Parents who wish to offer their time and talent as volunteers in an Anchorage public school, whether as a chaperone, classroom helper, tutor, mentor or in any other capacity, must be fully vaccinated beforehand. Failure to do so bars you from volunteering.

The requirement is listed on the Anchorage School District website and it applies to volunteers in every conceivable capacity, from childcare to science fair judge to greeters at family and school events.

Since the vaccination rate in Anchorage is just a little over 50%, the protocol effectively eliminates nearly half of all parents and volunteers from participating in the life of their local schools.

Those who do submit to the vaccine policy, must show their vaccination card before being approved to volunteer. They must also wear an Anchorage School District approved mask at all times, maintain three to six feet of social distance from all others and wash their hands regularly.

The Anchorage School District website states that parents have a “key role in promoting effective schooling,” and the district states that it “will provide welcoming opportunities for parent participation.” It adds that “schools and parents must work as knowledgeable, respectful partners.”


  • To contact Anchorage School District Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop, email or call (907) 742-4312.

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Anchorage schools ban the non-vaxed from any volunteering

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Stacy Christensen says:

    So, one can’t enter the building without being injected? If one gets jabbed, why the need to wear a mask and keep the distance and be reminded once again to wash hands often. . . Really??? Can anon-injected parent walk into the building to get their child? Isn’t the “injection” supposed to keep the “injected” individual safe? Why do they care so much about others? This is getting out of hand.

    • Arctic Blast says:

      I could not agree more with your sentiments. Their whole reasoning and rules defy all logic.

      • Eddie says:

        I agree!! It’s total nonsense and the ones who are being affected by it aren’t the vacinnated or the unvaccinated….it’s the kids.

      • Carrie Harris says:

        It’s their loss, people need to stop supporting the vac mask Hysteria. That means drop the afn and other news subscription, don’t shop or support business big or small going along with the hysteria.. I understand stand they are trying to survive but to go along with this is Anti American

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      “Dictators gone wild”. If all this stuff is supposed to help, why does Fauci take off HIS mask when he doesn’t think the camaras are rolling, not to mention lack of social distancing (I’ve seen the video). Why don’t members of congress and others such as people reporting the news have to wear their masks and social distance while being filmed. Watch C-span sometime, especially during a temporary recess. All the staff seem to be following all the guidelines, but members of congress walk around without masks nor social distancing.
      WE ALL HAVE TO STAND UP! STOP WEARING THESE MASKS in stores and especially outdoors. I don’t wear one into Fred Meyers, Carrs, and Cabela’s (so far). If enough of us do this, the madness will stop.
      What’s the point of getting a vaccine that, may, adversely affect you health if we have to keep on doing these non-sensical things? And, for the newly elected leftist school board decision, go to one of their meetings; see if they properly wear the correct masks and NEVER touch or adjust them without throwing the affected mask away and donning a new one (CDC rules, not mine). Not even the president does this.
      AAAARRRGGGHHHH! I had better stop before I say something I don’t want to say.

  • Steve says:

    If they can’t get everyone to comply with their SS tactic on this flu run, how the hell are they going to get us to give up all our rights on next years flu run? We need to stop electing official that want to control us!

  • Barbara says:

    So now, it’s not just ” do this or else (insert loss of any right you’d like)”, it’s “do this or else you can’t come get your kids from school or be with them on a field trip”? Why is it so bad that some people don’t want to get this thing? Why can’t other people realize I know better than the Govt if I am sick or not, and that I will act appropriately as such? Why can’t I just say I’m young and dont need the jab? I really thought that America was better than this. Better than holding people hostage from their freedoms. Geez. This will only get worse if we let ASD implement this ridiculous CRT. Can we please bring back actual history lessons? Learn from history on what not to do, because right now, history is repeating itself, and it’s not looking good.

    • Melinda says:

      I’m afraid their history lessons will be adulterated with bias and falsehoods. I worked as support staff for ASD nearly 30 years. I barely recognize it anymore.

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      One of the first things they did was institute “Critical Race Theory” in our schools. Wake up people; it is already getting too late to stop these Nazis.

  • Alaska Voter says:

    If instituted policies I disagree with I should not have to pay in school taxes I’m sick and tired of the ignorance in today’s education system.

  • Jennifer says:

    If you’re opposed to COVID vaccination requirements or mandates, please sign the petition!

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      I just tried the link, and after entering my info was directed to a site that was in CHINESE (I think, it might have been another Asian language). So now they have my email address and name….

