows try to restrict in others.

      • Eric says:

        I highly respect that your native American and I totally totally respect that but like another commentator had said earlier why not fly the flag of the native Americans instead because your ancestors was here first before anybody else. I am a black man and I love this country but at the same time I don’t fly the American flag due to the fact of how my people has been torture killed raped and any other things you can think of that’s happened tothem. let’s fly the flag of the native Americans that’s what I say.

      • Clifton King says:

        Yes,Liberals are purely Idiotic!! This Merrell is a sympathetic lesbo! Hey, We voted in actual terrorist sympathizers,Rashida Talib,Ilhan Omar,Cory Bush,Andre Carson All Support Nation of Islam,and want all Jews dead. Our President is an ill old man!

      • Chris says:

        You forgot, they got their degrees (indoctrination) in the USA

      • Elizabeth Nogueira Liptak says:

        People visit the National Park to see nature and wildlife. Flags (3) can be distracting and do not need to be on displayed construction equipment. Animals/birds are nesting. They nest in the same area over the years. An owls sense of hearing is far greater than yours why do they have to live with artificial noises in a hostile.environment 24/7 in a protected environment?

      • Elizabeth a Volcko says:

        one visits these parks tp view the landscape and appreciate the natural beauty. right wing wackos or the only ones to obliterate unobstructed landscapes. it is merely a political ploy by trump idiots. their so called ” flags” are banners probably made in china…

      • Elizabeth a Volcko says:

        of course you are confused….you are a supporter of a traitor and you have no idea what a REAL american flag is….or what it means. it is not for wacko right winger hypocrites to display for your political agenda or the big orange blob’s political agenda

      • Tony McLean says:

        Supposedly the people that complained were Chinese. Try going to China and requesting their flag be taken down. Might not survive the trip.

      • George Kilroy says:

        thank you for that comment. And btw, there are no “native Americans”. The so called natives didn’t spring up from the ground like corn, migrated across the now mostly submerged island chain. They then spread as far as South America and either died out or were exterminated by the Aztecs. So intermarried with others like the Spanish and French so it would be impossible to find a “pure” native to these lands. In fact, nobody is pure in regards ro genetics, but we all intermingle with others which is only natural. Maybe we should all get on a boat and go back to Africa…only to be chased by and angry rhino

    • Kenneth R says:

      Minor correction to post: “It is our National Park” as such flying our Nation’ s flag which is funded by taxpayers $$. Why is this an issue? Superintendent Merrell should be replaced. Mind not because she is the first female to govern the park, but rather because she has lost the sense of American pride. Our US military has members laying down their lives for all of our freedoms, one of which is respect and honor to Old Glory. Let the American flag fly and stay out of pushing political agendas.

      • Virginia says:


      • James McKown says:

        I agree 100% she needs to go back to Oregon. How do we as Americans in Alaska get her out of our patriotic state. I and all of my male family and some women have served our country in the military. Don’t ever tell me I can’t fly my flag. The workers should continue flying the flag.

      • Kevin says:

        I second this. As someone who was born in another country and has made his life in America since the age of 2 I find it un-American to tell this workers to stop flying a flag that’s dedicated to this country.

      • Matt Walsh says:

        fly the flag with pride keep it up

      • Sonya Dikes says:

        Since it started when the tour buseds started.. WHY are the tourists dictating what they see. You’re a tourists in rhe USA…. Don’t like it go somewhere else…..

      • Raymond says:

        Right on . This makes me sick. But its ok to fly thier gay flag there. These libs are a sick bunch of cowards.

      • Chuck says:

        How is it when it comes to the flag, Trump and racism is brought up. Nothing about the Trump movement is racist. Just because a few say something doesn’t make it true. Quit repeating everything you hear before investigating the truth. The American Flag represents America and it’s values and people. If you disagree with that you are not America and are welcome to go live in any liberal country you desire.

      • Earl says:

        Eric, the name was Changed to Mt Mckennly from the native name of Denali. Then was appropriately change back out of respect. We did not discover it You’ve changed the conversation from what it was about, to race based none sense . There was bound to be one person though

      • john says:

        Thanks for your acknowledgement of vets Ken! And your right superintendent dumb@zz must go!

      • Milhouse Butterston says:

        Peppermint Patty got promoted. Next, she’ll demand an all-female construction crew.
        Contact Denali through the provided link. Raise a STINK against this vile t’wat.

      • Jer says:

        well she is from bidens home state and most likely a biden supporter her self. She’s a Democrat she’s gonna do what ever she can to destroy the love and pride of America and the lives of American loving citizens.

      • John Myers says:

        Went to Monticello and tbe tour was all about racism, nothing on how great Jefferson was! Absolutely stunned and PO!

      • Lora says:

        Amen, brother!

      • Edward B. Vignola says:

        If Superintendent Brooke Merrell is the person who had the flags removed then she herself should be removed from her position. America and Americans need to stand up for our country and flag!! If you don’t like it then I suggest that you go somewhere else. I’m a Vietnam veteran who fought for this country and it’s flag. God bless America!!

      • Mary Kohr says:

        You are 100% Correct Kenneth. She and others as Federal employees swore an oath to to defend the U.S. Constitution. If they have a problem with that fine a different profession.

      • Laura D says:

        Well said Kenneth and all!
        stop stealing our liberty!

      • Steve says:

        If they’re concerned about the natural experience why are they replacing the bridge that nature took out?

      • Dennis Flynn says:

        Ken, you have that right. I spent 31 years in both Navy and Air Force, Vet Nam and Quate. from my service I wound up 100% disabled and would do it all over again to keep our country free. This should not even be an ajenda , fly our flag with pride but not with other flags because they mean something completely different and should be respected as they have a right to in our country due to our freedoms I and many others fought and died for and helping our allies achieve the same level of human rights

      • Bluejay says:

        First of all I love living in America just as well as anybody else, however how many flags do you actually need? Can we not just enjoy the natural beauty of the park? Do we have to have flags all over the place?

      • Dude says:

        I’m guessing Matthew didn’t serve, or else you would know you don’t need to serve to fly the flag. The real racists are the ones that manipulate minorities into voting for them, I am as they call me a minority and I served see past the crap pls

      • Chris says:

        We have to give Ms Merrel a break! it seem as though Budweiser just terminated her last year

      • Chris says:

        Give Superintendent Merrel a break! it seem as though Budweiser just terminated her last year

      • Elizabeth a Volcko says:

        do you know what a real american flag is? it is not a bunch of cheap banners made in china, nor is a flag used to show the lack of intelligent people, right wing wackos and orange blob supporters.

      • Matthew Hamel says:

        I’m eating popcorn enjoying all this dysfunction it is utterly crazy what people fight over these days unbelievable

    • Rhonda says:

      I agree with you and thank you for your comments and the other comments supporting our country. I say if You don’t support our country then bye.

      • William Bragg says:

        Rhonda, you poor thing. The tribalism is only serving to divide us when we should be united against the wealthy.

      • bill says:

        William Bragg, do you mean unite against the wealthy people all of us work for? Eliminate the wealthy, and you eliminate all the jobs. Go crawl back into you Communist hole in the ground. You people are monumentally stupid.

      • James Mason says:

        When are we straight folks going to get a flag? Or would that be too divisive? I love to ride bicycles. I need a flag for that.

    • no says:

      “Denali is at the intersection of the traditional lands of five different native groups: the Ahtna, Dena’ina, Koyukon, Upper Kuskokwim, and Tanana peoples.”
      Screw you and your might makes right point of view its not the united states’ land and never was.

      • John B says:

        You think you have it bad being part of the U.S.? Move across the water and you’ll see how good it is. Probably ship you all to Ukraine to be cannon fodder . Btw it is the U.S land now whether you like it or not .

      • JoJoJr says:

        If a 3’x4′ Bat Flag is being flown 1′ above the equipment it’s improperly flown because it would surely come in contact with the equipment.
        It’s Native American land.
        Doxing the Superintendent is Wrong

      • JoJoJr says:

        National Flag. Autocorrect got me!

      • no says:

        FAFO john. See you in Denali.

      • Bryce says:

        The law of the world is conquer. America wasn’t peaceful, and the tribes didn’t live in harmony. Alaska natives fought each other just like all American native tribes. Who does the land go to? The first people, the tribes that conquered and fought them for resources, the next one or the one after that?

      • Dude says:

        it’s ours now grow up

      • Julia Green says:

        move out of our country now. get the hell out.

      • Julia Green says:

        move out of our country now. get the hell out. go to russia

      • Tracy L Stout Powers says:

        Hey moron, what do you think would happen if Alaska wasn’t a part of the US? Take a close look at a world map. See how close Russia and China are? Is you think the 5 native groups would be able to stand up against them you are now delusional than I initially thought.

      • George Kilroy says:

        Not yours either! So some arrived over the now submerged straight gives you the right to claim it for yourselves? How is that any different?Everyone came from somewhere else…get a clue! You are the racist for wanting tribalism which was inherently racist too.

    • R says:

      this is how it starts to destroy the country.they should fly the flag regardless. they should up their stance w wrapping their truck hardhats jackets. with the American Flag… here is what happens when liberals gain control. need to fight back and get rid of these clowns. I would file a lawsuit that it violates their 1st Amendment rights

      • PatMaxwell says:

        Quit painting liberals with a large brush. there are liberals out there who disagree with her decision and will be protesting it as well.
        Don’t think for one minute that liberals are the cause of this. this is one individual’s poor judgement.

      • K D Garrett says:

        Liberals have nothing to do with this, nor does President Biden! I am a third generation Alaskan, I agree if these workers are flying our great flag in the appropriate fashion then they should be left alone. I also believe that the Native Alaskan’s “discovered” the mountain Denali (fka) McKinley centuries before the white Alaskan did! Get real people.

      • DaveMaxwell says:

        Pat maxwell: liberal. Your from the other tribe.
        DaveMaxwell: conservative. Reconsider and join me in the fight.

      • Citizen says:

        The flag should only be flown from a flag pole affixed to a building or the ground. To affix the flag to a moving truck, or using it to decorate a truck, helmet, etc., is a direct violation of the US Flag Code. I wish those who shout “Murica, MY FREEDOMS!” would read the documents regulation the display and respect for our flag. Many of the things people have done with the flag under the mask of patriotism, are in fact, very unpatriotic.

    • Kevin Witt says:

      I’m tired of watching the memory and sacrifice of my family at Normandy for this BS! Hang the flag on every tree, bridge and truck you can. Kick Merrell back to where she came. I’m done with trying to be empathetic to these people. Our schools, parks and civilization are literally saturated with content against Americans who just wanted to stay out of the fued. They have crossed a line and are pushing too far. It’s Memorial Day weekend.

      • Eric says:

        It’s sickening to see Republicans side with the Russians and Chinese. Imagine the dishonor to all the vets who served in battles against Russia during the Cold War?

      • Nancy L says:

        James don’t send her back to Oregon. We already have too many liberals that are ruining our state. And that is why those of us east of the Cascades are pushing to join Idaho.

      • Russ simons says:

        I agree with Kevin! Merrell needs to go, or maybe all brain dead liberals should be band from jobs where they are allowed to make these kind of decisions!

      • Larry says:

        To Eric…
        Woodrow Wilson named the park : Mt McKinley National Park & he is NOT A REPUBLICAN… HE IS A DEMOCRAT – LIBRAL.
        your wrong…

      • Semper Fi says:

        Eric, it’s not the Republicans who went to the Russians to buy fuel when we were energy dependent, and not the Republicans who were getting family members paid by the Chinese, that was Biden and the Demoncrats. I am a retired Marine, and Demoncrats have done more to dishonor veterans than anyone. My question is, what is she going to do if they don’t take the flags down? She doesn’t have the power to cancel the contract. Just saying.

    • Greede says:

      Good for you! Radical liberals are making every effort to destroy us!

      • Alexander Mercado says:

        I sent them an E-mail, and it wasn’t very nice. I suggest that everyone who read this article, and was bothered by it do the same. who the hell do they think they are!?!?!
        Any flag but ours-HA!, not in this universe (or any other for that matter).

      • Brent says:

        I am a disabled veteran with a lifetime free pass to our great national parks. To see them all is on my bucket list. When I get to Denali, I will fly the nations colors loud and proud. I fought for that flag, I bled for that flag, and almost died defending that flag. If you value your freedom given to you by our great country, thank a patriot that gave this right to you instead of polluting the country with your hatred.

      • William Bragg says:

        We just want you to read a book. You ARE a liberal, you don’t even know what the word means. You lot are incurious slack-jawed yokels fiending and clamoring for oppression from your billionaire masters. You cut off your nose to spite your face every time you hit the voting booth.

      • Shane Grisham says:

        complete malarkey.. “radical liberals” …it’s just a flag. threads of materials stitched together. I’m against flags period. I’m gay and I can’t stand gay pride either. don’t fly that rainbow pink brown lite blue POS near me or I will burn it. American flag was ok until t-Rump infected and made half the country into a cult … I won’t burn an American flag only because it’s not worth going to jail for.

    • Eric says:

      I’m sick to God of liberals changing everything about America. Only Conservatives know it’s true name: Mount McKinley National Park! DEI infecting even our park names. Screw liberals changing everything good.

      • Sam says:

        It’s true name was given by the native people of the land that we stole and renamed. I know you’re probably education adverse, but you could even learn a thing or two from the comments here.

      • Shane Grisham says:

        you’re a cult member. you say the same crap they all say.. and you see an article like this and you’re in a tizzy of course. well guess what? I’m sick of “conservatives” who react with vitriol at a simple article like this, and sick of maga cult members like you who worship donald t-Rump and actually think he is pro America…he is NOT…he is pro donald t-Rump and pro billionaire. go back to your trailer and your fox news and stfu. you don’t matter and neither do I. quit thinking you’re special because I assure you you’re as much of a nobody as I am…

      • Murphy says:

        Do you really believe ‘white people,’ as you branded them, discovered the highest peak in North America? Do you really think the natives never referred to, never acknowledged, or never named the mountain?
        From the people that have lived with the mountain for thousands of years called it the true old Indian [sic] name of Mt Denali, meaning ‘the Great One,’ and should be preserved.

    • Denny says:

      I am in my 70’s. I have been fortunate to have traveled to many foreign countries and stayed in them for extended periods. Those who are complaining against our countries flag display should go an live in say China, N. Korea, Russia or any of the other far Eastern countries and tell them NOT to fly their National flag. Do that and more likely than not you will get hurt physically, mentally an quite often you will simply disappear forever. Noone in your family will ever see you again. “It is better to remain silent and to be thought of as a fool is thought of rather than to speak up and remove all doubt”..quote. Get your head out of that very dark and “odiferous” place!!

