Editor’s note: The following is from a memo issued by Anchorage Assemblywoman Jamie Allard in favor of a resolution to deny Acting Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson’s request that the Assembly extend the emergency COVID declaration and subsequently her powers to enact emergency orders. The Assembly voted 6-4 at its April 13 meeting to extend the emergency declaration to June.

In this administration’s effort to mitigate COVID-19, there has been tunnel vision on that one goal, which began as “slow the spread” to protect hospital capacity and now has no clearly defined endpoint. This myopic view of the local response to the virus pandemic has neglected the risks and collateral damages of these unprecedented public health policies. We may never know the cost of our actions any more than we can know what would have happened if we did nothing. But we can focus on what we do know.

What we do know is who is most vulnerable to this disease. We know how those people and their immediate families can protect themselves. We know treatments are available. We know that the vaccine is now widely available in Alaska. We know anyone over 16 years of age who wants to be vaccinated has had that opportunity. We know how to adapt and be flexible, giving options for curbside service, distance learning or working from home.

It is past time for people to make their own medical and personal decisions.

We know how any level of lockdowns affect our economy. We know our individual responsibilities and what risks each of us is comfortable with taking. We know new strategies and new cleaning habits from the hard work of our community’s public health experts.

We know our hospitals are not and never were overwhelmed. The death rate has dramatically declined, from 12 deaths in January 2021, to 7 in February, to 1 in March. The state has been functioning without an emergency declaration since February 14, 2021. Our neighboring local governments, with little to no health mandates in place, have had similar or better outcomes.

I and my fellow Assembly members were elected as the legislative branch of this local government for the Municipality of Anchorage, to serve as the checks and balances on the executive branch’s actions – on the administration.

A state of emergency with its concomitant decision-making power and authority in the acting mayor’s seat allowed to unnecessarily continue beyond the conditions for an “emergency” as defined is not the intent of our Charter or our state Constitution, nor is it in the best interest of the individual. This overbearing government control over individuals and businesses is a slippery slope and a danger to our freedom.

We do not know if or when COVID-19 will no longer be a threat, but it is a greatly diminished threat to our health today. We have had over a year to create the systems needed to mitigate this virus after removing the state of emergency.

Terminating the emergency proclamation or the emergency orders does not mean the pandemic is over. It does not mean we suddenly do nothing. It means this administration has done its job preparing and implementing community protection measures. It means the community is ready for individual risk assessments and freedom to make our own choices, and that our businesses and schools have mitigation strategies in place. It means we accept our limited role as an elected government, and move forward addressing the broader needs of our community beyond COVID-19. It is past time for people to make their own medical and personal decisions.

I encourage my colleagues to join me to vote to terminate the emergency orders and regulations restricting our community, and to join me to vote to terminate the emergency proclamation, rather than extend it as the administration requests by separate resolution.

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Anchorage assemblywoman urges colleagues to end acting mayor’s endless quest for emergency power

Jamie Allard
Jamie Allard is a Republican member of the Alaska House of Representatives, representing the Eagle River area. She assumed office in January of 2023 and her current term ends in 2025. Prior to serving in the State Legislature, she was a conservative voice on the Anchorage Assembly from 2020 to 2023.


  • Theresa says:

    I’ve an email to all Assembly Members waiting to be sent…I’m just waiting to edit after I cool off a bit.
    How dare the Acting Mayor use emergency powers to coerce the residents of Anchorage into submitting to an experimental vaccine?!
    Truly, AQD’s message is disturbing.
    I hope and pray we can break through the cabal and end the madness.

