Critical Race Theory

Anchorage schools are unglued

By their own admission Anchorage’s brick and mortar public schools are plagued with student fights, foul language, emotional outbursts, disrespect of teachers and embarrassing academic scores. You can add to that the purchasing of pornographic gay novels,

We make our choices, and our choices make us

Sophie’s Choice is a 1982 British film written and directed by Alan J. Pakula. It stars Meryl Streep and Peter MacNicol, and was honored with numerous American and international film awards. This film will always be a relevant example to those who
Bord Student pic

Our education crisis is more social than academic

Education and knowledge translate into power. Education does not parallel economics or politics, but is the soul of society, and more fundamental than these others. Education determines people’s moral values, appearance, eating habits, the role of citizens;