Wednesday’s rogue FBI raid on an innocent couple in Homer is an example of what happens when a lawless and completely illegitimate political party and administration come to power. The Democrats are utilizing the proven techniques of communism and fascism, and weaponizing federal law enforcement for political purposes. They are now reaping the fruits of the November’s compromised election. Its aftermath spells the end of freedom in America. It is no longer a threat. It is here, and none of us are safe.

Paul and Marilyn Hueper went to D.C. on January 6 to listen to Donald Trump’s speech. Like other Alaskans, they were at the very foot of the stage and in front of a million people in the Washington Mall, but when they were dismissed by Trump to “peacefully and patriotically protest,” they suddenly found themselves at the back of an exceptionally long line. They got lost, they bought a hot dog, they started up the steps, but they never got within a hundred yards of entering the capitol building.

Nevertheless, the FBI had security footage of a woman that they suspect stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. Because even minimal social media postings are not private, the FBI got hold of a photo of Marilyn Hueper’s face and clothing that day. Marilyn’s hairstyle and coat colors somewhat matched the photo they had of the woman in the Capitol. Because they knew the fact that the Huepers were in D.C., they bashed in the door of their living quarters at their posh Homer Inn and Spa boutique hotel with guns drawn. They placed them and two other hotel guests in handcuffs, separated them and began questioning … all without showing their badges or any search warrant.

This sort of amateurish and fresh-from-the-academy behavior will someday lead to bloodshed.

When requested to do so, the Heupers were told, “In due time.” They were never even read their Miranda rights. And when they finally showed them the warrant – fully two and a half hours later – the Huepers did not even have sufficient time to read it or the briefly flashed badges completely.

Any grade-school child would be able to see that the woman in the security image was not Marilyn Hueper, based on simple front-face and profile images which the FBI unquestionably possessed and which Marilyn helpfully pointed out to them. Nevertheless, their home was literally ransacked, the gun safe opened and their cell phones and personal laptops seized. They have not been returned.

Thoughtfully, the Hueper’s were promised a new door by the FBI.

What conclusions can be drawn by all this?

For starters, our cell phones and computers have become tools by which the government spies on us. Most of us already knew that, but they are not necessarily any longer our helpful friends.

Next, as Marilyn Hueper said, “We never thought we needed to know our rights. That was for other people to know.” In a case where the federal constitution is actually the operative document to consult, the 4th Amendment, already egregiously abused by the TSA, states: “And no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, or the persons or things to be seized.”

All the agents needed to do was allow them to study the warrant. Whether or not it fulfilled all the requirements would be something for lawyers to parse through later. This sort of amateurish and fresh-from-the-academy behavior will someday lead to bloodshed.

Lastly, perhaps the real purpose of the raid was to intimidate citizens to not even protest. Going to the wrong rally in the wrong place at the wrong time might get you an FBI courtesy call.

Alaska’s lawmakers ought to consider discarding the mysteriously concocted system of boroughs and do what 48 other states have done: create counties. In the Anglo-Saxon common law heritage, a county’s top authority is the sheriff, elected by the people and responsible to them alone. No renegade or politically motivated federal agents can operate without a sheriff’s permission. In many examples, federal agents from the IRS, FBI, BATFE and other agencies have been ordered out by local sheriffs.

There is never any argument. They quickly pack up and go back to their D.C. Swamp.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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What can be learned from the FBI raid on an innocent Homer couple?

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 47-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. He has a passion for studying and teaching Alaska and U.S. constitutional history. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for The Talk of the Kenai, on KSRM 920 AM from 3-5 pm and heard online


  • Campbell Casey Maj says:

    Exactly Bob.
    Thanks for the article.

  • G Aleution says:

    it appears the bankrupt corporation has marginal presence in the foreign neighborhood of District of Columbia taken from the state of Maryland. It should be returned to that state. The bankrupted corporation of the US no longer is available. the republic for which it ostensibly stood still stands Constitution and all. But no longer saddled with illegal fraudulent contracts with other foreign enemy states who have been sucking this country dry. Practically the other smaller corporations, aka “agencies” are homeless. Seeking new lairs and hideouts. How much does Juneau know about these developments. Democrat states like state of Washington are vindictive and are pushing the chase down of those who went to Washington DC. Remember DC was literally never the peoples. It literally belongs to the Vatican, City of London and Who knows else. Lisa
    Murkowski knows this. Sullivan and Young know this. What are they doing for Alaska.