  • John J Otness says:

    Ted Nugents stranglehold comes to mind and this acting mayor does not want to let go. What this State has to realize is that these mandates and emergency orders originate from is the Cloward Piven playbook on the destruction of the Capitalist social order, They are just using an economic medical nuke. You could say that that those and including all that are pushing this MRNA injection are satanically inclined From our Governors push to vaccinate the population to Franklin Grahams Jesus would hit up the vaxx idiocy. People are dying from the injection and many moral experts are saying that within a two year period many will perish not from the common cold known as covid but from this evil injection that is not even approved. Did you get that? NOT approved so if you die or get sick you are not covered by your insurance because you participated in an EXPERIMENT!!!!!!! This so called acting Mayor is a meat puppet of George Soros and she is just trying to murder the economy These that are committing crimes against humanity through this BS medical tyranny should be arrested right now. The doctors and hospitals all need their bank accounts and books looked at so we in the public can actually see why this has been so easily put into motion on we the people. It is pure evil what has transpired by these soulless minions of Hell, We the people must wake up and realize there is no benevolence or Love for us by those attacking us through this utter abuse of power. Dont get me started on how our Govt our Senate and legislature wont even defend your Sacred Vote by declaring Dominion vote machines as an enemy attack on our Nation, Except Senator Shower. Well it is an attack and if the watchman sees the enemy coming and fails to blow the warning horn then the blood of the innocent is on his hands. Thats a lot of Blood. I hope you who took the oath of office full well understand the waters you have entered by your betrayal to the public, Dominion is your albatross.

  • M. J. D. says:

    Where you just aren’t right to begin with, what would anyone expect.

  • Dee Cee says:

    It really is preposterous to be continuing the emergency powers. They are now being used to coerce the citizens of Anchorage into taking an experimental vaccine. I thought the Nuremberg Code said that the patient has the right to informed consent “without coercion.”

    • EscapedAnchorage says:

      You right the Nuremberg Code does say that. Can you say class action lawsuit? I wonder if the fake mayor has enough for that defense

      • Dee cee says:

        The problem is, the nuremburg code is not codified into any single US law, or local regulation. As far as medical ethics are concerned, doctors have been trained and empowered to ignore informed consent and individual body autonomy. Thats why the suits against californias SB277 failed to preserve medical and religious vaccine exemptions.

      • Herman Nelson says:

        You really should brush on patient rights. And yes, you have the right to refuse medication or medical assistance if you feel it’s not going to help. Then we have HIPPA Act. You realize it’s none of your business what someone does for their healthcare, diagnosis or otherwise. What I mentioned IS US law.

      • Dee Cee says:

        Herman: you’ve got me. HIPPA protects patient choice in medical decision making? HIPPA protects citizens from coerced medicine? Send me the detailed regulatory citations for that. I will study them.

        (PS: I’ve analyzed HIPPA and it does none of those things as far as I know)

  • Dean says:

    At some point our esteemed politicians must start talking about, and even coercing, mass pubic non-compliance. Clearly this whole democracy thing doesn’t seem to be catching on with the leftists.

  • Jeanna Duryee says:

    I agree with much that you are saying, but I completely disagree with your assertion that the hospitals havn’t been overwhelmed.
    What is your definition?
    What nurses have you talked to?
    My husband works at the hospital. He disagrees.
    He has to deal with Covid everyday. He is overwhelmed. He is reporting the nurses are overwhelmed.
    I agree, but you need to be honest that there will be increased deaths, hospitalizations, and burnout to our health care providers. They are the victims of our freedoms.

    • Steve Peterson says:

      Please provide the numbers. Pretty hard to believe your assertion on the basis of hearsay without any stats to back them up.

    • Dee Cee says:

      Jeanna, that is an emotional manipulation if ever I saw one! Covid-19 is very treatable, especially in the early stages. But doctors and nurses are being willfully ignorant by ignoring ambulatory treatment to PREVENT hospitalization. What if I told your husband that he could reduce hospitalizations by 87% using early ambulatory treatments that are widely accepted and in use? What if I told him that there is a good place to start, with the publication of specific treatment protocols by the single most-published Internal Medicine researcher in journalistic history? He’d probably reject that as comments provided by some idiot listening to internet blogs… wouldn’t he? Then again, if your husband wants to help himself, reduce his feeling of “overwhelm,” mange illnesses effectively, prevent hospitalizations, and save patient lives, perhaps he should check out the work of Dr. Peter McCoulogh. Start with “Pathophyiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection.” McCullough, et. al. The American Journal of Medicine, January 01, 2021. Tell your husband to PubMed it, then tell himI said, “your welcome.”

