Senate Majority Leader Shelley Hughes (R-Palmer) has introduced Senate Bill 43 which clarifies campaign contribution laws as well as violations regarding election tampering. The bill explicitly states that it is a violation of election law for someone to knowingly assist an absentee voter in marking a ballot that fails to provide the voter’s name and address, or to knowingly fail to sign and date the voter’s certificate.

Sen. Shelley Hughes

The bill also clarifies that it is illegal to posses a ballot that was mailed to another person unless you are an election official or someone legally permitted to collect and transmit ballots or a family member or caregiver of the registered voter.

The bill is set for hearing on Tuesday, Feb. 16, which will include both invited and public testimony. The meeting in the Senate State Affairs Committee begins at 3:30 p.m.


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Public hearing at 3:30 pm, Feb. 16, for bill targeting election tampering in Alaska

Joel Davidson
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