Sen. Dan Sullivan, unlike his colleague Sen. Lisa Murkowski, voted with the majority of Senate Republicans to acquit former President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial. He issued the following statement after casting his vote on Feb. 13.


I cast my vote today to acquit former President Trump on the single article of impeachment as a result of an extensive review of the Constitution, historical precedent, and, as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story said two centuries ago, “a deep responsibility to future times” — just as I did during last year’s impeachment trial and the Electoral College certification in January.

The constitutional purpose of impeachment is to remove an official from office — and, in this case, that purpose had already been achieved. With their votes this past election, the American people spoke and chose a new President. Thus, pursuing impeachment in this case creates a troubling, unconstitutional precedent in which former officials — private citizens — can face impeachment and conviction. As I said during last year’s impeachment, the American people are well equipped to decide whether or not the former president should be disqualified from holding future office.

I strongly believe the Senate does not have jurisdiction to try a former president who is now a private citizen. The Senate claiming that jurisdiction contradicts the intent of the Framers to the detriment of our constitutional order. Additionally, the House Managers provided the former president with no due process — and argued none was required — and side-stepped the First Amendment defense of his speech.

Ultimately, in spite of an emotional and wrenching presentation, the House managers failed to account for the repercussions of these new precedents and the way in which they went about this rushed, “snap” impeachment. Combined with the power to try private citizens, all of this constitutes a massive expansion of Congress’ impeachment powers never contemplated by our Founders. The temptation to use such power as a regular tool of partisan warfare in the future will be great and has the potential to incapacitate our government.

Make no mistake: I condemn the horrific violence that engulfed the Capitol on January 6. I also condemn former President Trump’s poor judgment in calling a rally on that day, and his actions and inactions when it turned into a riot. His blatant disregard for his own Vice President Mike Pence who was fulfilling his constitutional duty at the Capitol, infuriates me. I will never forget the brave men and women of law enforcement — some of whom lost their lives and were seriously injured — who carried out their patriotic duty to protect members of Congress that day.

However horrible the violence was — and how angry I have been about it — I believe that it was imperative, for the future of our country and our democracy, to be as dispassionate and impartial about this vote as possible.

The vast majority of Alaskans who supported President Trump were also appalled by the violence on January 6. They supported the former president because of his policies that helped our state. I will continue to work to make sure that their voices are not silenced and that this dispiriting chapter in American history won’t deter them from speaking out in defense of their beliefs.

At the end of the day, my obligation is to rise above the passions of the moment and to carefully consider the decisions we make today and the ramifications they will have for our country’s future. I believe that my vote to acquit fulfills that obligation. I want Alaskans to know that throughout all of this, my guiding light has been both fidelity to my constituents and to our Constitution.

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Sen. Sullivan explains decision to acquit Trump – says former president’s actions ‘infuriates’ him

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Emiko says:

    Proper analysis. However, process that is due to an errant official is Notice to Cure. It is described in Masons Manual rules adopted by Alaska to conduct legal political group action. A similar manual is adopted for rules in The District of Columbia following federal appeal court rules. Have clean hands to impeach a sitting President. There is no evidence of the first step being taken by the complaining Senate. I believe there is no evidence of the first step in due process because they did not detect or concern themselves substantively with the issue they raised. Thank for your conformance with the US Constitution.

  • William says:

    Evidently Dan Sullivan does not see any indication of election fraud.

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    ” for the future of our country and our democracy,” This quote from you shows that your willingness to blow with the wind whenever your called upon by the left … I do not accept your BS now or in the future! SIR your half baked understanding of your OATH is disturbing to me . To even participate in any of this ” Kabul in our Capital ” shows your distain for the truth! The 2020 Election was rigged and you know it…stop your misrepresentation now!

  • Lois Wiggins says:

    Senator Sullivan, the American people did speak at the election and it was not for Biden. If you don’t know that, then please withdraw from “speaking” for Alaskans.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    i agree with the above comments and observations. There is no excuse for Senator Sullivan to play into the hands of the drama queens and kings that are Marxists and thrive on turmoil. Why get sucked in. It was easy to do some detective work and determine that this was a setup by the swamp and that our former President Trump did not in any way participate in the problems at the capitol. If you printed out a transcript of the President’s speech and read for yourself what Trump said just as we did. Further discovery after that January 6th performance by ANTIFA and BLM and other paid rioters it was discovered that it was a total setup because of fear that our former President could run again. It is hard to believe that Senator Sullivan cannot figure this out, that he was manipulated emotionally and what happened was rigged just like the fraudulent 2020 election.