      PS: My entire household, family of 5 just contracted COVID-19 with full blown symptomatic cases, even down to my 5 year old boy. Guess what? We lived. One adult in the house had tightness of chest. He went to the JBER Hospital, which was EMPTY. He received a Budesonide inhaler. We are all 100% recovered with all the benefits of robust and long-lasting adaptive immunity. This is becuase I STUDY AND LEARN. I do NOT just ingest and regurgitate what I’m told, and I don’t succumb to emotional tactics like the one you just tried to employ on the Watchman readership.

    • Tamra Corthell Nygaard says:

      Not at all so. I know for a fact that the Army Corps of Engineers built 40+ beds at the Alaska Airlines Center and never had to use even one of them. I also know that Hospitals don’t have extra ICU beds because if they don’t use them, it is cheaper to make them otherwise. They have met all cases that needed care, and still had room for other emergencies. I’m sorry you and yours had to do their jobs, since apparently that is some kind of burden upon you, but it is untrue that the system was ever even tested let alone overwhelmed. Stop spreading misinformation. If you have to fib to make your point, then your point is moot.

  • Thomas Dooley says:

    The evilwitch must be burned at the stake. Let me rephrase for you uneduczted fools. She must be removed from office however it happens. She is killing this town!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    How STUPID is this, even after the shot they still want you to wear a double mask.
    No mask wearing for me or this scary vaccine shot
    I live my life you live your. If your Afraid stay home let us live are life’s as we see fit.
    Stop being Sheep people. Who’s in control you are this Fake mayor, she just a Cry Baby loser, if she does not get her way.

  • NAV says:

    LISTEN UP Citizens of Alaska : The acting Mayor has openly in her tyrannical tactics has issued to the citizens of Anchorage and ultimatum mandating vaccinations in order to establish a free market, this is a clear “VIOLATION of your civil liberties and she can personally be held FINANCIALLY liable for all damages and the city of Anchorage can also be held financially liable along with everyone on the assembly that has gone into agreement with the Mayor.

    This case against the city and the mayor is cut and dry in the state Supreme Court, case law and case precedence has already been set all it takes is for you business owners to come together in a class action law suit and you will win.

    b) The Governor and all state agencies with follow tenants and protocol that were established and excepted from the trials of “Nuremberg 1947” and laying down 10 standards which physicians must conform when carrying out “experiments” on “human subjects”. “Universal Declaration of Bioethics and human rights”.

    c) Explanation of standards:
    This judgment established a new standard of ethical medical behavior for the post World War II human rights era. Amongst other requirements, this document enunciates the requirement of voluntary informed consent of the human subject. The principle of voluntary informed consent protects the right of the individual to control his own body. The principles established by this code for medical practice now have been extended into general codes of medical ethics.

    The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. 1947 Nuremburg Code, BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL No 7070 Volume 313: Page 1448, 7 December 1996.

    Further, the International Community has also adopted the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights which asserts three fundamental rights:
    1.Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention (such as masks or vaccines) is only to be carried out with the prior free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.
    2.Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express, and informed consent of the person concerned. The information should be adequate, provided in a comprehensible form and should include modalities for withdrawal of consent. Consent may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without any disadvantage or prejudice.
    3.In appropriate cases of research carried out on a group of persons or a community, additional agreement of the legal representatives of the group or community concerned may be sought. In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.
    Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights. As the Second Circuit Court of Appeals articulated in the case Abdullahi v. Pfizer, Inc., 562 F. 3d 163, 176 (Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit) (2009)

    d) Nor does any private individual, business, Entity or Corporation have the policing power given to the State Legislature to force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or the use of any other means to demand conformance from any citizen who does not voluntary act at will through the protection provided by the US constitution or the State of Alaska Constitution.

  • Dan says:

    Unelected AQD is Anchorage’s emergency. Her and the Assembly are wholly responsible for the Greatest Depression ANC has seen over 35 years. So bizarre how the MOA officials are S-elected.

  • Kathy Miller says:
    One thing I haven’t seen addressed: Of all those who have been hit the worst and/or died, how many were taking a medication that lowered their immune system? Look at any ad or commercial for a drug, and almost EVERY ONE cautions about lowered immunity as a side effect!