A Fairbanks hospital employee is the third Alaskan health worker to experience serious negative reactions to the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

The first person to receive the COVID vaccine at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is given the shot on Dec. 17. One out of the first 300 Fairbanks health care workers experienced an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine, which is a far higher rate than normal.

On Dec. 18, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital reported that one of its employees had “a probable anaphylactic reaction” shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on Dec. 17.

“The employee, who is not known to have allergies, was one of almost 300 employees to receive the vaccine yesterday,” the hospital said. “Every employee that receives the vaccine is observed for 15 to 30 minutes. We are working with the State of Alaska Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC to share details of the reaction.”

The employee was a clinician at the hospital. After recovering from the reaction, the clinician issued a statement on the hospital Facebook page encouraging others to take the shot despite what happened to her.

The Fairbanks comes on the heels of negative reactions at Bartlett Regional Hospital in Juneau where two health workers were admitted to the emergency department after having anaphylactic type reactions to the vaccine.

In all three incidents the patients recovered, but the frequency at which these negative reactions are occurring far exceeds normal rates among most types of vaccines.

The CDC website states that “anaphylaxis following vaccines is rare, occurring at a rate of approximately one per million doses for many vaccines.”

The Fairbanks incident happened after only 300 people were vaccinated. In Juneau, two hospital workers out of the first 144 vaccinated had reactions severe enough to necessitate admission to the emergency department.

Alaska received 35,100 doses of the vaccine and began administering it to health care workers this week. Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink said on Dec. 16 that the state would not be reporting every negative reaction or posting this data on the state’s COVID-19 dashboard.

So far, the hospitals have voluntarily reported three incidents to the public.

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3rd Alaska health care worker suffers anaphylactic reaction following COVID shot

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Dave Eichler says:

    Zink is withholding information about adverse events? That negates any proper informed consent, violating state law.

    • Marguerite says:

      Good point. And not giving proper informed consent negates the Pharma companies from taking advantage of their immunity from lawsuits?

    • Patricia says:

      That statement that she wont be reported every negative reaction shocks me. Why in the jell wouldnt they. People have a right to know. Pisses me off they think they can hide it and are justified in doing so.

      • Michael dickerson says:

        Your so right girl. I would like to be able to say the things on my mind to the right people, but can’t get an reply from any one.

  • Lisa Garcia says:

    Why would you not want people to be informed of the .7% risk of reaction to the shot? It allows them to truly weigh the risks and I think most 65 year olds would opt for that over a 5% chance of dying from COVID.

    • Jodie Foster says:

      Wow there is not a 5 percent chance of dying of covid, good gosh where did you get that number?

      • Someone Who Can Read says:

        They specified they were referring to the elderly, who indeed have somewhat higher risks of death and serious complications compared to the general population’s risk of 0.5%-2% approximately. I would say 4% is more accurate for this demographic, but the data on mortality for covid-19 varies slightly depending on the studies you look at due to differences between the samples.

        Chill out and check the science for youself.

      • George Young says:

        A lot of people confuse “anaphylactic reaction” from simply fainting force variety of reasons after getting many types of shots. Anaphylactic or fainting, neither are a big deal. That’s why you are to stick around for 20+ minutes afterwards. We had to give epinephrine a number of times for people’s varying degrees of anaphylactic reaction after shots. People that simply fainted just need to be layed down, maybe feet up, maybe a little O2, maybe an IV of Normal Saline. Not a big deal and I’ve never been to a shot site, doctor’s office, emergency room or in the back of the ambulance I worked in that didn’t have such medicines ready to help people. I did it for 37 years and never saw or heard of a death or injury or a reaction that wasn’t fixed.

      • Nichol says:

        Anaphylactic reaction not a big deal??? Do you like to be able to breathe??

      • Yvette says:

        Since when is anaphylaxis equivalent to fainting??

      • BARBARA says:

        And how do you fix dead? A quick burial?

      • Betsy says:

        No medical professionals confuse anaphylaxis with fainting. Anaphylactic reactions are life threatening situations which require immediate use of epinephrine. Fainting requires, well, fainting requires preventing a head injury and then waiting for the person to wake back up.

      • Elle says:

        Wow I would hate to be in your ambulance I’ve gone thru anaphylaxis it is terrifying and immediately life threatening. If u don’t have epinephrine and steroids drip immediately u r dead. I went thru it they took me immediately to the closest place in the hospital tge cancer infusion area to hook me up to several iv meds due to MRI contrast reaction. I’ve had a ton of MRIs and had contrast before I always take benedryl abc the preventative meds but for any future I have to be hospitalized if contrast is required which in my case it is.

      • Chris sky says:

        Lol .5-2%

        Actual death rate of covid is around .2% when all segments of the population are taken into account

        You need to do some

      • Marty Parker says:

        Its actually higher than 5 percent mortality over the age of 65. Like she said. Over the age of 75 its actually way over 1 in 4 that die from covid. Its the kids that are counted that make the average number only 2 percent.

      • Chester says:

        Why make stuff up to try and scare people?

      • Joerene Savikko Hout says:

        People of my age and comorbidities have over a 10 percent chance of dying from covid-19.

    • SaneinOhio says:

      I am 66 and I would never take the vaccine. Never ever had the flu or a flu shot and your numbers of dying fro Covid are fiction. Additionally I had anaphylactic shock before and it is not a laughing matter but can be deadly. I was hospitalized. Comparing it with fainting is insane. George you obviously were in the wrong profession. comparing it to simply fainting. Hope you did not harm people with your lack of knowledge. I have two daughters who are ICU charge nurses in Covid ward One is a NP.

