Gov. Mike Dunleavy released a new COVID-19 recovery and transition plan that he says will begin moving Alaska to normalcy while managing the virus.

Click here to watch Gov. Dunleavy’s Feb. 14 address regarding his COVID-19 recovery and transition plan.

On Feb. 14, Dunleavy issued a directive to all commissioners and state employees to continue following all policies regarding COVID-19 that were in place under the COVID-19 disaster declaration, which expired earlier in the day.

Over the next several weeks, commissioners will assess which policies are still necessary to keep in place to ease the burden on the public’s interaction with government, and which items the governor should allow to lapse. Dunleavy also issued four health advisories to address general safety, travel and critical infrastructure, as well as the seafood industry.

“My administration will begin moving Alaska, its economy and our lives forward through this transition and recovery process,” Dunleavy said. “Make no mistake about it, the virus may be with us for some time. But the data shows that the worst is most likely behind us. Alaska’s vaccination plan is one of the most successful in the country and we have faith that the health care system is robust and prepared. My plan can get us there if we continue to keep an eye on the data and, Alaskans continue taking personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing.”

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  • Click here to view a video of Gov. Dunleavy laying out his plan.

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Watch: Dunleavy releases COVID plan to move Alaska to normalcy

Joel Davidson
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  • R says:

    This article is certainly helpful including the links provided. Thank you.

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    I like the sentence to get us to a return to normalcy as soon as possible. Of course, our friends here in Fairbanks sadlly have lost their businesses over the radical start of COVID lockdowns.