In a move aimed at enforcing radical gender ideology mandates in schools across the nation, President Biden’s Department of Education has finalized new regulations that prohibit discrimination based on a person’s so-called “gender identity.”

Issued on April 19, the new regulations take effect Aug. 1, and could have a significant impact on Alaska’s K-12 school system, as well as universities and colleges that accept even minimal amounts of federal dollars.

The new “gender identity” mandates state that “sex discrimination includes discrimination on the basis of sex stereotypes, sex characteristics, pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” In particular they clarify that, apart from limited situations for some religious schools, all educational entities that accept federal dollars cannot treat people differently on the basis of biological sex.

Since the new rules do not have any specific mandates related to “transgender” athletes competing in female sports, it is unclear whether state laws and regulations restricting women’s sports to biological females would violate the newly interpreted Title IX law.

It’s also unclear how the updated rules impact state laws restricting bathroom and locker room access based on a person’s biological sex, or whether it would require employees to use a person’s preferred pronouns.

The legal group, Alliance Defending Freedom, said the rules would wreak havoc on Title IX and threaten the future of women’s sports, allow men who identify as women to undress in women’s locker rooms, force traumatized women to sleep next to men in women’s shelters, treat students as whatever ‘sex’ they pick without parents’ knowledge or consent, punish students and professors at public universities for refusing to use a person’s self-ascribed gender identity pronouns, gut equal opportunities for women, and more.

Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow and former Senior Counsel at the U.S. Department of Education Sarah Parshall Perry also blasted the new rules, saying they undermine the original intent of Title IX, which was to “protect women and girls and provide them equal educational opportunities.”

“Under the new rule, girls and women will no longer have any sex-separated bathrooms, locker rooms, housing accommodations, or other educational programs. Women’s sports are likely endangered too. Any education institution, including many private schools that receive even nominal federal funding, will be affected by this rule,” Parshall Perry said. “Lawmakers should not allow this radical administration to erase women’s spaces, educational opportunities, and sports.”

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New rules impose radical gender ideology on schools that accept federal education funds

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    We homeschooled. Our initial motive was one child with some auditory processing struggles we discovered early on with private testing, but we jumped in with both feet and homeschooled K-12. I would do it again. I would live in a dry cabin or an apartment if that was all we could afford in order to home educate. Now, as empty nesters, we still live in the 1650 sq ft house we raised our kids in. Home educating is a blessing and so worth it. By state statute you may educate your kids with no government interference. Sadly what is happening right now to correspondence programs is reprehensible but our freedoms to be free of government in educating our kids is still intact. It can be done on a pretty tight budget (we did it) and there is much support available. I would absolutely not put my kids in the public school system today. If you are considering abandoning the sinking Marxist ship do visit and to get started.

    • Jeanette Exner says:

      How old are your kids now? What are they doing professionally, or what do they hope to do?

      • M says:

        I pray this question was asked to highlight how the multitude of amazing professions homeschooled children go on to have. I can’t speak for Elizabeth Henry and her family but ours has put forth a number of adult children who run agriculture for our state, who save others from fires and car wrecks, who keep airplanes safe so your family can go on Spring Break, who care for mothers during pregnancy so they can safely add to their families, who farm and care for animals who are ailing, who fix the roofs in our community so families can stay warm and dry, and most importantly who have gone on to educate their own children – which is especially relevant as the public school system has so hugely failed our state. We’ve raised capable, well-rounded, observant children who went on to be successful adults who are law-abiding, tax paying, adding to communities across Alaska in beneficial ways. Is that what you were after Jeanette?

  • mhj says:

    Solution. stop accepting Federal money. .U.S Constitution delegates education to States not the Feds

  • Matthew Mills says:

    Conservatives shoot themselves in the foot when they fight local and state taxes. The entire point of being for “small government” is keeping local control. If we starve local government (i.e. small government) then we have to do what the feds require to get their money. A well funded state has the ability to tell the feds to pound sand when they get weird, and a well-funded municipality has the ability to tell the state and the feds to pound sand when they get weird.

  • Kristine says:

    How are people not suppose to be treated differently when they literally are different from the gender identity? Aren’t they not pushing to make themselves different and then policies prohibit people from treating them DIFFERENT?! It’s an oxymoron. “I want to be a different gender but need protection to be treated different even though I am forcing myself to be different”… This country needs to get off Pharmaceuticals and injecting their bodies with synthetic substances as it’s pickled the brain into such a slumber of stupid, society will flush itself down the toilet. Any attorney with a lick of higher intelligence can rally this in debate proving how asinine these lawmakers pushing this are.

  • Caring outraged parent says:

    You want to complain about the schools, but the population still voted to keep the same 3 ultra liberal school board members. We have to take back control of the schools and quit leaving our kids defenseless in these brainwashing institutions. Pay attention to school board and other local elections, it makes all the difference for our way of life.

  • George says:

    And the Chinese Communist Party is pushing this hard on Tik Tok to children. Gee I wonder why, it’s to weaken our civilization so they can rule the world. But that’s a concept far beyond the ability of liberals to comprehend. It’s also the work of evil incarnate-the devil.

  • jon says:

    My kids were raised in Ak pubic schools and did great! Sorry you MAGAs want to limit education to children,

  • Boris says:

    Lol, old fool hows that wokeness working out. Biden is pissed at the press secretary and wants her outa there because she doesn’t sell his successes. His words not mine.
    But he can’t fire her because she’s a black immagrant lesbian & she’s refusing to take the msm gigs he is offering her.
    Looks like somebody painted himself into a corner, yet again.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    What say you Governor Dunleavy?
    “Oklahoma just told Joe Biden to take his rewrite of Title IX and shove it.”