      • Magpie says:

        thanks for that clarification about the 5 native American groups.
        Thanks for your smart comments, Denny.
        I think this whole discussion is not really about the why and reason for the flages, it’s really more about deviousness. The gist of this whole conversation seems to me, comes from people wanting to do little more than denounce people who think differently then others. There has been very little but protestations & misogyny, cruel names at the “OTHERS”, “we’re not racist” and very little discussion about how everyone is entitled to their own opinions. this ” discussion” about flag flying says absolutely nothing about a person’s patriotism at all. It isn’t about the symbols entirely. yes they have their place but it doesn’t mean you love your country more than anyone else. what we ought to be doing is thinking for ourselves, not relying on who do we hate today.
        this country was formed by all of us. That’s what makes this country great. We are better when we stand together.
        This country is truly strong when we believe in the Constitution, and follow the rule of law. When we all work for a unified cause of protecting our land, environment and work to ensure we have unified plan to prevent this planet’s atmosphere does not get any hotter.
        if you only believe what 1 person says, and what 1 network spouts and close off your mind to other opinions and ideas and suggestions and what other groups give to us, we will be no better than the mindless brainwashed North Koreans putting their faith and adoration in the dear leader.
        yes we have problems, but we were never this angry or hateful, spiteful as what is tossed about every day. we truly are becoming ugly Americans.
        BTW this country is doing very well. the economy is great, prices are high because corporations are allowed to run rough shot because regulations aimed at protecting consumers have been wiped out and voted down. it’s not the economy that is causing the problems, it’s the willfull dismissed of citizens. Hey trillion $$ tax cuts to billionaires won’t help middle class, THATS WHAT CAUSED THE DEFICIT TO GET SO HIGH. what did you get out of it?? I got nothing, every one I know got nothing. BTW unemployment is at lowest rate as has been in decades.. More people have Healthcare & there truly is infrastruction work going on all over the country Now!!
        let’s stop the hate, the condescension, the cruelty, misogyny, racisism, anger, the ignorance and let’s be a United States . we’re better as one. United, helping each other.
        Happy Memorial Day to all who have served this country since the Revolutionary War , especially our VietNam vets, and all who have served in Middle East Afghanistan and all over this world to make us all safe.
        we cannot be isolationists. it will our downfall. and it is not patriotic it is constant war perhaps you should read 1984, George Orwells’s book on totalitarianism. it is where we will wnd up.

    • Monte says:

      Flying the American should never be questioned but highly encouraged…. Patriatism should likewise be expected….. To be proud is our country, loyal to the country and excited to proclaim the same was the norm… If you are “offended” the problem is completely yours vns perhaps you need to rethink where you wish to live…. Your feelings should not stop rational reasonable reasonable behavior that does not physically hurt you…. Enough is enough with this nonsense… Esp in a NATIONAL PARK

      • Don Duchmann says:

        Flying our flag that’s been duct taped or nailed to a broomstick in the
        back of a pickup is not patriotic it’s ignorance. There are rules for flying the flag that are just as important as the flag itself. There’s this thing called Google where you can look it up. Denali is the correct name, white folks did not “discover” Denali, it’s been there for billions of years and the indigenous people of the region named it Denali when they were traipsing up and down it thousands of years ago.

    • Gregg A Weeks says:

      That’s right.

      • David says:

        Fly it upside down like the US hating Supreme Court partisan activist bribe taking Alito , Thomas, and all the other bought & paid for Republican “Welfare for the rich Communist Putin lovers”. How many $Trillions in No-bid cost plus welfare contracts have gone to Republirich Billionaire government dependent hypocrites….not to mention the countless subsidies, bailouts, tax rebates, tax cuts, tax shelters, etc…which they just use a tiny bit of to bribe up more communist big government Republican handouts. Every penny of the debt is from these acts of treason! Instead of paying taxes the Republirich loan money to government & we have to pay tribute to these oligarchs in the form of high interest now that the conservatraitor Fed. balloned up the interest rate to double the cost of housing & almost everything…..this is the SOLUTION to inflation!!!! Well the good news is that we can at least count of Republican farmers, factory fiends, landscaper-scammers, construction-crites etc. to hire most of the illegal aliens in this country!!! Isn’t it ironic…. Trump had to quietly fire thousands of illegal migrants that worked on ALL his properties…..they work for $5 an hour maybe less if the contractor takes a cut. You gotta love that Republican “Asleep” mentality!!!

      • Steve says:

        David, get back on your meds!

      • David Puckett says:

        This story is just disgusting, flying the American flag anywhere in this country should NEVER be questioned or disapproved. It’s a pain in the ass but take them to court, the supreme court of nesaccary.

    • Jason Wroten says:

      This is just sick looks like we need to do a flag ride up there to protest.

      • Shane says:

        how about NO PROTESTING? have you not noticed that since donald t-Rump came on scene with his big fat loser mouth, that ANY AND ALL protests only lead to violence? is that what you want?? sounds like it to me.. you’re just another “radical right mags cult drone” looking for trouble. stay in your trailer and stfu. the only people who “protest” are far left wackadoos and far right rednecks.. I’m firmly in the center where many used to be.. stop listening to stupid fox news Jason

      • Chris says:

        looks like we need to invite lefty-lib Davey-boy to come hunting with us on a long, dangerous, backcountry hunt…

    • Jandeanne says:

      please! this is a bs political gaslighting article. whoever wrote this is not a journalist but a Republican pansy. grow up.

      • Kkh says:

        How is it gas lighting?
        Forget for a second that this is America and that’s the American flag. doesn’t it bother you that a government official can dictate to you your First Amendment Rights?

      • JoJoJr says:

        There’s obviously much more to the story. This is click bait and doxing of a superintendent that’s surely just following the rules.
        There’s a certain group that laps this crap up!

      • Adam T says:

        So many lies from both sides. Anyone who says we are better off now than when Trump was President is one of these 3 . A liar . A dummy or a Traitor. Fly those flags on your trucks proudly

    • Trevor says:

      man i knew this was going to be one of the stupidest comment sections of the whole Internet. you guys did not disappoint

    • Richard says:

      It’s an absolute disgrace. Why is it that we allow such a small percentage of haters to control so much of what affects us as proud Americans?

    • Alexander Peden says:

      All I have to say to this is, what the hell? Someone, somewhere feels it detracts from the outdoor experience by seeing a flag flying. Are they seriously upset over a flag ruining the experience, but NOT the giant machinery, torn up road, or hell, even the MAN MADE ROAD they are driving on?! The political leaning of this decision is not the main point and should not be made the main point. The issue is that people are finding a flag to be annoying when their is plenty of other, much worse, detractors from the “Nature Experience” in their face. We need to stop claiming politics is the issue to everything until we actually find out if the decision was political.

      • Chris says:

        Exactly. There’s probably no public access to that area anyways (or it’s limited) and honestly, who would complain about flags on a truck? Did anyone, actually?
        To the guy who said that white ppl discovered Mt McKinley- you’re not smart. It was there before white ppl EXISTED, much like Everest and the REST OF THE EARTH, so sit your racist ass down and shut up.
        As for a few others of you out there calling people names like “libtard” and such- it’s time to grow past 3rd grade insults. Use that wit for better things, please.
        Also, there’s a few of you that forgot to go to spelling class … Russ Simmons wrote, “ maybe all brain dead liberals should be band …” it’s “banned” Rusty.
        Lastly, this one really struck me as irony being ironic, when this comment happened: “ There is no instance where pride in one’s country and the freedom it provides is bad, …” except there is: Germany, circa 1933. Their Nationalism invigorated the NAZI political party into power by dividing citizens against each other, culminating in the Night of 1000 knives and well it kinda went downhill from there. Maybe pay attention in class once? Too much to ask? Figured.

    • J kuettner says:

      This reporter story proves he is a wiener..There is NOT. AND NEVER HAS BEEN A L I B E R A L MANDATE AGAINST FLYING THE STARS AND STRIPES….

    • Regis says:

      A lot of assumptions posted in the replies! My assumption was that someone didn’t want Biden to get credit for the American Restoration Act that’s funding the program. I’m a proud #woke vet and will be putting out our flag today and not upside down.

      • Greg says:

        Someone didn’t want Biden to get credit?????? wow! That is one big stretch. How did we come to a point where flying the American flag became a political tool.

    • William Bragg says:

      Greatest in history? Get the boot out of your mouth, son. I think you’re cutting off your oxygen supply.

    • Mitch says:

      Some of you do not like the word Libtard. This has been my experience with all Libtards with whom I have had personal encounters.
      Sorry, you people do not like the Flag or anything that is patriotic. So, in the future, I will drop the word Libtard and replace it with Traitor.
      Whatever you want to be called, please leave our country. You people are a real threat to our existence. Truth hurts.

      • HalstonBeckett says:

        I’m not a liberal, but can see how some may not like ‘libtard’, although it reflects more negatively on the user. ‘Trumpmonkey’, equally offensive, but of little consequence, unless you’re one. Traitor is more appropriate for those who literally attacked & betrayed our country on J6, 1000+ convicted & jailed, after generous due process. More to the point, fly the flag, without malice or ego, appropriately and without desecrating it with slogans, off-colored stripes, or graven images of a fat man-child and never beside the confederate banner of the last gang of misfit traitors who lost, badly. It’s our flag, display and treat it with the respect it has earned and cease employing it to divide us.

      • Bebe says:

        I like the word “Libtard” and they hate the word, so I’m gonna piss them off anyway I can until they stop trying to tell me what I can and cannot do.

    • Greg says:

      when I was in Cabo Mexico the Home Depot had a Mexican flag flying over it. The shuttle driver pointed it out and apologized because it was a Mexican flag over an American company. I immediately said, no need to apologize because this is your country and you should be proud to see your flag flying anywhere, even over a building that is from an American company. banning the American flag on American soil is ridiculous.

    • Dalila Epperson says:

      I’m in Cali and we just got this news over here! My grassroots group are writing emails to Merrell and filing complaints to
      as well. Together we are strong. God bless America!

    • OrangeShithead says:

      Who’s kidding who. Our beautiful symbol of America is now hijacked by trimp’s traitors. These cockroaches should not be paid top dollar for their treason!

      • Bebe says:

        When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. the pain is felt by others.
        The same thing happens when you’re stu pid

      • Bebe says:

        When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. the pain is felt by others.
        The same thing happens when you’re stupid

    • JoJoJr says:

      Doxing the park superintendent was successful AlaskaWatchman. Way to go, and that’s sarcasm!
      If you lose a pet or valuable you can’t post fliers in a national park. There are rules that apply to all national parks that the rangers must enforce. If you’re driving through in your motorhome different rules apply as a park goer as opposed to a contractor.
      I’m sure there’s more to this story that this publication conveniently withheld. Click bait?

      • Jen says:

        Yep. Flying tbe U.S. flag on the back of a construction truck isn’t exactly respectful on the 1st place. Why should the flag be flown over some dusty construction pit? Pretty desperate for attention and something to gripe about….

    • DAVID OHMART says:

      like mist of the if the comment’s leave the TDS out if this We are Americans an can fly the flag anywhere anytime we want end of story People that don’t like the country don’t like anything we like Would you all move out I will by the tickets

    • Jon mendez says:

      While I don’t agree with not displaying the American Flag. I also don’t agree that the gay pride flag should not be displayed. There are millions of gay Americans. They also have a right to be heard with. That’s said put the american flag back up

    • Louis Klar says:

      Agree 1,000%

    • James Mcdonough says:

      Interesting that 1 person commented about the Dems being at fault,but did not mention that many of those on the right believe National Parks should be exploited for their resources.,The bridge workers should shut up and do the job they were hired for and Thank the Dems for the infrastructure bill was put into place to pay for these construction projects.

    • V says:

      I missed wherever I’m supposed to reply to the whole “class”.Seeing this I honestly feel like I’m in the middle of a high school or below debate.
      No disrespect towards anyone at all bit is it not memorial day weekend?
      I understand that perhaps the park is seeing it as an issue, but also,at what point is the United States flag an eye sore?
      None the less once again it is memorial day weekend.The vets or any surviving families should have some rights to that.Until people understand the full picture/story as well yes some things are inappropriate to say and assume.On that note as well,it is since this was made public and giving people a chance to respond,there’s right ro speech.
      Too many things are going on which seem to have gotten worse.Its one thing to do stupid stuff in your front yards on holidays,but,memorial day and fourth of July and all that I remember people putting out flags off their hoes and having fun with little tiny fireworks and perhaps going out and enjoying the huge displays put on by each state.Now,half the time you barely see people enjoying things on their own properties.As long as there’s an understanding and everyone’s on the same page they should’ve just said well,perhaps just leave one after memorial day weekend is over?
      Its also odd that when you want to live overseas anywhere there’s extensive testing and all kinds of stuff to where it’s very hard for a US citizen to live in certain countries.Its not like that here for some reason.Ive worked a lot since I was 17 and sometimes even 24 hours and beyond to make a check.Things are given out too freely here any more.Since I’ve ventured away from my home state,I will say that I’ve seen good but also extreme bad.Vets,disabled,and all types of people are homeless.These people have been in the US for numerous years and to take what freedom that they have left and destroy it for some is rediculous.Its sad to see a blind woman out on the street for price hikes and now she can’t pay for rent.Companies going under and forcing all stuff bad to happen to not only that individual but the familes as well.
      No matter what person takes the oath,you cannot 100% believe all that is coming out of the pres. mouths.Every year it’s the same thing.Someones put in office and some things happen and other things promised do not.It sucks.When Obama got put in office,I had blue cross blue shield for a mere 70 to 80 $a month and it was vision,medical and dental all-in one.
      That got stripped out from under me with Noone saying to me hey you’re going to lose that insurance.I found it out myself when I went for a dental visit.
      I hate to say this as well,but in regards to parks…..the real eyesore is the trash that people leave behind,the destructive behavior that can cause damage to these parks is unreal,and the fires that happen from stupidity,and certain ones I grew up with have become in some areas filthy and disgusting due to human nature and bad habits and poor judgement.The US is becoming over ran with people.Im wondering how long before the parks are taken away by the fact that humans have increased in size which think about it ….we at that point need to branch outward.Destroying everything in site.
      People keep the past in books but what I was taught is not to relive things and learn from past.People used up what was around and moved and soon honestly what’s gonna be left.
      There’s way too much going on if you could just stop being selfish and really look around and see what’s going on remember it.Its a sad state that we live in but noones.really opening their eyes before they react to things.

    • Russ says:

      This is nothing but a disgrace and you wonder why people vote for someone like Trump. Also how can anyone compare the LGBTQ+ flag to the American Flag for which my uncle died for in war and I and all my brothers served.

    • Bobby L Larson says:

      This is total bull. My family and have almost one hundred years serving this country and soon as I saw that the “Director was from Portland I understood. She needs to be fired immediately. Of all days to read something like this, what about the thousands that have made the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to fly our flag!

    • Thomas E Schaefer says:

      Merrell ought to be striped of the uniform and relieved of duty without pension. She is a disgrace to the National Park Service.

    • John Holmes says:

      if they flew the Palestinian flag it would probably be OK lol.

    • Kodiak says:

      absolutely. I hope once Trump wins in November dumbocrats like the one that said no flags is looking for work

    • James S Robertson says:

      The only reason we have national parks is because of liberals.

      • Monte Besler says:

        Theodore Roosevelt was both a patriotic America conservative and a Republican President and he created the National Park system!

    • Bruce says:

      Construction crews can use a work slowdown or stoppage in response to her anti American demands, something that will not look good for her.

    • Diana says:

      We the people. Red White And Blue our national flag can and will be flown for all to see with pride honor and heart felt determination that yes it does still fly.Ive been by many construction sites and see the flag flying high. I smile with pride I know the cost..I say paint the equipment red White And Blue too!! We the people pay her wages.

    • Mansellyn says:

      There are the rules about flying the flag, including its permitted usage and those instances when flags are not to be used.

