Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer waited five weeks before alerting Alaskans that the state’s voter registration system had been hacked back in October, exposing sensitive information of 113,000 Alaskans.

One day after releasing this information, his office answered several questions sent by the Watchman to determine why Meyer’s waited so long to tell the public.

“Up to this point, the State has been gathering the necessary information to send out notice to the affected individuals,” a Dec. 4 email from Meyer’s Deputy Press Secretary Lauren Giliam stated. “The depth of the investigation determined the amount of time required to get us to the point of going public.”

When asked why Meyer repeatedly claimed there was no evidence of voter fraud in the recent election, Giliam’s email claimed: “There is no correlation between this data exposure and any unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud – the two issues are not linked in any way.”

As to the identity of the outside actors who hacked into the voter registry, the email simply said, “We are unable to comment on any open investigation.”

Giliam did reveal that PCC is the outside vendor who built and maintained the online voter registration system for Alaska. PCC’s website states that it was founded in 1995 and is a “leading provider of software to the state and local government market, and the premier provider of solutions for Secretaries of State across the country.”

The original notice of the hack, sent out by the Division of Elections on Dec. 3, said the information taken during the hack was used to by “outside actors” in order to “spread propaganda and shake voter confidence — not to impact the election results.”

 Giliam’s email reiterated Meyer’s statements from Dec. 3 that the Division of Elections has “complete confidence in the election results, and this incident did not impact the voting process or the ballot tabulation system.”

According to the Division of Elections website, the information hackers had access to includes the names, dates of birth, last four digits of Social Security Numbers, driver’s license and state issued identification numbers, residence and mailing addresses, registered political affiliations and email addresses.

Voters who had their information exposed have been notified by the state and the Division of Elections has established a toll-free number that voters can call to check their status or ask questions (833-269-0003).

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Lt. Governor’s office explains why he waited to tell Alaska of voter registration hack

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • NAV says:

    Lt. Gov. waited so the Dominion machine could be wiped clean before it could be seized and analyzed, Meyer is as corrupt as the DNC!!!

    • NAV says:

      P.S. the voter system was the 1st step to get Prop. 2 passed no way Alaskans voted for stacked system

  • Stephen Duplantis says:

    If voter info could be hacked then the entire system is vulnerable. I do not trust what he is saying, Joel. Keep digging!!!

  • john otness says:

    The china virus,, Dominions purchase for $400 million just prior to the election . The Judges removal of all safeguards in absentee ballots. The enemies of our Nation demanding on quarantine which is pre blatant war on the middle class creating a dystopian social landscape . There is no usual deaths of flu or any other cause…. FOLKS WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED AND 3 BRANCHES OF GOVT WITHIN OUR STATE HAVE SIGNED ON IN THE TREASON. THEY ALLOWED THE DOMINION PURCHASE. TREASON HAS ITS CONSEQUENCES…..

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    If they hacked that much info. they had signatures too! That’s enough to used the last 4 years obituaries for dead people and ask for a absentee ballot is there not ! After all even signatures verification was nullified at the last minute by our corrupt ASC. What a bogus system … not to even considering the possible Dominion Software set up & preloading before during the vote! All of our machines need to be examined by third party experts ! I am not that expert but neither is this Lame LT Governor… Setting a side the vote what about his failure to protect 113,000 ??? Alaskans other potential ID damage ! I personally started to get sham call days after we got our primary ABSENTEE BALLOTS , and we are still getting as of 4 am night before last calls trying to sham me on my social security money ! This LT Governor should be held accountable for Privacy rights violations too! Any one that wants more other details on the failure of chain of cousdy issues on our ballots in both Primary & General election vote’s & mailings please call us, there is issues there too! Ed & Kathy Martin 907-252-7857 !

  • john otness says:

    Now are we beginning to understand why the Governor has had no input as the largest city in his State was allowed to be destroyed by the communists within? Strangled to death in broad daylight… He even assisted as he would promote the only thing that kept the fear mongering going by encouraging all to be tested. Corporate America was all in also in this global assassination of Liberty in the name of safety. This is pure Heglian Dialect, The medical tyrants took over from there just as the votes were being manipulated so the china virus tests were manipulated. Even the creator of the PCR test stated that it is bullshit to think that this is a way to detect corona… We have been taken on a ride by corrupt evil and we must rise and reinstate sanity and our Constitution or we are the generation where Liberty was murdered.

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    One more thing , there is no proper response so far as I am concerned time wise or other wise , but what does the LT Governor care !

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Thank you John 🙂 God & the help of a Honest President save the REPUBLIC!

  • john otness says:

    President Trumps Sept 12 2018 Executive Order which describes remidies for FOREIGN INTERFERENCE in U.S. Elections.
    Here is what President Trump says. The only conceivable reason why you would block commonsense measures to verify legal eligibility to voting is you are trying to ENCOURAGE, ENABLE, SOLICIT OR CARRY OUT FRAUD.
    In this 2018 E.O individuals and Corporate alike are subject to total asset forfeiture and with treason during a time of War which is Life. These folks know damn sure well they know what they have done as they signed up with Dominion and the Covid hoax.. Shed no tears as they beg for mercy. Their decisions were based on greed and Ideology that were to enslave your children to a horror known as communist slavery. The politicians and Judges that sold us out knew full well the weight of their choice. They accepted their roles and their fate if their devious plans collapsed. Give them to GOD. more proof that china was invading full bore.

