Editor’s note: Democratic Fairbanks State Sen. Scott Kawasaki is running for reelection against Republican challenger Leslie Hajdukovich. Learn more about Hajdukovich’s campaign here.

Gun-hating radicals are coming for your guns right here in Alaska. The latest legislative session in Juneau exposed their agenda.

Democratic State Sen. Scott Kawasaki (D-Fairbanks) is attempting to appeal to military families with his new hairstyle.

Senator Scott Kawasaki (D) of Fairbanks, the chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, pushed another Red-Flag Gun Grab bill, Senate Bill (SB) 229 by Senator Loki Tobin (D) of Anchorage.

SB 229 is a blatant assault on your Second Amendment rights, designed to strip you of your gun rights and confiscate your firearms with ruthless efficiency. Red-Flag laws trample on your Second Amendment rights – possibly for life!

We saw this coming. We’ve been vigilant, alerting our members to mobilize and confront these politicians head-on. With the tireless efforts of our all-volunteer team, we gathered thousands of petitions opposing Red-Flag laws and delivered them to the Senate State Affairs Committee, demanding they reject this assault on our freedoms.

More than three thousand petitions were delivered opposing the Red-Flag legislation and posted on the official profile page for the Red-Flag bill, the morning before the bill’s first hearing. Outrageously, Senator Kawasaki’s office removed your petitions within hours.

Not satisfied with just trashing your petitions, Kawasaki left dozens of Alaska Patriots on hold while he allowed the Juneau gun-haters to have their say. 

Kawasaki openly conspired with Tobin during the April 30th Red-Flag bill hearing, to cut-off Alaska Gun Rights members’ testimony while allowing Juneau gun haters to spew their gun-hating rhetoric and lies.

Alaska Gun Rights members from across the state took time away from work and family to defend their Second Amendment rights, only to be disrespected and dismissed.

Kawasaki left dozens of AGR members on hold while he moved the 2nd Amendment haters in the room to the microphone. The blatant hostility and arrogance displayed by Senator Kawasaki and his cronies is outrageous.

Worse, Senator Kawasaki’s betrayal doesn’t stop at supporting Red-Flag gun confiscation. He sponsored the Senate companion to HB 61, a bill deceitfully marketed as protecting gun rights during emergencies. In reality, it grants the government power to shut down gun stores and ranges, along with other businesses. For more details on that fight, visit our website here.

Senator Kawasaki is not just attacking your gun rights – he’s silencing your voice. His contempt for the Second Amendment and disregard for the First Amendment are obvious.

This is a call to action for all Alaskans: demand that Senator Kawasaki resign and put an end to his relentless attacks on our constitutionally protected freedoms.

Contact Senator Kawasaki ( and tell him to step down. Stand up for your rights and ensure your voice is heard.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Fairbanks State Sen. Kawasaki poses clear threat to Alaska gun rights

Rick McClure
Rick McClure is the president of Alaska Gun Rights, a Second Amendment advocacy organization committed to defending the right to keep and bear arms, while stopping the erosion of gun rights and retaking ground that has been lost.

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  • Ed says:

    Why would anyone think this guy’s going to step down on his own? He has already proven that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

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