Stories and News regarding the sanctity of Life in the Last Frontier and events that may hinder liberty or challenge our rights as Alaskans.

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Final budget lets Alaska continue to publicly fund abortion

The final budget approved by the Alaska Legislature on May 18 will allow Alaska to continue underwriting abortions through its state-funded Medicaid program. Last year, Alaska paid for 537 abortion with state funds. That represented about 44% of all abortions
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Alaska pro-abortionists to protest May 14

With the U.S. Supreme Court on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood abortion activists are attempting to mobilize Alaskans to “take action” and “fight” back as part of a national effort that has occasionally incited violence and

Sen. Murkowski’s abortion conundrum continues to haunt her

Since taking office as a U.S. Senator from Alaska in 2002, Lisa Murkowski has attempted to walk a 20-year, precarious and ever-changing line regarding the killing of unborn babies through abortion. From the beginning, she has supported the practice, but with