    • Jen Gini says:

      think you mean a 0.005% chance of dying from covid or at worst 0.05 ( and less that this when the cures are not withheld) whereas the vaccine’s real danger is when the pathogen is re introduced The previous SARS vaccine had a 80% death rate when that happened

  • Trnney Barela says:

    Thst does it for me. Nope not doing it. 3x reaction from simple allergy shots. Anaphylactic shock is SERIOUS!! Nope not me!!! Thank you for reporting

    • Nicole says:

      That’s not really a fair statement. Your getting allergy shots to exactly what you are allergic to so of course there’s always a chance of anaphylaxis. Yes, I’ve had anaphylaxis and did stop breathing. Yes, there was the proper medication available to make sure I started breathing again. Did I chance it a second time for the chance the medication could potentially change my life? Yes, I did. Also happened with two other medications but they effect your immune system so I was aware of the possibility which in general, anything you haven’t been exposed to you could always be potentially allergic to.

  • Rose Dolan says:

    I’m really worried know about the vaccine, after hearing about this I’m serious about this.

    • Jen Gini says:

      the real worries are worse than this – look up the scientific database on Children’s Health Defense website and go into the history of the mRNA vaccine for SARS 1 – 80% death rate when the natural pathogen re introduced so you wouldnt know till the following year ..

  • Sam Noscam says:

    “Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink said on Dec. 16 that the state would not be reporting every negative reaction or posting this data on the state’s COVID-19 dashboard.” No need to transparency ! Wouldn’t want to cut into profits with all that ‘truth’… and the medical elite would why people dont trust their ‘products’.

  • Duchess says:

    Covid 19

    Is not related to pnueomia.
    Harris claimed she would be the first to take the shot. Nothing.

    Please watch robert jr Kennedy’s information regarding this virus & stay informed.
    Before getting this shot.

  • Netti McCombs says:

    I have had this happen to me after and iodine based contrast solution. It is NOT fainting!!!! Your throat starts to itch, you are covered in hives and then you can not get your breath because your throat is swollem shut..and it happens in a matter of less than two minutes..anyway it did for me.

    • Alison Harvey says:

      Yes it is definitely that and not “fainting”. I went to school with a guy that had a peanut allergy and watched it happen to him. It was awful. He had an EpiPen and survived but ouff… Far from just fainting!

  • Steve Harris says:

    I doubt these people had IgE anaphylaxis. You need a protein for that— as for peanut and other familial allergies. RNA cannot do it in a few minutes.

    Did these people swell up and get sudden asthma? We have no details to say these people didn’t just faint or suffer breathing problems of anxiety attacks.

    It’s a hospital spokesperson and a newspaper. You can’t trust them to get this right.

    • Alison Harvey says:

      Antibiotics can cause this. Hence why I need to constantly mark and document my allergy to cechlor. I feel this vaccine could have that potential to cause this, its an allergy – bee stings , antibiotics, shellfish etc as well as what youve mentioned

      • Alison Harvey says:

        Antibiotics can cause this. Hence why I need to constantly mark and document my allergy to cechlor. I feel this vaccine could have that potential to cause this, its an allergy – bee stings , antibiotics, shellfish etc as well as what youve mentioned. My mother coded on the table once and they had to revive her and what caused it was something in the freezing agent they used when they passed a scope down her throat

  • Joe Friday says:

    haha if they reported all the anaphylactic reactions to medicines and x-ray procedures that happen everyday. Only this one is big news. Reactions occur 24/7 to everything

  • Carl says:

    I have been worried about this shot most test of this kind takes years to get it right I think I will wait for awhile to get mind if I decide to get it at all

  • Independentthinker says:

    Follow the money people, It’s always about the money. Covid and it’s inflated, deflated numbers, deceit, manipulation and miraculously perfectly timed vaccine is a prime example of it.

  • chantilly lovelace says:

    3 Alaskans had a bad reaction–the article claims the adverse reaction rate is higher than other vaccines. The writer seemed to not take into account that there are thousands of others receiving the same vaccine who are NOT in Alaska. Mentions nothing about the nation rate of adverse reaction.

  • Carolyn Bosela says:

    The number is 5 in Alaska. Anchorage has 2 at Providence hospital.

  • Joseph says:

    Id love to see a commercial about its side effects like they do about regular drugs. Covid vaccine: Possible side effect – diarrhea possible sever internal hemeraging, possible moderit to severer and in some cases fatal. Bleeding of the liver, Blindness, perallasass, mental cognitive disorders include, partial to total loss of memory…… Right :} lets all get on the drug train!

  • Clifford F Adams says:

    Come on. 0.5% of people are allergic to eggs. How do you think we found out about that? Do you eat eggs?!

  • Donnie Campbell says:

    They should be made to report any reaction to the shots, just cause these people recovered doesn’t mean the next 3 will, I think the government is the most corrupt people of all, lol its funny if ys think about it, police and government got rid of mobs and other organizations like that, but yet we as tax payers pay these corrupt govern us but half them are the reason that this disease got as far as it did, the United States blames China, WTF. if they had there infections control people like there supost to then this wouldn’t of never happened,
    Im not one to be saying stuff about this but our government is to blame,they didn’t do what they were suppose to do and protect us the people that gave them that job im the first place,

  • Bob Baffet says:

    This is a badly written article . These kind of reaction happen very rarely . Just because there have been 3 cases early doesn’t mean this rate will continue . A much larger sample size is needed. Joel is a religion over science guy , listen to him and his conspiracy theories at your own risk

  • Pearl says:

    I won’t have this needle .

  • Chris sky says:

    Lol .5-2%

    Actual death rate of covid is around .2% when all segments of the population are taken into account

    You need to do some research