ALERT: Here are Juneau’s most pro-abortion candidates for local office


    The Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition has issued its list of the most pro-abortion candidates running for local office.

    In an effort to strengthen pro-abortion laws and policies, the abortion advocacy group publishes a voter guide prior to municipal and state elections. Endorsements are based on candidate responses to a questionnaire which asks if they would support elective abortions (even for minors), public funding of abortion and requiring hospitals to perform abortions if they receive any public funds. It also asks whether the candidates will support expanding abortion efforts by providing information to children in local schools, including explicit sex education.

    One question asks point blank: “As an elected official will you publicly support Planned Parenthood,” which is the largest provider of abortions in Alaska.

    In issuing this year’s voter guide, the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition said it aims to fight efforts that require parental consent or notification before a minor has an abortion, and to oppose all efforts that would allow a hospital to deny abortion on moral grounds. This includes bans on partial birth abortions.

    Since the Juneau City Assembly oversees appointments to the Bartlett Regional Hospital’s Board, the pro-abortion advocacy group wants to ensure that all candidates will back pro-abortion board members.

    With regards to school board members, the group’s website observed that these officials oversee the Teen Health Center, a controversial program that offers birth control and abortion referrals to teens in three Juneau high schools. The Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition aims to ensure that all school board members are “committed to maintaining and broadening” the Teen Health Center’s impact.


    • Alicia Hughes-Skandijs received a “full pro-choice endorsement” for answering every question in accord with the Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition’s agenda.
    • Kenny Solomon-Gross did not complete the survey


    • Candidates Derek Dzinich and Christine Woll received a “full pro-choice endorsement” for answering all questions in accord with Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition’s agenda.
    • Lacey Derr received a “mixed” but “positive” rating from the group. She supported every element of their agenda except that she favors parental notification before a minor receives an abortion.
    • Robert Shoemake did not respond to the questionnaire.


    • Maria Gladziszewski received a “full pro-choice endorsement” for answering all questions in accord with Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition’s agenda.


    • Martin Stepetin Sr. received a “full pro-choice endorsement” for answering all questions in accord with Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition’s agenda.
    • Brian Holst did not respond to the questionnaire

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    Joel Davidson
    Joel Davidson
    Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

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