Alaska’s higher rate of reported post-vaccine deaths raises ‘no concerns’ for chief medical officer


    Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink said reports of Alaskans dying after receiving COVID vaccinations raises no concerns for her about the safety of the vaccines.

    Speaking to journalists during a March 1 press briefing, Zink responded to a question from the Watchman about the fact that Alaska has a higher rate of post-vaccination deaths reported to the CDC’s VAERS website, which tracts adverse reactions to vaccines across the nation.

    Nationally, more than 75 million Americans have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. So far, there have been 1,095 deaths and 19,907 adverse reactions reported to VAERS over the past two months. Alaska has reported 10 deaths, and a total of 158 adverse reactions to VAERS, which is four times higher than the national average in both categories.

    “A death reported in (VAERS) does not mean that the vaccine caused the death,” Zink said of the reporting system which allows doctors and the general public to report adverse reactions.

    In explaining the higher rates of reported adverse reactions in Alaska, Zink suggested that Alaskans may be more vigilant at reporting incidents after an anaphylactic reaction in Juneau made national headlines in December.

    “There is a lot of just awareness and a lot of people reporting things in on a regular basis, which is great,” she said. “We want people to report in information. We want it to be there. We are working closely with the CDC, but at this time I have no concerns.”

    “Everything we do in life has some risk/benefit to it and we’re always balancing that,” she added. “We have millions of people vaccinated at this point. So, we really see them as a very safe and efficacious vaccine, particularly when you’re comparing them to the risk of COVID overall.”

    Of the 10 deaths reported from Alaska, all have occurred in people between ages of 70 and 100. A total of 33,500 Alaskans in this age range have been vaccinated so far.

    The VAERS reports, however, are not comprehensive. A 2012 Harvard study of the CDC reporting system indicated that it only accounted for 1% of all adverse reactions due to low reporting rates.

    COVID DATA IN ALASKA (as of March 1)

    • 297 reported deaths attributed to COVID
    • 22 COVID-positive patients are currently hospitalized
    • 2.7% of all current hospitalizations are attributed to COVID
    • 495 out of 1,137 adult non-ICU beds are empty
    • 50 out of 124 adult ICU beds are empty
    • 310 out of 341 ventilators are available
    • 155,951 Alaskans have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine
    • 103,668 Alaskans are fully vaccinated

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    Joel Davidson
    Joel Davidson
    Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

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    1. Alaska Watchman’s vigilance on this issue is commendable! I would like to request that they also look into how many Alaskans have died following the consumption of breakfast.

      • You may actually be surprised.. But, do you have a preventative plan, other that fasting .. That is what “breakfast”. btw.. “Breaking the fast”..

      • If you ate breakfast on the day of or before your death, the science is clear. Ignoring this fact would be completely UN-scientific.

    2. This figures. Ann Zink is just another globalist puppet. Guarantee you she hasn’t taken the shot that they’re giving us. They think they’re more important than us so they don’t care how many die so long as there are just enough tax payers left for them to rob in the end so they can keep living their nice lives in their nice houses and have nice cars and boats. They don’t give a damn about you

      • I know right, everyone knows that the MAINSTREAM MEDIA just wants us to get the shot so the BILL GATES can track us through MICROCHIPS. I saw it on GAB and PERLER. I’m sure HILLARY CLINTON and OBAMA are in on it too. #savethechildren WWG1WGA! MAGA! #FRAZZLEDRIP!

    3. Very good article. This is still a vaccine not approved by FDA for general use. Only under Emergency orders. We shouldnt ignore that usually vaccines go through preclinical trials where they are tested on animals for several years. We really we don’t know the water we are entering. Please keep reporting on the subject.
      Here is an interesting study from 2004 on SARS vaccine :

    4. Good information! No vaccine is without risk. Our youngest had an immediate reaction from the mmr vaccine as a young child and consequently was excused from all vaccines until she was an adult and needed to revisit for college and travel. Never had a repeat reaction and we have no idea what caused the early reaction. I react to the influenza vaccine albeit nothing life threatening, hence I actually do avoid it but will get it if I’m going to be visiting my elderly father during the flu season as he likely would die from getting influenza, or Covid for that matter. There have been deaths and reactions attributed to all vaccines. We make choices and weigh the results of those choices. The Covid vaccine is proving to be effective and helping to diminish the pandemic. Our state overall has been doing a decent job of managing all of this and I for one have been thankful to live here during this pandemic.

    5. “A death reported in (VAERS) does not mean that the vaccine caused the death,” Zink said of the reporting system. “However all deaths in the US in the year 2020 were caused by COVID-19. Amazingly, President Biden also eradicated influenza nationwide in the US, during his campaign for President.” she went on to say.

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