Planned Parenthood Endorsements

Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider in Alaska and across the nation, has announced its list of political endorsements for Alaskans vying for office this fall.

The group performs the vast majority of abortions in Alaska, accounting for more than 90 percent of procedures statewide. Since 2003 an average of 1,654 Alaska babies have been aborted annually — a total of 24,807 lives ended by abortion in 15 years.

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest and Hawaii is a local branch of a national super PAC established in 2010. As such, Planned Parenthood Votes can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money. The group cannot contribute directly to a politician or political party, but it can spend independently to campaign for or against political figures.

Alaska’s primary election is Aug. 11 and the general election is set for Oct. 27.

Planned Parenthood is backing Democrat Mark Begich for governor, calling him a “champion who stands up for Planned Parenthood patients.”

A statement by the group hails Begich for backing legalized abortions, while it criticizes Governor Bill Walker for his decision to “pick and choose” when he will back legislation the abortion giant supports.

“Planned Parenthood is backing Democrat Mark Begich for governor.”

The harshest criticism was reserved for the strongly pro-life candidate Mike Dunleavy who Planned Parenthood says is “committed to eliminating Planned Parenthood.”

In other Alaska races Planned Parenthood is backing the following candidates.

  • Debra Call for Lieutenant Governor
  • Scott Kawasaki for State Senate
  • Oliver Schiess for State Senate
  • Elvi Gray-Jackson for State Senate
  • Sam Cason for State Senate
  • Jesse Kiehl for State Senate
  • Kathryn Dodge for State House
  • Van Lawrence for State House
  • Grier Hopkins for State House
  • Ed Alexander for State House
  • Joe Hackenmueller for State House
  • Lyn Franks for State House
  • Ivy Spohnholz for State House
  • Andrew Josephson for State House
  • Harriet Drummond for State House
  • Geran Tarr for State House
  • Zack Fields for State House
  • Cliff Groh for State House
  • Elias Rojas for State House
  • Matt Claman for State House
  • Pat Higgins for State House
  • Liz Snyder for State House
  • Amber Lee for State House
  • Shawn Butler for State House
  • Paul Seaton for State House
  • Sara Hannan for State House
  • Rob Edwardson for State House
  • Jonathan Kriess-Tomkins for State House
  • Tiffany Zulkosky for State House


For information on voting in the upcoming elections, visit the Alaska Division of Elections at

Leading abortion group backs Alaska candidates

Joel Davidson
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