While vaccination rates are slowly creeping up across Alaska, certain populations remain far more resistant about getting a COVID shot.

According to a new report from the Alaska Dept. of Health & Social Services, 49.2% of Alaskans over age 16 have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. That figure is boosted by some areas such as Southeast and interior villages where residents are far more open to the experimental vaccines.

In other areas, such as the Mat-Su, Fairbanks and Kenai, large majorities have not had a shot.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy has made it clear that he will not mandate COVID shots, nor will he require any proof of vaccination in order for Alaskans or others to freely travel across the state. Despite his stance on the statewide level, certain businesses are now mandating that employees or patrons get vaccinated.

While state health officials continue to pressure Alaskans to get the vaccine, statewide transmission and daily case rates have decreased between April 18-24, even in areas where few are vaccinated such as the Mat-Su Valley where two out of every three people have not had a single dose of the vaccine.

Overall, Alaska saw a 3.5% decrease in reported COVID cases last week with 1,090 total cases. There were just 37 people hospitalized with COVID, statewide, and five who needed a ventilator.

According to the latest numbers from the CDC, 43% of all Americans over age 18 have at least one COVID shot.


  • Southeast Fairbanks: 28.4%
  • Mat-Su: 33.6%
  • North Slope: 34.2%
  • Fairbanks: 40.1%
  • Kenai: 41.4%
  • Prince of Wales-Hyder: 46.3%
  • Chugach-Copper River: 49.6%
  • Dillingham: 50.1%
  • Anchorage: 52.8%
  • Denali Borough: 53%
  • Aleutians West: 53.1%
  • Ketchikan: 55.5%
  • NW Arctic Borough: 55.7%
  • Wrangell: 56.6%
  • Aleutians East: 56.7%
  • Kodiak: 59.8%
  • Bristol Bay plus Lake & Peninsula: 63.7%
  • Haines Borough: 66.3%
  • Bethel Census Area: 68.7%
  • Sitka: 69%
  • Juneau: 69.4%
  • Kusilvak: 69.4%
  • Yukon Koyukuk: 69.6%
  • Yakutat/Hoonah-Angoon: 71.2%
  • Nome: 72.1%
  • Petersburg: 72.9%
  • Skagway: 78.2%

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Mat-Su residents remain far less inclined to get the COVID shot

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • John J. Otness says:

    Taking an experimentaL injection that the Pharmacological industry cannot be held liable for when its chief advocates are Genocidal depopulation maniacs puts those that volunteer in a class just below the IQ level of mud fence. My people perish for lack of knowledge is not a misstatement in the least. Many have signed their own death warrants I am so sad to say. The Doctors of Death like Joseph Mengele of Hitlers regime had children that are doing the same thing with the aid of the likes of Gov Dunleavy and Franklin Graham pushing this shit on people. The death rate will skyrocket soon from those injected and the finger pointing will be started in earnest. It will be said that the non stupid that did not take the vaxx will be at fault and a mandatory push will begin . We tried to warn for years but ignorant sheep will be the cause of the genocidal war that looms as we will fight to avoid these poisons injected into our bodies. The Watchman must warn or the blood of the innocent is on his hands. GOD will not be mocked by these that play him on earth….

    • EscapedAnchorage says:

      Amen, brother. Also, that vaccine has had more deaths then any other vaccines combined.

    • John J. Otness says:

      The FDA has now come out with a video I will post in following comment that states clearly they will not approve any COVID VACCINE until testing is complete,,,, Our Governor is reckless in his evil push . There will be. repercussions as the wording is clear in the Nuremberg code against the Coercion of medical testing with this EXPERIMENTAL POISON!!!!!!!… May he face the full judgement of what he has done against his Constituents and Humanity. The genocidal globalist maniacs only seek a big chunk death toll as their vision is de population, Damn them all to HELL FOR THIS EVIL PLOY.

    • Dee Cee says:

      “It will be said that the non stupid that did not take the vaxx will be at fault and a mandatory push will begin.” That’s what I’m afraid of. It’s already written into the playbook. “Unvaccinated youth fuel Measles outbreak at Harvard” where 99.0% of the student population was vaccinated, and infections were identified ONLY in vaccinated individuals… Interesting how they’ve been working on this story line for so long now. It’s almost like they planned it…

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    The Covid numbers in the Matsu valley remain low, despite having no mandates. Why would one want an experimental vaccine unless it is required for work or travel? My husband has received it as it was necessary for his work travels but I am waiting. I am not around many people, work from home, and both the influenza and tetanus vaccines make me sick. Hence I’m not really enthusiastic about the Covid vaccine unless I need it to travel, which I do not as of yet.

  • Mongo Love Candy says:

    A vaccine for a virus that has never been isolated using Koch’s postulates nor sequenced, is a scam. The whole damned event is a Scamdemic. The real question is why and by who?

  • AK SAVAGE says:

    Everyone needs to watch this and share with friends and family,

  • JinAk says:

    I live in the Mat Su and am glad to live amongst others who have chosen to not get the experimental medical intervention. My whole family just got over Covid and now we have natural immunity. And recently there’s some talk about people who have been “vaccinated” possible shedding some of their injected material to others simply by being in close proximity to them and it’s causing things like irregular menstrual bleeding etc. I don’t know who to believe but it’s sure as h— not the government, the CDC, Big Pharma. I am trusting my gut and it says to be wary.

  • Steve Rasmussen says:

    It would be unconscionable to make the shots mandatory. The vaccines are experimental. Experimental drugs should never be mandated on the public. People deserve the right to choose and to not be denigrated for their choice.

    I have two shots Moderna in me, but no one else in my family is vaccinated. If I were 40 years younger I might not have done that.

  • james mason says:

    Do you people reject science completely or just where it suits your favorite superstitions? Do you people fly on airplanes? Do you watch television? Airplanes and television are science, same as vaccination. I’m alive thanks to medical science and “big pharma.” I have a hunch plenty of you clowns are as well.

    • John J. Otness says:

      here smell my finger…….. are you really that naive? the FDA wont go near approving this EXPERIMENTAL BULLSHIT …. ladies and gentlemen meet Cognitive Dissonance, Science… your blinded by it…Its just a word thrown around to herd sheep in this case….

      • John J. Otness says:

        Im sure you took the fake toxic vaccine and your afraid to walk that lonesome valley alone… You wont convince the educated to accompany the illiterate…. You are the experiment,, Best to you..

  • J says:

    Just say no to medical tyranny
    We should not be forced to inject toxic chemicals into our bodies.
    Don’t get the shot!