    • Glenn Vasey says:

      Absolutely fly the AMERICAN flag as it should fly over every AMERICAN National park. Director merely, you should be ashamed of your insane and embarrassing rule. You need to quit and go back to Pa.

    • Tom T says:

      Unbelievable. Send her sorry butt back to Portland.

    • Willard A Taylor says:

      You are absolutely correct you may fly old glory with all due respect when and where you damn well please


    • SM says:

      the greatest what? you’ve lost nearly all your wars and your biggest point of pride is for a short while you pretended you weren’t terrible to other people. lol this article needs to be tagged “free-dumb” and you should be embarrassed. people are coming to the park for what’s been there long before you started pretending it belonged to you.

    • Patrick shafer says:

      her uniform is also a distraction from the joy of the park.

    • Don says:

      This is a disgrace. Likely her protected status as a “other” than binary is how the govt hired her. checks all the boxes. Now, they can display a image of the American flag on the equipment as a company “logo”. as a paint or decal.. problem solved.

    • Scott says:

      Merrill should be immediately terminated from employment by the park service. If she doesn’t respect the American flag, she shouldn’t be working for a US NATIONAL park

    • Rebecca says:

      Flying any flag from a vehicle creates a dangerous risk to everyone. Flags for vehicles are very small. Larger flags get destroyed by the wind. They also commonly fly off causing them to be run over. Fly them on a pole put a light them at night use common sense.

    • Matthew says:

      I would just paint all the trucks and construction equipment with the stars and stripes. big old middle finger to that “rule”

    • Jacob says:

      I would like to remind everyone that there are rules about displaying the flag. I have seen far too many people who think they are being patriotic when they are being downright disrespectful. If you want to fly the flag on your property any way you want, I guess there’s not much I can do about thar. But when hooligans come blazing through national parks with flags 10 feet wide, it’s an issue.
      You have every right to be proud to be an American. But when that flag gets muddy. hangs down from some oversized pole, or is left up overnight unlit, and to do it on public lands is ultimately extremely disrespectful. You may be under the very mistaken Impression that a dirty flag is OK or that its fine if it just falls over the side of your truck or that you don’t take it down properly every night.
      It’s not some grand liberal conspiracy but your own ignorance that is at the root of all this. Educate yourselves.

    • John Costello says:

      unfortunately, maga white power insurrectionists have successfully cooped constant to gratuitous flag flying and made it an in your face symbol of their in unAmerican fascistic movement. I understand where the rangers coming from. she should have quietly asked the contractor to tone down the ultra phoney patriotism and he should have quietly cooperated. the park is not a place for political point making

    • James C Morris says:

      I agree with you David and as for the Matthew guy or whatever if you have to bring that into the conversation then you don’t understand.

    • Roy Harrison says:

      They encourage flying flags celebrating every kind of sexual deviation imaginable but not the US flag? Is there even a such a flag for heterosexual? They would protest, I’ve no doubt. I’m sure the left wing whackos would defend the workers if displaying a Hamas flag. Can you say hypocrisy?

    • Bebe says:

      I totally agree with you! This is America, if we can’t fly our flag here then where?

    • Bb says:

      So Trumps MAGA is all a big lie!

    • Curtis says:

      I’m trying to Fact Check this, but the only places I’ve seen this is on Right Wing blogs. No coverage on any reputable news sources. When I find something I’ll shatter it.

    • Anne says:

      Superintendent Merrill has overstepped the boundaries. You have no right to tell the construction company they cannot fly the American Flag. Admit you’re wrong and get back to work. Or step down.

    • Concerned says:

      the american flag should fly, it represents more than a sexual preference, so no the gay flag should not always be beside the american flag. the pow should be the first flag to be next to american flag.
      they represent out freedom. how blessed we are…
      would like a flag for all of us who are pride and proud of fellatio, i mean is there a straight flag for us…??????

    • Jim says:

      Okay, there’s probably more to this story however, after serving my country 46 years I am partial to respect for our flag. There is no reason for the construction company to not fly our flag. Superintendent needs to wake up and learn what displaying our flag means…period.

    • David says:

      I would fly it anyway. what are they going to do, fire you. someone got offended. wipe your tears.

    • ChRoNoS says:

      I would bet the farm that the only complaint lodged was by, Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell herself.Im starting to think our freedom breeds stupidity. I don’t know how I would react if I got pulled over/stopped while driving or hiking through a national park and the ranger asks me to remove a flag I had on display Go F yourself ranger Fred might be a possibility

    • Eric Schell says:

      what’s wrong with people today, quit worrying about what other people are displaying showing or complaining about. practice on being a better person to oneself and others. if you don’t like the US flag being displayed in a national park turn 180° and look the other way be proud there’s a national park to go to.

    • Jonathan Martin says:

      I would understand being asked to take it down out of that nation (such as Canada) but being in Alaska that should not be a problem to have it up

    • East Texas says:

      They need to fire whomever made this decision. MANY companies across America display the American flags stars and stripes on their vehicles in all kinds of ways and no kind of flack from anyone over it. so are you telling me they don’t have a flag flying at the park headquarters? if not, they need to have!! We will never be back to this place with morons like Merrell running it!!

    • Bill says:

      Well maybe someone needs to grow a pair and stop listening to these lib snowflakes. If the National Park Superintendent was the cause then she needs to be kicked the fukk out of the park and her federal job. FLY THAT FLAG.

    • Kevin hagberg says:

      Well if I can’t fly the American flag maybe they will allow a Nazi or confederate flag. This question. Should be asked to superintendent Merrill!!!!!!!!

    • Richard crisp says:

      If she was pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen we’d not be reading this story

    • Victor Ellison says:

      So you can other flags but not my country’s colors my family fought for freedom to fly those colors we are arguing free speech on private properties on college campuses but we restrict free speech on public property

    • Lee gain says:

      get rid of her.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for informing the taxpaying public about this travesty. If I were in charge of the construction crew, I would pull everyone off the job immediately. These woke folks are digging their own graves slowly……

    • Steve says:

      I’m a little tired of people who don’t know how to fly the flag properly. Flags getting flown and torn up on trucks isn’t, flying it at night without a light on it isn’t, using it to beat people isn’t, flying it upside down isn’t! That said, we live in a free country and you can disrespect it if you want, and fly it how you want.

    • John Alan Grice says:

      why is it at every turn our government is anti American and pro anything else.

    • Steve-o says:

      This report is false, according to the park’s own website, under bulletins. The flatly deny any action to remove flags from construction trucks, and even state that they have no authority to do so, even of they wanted to. They also state that US flags are displayed at various facilities in the park, and visitors are welcome to do so as well.

      This is obviously disinformation, designed to incite politically militant people against the NOS, the US government, or both. Don’t believe everything you read.

    • ralph l miller says:

      But the bulldozers and backhoes blend right in

    • Rick says:

      The American flag is on their private vehicles, their private property. I see no violation of the law and she has no authority to state otherwise. I would simply ignore her request and continue to work on the job. The crew supervisor should email Senator Lisa Murkowski on the issue and let her deal with it. She really doesn’t do anything else.

    • Christopher Michalek says:

      Another SAD moment in America

    • Sicarius says:

      sounds like some more of that good ol hate and fear mongering to me… you conservatives just make shit up to be outraged by… 2 trucks and one Heavy and he “wants to remain anonymous”? this story is BS and you bozos just want to be angry so bad you’ll just believe anything.

    • W. Ormsby says:

      It about time, David!

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    We are patriotic Americans and no person who has a different worldview should not order patriotic Americans to not be patriotic. Pray for our country.

  • AK Pilot says:

    Aren’t there some national parks that have gone “cashless” – i.e. they no longer accept AMERICAN money? Seems just as odd as not being allowed to fly the AMERICAN flag.

    • Ralph says:

      this is despicable. Denali is an AMERICAN park. Be respectful but proud. Superentendant should get a refresher course on American greatness / exceptionalism .

      • Raymond says:

        Her and all like her need their walking papers.
        If yall have an issiue with OUR flag you dont belong in this country. Go somewhere else

      • KD Garrett says:

        I agree, this isn’t about politics it is about being proud of our great country and the symbol of our country, the Stars and Stripes!

      • Wolf says:

        I think you had too much cool aid. There is no such thing as ‘American Exceptionalism’. That is simply a foil to cover up economic and racial injustice, at home and abroad, fairy tale.

    • Paul V. Behunin says:

      How many times must you be told why certain parks have gone cashless? Cash has to be collected, counted, sorted, strapped, bundled, packed, transported under armed guard (usually quite a long way since most national parks are somewhat remote), counted again, restrapped and deposited into a bank account, all of which takes a good deal of time, and costs a LOT of MONEY! I know, I worked for a bank! It is simply easier, faster, safer, and more cost efficient to do the transactions electronically. You have a royal tantrum because you “wanna pay with cash, ‘cuz this is ‘MER’CUH!” Bravo! Well spotted! It sure is! Which means the NPS doesn’t have to accept cash! They have rights, just like you! Oh, and by the way, IT’S ALL AMERICAN MONEY WHETHER ITS CASH OR ELECTRONIC, YOU IDIOT! The parks don’t accept pounds, euros, pesos, Canadian dollars, yen, or any OTHER currency. Some parks are not accepting CASH, a FORM of US currency; they are still accepting American money. It’s no different from any other retailer going cashless to do transactions for the reasons mentioned above. Now, regarding the words on our currency stating it is legal tender for all debts, public and private, that ONLY means it will be honored by the US Treasury as legal tender for payment of debt. The words DO NOT mean that any person or organization, including the government itself, MUST accept cash as payment of debt! All that being said, I consider myself fairly liberal, but the banning of flying the US flag seems very odd. It’s no more disruptive to a national park experience than the sight of heavy machinery and construction work. I think this needs to be rethought and the ban lifted.

      • Mickie says:

        You have your facts straight Paul V. I agree about the flag too; let the American flag fly in our national parks.

      • Eric says:

        wow, i can tell you have issues. should probably refrain from calling people names if you hold yourself higher than a person who supports Maga. I guess no one is allowed an opinion, just disrespectful slander of another human. you are a disgrace to yourself and others. I will pray for you Paul v.

      • Paul V 'you idiot' says:

        Paul V – you sound like the ‘idiot’ here. Your teller experience at some bank has nothing to do with a national park. On another note – let the flag fly!! Replace Merrell with someone who respects our country.

      • Nick says:

        Every time you use that assenine card, the only one that keeps getting richer is the banks and the dollar keeps getting shorter and shorter. But Hey, don’t worry about it. They’re here to save us all!!

      • M. Keith Nichols says:

        Paul, I understand your reply. and accept what you have said but question why you find the need to refer to other(s) as an idiot for simply expressing their concern over an issue they may have just not been totally aware of. I believe this kind of response is a large part of what causes the great divide of our great country.

      • Denise Anderson says:

        Cashless is really gonna suck when grid goes down.

      • Lisa Ambrose says:

        Lots of knee-jerk reactions to your reply, but you are absolutely correct.

      • Jerome Libby says:

        I would say unbelievable, but so much of this nonsense is happening now, I am not surprised. The new park superintendent should reconsider her decision. I have to wonder where a complaint came from for her to decide the American flag is a distraction in a National park.

      • Jandeanne says:

        this article is maga gaslighting nonsense. don’t believe any of it.

      • Paul W Koehn says:

        what about those that don’t use credit cards, only deal in cash, are we to be denied the ability to visit these places?.. I don’t, nor will I ever, use credit, as I see it as debt slavery.
        dairy queen tried to tell me my cash was no good, they had to do an about face real quick. I had to call the sheriff, who told the business the law requires them to accept the only form of legal tender by law, being cash, or they could close for the day. they now again accept all forms of payment, but I haven’t been back.

      • Java Joe says:

        Are you missing the larger point to be made of the looming agenda moving toward 100% cashless, i.e digital currency? This will be operated by social credit scores, a now realistic Orwellian concept. Truthfully,”we the people” are not concerned and should not be with a banker’s work day and making it easier for him/her at the expense of the people’s right to pursue happiness. Complicit with corporate banks is the corporate “representative”government, in this case the NPS agency, to form global governance.
        So the seemingly minor spat over cash or credit card is major because “cards only” erodes not only our choice but our sovereignty.

      • Rob B says:

        What’s interesting about the cashless is so many (getting to be the majority) of business either charge more or give a discount for paying with cash because the fees are so high . I get prepaid Visa cards so my name and bank info isn’t spread across the country for the hackers to grab .

      • ChRoNoS says:

        you fail to realize not everyone has access to a bank account or debit card, so then by the parks not accepting physical currency it’s a way to kick the lower classes, and if they want to go buy a prepaid/preloaded card they charged a fee the goverment has plenty of funds to deal with all the logistics of accepting cash, the goverment pushing that onto the people is unfair. “Hey we don’t feel like dealing with cash anymore so you’re gonna have to pay an extra fee to put your cash on a plastic card”. I’m sure youre also onboard with killing combustion and making everything electric because “its cleaner” keep drinking thay government koolaid. i can keep going on about similar situations like with all the videogame companies saying as consumers we should get used to not owning whatwe pay for ie physical copies of games, then when they need server space they delete games that you paid for but since its all digital you lose access to games you paid for its not like games are small files so unless they start placing terraflop size hard drives in systems its mostly held on company servers. all said lots of shitty changes are being allowed and in some cases championed

    • John DiPasquale says:

      I saw a tee shirt today that stated
      “support the country you live in or go live in the country you support.” I am a retired military member, I don’t have a ton of money but I will gladly contribute to the move, and I hope Superintendent Merrell will carry their bags out of here.

      • Cal Udy says:

        I am a Veteran and I am a Democrat and I am darn proud of that flag. If it is being displayed properly, meaning NOT allowed to get filthy hanging against a vehicle I’m great with it being flown.. What passes me off is the idiot trumpians totally disrespecting our flag allowing it to fly against the truck and hang onto the bed dirty and tattered. SHOW RESPECT TO OUR FLAG

    • Rachel raney says:

      we deserve to be proud of our founders this administration of criminals has left us humiliated and if your a patriot be a patriot. She shouldn’t be aloud to representany park. These mentallly ill climate freaks are helping our adversaries win supremacy.

    • Pat Maxwell says:

      There may be, but they are still taking American money, just in a different form. This is a safety issue, not a patriotic slap. Cash is easy to steal, entrances where cash is taken are prime robbery points, and cash requires more effort to manage from acceptance to deposit. A lot of places across the country are doing this. It doesn’t make them un-American, and is has nothing to do with imaginary conspiracies.

    • Jerome Libby says:

      I would say unbelievable, but so much of this nonsense is happening now, I am not surprised. The new park superintendent should reconsider her decision. I have to wonder where a complaint came from for her to decide the American flag is a distraction in a National park.

    • Kkh says:

      Now this is gas lighting.
      they’ve gone cashless because it avoids problems that come with having cash boxes at sometimes remote locations. plus the added expense in man power and time to prices cash versus electronically.

    • Oz says:

      Lot of needed context that’s missing. For one, only one contractor is complaining about this? Unlikely.makes me think they cited a specific instance, behavior or safety concern, which the contractor isn’t sharing. Also happened to notice that they didn’t share a copy of the letter to let this publication verify it.
      I don’t think the contractor is telling the full story and that there is more to it that isn’t mentioned explicitly because it would change the narrative.
      That aside, Federal agency rules are generally set in house, while federal agency contractor rules are set by Congress. And aside from employees, federal contractors have one the highest standards to not be controversial.

