The conclusion of a hand recount on Dec. 4 shows that incumbent Republican Rep. Lance Pruitt has lost his State House seat to liberal Democratic challenger Liz Snyder by 11 votes.

Rep. Lance Pruitt

Pruitt, who represents Anchorage House District 27, held a solid lead on election day (61% to 38%) but that quickly eroded to a 13-vote loss by the time the state had tabulated roughly 4,000 absentee votes. Once the state certified the election results on Nov. 30, a group of Alaska voters asked for a recount.

The State Review Board’s recount found no discrepancies from votes cast at the precincts, and the absentee recount only flipped one vote in favor of Pruitt.

Absentee ballots – about 4,000 total – broke two to one in favor of Snyder – 2,557 to 1,379.

Liz Snyder

Snyder is a hard-left Democrat who was endorsed by Planned Parenthood. She supports the abortion giant’s explicit sex education agenda in schools as well as the group’s abortion advocacy. They opposed Pruitt because he does not believe Planned Parenthood activists should be able to  infiltrate public schools with their hyper-sexualized material and abortion propaganda.

Despite Snyder’s victory, House Republicans still have a narrow 21 to 19 majority.

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RECOUNT: Lance Pruitt loses House race by 11 votes to Liz Snyder

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • bill allen says:

    Pruitt is not going to overtake Liz. Good luck getting anything done this year. Alaska is entering the longest of dark winters; ICU capacity is strained, personnel are over-worked and burned out and smooth-brained Alaskans who care more about their own selfish liberties and freedoms are going to get a lot more people killed before this gets better.

    Fully enforced lockdown with no exceptions except for food and medicine, hefty fines for violators and a mask mandate for all public places. Jesus isn’t going to save you, this is going to require science to overcome, and until the fanatic fringe right gets in line and recognizes that these actions are for ALL of the public’s good, it’s only going to get worse.

    • GetBent says:

      Our communities are overrun with commie scum, just like Bill Allen. Disgusting

      My rights don’t end when some commie filth gets scared of a mild cold. Our elections are corrupted, will we do what’s needed to fix it? Hint: recounting with the same corruption isn’t going to change anything…

    • The Alaskan Federalist says:

      So you advocate the suffering and sacrifice of many for the prosperity of few? How does that make since. Anchorage is entering dark times from radical decisions imposed by local government, not those who are trying to live their lives and make a living.

      It amazes me that people are so quick to give up rights, freedom, and liberties in the name of “safety”. If all this worked the first time, why are we doing it again? If it didn’t work the first time, why are doing it again? These decisions make no sense besides allowing government overreach. Further more it’s a mandate, not a law. In reality they can’t be enforced, it’s not criminal, and the “code enforcers” aren’t officers of the law.

      Now I’m not telling you don’t wear a mask. I’m saying if you believe you are protecting yourself and others go ahead. If you believe a mask is useless then that’s fine too. It’s called freedom of choice.

      As for lockdowns, what have they really done besides close businesses indefinitely, increase unemployment rates, cause homelessness, and increase the wealth gap? Nothing. They’ve accomplished nothing minus destroying the city. Now you can claim it gave healthcare workers a reprieve, sure. But does that mean the virus is gone? No. Just because we lockdown doesn’t mean the virus magically disappears. Unfortunately, the virus is here. Fortunately, it has a very low mortality rate affecting a specific group more. If they just allowed the citizens to take personal responsibility for their health, take actions that were best for them personally, and those who were high risk took necessary precautions, things could be on a better projection.

      This mask and lockdown thing has turned into a political and polarizing issue then one of public health. Government is suppose to research, inform and educate its constituents, and trust us to make the best decisions for ourselves as individuals. Not be the overbearing mother that tells you how and why you should live. We’ve seemed to have forgotten that.

    • Bob says:

      What science says thousands of people shopping daily in Walmart, Costco, Target, Fred Meyers, Carrs, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. does not spread COVID? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is INSANITY!

  • Rich Troutman says:

    bill Allen obviously can’t make rational decisions on his own. Needs the government to tell him what’s best. Useful idiots not needed in Alaska.

  • Brian Jacobs says:

    You sir, are a disgrace to America and it’s freedom! I was sent to foreign lands in this world to ‘eradicate’ people who opposed
    other peoples freedoms at the request of my country. Who the hell gave you the right to tell me (or anybody else) what their freedoms should be and what they should choose! You want to protect yourself (because you are obviously not concerned about ‘others’ since you want to tell them what to do). If you don’t like the fact that we have ‘individual liberties’ then go to hell some other place. I have been sworn to uphold the United States Constitution from ENEMIES both foreign and DOMESTIC! You are free to have your opinion, but you are not free to impose your will on me or anyone else who so choses to exercise their Constitutional liberties! Remember that!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Hmmm. By eleven MAIL IN ballots. Stupidity. Get rid of mail in voting. Now. And require picture identification. Mail in voting is a gateway to mass corruption and this election was just the beginning. Alaska will soon go the way of Oregon if we do not take action now.

  • Jo says:

    If Dominion is involved then voter fraud and election fraud are involved. Forensic audit needs to be done for the entire state for ALL ELECTIONS. Thank you.

  • Bee Rupright says:

    On Pruitt’s loss:
    To get a return in absentee ballots of 2 to 1 swing the other way is unheard of and absolutely ridiculous to believe.
    It seems every normal “rule of thumb” that has worked for forty years on election statistic probability just went out the door, not only hear but all over the country. and no, I can’t believe only more liberals voted absentee. That’s part of the hype.

  • JET says:

    ONLY BY CHEATING, “WIN AT ANY COST” did the lib win.

  • JET says:

    Don’t worry folks, we have a mayoral race coming up…ALL mail-in!!! I already know the libs are going to win……by cheating. How do you think Berkowitz got a second term.

  • Charle says:

    Just like in all the swing states absentee ballots overwhelmingly went to the Democrats. Hopefully President Trump’s investigation will turn over the rock these lying, cheating, maggots and hiding under.