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The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC), originally founded to provide critical health services for Alaska Natives and American Indians, has begun to teach youth how to question and explore their sexual identity.

The ANTHC runs a sex-ed program called iknowmine.  It distributes free condoms and directs teens how to question whether they are sexually attracted to the same sex and/or identify as a member of the opposite sex. The iknowmine program looks to normalize myriad sexual proclivities and desires and encourages teens to act out on their feelings. It also directs Alaska Native youth to national LGBTQ activist websites, movies, books and other materials that push a radical sexual identity agenda. Additionally, the iknowmine website instructs Alaska Natives how to “come out” to their friends and family members.

iknowmine directs Alaska Native youth to national LGBTQ activist websites, movies, books and other materials that push a radical sexual identity agenda.

The website also warns friends and family members to accept and support the professed sexuality of their LGBTQ loved ones. When dealing with a loved one who has come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, the website says friends and family members should “get professional help” if they become “severely depressed over your loved one’s sexuality,” but “don’t assume that your loved one should see a professional counselor.”

The website instructs families not to push your loved one to “live up to what your idea of what a man or woman should be.” It also tells families to support youth in their LGBTQ relationships and “not to break up loving relationships.”

On the question of sexual morality, the website instructs families to “be proud” of loved ones in LGBTQ relationships and to not “force your loved one to follow to your ideas of proper sexual behavior, or to “insist that your morality is the only right one.”

The iknowmine program also encourages youth to seek out clinics, including abortion giant Planned Parenthood, for sexual health needs. It makes no mention of prominent pro-life pregnancy centers across Alaska.

One section of the iknowmine website includes an ongoing survey directed at youth as young as 16 years old. The survey asks Alaska Native teens to identify the gender of their “current sexual and romantic partner,” as well as the genders of past partners. It asks for their sexual orientation, giving 11 options. The questionnaire inquires, “What is your primary gender identity today,” and lists 10 options including “part time as one gender, part time as another gender.”

In a section dealing with discrimination it suggests that churches discriminate, asking youth: “How often have you been denied access to religious centers or religious services because you are transgender/gender non-conforming” or “LGBTQ.”

It later asks if teens have access to free condoms in their community. Other questions solicit details about the “kinds of sex” the youth has. Teens who complete the survey are rewarded with a “Spawn Safely” t-shirt.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium is a non-profit that provides numerous health services to more than 166,000 Alaska Natives and American Indians. Its board of directors represents all tribal regions of Alaska. The website notes that ANTHC is owned by “our people,” while the board and leadership design programs and services “that serve the Alaska Native health needs identified by our people.”

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Alaska Native Health Consortium backs radical sexual ideology for youth

Joel Davidson
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