    • Dalila Epperson says:

      Yes! Utah is one. We were just there and learned there are lawsuits against this. Also, did you notice how many roads national parks are closing? Interesting and makes disperse camping more difficult.

    • Bathroom Toe Tapping Republican says:

      does everyone in the comments section get together for a circle jerk? where can I show up with the red white and lube?

  • Not Palmer says:

    This is such a sad story to read as we go into Memorial Day weekend!

    Please do contact Denali National Park with your thoughts and concerns. (Incredible photos, BTW)

    • Angel says:

      This is still America where Americans have not a Right but a Responsibility to fly and protect this country not only enemies from outside our country but also from enemies of our long fought foe rights from within our borders. Denali is a state park which means we as Americans are owners and keepers of this park. That superintendent answers to the people and she has no rights to prohibit us from displaying our Loyalty to our country. God protect us from enemies from within this country.Stay loyal children.

    • Bernie says:

      what is wrong with this person she should be removed immediately from the position. I am a Veteran and proud of my country and flag. if you don’t like my country or my flag GET OUT. TAKE PRIDE IN AMERICA, BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN . The construction company should FLY OUR FLAG.

      • David says:

        You have the right idea!!! She should be removed from that position. This is The United States of America!! Not some alphabet soup, liberal, third world country! And you would think that whomever is visiting the park already knew it was a national park. So how could proudly displaying our flag take away from the “experience”?!

      • Probably a Bear Who Discovered the Internet says:

        I’m glad to hear you’re flying the flag of the Alaskan Creoles, Iñupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida and the Tsimshian.

    • David Moss says:

      I served my Country from 1969 thru 1972 and highly resent some one person deciding to disallow flying the Flag in my National Park. I say all of those workers should come to work in clothing and gear that proudly represents the Flag and the Colors of One Nation Indivisible!
      Shame on you Madam Park Ranger you should be dismissed immediately!

      • Diana Ryan says:

        I agree, this park ranger should be ‘dismissed’ immediately. What is wrong with you?

      • Raymond says:

        She should be fired ny the park service and sued by every employee of the construction company for disallowing their Constitutional right that WE HAVE to freedom of expression. This CANNOT be allowed.

      • Keith says:

        It would be great if there was a way for everyone to donate and find an American Company that would outfit these workers in attire that salutes the American Flag and this Great Country we live in. This would show support and not leave the company paying for the stuff. They were doing the right thing by flying the American Flag.

    • Jeffrey S Torsrud says:

      It won’t do any good.
      Until America wakes up and gets back to believing in God, the one who created this Great Nation.

      • Matt says:

        I thought men made this nation. And, correct me if I’m wrong here, but the majority of them were Enlightenment deists.
        Actually, I don’t need correction: that’s correct on all counts.

      • Dennis Giles Jr. says:

        Gods honest truth..God bless America, and the men and women who have fought and died for our flag

      • Barb says:

        Matt, you belong at the bottom of an active volcano you’re what’s wrong with our country and need to kick rocks.

      • Robert says:

        god didn’t create America.

      • Chad says:

        Smart Man… This is God’s Country,Things will be Done here on Earth…. As they are in Heaven. Only One Flag Will be Flown here in America…it’s Disrespectful to American vets to see any other Flag being Flown… A lot of Americans have died making sure that flag was flown…. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICANS!! p.s if the flag was taking away from the “nature” feeling of it,next time take a horse and buggy,it wasn’t the flag it was the tented out windows air conditioning and cozy bus have a toilet right there… Ty, God Speed

    • Michael j crean says:

      God Bless America. I always fly my flag.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    I wouldn’t waste time contacting Denali National Park, I would suggest contacting the offices of our senators.

    • MRH says:

      Sullivan might respond. Murki – expect nothing from her. She is a resident of D.C.

    • Oz says:

      Your senators are probably the ones who set sucha rule in place. Federal Contractors have different standards they must adhere to, which is set by congress via funding. No doubt if he was flying a pride flag he’d have to remove to avoid anything controversial. And without more context, like the letter of reprimand, for all we know, he was flying it upside down as a Jan 6th symbol.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    After posting I did go back and look for the guidelines regarding flag display and there is quite a bit under flag code. Is it possible it was the way the flag was being displayed or mounted? Just wondering. Albeit if that is the case, the park administration should clarify according to flag code.

    Her4 is a link to flag code info –

    • John J Otness says:


      • Non patriot says:

        erm… no. following flag code is and has always been of the utmost importance to our country. ensuring you are able to follow it before flying it is being patriotic. it is showing the respect that the flag deserves. learn it. use it. the military, boy scouts, hell Even the public school system consider it non negotiable. I would bet the cow that that’s exactly what’s going on here. somebody flying a ripped up dirty old rag for a flag that needs to be burned or buried. and yes I did say burn. that is considered patriotic and an honorable burial for our flag. the weird insinuation that this is something nefarious by a liberal is absolutely ridiculous. speaking of dirty rags: this article. Flag code: if you can’t follow it, don’t fly it. anything else is written by non patriots.

      • Millicent says:

        Sounds like you need to read the code!

      • Eric says:

        clown comment. fly it properly or not at all.

      • Stephen T says:

        sorry, John. US Flag Code is only for flag poles. it’s just a guideline now and isn’t law. Today’s flag code is a matter of respect type thing. It’s not criminal. That’s why far leftist folks are allowed to burn, stomp, and spit on old glory. Freedom of expression, even though it makes this combat veteran sad. I do enjoy seeing our flag flown by convoys of patriots. Even our government flies the United States flag on their diplomatic vehicles. I remember the presidential limousine’ proudly flying our flag as well. I hope this provided a bit of insight.

      • Kate Cardwell says:

        I’ve been reading these replies and am completely astounded at the stupidity. The decision was made by one person. Otness, there are rules for flying our flag to make sure it’s treated with respect. Your statement about non patriots is absolutely idiotic. Geez, people, get a grip. By the way, at least liberals didn’t try to overthrow our government in a seditionest, traitorous, treasonous violent confrontation where people died. We love America and hate nazis. Remember, our Country fought in WWII to defeat the nazis from overtaking the world.

      • Kate says:

        I’ve been reading these replies and am completely astounded at the stupidity. The decision was made by one person. Otness, there are rules for flying our flag to make sure it’s treated with respect. Your statement about non patriots is absolutely idiotic. Geez, people, get a grip. By the way, at least liberals didn’t try to overthrow our government in a seditionest, traitorous, treasonous violent confrontation where people died. We love America and hate nazis. Remember, our Country fought in WWII to defeat the nazis from overtaking the world.

    • Wanda says:

      I’d like to know WHO complained about it, are they American or ‘other’?

      • Chris says:

        tourist. those riding the tour busses. mostly non Americans or un-American folks that have no idea what our flag means to the majority of the citizens of our great country.

  • Imat Naje says:

    This is still America, last time I checked and The “national” park is a part of this Nation. Fly it high and proud and take them to court! Nope, too many have paid too high a price for that flag. Stand your ground! We support you!

    • Samuel Jones says:

      if these workers fly the American flag after this Superintendant has forbidden it, the Contractor will loose His contract. The Superintendant knows that, and she serves at the request of the President. Maybe another President is the answer?

      • Jeffrey S Torsrud says:

        No question about it. Another president is the answer!

      • Millicent says:

        Or maybe she’s just doing her job and the “men” don’t like being told what to do by a woman. Contractor doesn’t have the balls to post his name but all of her info is out there. Seems more like someone’s ego got hurt.

  • Diana H Graf says:

    As usual, those who love to be in charge without considering what they are representing are only considering their own power and how to keep it. The great Denali Park represents this nation. It’s the land of Americans that visitors from many countries expect to meet. This woman is employed by the government of the United States. She is not elected and has no authority to take down the national flag. She makes the flag sound like a dirty thing that messes up the landscape. She has no right to legislate against the allegiance of those who are working to build a bridge to open the Park up for our visitors . The flag is not a decoration. It represents the declaration that has been made from the beginning. This is our land …the people’s land…the construction workers, the tour guides, the tourists and …most of all those who laid town their lives for it. It isn’t yours to take down, Miss Merrell.

    • Maga says:

      How about you learn the facts of what actually happened before you say anything. This story is completely out of context.

      • Mon Cheri says:

        I find this article really hard to believe. Seeing as most people work in construction around the interior Alaska are from the same few companies, and I’m gonna lowball it and say 80% of the crew is born and raised in Alaska and that other 20% is probably from the lower 48 if this did happen and I highly doubt it did because most Alaskans know about “park experience” once the bus to start running for season people that are coming up to experience Alaska nature and are trying to go to the park to see Mount Denali, Savage River Polychrome ,Wonder Lake, Kantishna as well as the abundance of wildlife that we have there. Everyone knows the rules for tents and any other things that could distract from nature so it’s just funny to see a lot of people who probably haven’t even been to Alaska becoming keyboard Warriors. There’s no need to worry our flag is flying beautifully proudly at the parks visitor center, and at nearly every resort you pass before you get to the park entry so to me this really just sounds like people that don’t really understand how Alaska truly works and just wanting to fuss and to be honest sound like lower 48 problems to me Alaskans don’t have time for lower 48 problems. The states too dang beautiful to be worried about what y’all fussing over now.Side note this author of this article sounds like he needs to get outside and touch some grass. I don’t know maybe come visit the park and see the mountain Denali is beautiful for the few lucky enough to see it and the park is quite relaxing It does wonders for the spirit and helps you feel revitalized. Maybe it’ll help the author to quit writing articles that scream, I forgot I had a deadline so I’m just gonna pull something out of my nose and hope it works.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Wait and see the 1st of June, you will see these disgusting, freak show, LGBTQ flags, going up in the park.
    Wait I’m OFFENDED (“because it detracts from the “park experience.”) it’s America stupid,
    If you don’t like it, then Leave.
    In fact, the official website of the National Park Service has an entire page dedicated to honoring a whole host of LGBTQ+ flags,
    Discussing, I just want to flush the toilet.

    • Matt says:

      Wow, you cry and whine a lot.

    • Tom says:

      wonder if Christian flags are allowed in the park and if the park would dedicate a page to them?

      • jon says:

        nope, Separation of church and state. So many whiners complaining about removing the US Flag. Get a life. And fly your on flag on your property. I think an Alaska flag would have been the most appropriate.

    • Robert says:

      Pride, you are a big part of the problem.

    • Kim THIEBAULT says:

      lot of mentally ill people out there

  • John J Otness says:


    • John J Otness says:

      In fact remove the whole bloodsucking Federal Forest Service from Alaska….

      • Yankee Terrier says:

        I think you may mean the National Park Service… Down in the Tongass National Forest the Forest service has done a nice job protecting Alaskan from overreach by other branches of government.

  • Fernand J Daussin says:

    They have no patience or sense of humor left, these NPS folks. They need to put up a sign for everything. “Free spirited young men expressing themselves trying to get your road fixed” that might make them happy and the visitors will have it explained for them. The foreign visitors will nod in appreciation of signage.

  • Meremortal says:

    “They’re saying it isn’t conducive and it doesn’t fit the park experience.”
    “It isn’t conducive.” It isn’t conducive to what? I feel good whenever I see that flag.
    “It doesn’t fit the park experience.” Yes, it does, National Park, National Flag. How can it not fit?

  • Reggie Taylor says:

    Fly a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. When Merrell sends another letter, fly an MIA flag. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Keep her busy with flag letters. Force her to go to the extreme. Make it hurt. Keep it up until the tea ends up floating in the harbor.

  • Patriot says:

    Simple solution. Be smarter than the communist in charge. Decal the trucks in full size
    Ol’ Glory. I’ll pitch in to defer costs.

    • David says:

      You are a smart American!!
      Great idea!!
      God Bless America
      God Bless Our Flag And For EVERYTHING It Stands For!!!

    • Matt says:

      Few things funnier than “patriots” disrespecting the flag by painting it on everything. So patriotic that they don’t even know how to observe the flag code.

    • Millicent says:

      Yeah great idea “patriot”, might what to read flag code first ‍♀️

  • AkMama says:


    • Tom Johnson says:

      How about putting up a banner, with the flag on it?

      Then do the same with tarp on the truck, heck, pain the flag on the side of your trucks, or use magnetic signs.. Then wear hats or hard hats with the flag, then shirts, then jackets, then painted it on the side of the portable toilets, and tell them, that your constitution right of expression, even in a national park, can’t be regulated, unless they are uniformly enforcing the same regulation on every single person, or every single vehicle,or every single bumper sticker, of any content in the park.
      This is the waste of a Park Super, time, with a $34Trillion dollar deficit ? She has not got anything else more important to do this stupidity?

      Hell, paint the Stripes & Stars on all the Bear’s Asses, and see what she does ,

  • Warren Gilbert says:

    I think this is one of the problems with where this country is going. They should be able to fly the flag of the country we all live in. If you don’t like it, get out.

  • Tim low says:

    Fire Brook Merrell. Call your senators. This is this liberal trash – pure trash. People have died for this flag. If people are complaining, stop going to the park.

  • RobL says:

    This communist, merrell, should be immediately removed from her post. American flags should be on every worker’s helmet, on every truck in the park, and flying from any structure involved (the bridge) in less than a week. This is America, merrell, not the soviet union or communist china, where you will, no doubt, be well received should you decide to move to either.

  • James says:

    maybe provide actual details next time and the official notice they received. it’s not been reported anywhere else, so this screams of attention seeking by the contractor in question…

    • Jimmy says:

      The first smart comment I’ve seen here. Some very sad people in these comments. Believe anything they see on the internet. This entire story is completely twisted and false.

      • Erk says:

        How is it false? Give documentation for your accusations

      • Reggie Taylor says:

        The first apologist comment I’ve seen here. Some very exhausted people in these comments. They believe what they read here because it falls perfectly in line with what they’ve been seeing for decades. If this entire story is completely twisted and false, please provide your own story.
        We’ll wait……………

      • Charlie says:

        be careful now, it sounds like you are trying to let facts get in the way of a perfectly good irateness. There isn’t any sense in trying to reasonably talk to people who have no idea of the situation. The fact that where this occurred is a restricted area, where the contractors are expected to maintain a low profile will mean nothing to them. The fact that you have to drive past a US flag to get to this remote part of the park will also be irrelevant. Although it will be interesting when they show up in there trucks flags a waving, and find out that they are not allowed to drive into this area- not because of the flag, but because of the highly controlled nature of the area

    • Hello says:

      “The Watchman reached out to Denali National Park for comment as to why workers were told to remove their flags, and to get clarification on whether the park has any policy against visitors flying American flags from their personal vehicles. There was no comment as of this publication“

      …in case ya missed it

    • Gina says:

      Exactly, James! I want to hear “the rest of the story” before reacting to the claims in this article.

  • Bartow Daniel says:

    Superintendent Merrill is detracting from the experience I expect; will they take her away?

  • Joe Drayton says:

    How does an urban planner qualify to be a Park Superintendent? This is a political appointment via the good old boys/girl club.

    • John says:

      She has a law degree as well. Do your research before you comment. She’s clearly smarter than you ever have or will be.

      • FIRE MERRELL says:

        No little johnnie, this just proves education is no indicator of wisdom. In both her case and yours as well. Your glaring grammatical error in your second sentence proves you didn’t make it past 5th grade.

