“Gender reassignment interventions — cross-sex hormone injections and/or transgender surgeries, abbreviated as “GR” in the report — have “not been shown to reduce even suicidal ideation, and suicidal ideation is not equal to actual suicide risk,” concluded the study, published in the prestigious BMJ Mental Health.” (From a report debunking the positive impacts of gender affirming care on minors).

A major study finds dangerous gender altering drugs and surgeries do not prevent suicide, and several countries are putting an end to both for minors after finding no evidence they benefit gender confused kids and teens. Yet, the rainbow flag and all it represents flies high in the United States as the LGBT movement continues to force its ideology into schools, stores, locker rooms, and sports arenas. Every day is beginning to look like June.

Children’s games feature “transgender” characters, as Super Mario goes super woke. Walmart replaces Target as the purveyor of pride merch, even as Target waffles back and forth on who to pander to: customers or activists. And raunchy drag queens targeting children try to sell their smut as “drag art.” The news obliged with an article titled, “The art of drag is a target. With pride month near, performers are organizing to fight back.”  You don’t even have to read the article to infer the “performers” are “targets” of attacks. The article itself paints the drag queens as victims of accusations about “sexualization” and “grooming” of children. All of it is a concerted effort to continue a narrative that flies in the face of reality. And while some make their best effort to force a mainstream narrative, others pull back the veil, exposing a gruesome evil. This example demands a strong warning before viewing.

Here in Alaska, Representative Jamie Allard from Eagle River took a courageous stance this past legislative session by introducing a bill (HB338) to protect minors who had gender transition procedures performed on to them by medical professionals.

The report mentioned at the outset tears down repeated claims by LGBT activists, some politicians, and even the medical community that children who believe they are the opposite sex must be pumped with cross-sex hormones and surgically altered or they will kill themselves. The report found the irreversible drugs and surgeries did no such thing.

The growing evidence calling into question the blanket affirmation of a child’s desire to attempt to change his or her gender raised flags in several countries, causing them to halt the aggressive procedures and even question why the many political and medical leaders in United States continue to drive their heads deeper into the sand.

Dr. Hilary Cass, the Pediatrician behind the study said,

“We’re failing these kids, and we’re failing other kids in terms of the amount of mental health support we have available,” she said. “That is a huge problem — not just for gender-questioning young people. And I think that’s partly a reflection of the fact that the system’s been caught out by a growth of demand that is completely outstripping the ability to provide it.”

Here in Alaska, Representative Jamie Allard from Eagle River took a courageous stance this past legislative session by introducing a bill (HB338) to protect minors who had gender transition procedures performed on to them by medical professionals. Holding doctors legally responsible is one way to curtail this malpractice but steps also must be taken to end the procedures in the first place.

More than 20 states have already passed much needed legislation protecting young people from being pushed into making irreversible decisions that drastically and permanently alter their bodies in pursuit of gender “transition.” These procedures are destroying children’s physical bodies and mental health.

Alaska Family Council is leading efforts in our state to bring back sanity on this issue through educating the public and working with policy makers and others with the influence to initiate real change. Please pray that our efforts will bear fruit and that young people will get the help they truly need.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: ‘Dangerous gender altering drugs and surgeries do not prevent suicide’

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • Friend of Humanity says:

    In other words, the grass is not greener on the other side. A person needs to learn to accept and love the body and mind that they are born with – only then can they find true happiness. The evil in this world wants to plant a seed of discontent in a person’s mind and heart so that they will be unhappy with every aspect of their lives. The evil has been successful with many, many people. Very sad.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Editors, I would be happy to volunteer time to moderate the spam on these pages if you would like someone to do this and who will work for free. The spam is out of hand.

  • Mary Thompson says:

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  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    The gender confusion epidemic is at its root a mental health and spiritual issue. The ‘gender affirming’ and gender ‘reassignment’ ‘treatments’ are barbaric and enabling, and equivalent to the blood letting and drilling of holes in skulls of early ‘primitive’ medical practice. Sadly evil has prevailed in the hearts of many that see our children as opportunity to assuage their own pain and sickness, and the medical ‘industry’ has joined in for the opportunity of more profit, enabled by the ‘siloing’ of our western medical system. The deterioration of the family unit, silencing of faith in the public square, and increased dependence on government as ‘savior’ has made fertile soil for such travesty.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Mr Minnery: I hate to remind you publicly that your stance protecting children from the perverse agenda regarding the naive children of our society seems incomplete at best! Jamie Allard is a heroic figure in this fight! That I agree with you on. What disturbed immensely was your handling of the Chloe Cole event you sponsored! Your invited guest governor Mike Dunleavy (whom you have a close association with) made a complete ass out of himself and was quoted as to telling her that her transgendered surgery was pseudoscience, while smiling in the camera, knowing that his very own department of health and human services coerced the tax payers to pay for this very same “pseudoscience” surgeries on our own Alaskan youth! Mr Minnery, you said nothing! I noticed the hypocrisy and am disgusted by it! I challenge you to respond this time! Are you man enough?
    To be clear, you need to call on governor dunleavy to stop using our money to mutilate the children of this state!

  • Ordinary Jane says:

    Have you read the WPATH Files? Or considered the fact that, while other countries like the UK are turning away from running these child chop shops, the US was doing this back in the 70’s at John’s Hopkins, until it was stopped by a psychiatrist with a conscience. In other words, the US knew 40 years ago that “the science” behind “transgender” surgery was bad. Why have we resurrected it two generations later? And why are we trailing so far behind the other countries who are conducting studies like the one from Finland and putting the brakes on the cash cow steamroller that masquerades as “gender-affirming care”? Is this multi-billion dollar movement not unlike BLM and Ibram X. Kendi’s Center for Antiracist Research? Will they blow through a massive influx of cash while riding the wave of philanthropy from a society filled with morally bankrupt, financially-bloated, humanist snowflakes before their house of cards falls down? Or are American interests too deeply rooted in finding ways to exploit children, dead or alive? What will bring an end to this madness? Surely, the Dictatorship of Relativism will destroy itself from within. And then, who will be left standing?

  • Tom Mita says:

    Suicide among minority groups is often exasperated by the outright rejection by right wing groups such as yours. You would be better off following WWJD paths.

    • Keepin’ it Real says:

      “WWJD paths” would lead directly to Psalm 139:13-18.
      They would never condone convincing a child that his existence is dichotomous.

  • KKirk says:

    Alaska Watchman…it would be greatly appreciated if you would do like the MRA does, and look at comments before allowing them to be posted. If you do this, you can have a scam/bot free comment section. Thanks for your consideration.

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