This past week has been traumatic. Last Wednesday protestors forcefully entered the United States Capitol building and occupied offices and the chambers in an illegal act of defiance over the 2020 presidential elections. These people were not terrorists, they were not anarchists, but their actions were illegal and very disruptive to our democratic society.

Since then, uber-liberal Silicon Valley Big Tech has used this event as an umbrella excuse to wage war on conservative voices across all social and electronic media. It has gone so far as Amazon Web Services shutting down Parler, the conservative social conversation site without any reference to an actual violation of company protocols. This is twenty-first century Orwellian censorship at its finest.

Democrats are salivating over destroying President Trumps legacy by pushing a second impeachment process, expedited without any hearings or the opportunity for the president to defend himself, in an effort to force the Senate to take action before he is no longer president. Exposing their true disdain for Trump, as well as for our constitutional processes, some are now even suggesting conducting an unprecedented impeachment trial after Trump is no longer president. There is no legal precedent for this, but to the Left, who cares.

the events of the 2020 election were the unintended consequences of past actions done by both liberal and conservative politicians at the state and local levels.

Next we can impeach President Jefferson because he was a slave owner, and maybe even Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln ordered the execution of 38 Dakota Indians convicted of a massacre in the 1862 Dakota War. The cleansing will never stop under the despotic leadership of this current socialist movement.

Elections have consequences. We have always understood that fact. But when the election was fraudulent, rigged, and then disregarded by the court, why should we care about ever voting again. Many are telling me they have lost confidence in the election process. To this, I counter that the events of the 2020 election were the unintended consequences of past actions done by both liberal and conservative politicians at the state and local levels.

Let me offer some examples: The legislatures of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan were all controlled by Republicans. Not only that, but Georgia had a Republican governor. Do you see a pattern here? These are the swing states Republicans needed to win to keep the Presidency and the Senate. Joe Biden beat President Trump in each of these states. To make matters worse, Senator McSally lost her seat in Arizona and both Senators Perdue and Loffler lost to Democrats in Georgia.

we do have a radical court system that in the eleventh hour eliminated the requirement for witness signatures

Elections are run by states, not the federal government. The rules for elections, such as mail-in and absentee requirements, signature verification, requiring an ID to vote, same day registration allowances, early voting timelines are all set by state legislatures. The defeat of President Trump and the loss of the Senate to Democrats rests squarely on the failure of these five states to legislate voter requirements and process that protected the integrity of the election.

Alaskans faired a wee bit better. While we have a very liberal absentee process, we do not have universal mail-in voting as is done in five other states. However, we do have a radical court system that in the eleventh hour eliminated the requirement for witness signatures, using some loosely worded rational related to the coronavirus. What a bunch of boloney. That’s called judicial activism, another problem we face in ensuring election integrity.

The 32nd Alaska Legislature convenes this coming Tuesday, January 19th. If we want to improve our election process, it needs to start with the legislature creating statutory requirements for voting. Might I suggest keeping voter ID requirements for all in-person voting; prohibiting universal mail-in balloting, restricting mail-in voting to the absentee system previously used; and reaffirm mandating witness signatures on all absentee ballots as a start.

In general, Alaska has a fairly good election system. The outcome of this election is a result of other states that had Republican leadership who allowed a manipulated process ripe for corruption. It is futile to sit back and complain that we lost an election we actually won. If we want to change the process, it must be done at the state and local level.

Anchorage has universal mail-in voting, making it ripe for corruption and ballot harvesting.

It is as clear as a moonlit night that Republican leadership in five Republican states cost Donald J. Trump a second term as our president and opened the door to a Democratic President, Senate, and House of Representatives. The result being a hard turn towards institutional socialism, censorship of conservative values and voices, and an expansion in the size of government and government spending that has never been witnessed before in America. Hold on, this ride is going to be rough.

Let’s not abandon the exceptionalism of the constitutional provisions of our American democratic republic based on some incompetent politicians. Let’s start changing elections by electing conservatives who stand for the rule of law and will enforce election integrity at the state and local level.

Our next chance to make a difference in Anchorage happens on April 6th. Anchorage has universal mail-in voting, making it ripe for corruption and ballot harvesting. Conservatives must rally together and turn out in record numbers to elect a conservative mayor and four conservative school board members. This may be our last opportunity to keep democracy alive in America.

OPINION: Elections Still Matter

Craig Campbell
Craig E. Campbell served on the Anchorage Assembly between 1986 and 1995 and later as Alaska’s Tenth Lieutenant Governor. He was the previous Chief Executive Officer and President for Alaska Aerospace Corporation. He retired from the Alaska National Guard as Lieutenant General (AKNG) and holds the concurrent retired Federal rank of Major General (USAF).