      • Dillon says:

        Ah yes “fire Merrel”l. You are too scared to use your real name because you realize how dumb you are. Another trumptard who believes everything he sees on the internet and researches nothing. You have no wisdom and you clearly didn’t make it passed kindergarten if you believe this story whatsoever. Good luck in life little man.

      • Van says:

        implying a law degree makes you smart or intelligent – neither of which is necessarily true and either of which can be negated by lack of character of gratitude.

      • Reggie Taylor says:

        “……..She has a law degree as well……….”
        Oh, boy. Now that right there explains everything, now doesn’t it?

      • Taylor says:

        Oh grow up

      • Mark Gilbert says:

        The fact that she is a lawyer makes it ten times worse. That’s our problem in the this country, we allow elitist lawyers, with no human experience, tell us how to live our lives. She is part of the reason many people move to Alaska….. to get away from a school kid who thinks she knows better than the rest of us. She should go back to her looney Oregon!!

    • Alan says:

      They/Them Club.

    • Taylor says:

      Wow check out Dillion the bedwetting liberal from California.Probably not his/her/ its real name.Doubt it could find its way out of a city park let alone fit its way out of a paper sack.

    • Taylor says:

      Wow check out Dillion the bedwetting liberal from California.Probably not his/her/ its real name.Doubt it could find its way out of a city park let alone fit its way out of a paper sack..

  • Barbara Wood says:

    Proud American born and raised in Western Montana! My father was one who fought for our flag during WWII, so let’s keep it flying high! Let there be no questions when the Chinese fly over and eventually over Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota under the guise of a “weather balloon” they have entered the USA but I’m SURE it’s not to check out any of our nuclear sites!

  • Bob bowers says:

    Merrill is a communist part of Joe Bidens America The hell with her

  • Veteran says:

    Send miss Merrell across the straight into Russia where she belongs.

  • P Schultz says:

    Just stopped working on the bridge

  • TRUE American Richard Wellington says:

    FIRE this un-american bimbo. SHE is the one that is ruining the PARK Experience… She DOES NOT deserve to be paid by OUR American dollars, nor live here. I regret doing 9 years in the US military protecting her way of life, my 90 yo father said same about his 20 years. She deserves the boot…

    • Millicent says:

      Or maybe she’s just doing her job and the “men” don’t like being told what to do by a woman. Contractor doesn’t have the balls to post his name but all of her info is out there. Seems more like someone’s ego got hurt.

    • Millicent says:

      While you’re at it take away her right to vote and purchase property. The fact the you think you are protecting her way of life speaks volumes. It’s never been about our way of life, it’s about protecting the white man’s way of like. If the park superintendent was a man this article wouldn’t exist.

  • Frick says:

    How much more unAmerican can these people be???

  • Michael Joseph Galuszka says:

    Quite simple.Tell them to get out of this country.

  • YouAreDumb says:

    It is amazing how quickly you idiots grab ahold of fake news and run with anger…

  • Lone wander says:

    Lets remember that this is a CONTRACTOR. hired to do a project. If anyone on the crew feels so strongly about this then they can quit! end of story. The park admin CAN say how the company presents itself when it shows up on the jobsite. I’m guessing the owners are not going abandon the job over this.

    • John J Sweeney says:

      The workers have earned the right by their and their contractors good work to those well
      Paying jobs. They improve the economy.

  • Charles Bennett says:

    Hopefully someone will fly a TRUMP flag!!

  • Joe says:

    I am a liberal and somewhat of a leftist and not being able to fly our country’s flag is wrong. The superintendent is wrong for asking the workers to remove their flags, plain and simple! Put them back up and display them proudly. That is how the left feels.

    • Sam says:

      They still fly flags all over the park. She didn’t say to take them all down. Just the one off the truck.

  • Roger Fjeld says:

    This is absolutely appropriate this story breaks just before Memorial Day weekend. NO ONE should bend a knee to this absurd request. Draw the line and make the stand!

  • Lee says:

    Send that liberal s.o.b. back to Oregon. Call your senators and representative.

  • andrew says:

    execute all of these traitors

  • ThisIsAnInsaneAsylum says:

    you guys are absolutely unhinged lmao. time to come back to reality.

  • Lonni Clayton says:

    she needs to ne fired immediately. telling you not to fly our American flag is pure bull sh<<

  • Michael Lindbeck says:

    Denali Natl Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell is clearly a woke, anti-American leftist. How can flying the flag of the USA in a USA Natl Park by construction crews possibly be controversial? How can she permit LGBTQ+ flags of the deviant & delusional to be flown? She should be fired. Our Natl parks should promote our nation, not special interest, radical organizations.

    • Matt says:

      What the hell even is woke? Do any of you guys ever have a definition for it? What does woke even mean? Is it just a nonsense word for “people I don’t like what think different from me and my sister-wife”?

      • Ronald says:

        WOKE: Defined as a person who hates America so much that they object to virtually all Normal and Patriotic actions, and promote anti-American activities such as objecting to Flying the American Flag on Public Property.

  • Lonni Clayton says:

    fire her immediately. fly those flags high and proud

    • Richard Neff says:

      Park orders flag down!

      I will be requesting the young superintendent lady be dismissed and removed from her job ASAP. She has proven to have an unprofessional knee-jerk reaction to informal (frivolous) compliant by some (bleeding heart liberal that must be offended by our America flag and Republic for which we stand, finding fault with the stars and strip flying on a job site.
      This is America ~ them fly & respect our flag
      Id say :The Superintendent Brooke Merrell does not fit the American / Alaska, park experience. she works for we the people!. That Flag is indeed what we want to represent. Please Remove her ASAP. ask a patriot like Michael Fynn to fill in until a replacement is found.

    • Wesley goff says:

      absolutely agree 100 percent she should be fired

  • Tom Laret says:

    Send this Communist back to Portland. We don’t want her in America. She belongs to the Commies.

  • Dru says:

    First of all. Dont mess with the Blue Collar workers who built & continue to build This Great Nation of Ours.
    2nd That has to be the most hypocritical request ever! You can’t fly An American Flag, in An American National Park, In AMERICA!
    Maybe you should look into these tour bus companies & see who is lining their pockets? Who would have the testicular fortitude and the Power to think they could do this?

  • Alex says:

    Interesting. I can’t see how flying the flag of the nation in a NATIONAL Park can detract from the experience, outside of extenuating circumstances. I’ve seen people mention that this story is “out of context” but no one has mentioned what context would be necessary to make this any less offensive. As long as Alaska and it’s territory is still a part of the United States, flying the United States flag in almost any scenario would be appropriate, just as much as flying the Japanese flag on Mt. Fuji. If you disagree and have an argument as to why, please, elaborate.

    • Dianne Blackburn says:

      It’s absurd they can’t fly our American flag – at a National Park!! We’ve fought for our freedom and the flag represents not only that but our Country. To not be allowed to fly it wherever we want is beyond wrong. Hopefully, there’ll be enough blow back that they’ll be allowed to fly it as they should !

  • Bestoink Dooley says:

    this woman superintendent reeks of being a Uber liberal.

  • David Drushinin says:

    What ever happened to freedom of speech and expression? So they can order American citizens not to display the American flag on their personal vehicles? But I bet these traitorous liberals would be okay displaying a Palestinian flag. “Woe to those who call good evil and evil good.” If the US flag offends you, then YOU are what’s wrong with this country.

  • Joanne Koetsch says:

    Fly it high and proudly!

  • Dave van says:

    anti-American b******* if they don’t like it tell him to go back to the s******* country they came from and if they don’t like that tell him to leave faster and might as well go to Disneyland too you put lipstick on on Donald duck they make him more socially acceptable to the fruitcakes

  • Tyke says:

    Replace the unpatriotic libtard.

  • Lawrence Wolfrey says:


  • Kevin says:

    Will someone tell this woman to go back to Portland with all of her liberal friends. I think she’d be more comfortable there.

  • C. James says:

    People who have a problem with Americans proudly rebuilding a road within an American National Park (conceptually a great gift to the world) while flying an American flag should be shown the exit to the park.

  • Mckinleycountry says:

    Thank you for posting this so we all know. My husband, I and many furious friends have already written the Park Superintendent and letting her know our opinion on this. Shame on her. Thanks to you, she will know what many people think of her shameful decision. Please all…write to her from this article.

  • Peter says:

    Fire Brooke Merril! Our great national parks need to be free of her policies and politics. She epitomizes the problem with this country at this point in our history. Maybe a Palestinian flag would be ok with her?

  • Roger crook says:

    This is what happens when a tree hugging liberal is put in charge of a national park or national forest

  • Lanet Spence says:

    Two words:

  • Stephen says:

    If you look at the top left side of a bill you’ll see ” This note is legal tenderfor all debts public and private” I think it’s illegal not to accept cash… And accounting is part of doing business.

  • W E Caldwell says:

    Fly the flag any way. I wouldn’t take it down, if fined I wouldn’t pay it. She has to be a Democrat.w

    • KD Garrett says:

      You are truly ignorant to make this POLITICAL. This is about showing patriotism to our ALWAYS HAS BEEN GREAT Country! If they fly it as a proud American then let it fly! if in an appropriate fashion! Leave your politics out of it!

  • Craig says:

    Fly Alllll American Flags high and Be Proud, Do not take them Down, if your fined don’t pay. they have no business telling you to stop flying the Flag. What now that it’s close to Memorial Day you can’t fly them because of bus loads of people coming in…. Absolute BS…. this lady is a Quack.. but it’s ok for them to display the flags of the LGBTQ which aren’t even a flag, but you can’t fly your American Heritage. Well that will be one Place this Veryern will not be going to see Ever

  • FreedomAK says:

    Tell her/she/they that she/her/confused can go pound sand. Fly Old Glory often and high.

  • Ken says:

    why do some of you feel the need to have a flag everywhere. look it’s ok NOT to have the flage everywhere. I’m a retired 100% disabled military combat photographer. If some of you are so patriotic go join the military. seems like only 1% of us will put on the uniform and defended this country. you people make me sick.!!!!!!!

  • Annette Stewart says:


  • TMace says:

    Merrill should have stood up to the people complaining of the flag and told them this is America!

  • Monty Fisher says:

    First of all this issue with the flag is not indicative of U.S. liberalism. No more than supporting a past KGB officer and communist is indicative of U.S. conservatives. They are both personal problems.

  • Taylor says:

    This is disgusting.Who the hell does this urban transplant superintendent think she is? This woman needs fired.Write your representatives and get her out of her.So sick of the anti American progressive agenda some of these morons try to shove down others throats.

  • Robert Parrish says:

    She needs to be fired. Her views as to which flag is allowed to fly in a National Park obviously are not mine or any other red blooded, freedom loving, God fearing American feels the same way.

  • Veteran says:

    Everyone is just gut reacting before facts are in. That’s what’s ruining this country: carelessness.

  • OK Boomers says:

    These comments are boomer gold.
    Look, people are there to see the park and connect with nature, not see bright flags all over the place.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I’d be mighty proud to see a 60′ USA flag flying smack dab in the middle of the park. Bright flags, in my mind, are the alphabet soup group flags. So, if that is the topic, then I agree with you.

    • Alex says:

      boomer gold got me. so true, haha! They’re filled with rage.

    • Millicent says:

      Definitely boomer gold!

    • M. Keith Nichols says:

      Paul, I understand your reply. and accept what you have said but question why you find the need to refer to other(s) as an idiot for simply expressing their concern over an issue they may have just not been totally aware of. I believe this kind of response is a large part of what causes the great divide of our great country.

    • Ned Strauss says:

      Whatever Gen you are, you will be the future “Boomer” and everything coming out of your mouth will offend the generations younger than you.
      Enjoy while you’re still wet behind the ears.

  • Michael W. Lane says:

    it feels like the H.O.A.. has their fingers in this piece of pie too.

  • Charles Fethke says:


  • Edward W Preston says:

    Fire Merrill!! problem solved!!! She can get the Hell out of our country!!!

  • Alex says:

    NPS also ordered their employees to not wear their uniforms when attending anything in a personal capacity AND told employees (including contractors) they could not display Pride flags during pride month…. but you all want to blame the liberals. not true. you want people to be able to express themselves or not? because you can’t ban one thing and not the other. employees don’t need to fly the flag from their vehicles, the park flies the flag for us all.

    • Bob says:

      Alex, that is simply not true. Current DOI guidance received today from the Secretary of Interior states, “One way in which we support and celebrate who we are at the Department is through programs organized around Special Emphasis Months, which have been identified by Presidential Proclamation, Executive Orders, and public law to ensure that federal agencies take affirmative steps to provide equal opportunity in all areas of employment. Special Emphasis Months can be found on our Special Emphasis Programs webpage. Honoring these months is an important priority for me, too, and in my time
      as Secretary I have prioritized them through programs, events and communications. This would allow employees to participate in uniform representing their respective bureau. This direction takes effect immediately. ” Not only does this include “Pride” Month but also all LGBTQ events since they are a special emphasis mentioned on the aforementioned website.

  • Michael says:

    She’s a moron! Move if you don’t like American!

  • Hike the Trail says:

    Is Merrill an LGBTQ member? If so, they do not support the American flag as a whole. A recent LGBTQ Hoedown in the Seattle area cancelled a performance by the Borderline dance group for wearing shirts resembling the American flag. They just don’t like it.

  • Rodney says:

    All the different groups of people’s come underneath one group America. The American flag covers them all. It Flys on top and above all of them. It’s a national park. It’s America fly that flag high and it’s on your personal property and Denali belongs to America keep flying old glory.

  • William h says:


  • Patrick says:

    So, commenter’s, some of you are not in this field. These people need every ounce of concentration they can get at this job.

  • Coke Wallace says:

    She could have waited till July 4th!?Memorial day weekend was her second choice.Probably ok with the Hamas or fag flag….Sad & stupid…

    • Millicent says:

      It’s funny that you believe it was her that decided to put this article out at this time. Look at the white guy with 8 kids and ask what his agenda is!

  • Tracey St Pierre says:

    National Park. I’m not confused but definitely concerned that this continues to happen. If you’re not proud of your country, leave. I’m very proud to be American and will always defend our flag and country. She should be fired.

    • Jeff Butler says:

      I used to be proud of America, but with our collective shoes covered in Trump goo, I’m not proud, I’m ashamed.

  • Ken says:

    Just paint the US Flag on the equipment then, and include the flag as part of the company Logo. If then asked to remove the painted flag, request a change order for the cost associated with changing the company Logo.
    Problem solved.
    But not until the contractor asks for a written explanation of what authority they are being asked to remove the flags under and specific policy and or rule they are violating.
    A complaint is not a reason to ask for such a change, heck if that was the case we could complain that the equipment paint color is a distraction from the natural scenery and request that the equipment is painted camo to match the area it is working in.

  • Vince says:

    So it’s OK to sell, buy and wear in open public, t-shirts that say ” f- LAPD”, but a crew of working men in a National Park aren’t allowed to fly an American flag. Unreal..

  • Jim says:

    I would think the Superintendent of the Park powers a better explanation at the least. in addition, so a few people complained… what is this, the tyranny of the micro minority?
    Also, quit bashing liberals/progressive as you who do have no idea whether they are liberal or not… just your un-iformed opinions. Those opinions and a few bucks will buy you a cup of coffee. there is nothing wrong with being liberal or progressive or conservative as long as none force others to be any of the above… remember this is supposed to be a free country.
    personally, I believe the Superintendent made a grievous error and should rectify it immediately.