    • Sam says:

      Former President Trump spent many months fomenting unrest. He started sowing doubt about the election as soon as he reaslized he was going to lose. He appointed a USPS postmaster general with the express intention of crippling the mail prior to election day. HE ADMITTED AS MUCH. He advised KNOWN MILITIA MEMBERS to “stand by”. After the election he spent two months pursuing ever more reckless and ridiculous claims, including actual attempts to overthrow the government. At a time when the nation faces external threats and a pandemic he refused to allow President Biden’s transition team transition, a necessary process. Why? Because he never planned to allow a transition.

      It is traitorous to suggest that Trump did not incite the violence at the Capitol. Trump is a traitor. Any of Trump’s supporters who continue to support him are traitors. The congressmen and women who voted to acquit him are traitors. They know it. You know it. Trump knows it.

  • Bryant Bearfield says:

    Lisa needs to resign now. And. I am having troubling concerns about the Governor

  • Mongo love candy says:

    Sullivan’s Treason of voting to certify an obviously stolen election infuriates me.

  • BurtG says:

    He is a Traitor and the entire Federal Govt is a illegitimate Vichy government of Traitors!! All States & patriotic Americans have a duty to undermine their illegal & unconstitutional dictates!

  • John H Slone says:

    Really disappointed with Sullivan’s analysis of the situation and will not vote or support him again. Impossible for Trump to have caused the capitol situation as his speech only ended 22 minutes AFTER the forced entry and it would take 35 minutes to WALK FROM WHERE HE SPOKE to get to the capital. I wasn’t there but reports I heard was that people WERE NOT REALLY PREVENTED FROM ENTERING THE CAPITOL AFTER A CERTAIN POINT AND THAT THE POLICE EFFORT TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT WAS MINIMAL. !! sounds an awful lot to me like their was COLLUSION by the authorities withe the BLM,ANTIFA “ rioters” to cause an incident highly useful to the Biden administration. You can’t convince me that those people ACTUALLY EXPECTED TO REVERSE THE ELECTION RESULTS BY THEIR PRESENCE TEHRE. If anything Trump was speaking in hyperbole with regard to the failure by various significant officials including Pence TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST A STOLEN ELECTION,! Sounds to me like Sullivan , ran away with the others LIKE ONE SCARED MARINE !!

  • Jim Tester says:

    Senator Sullivan is a great disappointment from about the time he was first elected to office. His support for our constitution through his voting record is abysmal. His replies to his constituents are myriads of words that say nothing so as to not reveal his true intentions. He obviously is unable to comprehend that President Trump called for a peaceful demonstration on Jan. 6th, but like all the other RINO politicians, wants to blow with the direction that Sen. Sullivan thinks will serve him best. I would love to see a real patriot primary him and win in his next election cycle. As it is, Alaska has a terrible delegation to DC. Don Young should have been put out to pasture 40 years ago, Murkowski is an absolute sham and product of a stolen election herself, and Sullivan is following in their footsteps.

  • irk says:


  • Efrog Industries says:

    What a fraud. I support a civil war. A war between the people and the so called leaders who are not leaders but represent the people’s choice of leadership. We the people lead and it’s their job to represent what the leaders (we the people). Killing Tyrants is obedience to God. That’s why they put up a fence around them selves so we can’t do what needs yo be done for the future of my great nation. Bring on the war to refresh the tree of Liberty.

  • Efrog Industries says:

    Dan Sullivan is a disgrace the Marine Corps code of conduct sounds like he has a gun to his head just like all of the other senators and congressmen and including Donald Trump

  • Michael S Totten says:

    So I guess burning down cities for 8 months wasn’t considered an act of war against US CITIZENS eh there mr Sullivan. You disgust me! and i am ashamed to call you my brother in arms you traitor! Sincerely mike totten (2nd MARINES retired)

  • Jeanie says:

    The silence majority boat and car parades for Trump in 2022 and 2024 begin now. I hope Trump wins congressional seat in Florida in 2022, takes over as speaker of the house, shows you the 3000 pages of evidence they have uncovered, impeaches the criminal president and Vice President for illegally holding office and becomes president for 6 years. Two years appointed and 4 more elected. Wouldn’t that be something.

  • Jeanie says:

    The silence majority boat and car parades for Trump in 2022 and 2024 begin now. I hope Trump wins congressional seat in Florida in 2022, takes over as speaker of the house, shows you the 3000 pages of evidence they have uncovered, impeaches the criminal president and Vice President for illegally holding office and becomes president for 6 years. Two years appointed and 4 more elected. Wouldn’t that be something.