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    How can you help out the Kids wearing a mask and standing back six feet.
    It’s all madnesses, So Many Afraid Sheep. It’s stupidness you jump first, ok let’s hold hands together 1, 2, 3 jump

  • Maggie Fussner says:

    Another reason to get put of Anchorage

  • Alaska SnowGrl says:

    So….the school district allows exceptions to vaccinations due to religious reasons….I’m assuming that doesn’t apply to Covid “vaccine” though? Just another way to control and brainwash your kids without your presence. Don’t complain when your kids turn out more left than those teaching them.

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      Just tell who ever tries to stop you that you are conducting a political protest. Also, it is against Federal HIPPA laws to even ask about your health status. Report these Nazis to HIPPA, or you will loose all of your rights.

  • Concerned Mom of Three says:

    I’m so glad I pulled my kids out of the school district. I hope parents band together and fight back with a lawsuit. ASD and Bishop and the school board need to remember who they are working for.

  • Dee Cee says:

    Deena Bishop is the worst! Time for parents to revolt. Whether you agree w vaccines or not, parents MUST always have the right to make medical decisions on behalf of their children, just as individual adults must always have the same agency over their own bodies. American public schools are a hegemon on their own, and they see the fantastic power of the medical cabal, thinking, “I want that power too.” Don’t let them have it.

  • EscapedAnchorage says:

    I dunno, Carol Comeau was pretty bad. Can’t imagine what she’d be like under COVID

  • EscapedAnchorage says:

    Why did Anchorage continue to vote “yes” on school bonds last month? It’s long past time to defund ASD by means of voting no to the bonds. This is the least of ASDs problems, CRT was implemented. Not only do they force the jab, they want your children to be racists too. Take a lesson from Vail, AZ, force the school board to quit by overrunning them with in-person complaints. Except Dave Donley because he actually cares about the children.

  • Char says:

    Super pathetic it’s not even a vaccine it’s a trial it’s not even FDA APPROVED WAKE UP!

  • Uliana says:

    Write, call, and share
    Do your part

  • Jane says:

    Stop discriminating against people who do not want to participate in a medical experiment!

  • Louise says:

    They listen to the shrill histrionic vocal Karen contingent and no one else’s opinion or beliefs matter. I do NOT want vaccinated people shedding around my kid.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Weak parents allowed this to happen. I would have pulled my kids out of school a year ago.

  • Kenneth Wells says:

    If ASD succeeds with this, the next step will be requiring children to be vaccinated to attend school.

    • david Boyle says:

      That is exactly correct! No kids in school until they are vaccinated. Time for an “insurrection” against K12 public schools

  • Robert Logan says:

    It is long past time to pull your children out of government schools. What they are doing is child abuse.
    You will be amazed how much more your children learn by homeschooling them. Not the correspondence school administered by the district and falsely labelled “homeschool” by the district to confuse parents. Homeschool is defined in statute as the parents teaching the children without any state support or supervision.

    We have never followed any packaged curricula. We do what makes sense for our lives and their futures. The eldest child is 11 and taught himself 5 programming languages. The younger is 10 and is systematically working through examinations for contracting in the various trades. Because we have taught them how to learn on their own. Children are capable of FAR more than our culture provides. They are infantilized and incluclated with self-destructive PC propaganda. Get them out.

  • david Boyle says:

    Hey, Superintendent Bishop, are all staff vaccinated? If not, prohibit them from entering any school property

  • Frieda Byars says:

    That is a communist approach. Force people to do what you say and they get no choice any more. Some cannot be vaxxed for whatever reason, so you want to just ban them? That is not a free America or Alaska. No bans.

  • Theresa says:

    Please take action and write, respectfully, to Dr. Bishop. She needs to hear from us!

  • Donna says:

    How ignorant to assume that everyone can be vaccinated. Top notch discrimination and bullying behavior Anchorage. If you subscribe to the left leaning agenda, pack your bags and move out of Alaska. We don’t need anyone trying impose nazi strategies.

  • Colorado Conservative says:

    Just sent an email to the Superintendent and the rest of the ASD Board. I told them parents need to sue the district for demanding an experimental vaccine not approved by the FDA so taxpaying parents and family can “volunteer” at the schools they pay for. Thank you Watchman for posting the Superintendent’s contact info.

  • Judy Eledge says:

    Do all employees of ASD have proof of a vaccination? If they are vaccinated why should we have to be Kids are not at risk for getting covid. This is for adults not children. who are still don’t want kids back in school.
    I am not sure it is t unconstitutional. Class action anyone?