    • Kmack says:

      And what if those flags were flying improperly and disrespectfully? All due respect to you, you oughta consider this possibility.

  • Jim says:

    “owes”… not “powers” dratted idiotic spell check

  • Kmack says:

    Cannot understand why they won’t allow the flying of our precious flag by contractors… unless you were flying them upside down.

    • Abred says:

      or flying them on machines that throw dirt on them – you know, like construction machines.
      throwing dirt on the flag is disrespectful and the flag needs to be disposed of properly (FYI, proper disposal of a flag that has gotten dirty by touching the ground is by burning it)

  • Hardy Brown says:

    I am tired of un-American people running America. Our ancestors bravely fought and died to get us here. Fly those flags proudly!

  • Steve says:

    WE should have expected with the supervisor coming from Oregon, totally left up there. She needs to be removed! I’m a veteran, don’t tell me we can’t fly the American flag. it’s an American park paid for by American taxpayers!

  • Mongo Like Candy says:

    National Parks are unconstitutional! Take Alaska Back! TAB!

  • Mark says:

    Poor redneck snowflake! Your boss says knock it off, and you go running to this whinny website. Just quit.

  • Chebury says:

    Wear your flag, fly your flag, put decals on vehicles proudly!!!!
    No one in the USA should be allowed to tell anyone else in the USA to take our flags down!!!

    • Millicent says:

      I’m not going to tell you how stupid your comment is, I’ll just ask you to please read flag code before you post again. And when your neighbor hands a flag other than “your” flag, will you do them the same courtesy?

  • Rod says:

    Please do NOT send her back to Oregon. We too like to fly our American flags high and proudly. This is outrageous and we all from every state should be fighting for the right to show our national support.

  • Bobbie says:

    I agree with the decision. Granite Construction should fire the employed who whined about this. He’s trying to make this political, ots not, its esthetics. The natura,beautiful scenery of Denali doesn’t need an American flag flying.

  • Tim says:

    this is ridiculous. Email sent to Denali Park. Now researching for the next step above them on the food chain. This should not be allowed to happen in a National Park of all places. She has overstepped her authority and this needs corrected. Dont stay silent folks!

  • Vercingetorix, Druid King says:

    She does NOT have the authority to demand anything of these contractors—unless she is the Contracting Officer or COTR. I doubt she is either. So, unless the contract states no flags, or states that they have to obey directives from the Park Superintendent, they can tell her to piss in a pot and KEEP FLYING THE FLAGS. She can’t do a damn thing.

  • Mitch says:

    the day those flags are taken off those trucks will be the day we all can kiss this country goodbye as wee know it . these people never grew up in a time when they put their right hand over your heart and said the pledge of allegiance and never sang the national anthem and its obvious they dont know what the impact of asking someone to take down a flag on a federal ljob in a national park thats in the united states. come on people think about what your saying here . but please dont send her back to oregon instead send her on a one way flight to iran or Afghanistan

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life, and I don’t understand this rule. It’s a US National Park. Further, I don’t understand the emphasis on LGBTQ+ flags. What does sexual orientation have to do with spending time in the parks? Maybe just put up a sticker at the gate that says “all are welcome” and call it a day.

  • Js says:

    Hell is filled mostly with women.

  • Phillip W Darmstadt says:

    superintendent Merrill has totally lost her mind ,, it’s federal money rebuilding that bridge, mine and your tax dollar ,and I for one want those flags up, the rest of the world laughs at these shenanigans, get a grip Merrill, stand proudly, and stop your B.S.

  • George H McCollum III says:

    Who appointed it?
    Terminated immediately!
    National Park is supported and and funded by the “Nation”!
    The members collectively decide what the rules are for National Parks!
    The president and Congress and the local and state governments should become involved immediately

  • Tom says:

    wonder if Christian flags are allowed in the park and if the park would dedicate a page to them?

  • Mark says:

    Far more damage being caused to the park by a diesel powered tour bus than an American Flag!!!

  • Stephen H says:

    This is ridiculous. I find highly offensive to order workers that they can’t represent our country. I wonder if it’s nationals from other countries or just left wing nut jobs. Time for all Americans that celebrate their freedom to speak up and stop with the silly stuff going on in this country.

  • George says:

    I’m a liberal veteran living in DC and I display the American flag outside of my house. Of course the contractors should be able to display their flag. The American flag does not “belong” to one party and does not represent a political ideology. It represents the United States of America and our values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • MacDaddy says:

    They want us to not fly the American flags anymore anywhere. They say they are/will fly the US flag on official buildings, etc. They just want to deceptively take freedom from We The People … what if we agree to only let them fly the flags and comes lgbtq123abc month or another satanic event and they pass the orders to those workers in official bldgs to replace US flags with whatever satanic cult flag. Then what?!
    We gotta STOP giving up our freedom piece by piece to those running this once great country to the ground!

    • Bill says:

      What a childish response to a poorly written article by someone who didn’t bother checking his source’s story.

  • Kenneth Carver says:

    Some Chinese tourists probably complained to this left wing park manager who single-handedly re wrote park policy with no other input.

  • Mitch McConnell says:

    People who tried to overthrow the government shouldn’t be flying the flag they obviously don’t believe in. These people support a rapist who is on the Epstein list though, so it’s not suprising that they aren’t smart enough to see the irony.

  • Dave says:

    I suppose they want to fly a communist flag instead. Come on people, this is the United States. These left wing people need to leave this country!

  • C Busenkell says:

    just looking at that woman’s work history and background and I feel like I know her because I’ve already been unfortunate enough to have met plenty of her ilk and they’re all the same persona. not really a community minded person although they claim to be, not a team oriented person. I understand a flag shouldn’t be flown in certain places, I can’t think of any places or reasons off the top of my head, but I’m sure they exist. I simply don’t understand the mentality of the person who sees our national flag and thinks that needs to come down. that would never occur to me.

  • Dave smull says:

    Always laugh reading these comments. More examples of MAGA cult morons just following the lead of the moron before them. Look at the faux outrage, yet. who knows what or why that policy was put in place. there’s really no explanation at this point, but yet the MAGA over reaction is a guaranteed event. calm down little boys.

  • Chris Slagle says:

    Fly your American flags!

  • JOHNNY says:

    If this gets you upset, stop! Don’t waist your time emotionally agitated at the buffoonary of those that self identify as it they them and cat. listen to me. You will just attemping to peak at the stupidity that is they those them. People like this matthew person really exist and as comical as that is. you can see just how difficult it’s going to be fixing things. So don’t engage in the train wreck the buffoons are dragging us into. Yes, I know. we told them. folks if I had a grain of sand for everytime……..
    Never, never, never let these liberal synchants give you a reason “cause there are” to send a snowflake to their safe space. Did anyone else hear that amazing life changing discovery people are doing called Bear Huggjng. Apparently if you believe your their friend and give the bear a hug. It somehow takes negative years off your life.

  • Tommy says:

    this is sickness. the minds of people today have been poisoned by a one world.agenda. the truth is the company and all others shouldn’t build them a dam bridge. anyone told not to fly the flag should walk off and the company should support them. it’s time these business owner grow some balls and tell these soft little idiots what’s what. stop giving in to this down with America attitude.

  • M James says:

    This is so totally UNAMERICAN!! Its actually hard to believe it even happened. It represents pride of the country we live in!

  • David says:

    I wonder who’s tax dollars are building that bridge.

  • God Hates Flags says:

    Of all the things that never happened, this never happened the most.

    Also, the American flag has been co-opted by white Christian nationalists. It’s a terrorist symbol now.

  • Brian E says:

    As a proud citizen of the United States and an admirer of our beautiful national parks, I find it troubling that the display of our national flag has been deemed inappropriate in a space dedicated to preserving our nation’s natural heritage. The American flag is a symbol of our pride, freedom, and national identity, and its presence should be celebrated, not restricted, especially in a national park.The construction trucks and bridges, while necessary for the maintenance and improvement of park infrastructure, are far more intrusive to the “natural” experience than the sight of a flag. The flags flying atop these vehicles and equipment serve as a reminder of the values and spirit that make our country and its natural wonders so special.No true nature-loving, America-loving visitor would be offended or upset by the sight of an American flag. Any complaints to the contrary likely come from those who do not appreciate or respect our national symbols, or perhaps from within the park leadership itself. It is disheartening to think that such a decision could be influenced by perspectives that do not reflect the pride and patriotism many of us feel.

  • Topher says:

    This seems like bait. There is no actual proof that she said this. Most likely seems like the contractor is pissy and made some stuff up, or twisted the truth (maybe told not to fly a specific flag, one that wasn’t the US flag).

    IF (which no one here knows the truth) she did actually order the flags down for no actual reason other than to not see a few flags. That is messed up. But the flags could also be in the way of paths, touching the ground, so many that it’s outright ludicrous, or plenty of other reasons.

    In other words, we should get her side of the story before we pull out the noose. Or are the Republicans just as bad at cancel culture as the SJW?

  • Maricica says:

    I can relate. The US flag should be used as wiping paper. Genocide deaths suffering imperialist war. People will have a different experience w/o all that’s associated the US flag.

  • Ken says:

    Y’all remember this, next time a demoncrat runs for office. Who is this Merril woman? Who has her in their back pocket? Is this woman from Russia? Hey Alaska…past time to get rid of this POS. Trump2024

    • KKCG says:

      It’s a 3×4 flag on top of a large truck working on roads next to your busses that people are on to see the park. Did anyone stop to think maybe the flags are just in the way of people seeing the park? It’s not always “liberals hating America,” sometimes it might just be common sense.

  • Someone who can read says:

    You people are so dumb. It only proves how bad the education system has become. Let me explain this to you in a way you understand. Flag good, giant flags hanging off giant loud truck at park like your a cartoon, bad. Just like eating dog in front of guests park guests, good. Slurping hot dog till you have tears in your eyes in front of park guests, bad. Learn nuance before you just head to the comment section to tell people to “get out”

  • FckO says:

    To the editor, you got what you wanted.

  • Justin says:

    A flag pole in a designated location is a more respectfull and presentable way to display our flag.

  • Mark says:

    If I was the company I would wrap some of their large trucks in an American flag theme. If the park complains then walk off the job and let the project be delayed.

  • Charles says:

    Is this correct…because park attendees want an unimpeded nature experience, they want the flag of the United States removed from the construction equipment used for road repairs to accommodate their tour buses?

  • Mike Scheele says:

    The problem isn’t with Liberal’s versus Conservatives. It’s the Progressives vs everyone. They seek to divide us every chance they get. Notice the article clearly states there was no problem until the tourists started seeing them. What we have here is a Superintendent who is week kneed caving to a few malcontents. She needs to tell the complaints to stuff it. If they don’t like it then its tough cookies. She can’t possibly believe this nothingness complaint is going to hurt park attendance? If people don’t like it, then get their names and ban them from ALL National Parks!!!

  • CR says:

    not everything must be about patriotism. that park is about escaping civilization, not constant reminders there of. kudos to keeping the theme of nature, nature. And yes there is a flag at my front door, like I said place and time for everything, we’ll maybe not over reaction like this un named source trash.

    • Patriot says:

      You’re a Clown.

    • Willie says:

      CR, get a clue. We have a big tour bus driving that road, filling no bus, following another bus. Where is the wilderness experience? Have you ever been in a wilderness area?

      • Amos Rothwell says:

        I agree ! It said that the bus was Chinese tourest . If they don’t like it they can go back to China

  • Sean says:

    Idiots! The American flag doesn’t belong to any political group. Waving a flag doesn’t make you more patriotic than another person. Maybe serving in the military might but it don’t think so. The flag has been hijacked White Nationalists and Thumpers, often one and the same. They hide behind the flag because it was a bad image waving the confederate flag so they switched to American flag. The flag became popular when Obama became president, it’s a way to show you didn’t agree, he wasn’t your president and you can’t say anything because the flag is patriotic. End of story!

  • George Holmes says:

    The Left has been given free rein for way too long. They are a disease, potentially fatal to this once great Republic. Dump all of them now, beginning with the White House.

  • Steve says:

    Want to bet Lisa Murkowski supports Superintendent Brooke Merrell’s decision?

  • Richard Stephens says:

    Fly it anyways!! It’s freedom of speech and they can’t make you not fly it in a federal establishment. The tourist had the right to voice their disagreement, and you have the right to ignore it and add an extension to your flag pole. Fly it higher!

  • Clay Elgin Strickland says:

    I strongly believe in the right of every American to display the national flag on their property, vehicles, or bicycles. It’s not just a symbol of pride and patriotism but also a constitutional right protected under the values we hold as a nation. As long as the flags are displayed off the drivable roadway or outside the right-of-way, there is no safety concern involved. Thus, citizens, as sovereign individuals of the United States of America, should be allowed to fly their country’s flag anywhere and at any time. This practice affirms our values and the constitutional protections that we cherish. It’s crucial that we maintain the freedom to express our national pride in this way, respecting both our heritage and the safety of all community members.

  • John says:

    She should be gotten RID of, If don’t like our country get the hell out of here

  • Jim Holms says:

    Well, the park service is already flying U.S. flags and so it’s time for this construction creew to get creative and fly other flags. They cpuld do an experiment and find out if what you’re saying is really true about the type of flags that the park superintendent really supports. Why don’t they all coordinate and fly the rainbow flag from their trucks one day? Then flags to support trans youth the next day? And jist do a trial run of all flags and see which ones get complaints? This article isn’t news so much as an attempt to stir up trouble and get folks complaining.Didmt yoy know that positivity and optimism will help you live a longer, happier life? Let’s not be sparkleponies and complain about every possible thing lest folks think we’re creampuffs. Let rhe flag thing go and focus on bigger stuff, guys!

    • JoJoJr says:

      So your brilliant idea is to stir the pot?
      Perhaps they were already flying additional flags and that’s why they’ve been asked not to fly any flags at all.
      I have a feeling there’s more to this story that article has conveniently left out.

  • Dan Payriot says:

    My guess would be if a 4×3 ft flag is flying one foot away from a truck it is probably resting on the vehicle in an inappropriate way. I have seen too many frayed, destroyed, and dirty American flags flown off of vehicles disrespecting the flag and everything it stands for. Everyone in this situation should do better to explain themselves.

  • JoJoJr says:

    On the eve of the National Park Service’s 100th anniversary in 2016, the name of the highest peak in North America changed from “Mount McKinley” back to “Denali.” The timing of the change not only helped mark the agency’s centennial, it shines a light on the long human history of the park, and illuminates a naming debate that has lasted more than 100 years.
    The name was first changed in 1917 and the original name “Denali” was restored.
    Perhaps there’s more to this story that’s not being reported and the construction workers weren’t just flying our current National Flag so all flags were outlawed.

    • R C G says:

      I agree. There could be more tonthe story. As I also stated, flying flags on vehicles is disrespectful, in my opinion. They get dirty and torn and do not follow the rules of how one is supposed to properly display a flag

  • KLynn says:

    I have a question for you. Where in the Constitution of the united States is the authority given for a national park service?
    I’ll wait for your answer.