  • G Aleution says:

    Ofuscating as usual. Don Young is the most straight forward in the bunch. You have to know what’s wrong before you can fix it. The Congress was going to hear evidence regarding foreign intervention in the election results. An AZ audit minimally was being discussed. There was also a letter from ItaLy (Is that foreign) was placed in our Senators hands at the start of that session which your Senators read while they were ignoring the people’s request to not certify the election right then. Then the early excitement was sprung on the people by determined partisan agencies with a lot to lose while President Trump as still speaking. The paid crisis actors were ebidently ponging away dramatically in dc. Now the theatrics and optics continue in this horror show.

  • Mike G says:

    And you thought you lived in a free country. Yeah. Right.

  • Neil A DeWitt says:

    Our form of government says “innocent until proven guilty”. Only problem is whenever something goes wrong your always guilty and have to prove your innocents.

  • Richard Clausen says:

    Good writeup Bob. Thanks

  • Jeanette says:

    This is what we have to look forward to if we allow the white house to be obtained illegally.

  • Mike Widney says:

    Constitutional Scholar and speaker KrisAnne Hall came up here to Alaska and spoke to gatherings around the State. She told us that Alaska’s number one political priority should be to get Constitutional Sheriffs in place. That was quit a few years ago.

  • John says:

    I have commented elsewhere on this. I did want to clarify one point, the TSA searches are “Consent Searches.” If you want to fly and present yourself at the TSA Security Point, you are “consenting” to the search.

    • Steve says:

      And when this government decides that leaving your house to participate in society is also a “Consent Search” how will you clarify that action?

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Plus, Where am I Biden. They need to get a Saturday Night live, look alike person. Who we can understand are someone who knows there own name.
    Extended wearing masks at the tsa/airport, it was to sunset may11th. Only wear your mask for 100 days. Wait it’s been Extended until mid September.
    When will all this madness end. Not until Joe Biden is out of office.

  • David Boyle says:

    The Huepers need to save the “kicked in” door and fund raise off it! Do not give it to the government.

  • Joaquita Martin says:

    This was nothing more than a disgusting attempt by the federal government to let us all know that our freedom is gone and the Constitution is no longer relevant to them. Had the current federal government been truly elected by the people, I would say shame on us…but we all know what is REALLY afoot here. Shame on the cheating leftists…one of these days, the government they wanted will be here for them too.

  • J says:

    Sad but its only going to get worse unless a lot more of us stand up for freedom.

  • Bucket says:


  • Jebster69 says:

    A simple photo recognition program would’ve confirmed this lady wasn’t the person that stole the lap top.

  • Michael C Coons says:

    I got this from Kelly Tshibaka for those that want to. General Hotline to DOJ is We can write in to the IG as to what happened to Paul and Marilyn Hueper . No idea if this will do any good, but hey, all we can do is try!
    BTW, I talked to Senator Pete Peter A. Micciche about this as well and asked for the Senate to take action as well. He will get hold of Sen Gary Stevens, again, no idea if this will help either as to Gary. I even had the idea of the Senate putting forward a Senate/House Joint resolution to the FBI. Don’t know if the House would go for it, we might have the votes in the Senate. All we can do is try!

  • Billy Brinson says:

    Sue the shit out of them

  • John J. Otness says:

    WATCH MARICOPA,, When the Dominoes and DOMINION fall and an audit of the millions of dollars that Zuckerberg paid out for total obedience to the DOMINION crime, All will be revealed and Prison will be on the Menu. All Legislators that ignored the interference in our election by a foreign Nation that said nothing will be prosecuted…. Its not to late to mind your Helm and follow your oath… You know this…

  • John J. Otness says:


  • Wayne Aramanda says:

    Now we know why they just raided Trumps lawyer , they thought that the lap top was there. It shows how stupid the corrupt FBI are. He would have known , that if he had it , not to keep it there. I would like for an answer to this question. I think that I may know the answer , but I am not really sure. Example , at the border , they keep telling Biden and crew to look over here , can you not see the damage that you have done. The border should know , rite now that Biden is doing exactly what he was paid to do over the last 40 years , which is to destroy America , along with the left and George Soros and Hillary and Obama , and the list is endless. Trump said today on One America News ,that he has had enough of all this damage and he will stand with us , all the way , so keep watching OANN.COM , or Verizon FIOS channel 116. I would welcome an answer. thanks very much for your time

  • Jennifer says:

    My name is Jennifer. I am Marilyn’s sister. Trust when I say that Marilyn is NOT an “innocent victim,” nor is Paul. If the author of this article would like to know the whole story and correct the record, he’s welcome to reach out to me directly.

  • Jan says:

    I’m her daddy’s uncle sisters brother cousin twice removed mother. Anyone who knows my baby knows she is a good girl, always ate the vegetables and paid her dues but most importantly her ears are the same as I birthed them and Jen was always jealous of that fact she looks like her uncle reddit with a bigger nose, very long.

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