  • Verne Rupright says:

    Not linked????? No effect???? SO, explain that now…just because a spokesman said so doesn’t make it so.!!!

  • john otness says:

    This only intensifies,,, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp after telling his state that there was nothing to the Dominion Voter Fraud in his state seeing the Video of the Ruby dont take your vote to town show where the hidden ballots under the table were magically appeared had to reverse his ruling and called for an audit… Whats a Mother to do? Well in a very suspicious closely timed circumstance the Governors daughters boyfriend an aid to Sen Kelly Laughler was killed { looks exactly like a Micheal Hastings Car Bombing of 10 years ago.. Just Coincidence that Dominion would be scrutinized…. I love my Nation and I John J Otness love my life and am not contemplating suicide… But I am an Oathtaker and Keeper and this Nation needs us all now…. The coupe has gone full murder and we must match and lay our lives on the line for our GOD given Liberty and Freedom… Stay strong….. GOD wins..

    • Ed Martin Jr says:

      Patriot John J , Please concur with me … my # ‘s above … Ed God Save the REPUBLIC

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      Unfortunate but true. Prayer is the strongest weapon we have, especially the Rosary (yes, non-Catholics can pray this, too; look up the Battle of Lapanto) pray, pray, pray!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Enlightening. Now I would like to know why he certified a fraudulent election without a thorough, forensic investigation.

    • Paul Randall says:

      3 days after the election, my checking account was hacked for the first time ever! Just a little too coincidental.

  • john otness says:

    Just look into[0]=AZXTByLWaXS8mvQRxgM0-R2HMVje0uzGxcaTadrlm85kt_xYuS-_pYA7XzIOv_RRVKy77UyzKLEdzkj86eF-RPYkOf8hXSioFNWihJAZL-9u3oDsEyySeqy_Qs95ul1Mu1bzZGSJ2e7SNjSpHMRVGAbpt5PQhITu7bjr0sMKuA9aYoQGNDVIGJ7o92XyXMbhTe7MBugqMkKe59Ouc_Sq_FB2emMchJGCKj9RlkKvuYsSVQ&__tn__=EH-y-y-R.
    Lt Governor Kevin Meyers eyes in this photo above… The man has weakened and is guilt ridden by those baleful eyes….. Trouble is on the horizon and these folks that betrayed their State and Nation to foreign Nations know the consequence… Thank You Patriot Susie Dotson for this link.

  • Michael Alexander says:

    FB says this info isn’t available right now. What did the link show

  • john otness says:

    The link showed .. Alaskas Voting Integrity..
    New $4 million dollar Dominion voting machines purchased 2020 by Lt Gov Kevin Meyer and Gail Fenumiai Chief of Division of Elections.

    Auto mail ballot applications to all on the incorrect Voters Registration list ages 65 and older .
    Lt Gov Meyer WAIVES WITNESS REQUIREMENT LAW ON ABSENTEE BALLOTS in the middle of an election year on Superior and Supreme Court rulings. Then goes on to name the Judges….

  • Mongo Like Candy says:

    This administration is as corrupt as they come. RINO left wing charlatans from top to bottom.

  • Dave Maxwell says:

    Meyer guilty of treason
    Amy the secretary at the office of the lt gov, quit arguing with the concerned citizens who call to voice their concerns, you need to be fired immediately
    Our voice is what is relevant, not yours

  • Mike Howard says:

    Campaign Contributions
    Nothing of value may be contributed to a campaign unless the person making the contribution can legally vote in that election.
    • Returns the election to the people represented in that election. The winning candidate has no loyalty to big money contributors or to anyone outside of that political division
    • Eliminates $ from all PACs, unions, companies, lobbiests, etc.
    1. Over a two year period, everyone must re-register to vote with proper ID similar to what is required for a passport.
    2. ALL previous registrations are voided at the end of the two year period.
    3. When registering, a person’s finger/thumbprint is taken electronically. We use this technology every day to unlock our cellphones, etc. It is proven and safe.
    4. Only government officials may register a person to vote. It cannot be done by a 3rd party – i.e. political party or any other nongovernmental agency.
    5. ALL elections will be held on the first Tuesday of November every year. There will be no other elections – state, federal, local – held at any other time. There will be only one election day each year. This will prevent government entities trying to slip through legislation when only a very few dedicated voters will show up.
    6. The election period will be 24 hrs. The same block of time will be used nationwide. It will start and end at the same actual time across the country.
    7. All voting will be done at the designated polling place – with few exceptions. When appearing to vote, the voter will simply use their thumbprint as ID. Nothing else will be required.
    8. Absentee voting will be for cause only and only for that specific election period.
    9. No early results will be provided. All returns will be announced on the first Thursday after the first Tuesday in November.

    The entrenched political parties and the big money supporters of each will hate this, but it will return the elections to The People.

  • Herman Nelson says:

    This story of the Dominion voting system goes back to bill walker. Walker hired Gail Fenumiai (democrat) into the Department of Elections. Gail authorized the purchase of the Dominion voting system for the state of Alaska. This whole scam was being set up years in advance.