  • Jim F. says:

    Interesting that one article can attract such an uproar. I for one, would like more FACTS. They are often missing in an article like this one. This is an emotional issue but it won’t be resolved on this site. I tend to believe no flag but ours should be flown in the park. I am certain there was room for finding a meaningful solution if one was needed. It is obviously time for some major changes in the political landscape. Carefully select who you vote for in this next election and incumbent may not be the best choice unless you are convinced they are doing what is BEST fot our country. Time to ensure our curriculum and our teachers are teaching what is right. Allow for school prayer and the pledge of Allegiance. We need to get those values that are best for our country to come to become accepted again and practiced. We are being run over roughshod by folks who do not represent the majority . I would welcome a comment from the Park Service on the issue. She surely cannot and should not, be the final word.

  • Bill says:

    WOW!!! Are you kidding me??!! What job site in America DOESN’T have the flag flying or displayed in some other fashion? First step, fire the ranger for not standing up for our country in a NATIONAL PARK!!! Such a sad state of affairs our country is in. So, American pride can’t be shiwn off, but LBGTQRSTXYZ, pride is encouraged to be displayed? Did I mention, fire the ranger?
    Outraged in Wisconsin

  • R C G says:

    Honestly I don’t think it is respectful to fly a flag on a vehicle. I see a lot of people flying American flags off their vehicles and the flags get tattered, dirty, torn, touch the ground etc.

  • Robert says:

    but the actual construction isn’t retracting from the national park experience AT ALL.
    dumb leftists, she just doesn’t like, respect, or believe in the flag or this country. typical DEI hire.

  • Ryan says:

    You have to remember this is a federal facility. There is a federal law called the uniform flag code (1998) and the previous law the Flag Desecration Penalties Act of 1968. Federal employees are bound to display the flag according to these laws in a manner determined by congress to fly the flags in a respectful manner. If you have problems with this issue you need to take it up with congress not harassing NPS employees. Additionally There are those of us who consider ourselves to be patriots, who have served this nation, who have carried coffins draped in our nations sacred flag who support laws about the respectful and appropriate display of the nations flags. And yes I do not find the filthy ragged displayed flags on your construction vehicles as a fitting or respectful way to display a symbol that I and other hold sacred. I proudly display my flag as a patriot and take care to replace, keep clean, illuminate at night or take down daily as a reverent reminder to the sacrifices the red stripes represent.

    • Corey says:

      funny you bring all this up when it literally has ZERO to do with their reasoning behind demanding the flags be removed. Perhaps take a few min to make some phone calls and you would already know this. SMH

      • Ryan says:

        Right… on the word of an “unamed” construction employee? You sure do know how to choose sources. I’m sure the park superintendent did not address every construction worker so this is hearsay at best. Ever heard of the game telephone. Show me a written memo from the NPS or something. Journalism is apparently dead, shaking my head right back at yah. My point remains: Fly your flags in a manner that reflects dignity and respect.

  • Charlotte says:

    I’ve reported the so called journalist and this publication to the National Park Service for doxing the Denali National Park Superintendent Merrell, citing the hateful comments and the dangerous to the superintendent.

    • dean willi says:

      What did the journalist and publication say that was hateful and dangerous? Maybe some comments, but this weekend we celebrate, those who gave their lives so others can speak even though it can be offense!

      • Karen says:

        outrageous, completely unacceptable. this is the United States of America and we should be able to fly our flag anywhere we want in this country! it should be the only flag flying

    • Charmaigne Fugate says:

      First of all….. what do you mean by…..citing hateful comments and the “dangerous” to the superintendent? Do you mean the superintendent is in “Danger”? Learn to proof read. Secondly, yes, there are a lot of ticked off people about this subject, but NOBODY, and I say again…. NOBODY threatened anybody’s life. Get a grip lol

    • Wade says:

      I must ask you Charlotte what hateful comments are you referring to and respectfully your comments are the most idiotic statements I believe I have ever seen. go lock yourself in a room somewhere if you get your feelings hurt that easily. obviously you’re seeing and hearing things that are not there possibly a doctor’s visit is needed

  • Ken Mc says:

    Its the trend at all federal facilities after Sleepy Joe took over and appointed “Libtards” as agency leaders. US Flags hidden in back rooms, official photos with blurred out or no National colors, but every other cause flag flying straight and high in every corner. I am a 30 year veteran and this is very disappointing.

  • Robert Lindsay says:

    Have never posted. Fire the Superintendent immediately

  • shane holt says:

    GET HER OUT, ALONG WITH THE CHUMP BOSS OF HERS IN ANCHORAGE. one chip at a time, these commies take one more thing. today is the flag, tomorrow the 4th amendment. what is wrong with these people? they seem demented in some way. how do you end up hating a country that gave you so much?

  • dean willi says:

    Lets take the flag down on this weekend, after all this weekend is for honoring those you gave their lives for people to speak their voice and right to fly the flag. What a disrespect on this week end!

  • Will Bloodworth says:

    I’m super duper on the left, and I think this is stupid. it’s a UNITED STATES NATIONAL PARK. If ever there was an appropriate place to fly it, it’s here. What would Teddy think?

  • Ralph Harrell says:

    I bet Mathew has a problem with the General Lee too.

  • Bia says:

    like you said yourself in your article, the park themselves fly the national flag, so they didn’t have to abide to the request for them not to fly the flag.

    Them asking was most likely them seeing a full-sized flag flying on every vehicle on the job site (which, is a bit over the top.) people just go to the extreme anymore.. I’d go ahead and fly an American flag from just the Crane and maybe not from every single truck and trailer on the site. she should have maybe suggested that instead of ordering for them to not be flown period in an American park. Do you still have your left arm? you don’t slam it in the door just because it’s your left arm do you? you get along fine with the left side of yourself as you do your right side, I would assume..

  • Ralph Harrell says:

    I’m a well driller.We fly the American flag on top of our dericks.We are proud to be americans.We’ve only had one problem. We were at a state park in Sarasota,Florida.We couldn’t go in the park unless we took the little 3×4 American flag off the back of the work truck.We didn’t go in.But the 2 women working there had Gay pride flags at the office.

  • James Johnson says:

    it’s a piece of cloth, not something to be worshiped, not even something to be proud of…. I feel sorry for the people that have died and been injured in our mostly stupid wars… people should get fired up about protecting our constitutional rights and not a piece of cloth…. scream and whine about the second amendment and their precious guns, that no one is trying to take from them…. read the Constitution and forget about the importance rights that you should be protecting.

  • Nicholas Gregory says:

    Get rid of the leftards in government and we will stop having these problems. Vote stupidly and win stupid prizes. If the flag offends you then leave. I don’t think that the bill of rights protects anyone’s feelings last time I checked.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Lol I hope that Alaska Watchman’s servers are handling all this traffic okay. Awesome! 🙂
    Keep the US National flags flying in the National park.

  • DW says:

    lol And you people call liberals “snowflakes”? You’ll cry about the most ridiculous things. Just do your job. People go to national parks to see nature, not the gaudiest flag there is.

  • Jim Stack says:

    If I was the contractor on this job I would purchase a flag for every piece of machinery and truck on the job. And require it be flown every day. Remember it needs to be lighted in order to fly at night. Alaska is America and everyone of us should be proud to fly the American Flag. I just last week purchased a new one to fly at our cabin every day we’re are here. It is light so it flys day and Night. Only comes down when we leave for any extended period. If I worked on this project and the complaint is to be required to remove all American flags I would quit and I would hope all the rest would also. I find it amazing the complaints by few stand over the patriotism for this country of the many!

  • Asch says:

    In addition to all the other comments, the government can’t stifle speech. Flying the flag is just that. The national parks are federal agencies.

  • Jeff says:

    As a libtard and veteran I find it disgusting how easily you (R)Tards are worked up into a frenzy. You even posted a picture of her. There is nothing patriotic in this vitriol. Maybe the flags obstruct the drivers view? If you were real patriots you wouldn’t be voting for a loser who tried to end our democracy. He was out voted, he needs to pull up his diaper and kick rocks.

  • Jani says:

    If U.S. Citizens are not allowed to fly the U.S. Flag in the National Park, then no flags of any sort should be flown. Especially those of other Countries and the LGBTQ flag!

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    No time in America has been like today ! If Trump was today President ,SHE WOULD BE FIRED PERIOD !

  • Patrick Shiflea says:

    What if the reporter didn’t get the facts straight, or was given misinformation and the Park Superintendent had nothing to do with this?

  • Lone Ranger says:

    Interesting comments. A few facts:
    1. There is no flag ban. Superintendent Merrell certainly issued no such direction.
    2. Republicans Lisa Murkowski and Don Young spearheaded the effort to restore the mountain to it’s original name, Denali.
    3. Denali management has long supported our military, hosting ruck marches and adding an extra “Military Appreciation Day” to the annual road lottery.
    Please get your facts straight before (over) reacting to unsubstantiated rumors.

  • Bob says:

    this is really starting to get hard to handle. federal park..federal funds..go ahead and fly the flag proudly and see what the do.

  • Bob Masters says:

    this is really starting to get hard to handle. federal park..federal funds..go ahead and fly the flag proudly and see what the do.

  • CaretakerOfPatriotism says:

    I hope this is NOT true!! If this article generates an investigation… good!! If true, she needs to go!!

  • Ron Trotta says:

    I am a retired Safety Engineer. And without a doubt one American flag at the construction site is perfectly respectful and should be required! However I think any construction vehicle is part of a safety zone . Even if is being operated off the site to transport materials, equipment or personnel and should not display a sign , symbol or flag not related to safety. Any Flag is distraction as it may take an observers attention away from the safety of others including themselves! Like wise I believe on flag represents ALL Americans and no other flag is required, Period!!! We are all Americans first!

  • Les says:

    First, with 24 years of experience the reporter got the facts straight.
    Second, Superintendent Merrell has no right to call for the removal of flags on U.S. soil.
    Three, the fact that this is a personal afront to some is moot as set by precident in similar situations acrossed the United States during the BLM protests, Antifa protests, Israel protests and Gay Rights protests.
    Four, Superintendent Merrell swore an oath of office to “Support and defend the constitution against all enemies” there she is in violation of her oath of office.
    Five, any and all of you that support this action are denying the individuals freedom of expression and the pursuit of happiness. Therefore you are the problem.
    Conclusion, leave U.S. Citizens and there constitutional rights alone! fly the flag with pride and live as a patriot.
    I’m a combat disable veteran, Don’t Tread On Me!

    • Lone Ranger says:

      Facts are simply NOT straight. Superintendent Merrell issued no such order.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        How interesting. Can you provide proof that the superintendent did not say these things or give these orders? You keep saying that the superintendent did not issue such an order.

    • Jake says:

      Well said!!!!!!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    I read something on X this evening. The poster said that this event is staged to make someone like Senator Sullivan look good. Sullivan falling out of favor with a lot of Alaskans. Lo and behold, this flag-flying catastrophe happens and Sullivan comes to the rescue. “Well, HELLO my fellow citizens!” Lol I could see this being true.
    I still stand by what I said earlier – I hope that they keep flying the US National flag in the National Park.

  • Mitch B. says:

    The American Flag is a symbol of our great and wonderful country it represents 200+ years of
    struggle,adversity, triumph and prosperity. All of which was achieved by the lives and blood of our citizens who came before us. That symbol gives anyone the right to complain and express their feelings about anything including things that are part of this article, however it also gives anyone the right and freedom to display that symbol as an expression of pride in our country
    It also gives anyone that is offended or disagrees with my thoughts and opinions the right and freedom to leave our country and not look at or be offended by our national symbol. It does not give anyone the right to infringe on anyone else’s right to display and take pride in our flag and our nation, especially in one of our nations national parks. If any of you are offended by my words, to bad, and you are invited to leave our country immediately and never be offended by our flag again. I have served this country of my own free will in the United States Marine Corps as well as the United States Air Force. I volunteered to serve so everyone could be free to express their opinions and no one would be denied their basic freedoms and rights even if I do not agree with them. I also expect and demand the same liberty for my thoughts and opinions. America is the home of the free, period.

  • MLsMountain says:

    Joel! People actually understand when the American flag is being flown as a proxy (dog whistle) for white nationalism and white supremacy. Are you that stupid, or do you need this spelled out? Then you post a picture of the lady?? That’s a garbage thing to do.

  • Marguerite says:
  • John says:

    Theoretically the timing indicates the “complaint” was filed by a tourist.

    Or this a liberal agenda that is being pushed to coincide with tourist season and hide behind the guise of being filed by a tourist.

    Either way it needs to be fought against.

    We, Alaskans, work long hours, in remote areas, under harsh conditions. We are proud of where we live and show our Colors. This is what tourists come to see, not just the scenery, but the culture.

    If they are insulted the Flag is destroying the scenery then, logically, they should be equally insulted by the road, the bridge, the tour bus.

    I don’t buy the tourist narrative at all.

    The evil is in the executive decision to act against our Flag. The malicious intent rests squarely on the NPS, it’s director and the political agenda of hate against the USA by elements of it’s own government.

  • Edwin Martindale says:

    If this story is accurate, it is a shame. people who think think they have the right to take away others rights. They should have vinyl sticks made for the the trucks!
    God bless America!

  • Anthony says:

    Department of Interior harbors a lot of liberals on their payroll. None the less, this Superintendent and sounds also like a COR/CTOR on this construction contract had sworn an oath. Not only to defend the constitution and everything about it including freedom of speach and freefom of expression but this person also sworn to UPHOLD the constitution of the United States all of which is identified by the 51 stars and 13 stripes that represent. If she is ashamed than she needs to step down or be fired! Forever who reads this please contact your representatives and let them know.

  • James says:

    Just curious, are they flying the flags upside down? That’s the only reason I’d understand the request.

  • Mike Delaware says:

    I read this article that the construction crew working on the park road at mile 45 were recently told they are not allowed to fly the American Flag by Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell. Is this true? I don’t understand how this is possible, how can Americans, working for the National Park Service, in the United States, be told they can’t fly the American Flag? How is this legal? How is this Constitutional? Too many of our people have fought or died to defend the American Flag and the American Nation it represents. A nation where all are created equal and have the same unalienable rights.
    I hope this article wasn’t correct, but if it’s true please reverse course immediately, tell those workers to fly the American Flag high and fly it proudly for all to see because it’s very much a part of the American experience, which can never detract from the park experience. Thank you.

  • Judy says:

    This is all so stupid. Another reason to divide us. The person who called for the removal of the flags didn’t think what a Pandora’s box she was opening. Doesn’t she have more to do than this? I’m a Dem, but this move was idiotic.

  • Tony Partridge says:

    You’ve got the GALL sister and don’t deserve the position you have

  • Shane says:

    amazing how pathetic america has become….. and you are the problem because you have allowed it.

    • Gwbush says:

      amazing how dumb America has become; you are the problem because you believe everything you read hahahaha TROLLED.

  • Michael Drozdrowski says:

    This person should be immediately fired,end of story!! Absolutely disgusting! SHAME ON YOU AND GO TO HELL!!

  • Janet says:

    It’s not the flag that needs to go, it’s the person making such an unpatriotic rule in a national park that needs to go!

  • Randy Iannone says:

    To all of those snowflakes offended by the word libtard…..sorry, it is necessary at this point. You all have moved way past just people with a differing opinion. I seriously question the sanity of anyone still supporting a party that is making us so very unsafe, so very un-wealthy, and so very un-patriotic. There are so many places in this world. If you despise America enough to forgo success and safety, just leave. Please.

