OPINION: Dunleavy’s move is needed first step to correcting Alaska’s courts

    As everyone knows, there are three co-equal branches to government: legislative, executive and judicial. Except they’re not. As in co-equal. Understanding correct constitutional principles is...

    OPINION: Can Alaska’s Supreme Court decide the limits of its own power?

    The great 2019 Alaska budget war has seen deep spending cuts by Governor Mike Dunleavy through his line item budget vetoes. Many “sacred cows”...

    ANALYSIS: ‘Dangerous’ proposal violates Alaska lawyers’ freedom of speech and religious liberty

    In 2016, the US Supreme Court invalidated all state laws limiting marriage to persons of the opposite sex. The sexual revolution, thus endorsed by...

    On Gun Violence

    The problem with the internet is that everyone gets a megaphone to shout, or re-shout, endless things that just aren't true. Gun violence is terrible....

    Our Angle on the News

    Most journalists I’ve met like to believe they are objective and balanced in reporting all the news fit to print. This mindset is so...

    Welcome to the Alaska Watchman

    This project is born of many prayers, careful reflection and late-night discussions. It’s now time to begin in earnest. As most of you know, we...

    It’s time to reclaim some of our pre-Y2K life

    I came across a blank postcard the other day, turned it over a few times, and resolved to do something for the first time...


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