According to an April 13 article by Roll Call, Sen. Lisa Murkowski is still undecided on whether to run for a fourth full term in the U.S. Senate.

Murkowski told Capitol reporters that she will make up her mind “when I make it.”

In the meantime, however, Murkowski said she is “doing everything that a good incumbent does in terms of preserving my options, visiting with Alaskans, spending a lot of time, as much time on the ground as I can, and raising money.”

She’s also picked up the endorsement of the Senate Leadership Fund Super PAC.

Winning reelection, however, won’t come without a fight. Alaska’s Republican Party has vowed to run a candidate against Murkowski for what it sees as her betrayal of conservative and Republican values.

Former President Donald Trump has also pledged to do everything in his power to oust Murkowski who voted to convict him during the impeachment hearing earlier this year. Add to this the fact that a formidable conservative challenger has emerged in Kelly Tshibaka.

The former state commissioner of Administration, Tshibaka defines herself as pro-life, pro-liberty and pro-America first. An April Cygnal poll shows here with a 33.6% to 18.8% favorability rating over Murkowski.

When asked by reporters on April 13 as to whether she had any thoughts on Tshibaka, Murkowski quipped, “Not really.”

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Murkowski says she’s still mulling reelection campaign

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Linda says:

    It would definitely be to her advantage if she just steps away and let a ‘real’ Alaskan take her place…one with ‘real’ Republican values!

    • Fred Lee says:

      What exactly are real Republican values these days?

      In the old days, Republican values included small government, free trade, personal responsibility, integrity, independence of corporations from government interference. These have all been thrown by the wayside recently. The Republican Party’s platform is, literally, to “enthusiastically support President Trump”.

      I hope in 2022 there will actually be a coherent platform on which a Republican candidate can run.

  • John J Otness says:

    Joe Miller…

  • John J Otness says:

    Mike Shower.

    • EscapedAnchorage says:

      A or B. Joe was not a bad guy, they painted him in a bad light, just like their doing to (insert “dissident” Republican of your choice here). Joe should have won last time if Old Bags hadn’t cheated.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      My thoughts exactly

  • Michael S Totten says:

    I swear to god if you guys vote her back into office i will lose the last bit of respect I have for you alaska. Im a texan who spent 16 years up there watching her policies screw you guys. DO THE RIGHT THING!

    • Lobo says:

      Indeeed.. I’m not convinced that she was “voted” in the last time.

      • EscapedAnchorage says:

        Bingo. Y’all should hear what Bernadette Wilson has to say about it.

      • Elizabeth Henry says:

        Lobo – Agree. A write in campaign producing myriads of ballots, many with misspellings of her name and, rumor has it, lots of the same handwriting. The entire process was indeed suspect.

  • Lobo says:

    Her key words “raising money”.

  • Anna Castor says:

    Murkowski is a disgrace and has betrayed the people who elected her. Her “daddy” gave her his seat in the Senate and she held onto it by lying. She would have NEVER been able to win a seat in the Senate on her own.

    • Michael S Totten says:

      I have been screaming that statement since 2004 but it fell on deaf ears because the native Corp kept paying for her seat. ASRC and all the rest of them should be held to account for helping her cheat the people!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Daddy’s loser of a daughter
    I never voted for lisa Not once.
    She a lying cheating swamp creature.
    Please Please Mr Trump come to Alaska for a rally to help vote her out.
    It would be AWESOME

  • Steve says:

    I’ve got an idea. Let’s build a monumental fence in every community that way Lisa will have a fence to sit on in every Alaskan community and she won’t need to return to Washington, D.C.