I worry that most people just hear anything that rhymes with *illion* and think “a lot.” The best way to bring it home is to start dropping zeroes until you can relate… If we drop 9 zeroes, that’s a billion dollars worth of zeroes… it leaves $2,300 dollars. (2300 Billions of dollars)

Imagine over the years you had loaned your friend who works for the government a few hundred here, a few hundred there. You’re good about keeping track because it kind of rubs you wrong that your government friend has a way nicer house, way nicer car, AND great medical insurance, but you’re generous. This year, the government shut your business from COVID, and you and your family are completely broke, out of cash and don’t know how you’re going to feed your kids and its Christmas. It’s time to ask your government friend for help, after all he has $2300 of your money interest free. You stand at his front door hat-in-hand and say “It’s been nine months, and I can’t feed my kids or pay the mortgage, could you please help me?” By coincidence he happens to have 23 hundred dollar bills in his pocket. Every last dime of it is yours. He fans them out and counts off one, two hundred dollars of YOUR money, and then says “It IS Christmas, here you go, remember we’re in this together.

How you would feel at that moment is exactly how you should feel about this COVID relief and spending bill.

The next time you hear a government radio ad or see a TV commercial that says we’re all in this together, remember, they’ve had zero reductions in THEIR income. If they get sick, it doesn’t cost them vacation time, it’s extra paid leave. They’re willing to happily destroy your life and livelihood over a virus with an infinitesimal mortality rate. The emporer has no clothes. We are NOT in this together.

12.23 > The COVID Relief Farce

Jake Libbey
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  • NAV says:

    Best article yet!!!

  • R says:

    This is absolutely true! Twiddle Dee Dee, Twiddle Dee Dumb, The Government Leeches have no cares—-how to push our tax money from pillar to post is their entertainment. How to distribute our tax dollars constitutes the meat of their meetings while these “public servants” roll in the dough — our dough. Time for term limits with no cash cow of retirement fundS. Buddies, when your term is up, “GET A JOB”!