  • Deathray says:

    No mention, not one word about the voting machines.
    Simply “vote harder”.
    Spoken like a true politician. Let me get my checkbook out!!
    Come on man.

  • Kfinh says:

    Great opinion piece!! Yes, we need to start at the local and state level. Hardest part to this, is electing the right candidate into office. Most will tell you one thing on the election trail and do a full 180 after getting elected. I do believe we have a few great representative going into this legislative session but again they are few. We definitely must not give up on voting though because that’s how we will loose this great country.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    The State needs to get rid of the Dominion voting machine before elections. There is a petition directed to the Legislature that can be accessed on iopinion. The legislators need create a law that prohibits use of Dominion or any other voting machine that is able to alter our votes. There will not be integrity in elections until that happens. The next problem is the method of appointing judges in Alaska. It needs reform and attorney Satterburg wrote an essay about this in the Alaska Watchman. We cannot have judges appointed who have no respect for the The Rule of Law but instead use the social justice concept of a living Constitution. That is unacceptable and these judges take over the legislative and governor roles. Again, against the Constitution.

  • FreeInSD says:

    lol yeah I’m sure the tyrants in power that benefited from the voter fraud are totally open to reforming the system keeping them in power.

    Are you retarded or evil. Nevermind, it’s clearly both.

    • Lobo says:

      How nice of you to be so respectful, and tolerant. You don’t seem to be so D@med smart, yourself.

      • FreeInSD says:

        Our elections have been corrupted and every aspect of our lives is being controlled under the guise of safety from covid and you’re worried about respect and tolerance. Get bent retard.

        People like you deserve what’s coming. Make sure you’re respectful the entire time!

      • Lobo says:

        Hey, DIP !! I am well aware of the corruption ..DIPPY .. You have no idea of what I am like, DIPPY.. I am totally against the tyranny going on in Ancorafornia.. I don’t wear those masks .. So !d!ot , tell me what kind of “People” I am .. I was referring to your stupid remark to the other person’s post, which didn’t deserve ignorant responses like yours .. It’s the ignorant “people like you” that muck it up for those who want to promote the values of patriotic Americans.. We stand against all forms of fraud, and it’s keyboard warriors such as yourself that are all click, and no return.

      • FreeInSD says:

        I spoke the truth, if that’s too much for your delicate sensibilities then I can recommend a few feminine hygiene products that might be able to flush the sand out of your inflamed areas.

        Buckle up buttercup, 2021 is going to be nasty because our only way to peacefully reform the system is gone. God forbid you hear a no-no word!!!!

      • Lobo says:

        No, what you did was act like a jacka$$.. I know 2021 is going to be nasty, and I also know that when you act like a jacka$$ with those on the right, you go against the very principles that we as patriotic, republic loving citizens stand for. We watched our elections completely hijacked, and we have only just begun to fight… Instead of attacking those who want to see that brought to a halt, you should be smart enough to act like the person willing to work with others in that effort… So, I am well buckled up, Dippy, and we have a great reloading platform..

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    I see the conspiracy crowd loves the Alaska watchmen

  • Penny Johnson says:

    The hardest part to get across to voters: as the states go, so goes the Federal government. Why would George Soros funnel hundreds of millions into down ballot local races and D.A.s? Because that’s the true seat of what affects you most and influences national politics.

  • Michael C Coons says:

    Well said. I would strongly suggest that we call on the Governor to request that the commission that oversees our PFD investments sell all Twitter, Amazon, Goole, Facebook, Apple and I would add to that any companies that are publicly refusing to further finance conservatives and or financially attacking conservatives. Timing is good, as the old saying goes, buy low sell high. No is the time to sell!

  • Mongo Like Candy says:

    Memo to anyone with eyes to see………………….ELECTIONS ARE STOLEN ELECTRONICALLY! It matters not who votes, but who counts the votes. Free and Fair Elections are a thing of the past.

  • Ray says:

    Great article and totally agree we must rally out together if we want to make changes in 2024. I understand many people feel like they do not trust the election anymore but that is exactly what the left wants us to do so instead of backing down, we should be more vocal than ever before. We should start having a long term goal to fill all our assemblies and senate sit and do all that we can to promote new Republican senators.

  • Lan says:

    Please share this video from http://www.projectdefense under videos with Maria Zack. The link on Facebook. Dominion voting machine was hacked! This is the evidence! People need to see this!