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FBI wants to increase hate crimes reporting in Alaska

In line with President Joe Biden’s aim to crack down on hate crimes across the nation, the FBI office in Anchorage has joined a national campaign to “build public awareness of hate crimes and to encourage reporting to law enforcement.” An Oct. 4 notice
Juneau Police

Juneau police get $34K from Biden administration to fight hate

The Dept. of Justice has awarded the City of Juneau $34,240 to train local police officers in how to identify and fight hate crime. The funding is part of a nationwide push from the Biden Administration to re-educate law enforcement agencies to identify and
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Kenai Assembly splits 5-4 in support of LGBT hate crime bill

Following an impassioned and sometimes angry public comment period, the Kenai Borough Assembly narrowly approved a resolution on Feb. 25, urging the Alaska Legislature to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” in state hate crimes law. Sponsored
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Seven hate crimes reported in Alaska last year

While hate crimes in Alaska are extremely rare, the number increased slightly from 2017 to 2018 according to the FBI’s latest Hate Crimes Statistics released this month. Nationally, however, the number of hate crimes decreased – from 7,175 in 2017 to