    • Gwbush says:

      lol as you are continually trolled by this article lolol, might wanna go back to elementary school hahahah!

  • Dave DArcangelo says:

    Screw them, fly the flag, be proud to be an American,as we share the wonders of Democracy and this wonderful Nation.

  • Bob Fox says:

    Continuation of the Obama – Obiden kakistocracy. God created man and woman. Democrats created all of the rest. We the people love and support our country. We the people are composed of men and women of all races, religions. This left leaning, Portland native, member of disgraceful and vulgar Democrat organizations has no business being a leader who hates America. We the people cannot wait for President Trump and his administration to start MAGA WITH THE FULL SUPPORT OF WE THE PEOPLE!

    • Kirk says:

      Trump-a-dump has nothing to do with this and he supports nobody but himself.

      • Tomclay says:

        You believe Joe Biden cares about any American?
        How about Joe Biden helping the poor Hispanic communities on the border that have to cloth, feed and support all the people the Federal government allowed into Texas and made the state of Texas take care of them?
        Four years ago lower taxes, low inflation, lower cost of living, No WWIII about to start, no war in the Middle East. gas cost less, food cost less. homes cost less, rent an apartment cost less, we did not have children in large cities selling bottles water and candy and not be in school like some third world country. We did not have children crying for free college and supporting Muslims terrorists who cheered Death to America on 9/11 even though most were not alive or less then 5 at the time..
        Joe Biden giving Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan $8 billion dollars worth of military equipment and weapons . Some of these US military weapons used on American Allies like India and Israel.
        Prove me wrong with what the going to be the start of WWIII even the world was a better place 4 years ago then it is since Joe Biden entered office.

  • Eric says:

    Rules are not law.
    Fly the flag proudly.

  • Chris says:

    I’m a “liberal” and also a veteran. And I think this is the dumbest rule I’ve ever heard of. There is never a reason to ban our flag unless it’s being displayed in a manner that is disrespectful to it or it has other political messages plastered all over it (for either party). I typically never wish anyone I’ll, but I do hope she loses her job for this and the flags come back in three times the amount they were being flown before.

    • Gwbush says:

      don’t believe everything you read lol, this “journalist” sure trolled a lot of people hahaha

  • Devon says:

    so, I’d like to float one possible issue with them flying the flag: it represents the Federal USA a lot, which many Alaskans /do not like/. There are ‘Patriot’ types in Alaska that hate the Feds a lot more than a random liberal boogeyman I tell you what, just look up the St. Elias / Wrangel airfield firebombing incident. NPS personnel are kind of ingrained to a sense of hostility from Alaskans that isn’t exactly run of the mill. It’s also the idea that yes, these workers are contracted by the federal government but they aren’t Federal workers, them flying that flag represents them to the general public as such and could misconstrue to visitors who these workers represent.

    That said, I can also see the other side of it. It’s incredibly bad optics to not also foresee this becoming an issue with misusing bureaucratic authority, a short sighted idea that now puts your staff at risk of reprisal, I honestly urge them to reconsider this order and rescind that for now…

  • James says:

    Both sides of the political aisle commenting here are immature. No one was here first. The Russians had a number of colonies there. When the US bought the land and returned much of the land to the previous inhabitants it showed our sincere efforts for all to thrive. The American flag is a symbol of law, order and freedom. We all should be proud. perfect? no. nothing in this physical world is perfect. only the one and only is perfect. A conversation between all parties involved needs to be had. God Bless America!!

  • Jeannette says:

    Alaska is part of the United States of America. Why would the country’s flag be a problem? It’s this kind of crap that makes places and companies look ignorant. This is the best country ever. If you don’t want to see our country’s flag then you shouldn’t come here. I’m proud that the workers there are flying our country’s flag. If the park has LGBTQ flags in the park then they sure as heck should allow the American flag. This superintendent should be fired. I will be contacting the park on this issue.

  • Chris says:

    this is stupid you dont wanna fly the American flag but wanna fly a stupid gay flag that done nothing for this country. you should be fired. the American flag is flown with pride and should be allowed to fly where in this great nation

  • Rich says:

    I don’t know the reasoning behind taking the flag down. I am not going to call people names, not assume someone’s sexuality and not jump to conclusions until I know the facts. I will research it and find out why. This article is poorly written and to publish it before knowing why it was done is not good journalism. i am sure they were told why they had to take the flag down. That would be my first question if I was a reporter. Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all veterans.

  • Darren says:

    Please send all the liberals back to Portland! We don’t have room for them in Alaska, or anywhere for that matter! Maybe Canada will except them

  • Sven says:

    ,factually, sadly the flag is now a known symbol of domestic terrorists lead by red hat group, when I see a flag now I assume 50% chance its an unpatriotic person who rallies against the constitution.

    • William M Wallace says:

      You’re an idiot

      • Orange dump diaper says:

        lol William Wallace (are you Scottish not American?
        couldn’t pick an American hero?) you’re an idiot for falling for the troll, and believing this entirely made up article lol…

  • Kirk says:

    I’m gay and I have proudly served in the USN for 23 years. You’re telling me that we can’t fly our proud American flag that I and my fellow brothers and sisters fought, and died for! American workers, on working trucks should have all the rights to fly our flag of freedom, especially on a National Park! Give me a freaking break. You should resign at once!

    • Tomclay says:

      They are all like this I work NP law enforcement for a long time and most superintendents are just Liberals who know nothing of the law or Constitution.
      This is 100% a First Amendment violation just had the same thing but with a school telling a student he could not fly the American flag! He was able to fly his flag and the local auto shop gave his truck a FREE American flag wrap also.

  • Kelli says:

    When does flying a gay flag, take the place of our AMERICAN FLAGS PLACE. Our Country has slowly but surely been turning into pleasing tourists from other countries by knocking down National Monuments and not being able to Fly our AMERICAN FLAGS. The Stars represent our states & the stripes represent our 13 original colonies Red White & Blue. My Ancestors fought for this flag I’M A DAUGHTER OF AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WARS. THIS NATION UNDER GOD This means something To Myself And OTher Families That had Their Ancestors fight in it as well Believe me other countries won’t bow down to us coming there trying to take down their flags to please us. They would say it’s Propaganda and have us arrested. The construction workers were performing a job and proudly flying the American Flag while doing so. It didn’t disrupt anyone while continuing working on the job, except for a bus load of butt hurt people.

  • John Pennington says:

    wtf.. what does lgbtq have to do with national park service? why is there any information on the park service site about this political group?
    Also want to point out that some welders and craft raise a flag when they are actively welding working on large job sites, much like a diver down flag. What flag would the park service prefer? These federal employees are being manipulated or blackmailed by the gay community. just like child sniffing Joe.
    I say raise the stars and stripes and let govt morons take their chances in the Supreme Court. bet they’ll lose..

  • Cheryl Harkey says:

    Where is the official directive from the superintendent? You have the “word” of some anonymous construction worker and maybe spreading gossip, which I think you do quite a bit of.

    • Tomclay says:

      After working law enforcement in a Nation park for a long time I would say yes! I would believe the construction worker over a superintendent who knows nothing about law enforcement of the Constitution of the United States!
      I have seen Dr superintendent violated a mans 4th Amendment right by searching his vehicle without probable cause or asking for permission.
      I have had superintendents want me to arrest people because it’s THERE park and they don’t want this person in THERE park!
      Most of these superintendents of the Park are NONE law enforcement never worked law enforcement in the day of their lives! Yet believe because they have that title superintendent that means they are the Gods of the park and they are not!
      Most are silly liberals who enjoy like most liberals do and that is violating people Constitutional rights do to FEELINGS!

  • Bill says:

    If it’s legal to burn the flag in protest, then it’s legal to display it with pride.

  • Recognizing Truth says:

    You’re in AMERICA, working on a federally funded project in a national park.
    HOW DARE YOU fly an American flag you exclusivist colonizers!


  • William M Wallace says:

    Anyone who feels the American Flag detracts from the scenery in a National Park can find elsewhere to visit. I’m so tired of these idiots bending to the pressures of those who are offended by American Traditions. You’re a Commie if that’s how you behave, move with your brothers in China.

  • Elizabeth Haynes says:

    Send her back to Oregon…
    no place in Alaska for that kind of BS..
    who did she think she is and she needs to be fired for thinking she can demand someone lose their flags… the flag stands for Freedom…. DUH!!!!

  • Steve says:

    Flying the American flag was only appropriate when the 50 states were part of what used to be The United States. Now, we’re just a dumping ground for shoddy foreign merchandise at absurdly high prices, and somehow, massive welfare for the underbelly majority

  • Paul Rieger says:

    Wear your most patriotic gear into the park this summer. Carry small US flags with you on the buses. Make sure the little commie Supt. sees and understands that we are PROUD to be Americans!

  • Joe T. Pimpernel says:

    If you want to corrupt and destroy something, put a “liberal” in charge.

  • Gillian W says:

    As a person who is indigenous native American, Democrat, liberal as can be, and from a military family….It is quite easy to tell who belongs to the rancid orange cult simply by reading the lack of education in grammar and sentence structure, the name calling, and complete ignorance about the flag codes, how noise from huge flags affect wildlife in Denali as well as anywhere else. Interesting how their solution is always “go back where you came from”, when we were here long before white colonizers stole the land and committed their own genocide here. It’s also interesting that many supporting the rancid orange desecrate national parks with their trash, are turons in parks, and a laughing stock. I too have a national park pass for the disabled. But so many never learned edicate, or ethics, along with spelling or grammar and only matriculated due to “no child left behind”. I sincerely hope all of you with your ginormous flags are refused admittance for that, and your constant aggravation of the wildlife, trashing the parks. Such rampant ignorance in your posts… makes me ashamed to be an original person of this land with “examples” like you representing our country now.

    • Irstan J says:

      I could not help but notice that there are some spelling and grammar mistakes throughout your comment. Also, do you think that if the USA hadn’t been formed, Native Americans would still be living like 500 years ago? They’d be working for the cartels or worse. Where else can you live in freedom like this?

  • Bu Ycar says:

    Fly those flags, they can’t build the thing themselves, and IF they hire some Chicom outfit to come save them from mean tweets and patriotic colors, well, thats likely a contracting crime and certainly will drive the final nail. Just my two cents. I didn’t come here because the USA was populated by sniveling weaklings, I came because its a country to be Proud Of.

  • John Allen says:

    It’s getting tiresome being punished for being proud to display the American flag. How did we let this happen. I guess I’m pissed because it’s gone on under our noses and we have been asleep at the wheel. It’s time to get involved and try and stop the insanity.

  • Patrick Shiflea says:

    I thought that the Watchman site was supposed to reflect Christian values. This flag issue is only promoting misinformation, incomplete information and hate filled vitriol. I hope that the clicks and notoriety were worth it, as nothing about promoting misinformation and hate show any Christian values.

  • Steve-o says:

    This report is false, according to the park’s own website, under bulletins. They flatly deny any action to remove flags from construction trucks, and state that they have no authority to do so, even if they wanted to. They also state that US flags are displayed at various facilities in the park, and visitors are welcome to do so as well.

    This is obviously disinformation, designed to incite politically militant people against the NPS, the US government, or both. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • JoAnn says:

    please send the first female director back to Oregon with there lgtbxyz flags. National Parks and their employees have a right to show their pride in America .

  • James Nunn says:

    Superintendent Brooke Merrill should be fired. To think the American flag would take away from the nature experience is crazy. These men & women are rebuilding this roadway. Construction might not meet her expectations but the American flag shows its being rebuilt by good American people.. You are a disgrace to all Americans. Our flag was flown on tanks and military vehicles while serving in the worst conditions of war and proudly waved. Put this Superintendent somewhere where she can learn to appreciate our flag. Take down the rainbow flag not the American flag.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    For all that complain about the US national flag in the park. I would like to lodge a complaint against all of the tourist buses and vehicles barreling through the park back-to-back like a camel train. All of the road traffic in the park is not conducive to the nature setting that I expect to see in a park. Too many vehicles, too many people. I just want to see nature at its finest – people are not part of nature’s finest. When I go out camping, I go to places where there are no crowds and this is what I want to see in the Park … no crowds. This is reasonable right? It would take care of the flag problem right?

    • Jim says:

      Ms. Merrel, you have come to the wrong State if you think your decision to remove the American flag was a good idea especially this close to Memorial Day you are a special kind of stupid go home cause going out in public around here is not a good idea either

    • MichaelH says:

      Hard to imagine that this is a responsible story given that you didn’t ask park officials if they did actually tell contractors to take down the flag. Did your source show you a letter or an email from the park director —who someone felt it was ok to speak ill of (frankly, I hope she sues the pants off you for defamation). Be responsible and check other sides of the story, otherwise this is just an fake news outrage piece.

    • MichaelH says:

      Erroneous posting above. But the content of YOUR post is funny given your handle.

  • Jim says:

    Ok. The national park service sent out a press release stating that at no time did any NPS official order the removal of the American flag ….. if this is so I apologize to ms. Merrel and withdraw my comment

  • Gerald Scott says:

    too bad no one on the crew had access to a cell phone or other recording device … or decided that being confronted by a federal agent ordering them to hide their US flags from tour buses in a national park wasn’t worth a button click or two … or the anonymous source fabricated the “tip” … or the “reporter” fabricated the anonymous source … or his colleagues drew straws to decide who would … or management couldn’t wait for something resembling evidence (or decided the “report” was better off without it)?

  • Andrew King says:

    if they are flying the flag in a manner not allowed by the flag code then the park rangers should have confiscated the flags

  • Gwbush says:

    what a joke… it’s not your park, you were hired to work at a place of business, customers complained, you can just leave the contract if you are offended, I’m sure the flags weren’t in the contract.

  • The orange dump diaper says:

    wow this entire article is fake, nice research there “journalist” lololol

  • Johnathan Galt says:

    The fact that snowflakes are triggered by our flag is all the more reason to tell them to pound sand.

    Fly it proudly. Let them out themselves by suing you, or let them slink into the darkness. If they sue, counter-sue for millions and retire – while flying your flag everywhere!

  • MichaelH says:

    Hard to imagine that this is a responsible story given that you didn’t ask park officials if they did actually tell contractors to take down the flag. Did your source show you a letter or an email from the park director —who someone felt it was ok to speak ill of (frankly, I hope she sues the pants off you for defamation). Be responsible and check other sides of the story, otherwise this is just an fake news outrage piece.

  • CPorter says:

    “At no time did an NPS official seek to ban the American flag from the project site or associated vehicles,” the statement said. “The NPS neither administers the bridge project contract, nor has the authority to enforce terms or policies related to the contract or contractors performing the work.”

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Thinking about these comments saying that the superintendent never did what she is “accused of” is like listening to the gov’t, CDC, NIH, and Fauci saying that they never mandated that everyone get the jabs. Enough people in this world to refute that lie. Interesting how this topic about the flag has taken on such a life of its own.

  • Kinderbean says:

    Personally, I find tour busses unsightly. I’m just trying to enjoy the beautiful landscape and then suddenly a big loud bus cuts through the peaceful natural surroundings. Clearly it’s people offended by the American flag and nothing more. They don’t care about the landscape or they would have hiked in.

  • Bill says:

    Now that the truth is out, let’s see if Joel Davidson and/or Alaska Watchman pulls this piece of, at best, fiction.
    A journalist would have checked his source before reporting the lie. It was clearly was one of the employees and not a contractor who contacted him.