Anchorage-based Wisdom Apologetics is continuing its “Candid Conversations” series this fall and winter with presentations on critical race theory, progressive Christianity and other hot-button cultural and religious issues.

Over the summer, the group held a series of events on gender and sexuality.

Coming from a traditional Christian worldview, the presentations tackle issues that have come to divide many in our country, while putting Christian faith at odds with the wider culture.

“At this very moment, the Christian church is entering a new phase,” a statement on the upcoming talks relays. “A great falling away is happening and there are efforts to take the Christian faith through a radical transformation of its core doctrines and understanding of the Bible. Aside from that, various critical theories including critical race theory are taking the culture by storm, but surprisingly these ideas are not new. They’re just making their way to the surface in greater and notable ways.”

The series continues on Oct. 19, 6:30-8:30 p.m., at 3300 Spenard Road in Anchorage. All ages are welcome to the free events, which include dinner.

Organizer Chris Gonzalez said the series has seen a great response over the summer with presentations on homosexuality, gender identity and transgenderism.

The evenings typically include a presentation followed by Q&A discussions.

Wisdom Apologetics, which sponsors the events, has been active in Anchorage for many years, providing presentations and discussion forums at colleges, churches and other venues with the aim of helping youth and young adults understand and be prepared to share the rationality behind the claims of Christianity.

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Anchorage events to unpack critical race theory, ‘progressive’ Christianity

Joel Davidson
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