A study of history is a practice sorely lacking in todays society and culture. The only thing new under the sun in a hundred years of empty modern thinking is the idea that it is perfectly normal and acceptable, even noble, to mutilate your genitalia and that science need not apply in matters of social reconstruction. That IS a new idea and borne only of our technological advancements in the fields of medicine and surgery. Its partner idea is that a child has the ability to make wise, thoughtful, and proper life decisions for themselves before they have even entered puberty. Question the wisdom of either notion, and you will suffer the slings and arrows.

Take for instance the very phychologist who spent his career working with children and teens who were experiencing gender identity disorder, who worked in a clinical setting with children and teens and lobbied with great effort to get gender identity disorder changed to gender dysphoria in the DSM. Kenneth Zucker, originally the darling of the Transgender movement for legitimizing the condition was later crucified because of his treatment recommendation of “watchful waiting.” In his clinical research he found that the vast majority, over 80% in fact, of persons experiencing gender dysphoria will mature out of the condition. It will resolve itself. He published a paper called the “myth of persistance” which was a rebuttal to the notion that gender dysphoria was an urgent medical condition that cannot be questioned and must be accepted and treated immediately. The commitment that it must be permanently and irrevocably treated medically, no matter the age of the patient, was to him (and anyone with a shred of common sense or decency) terrible medicine.

“the left is guilty of one thing above all else and that is projection.”

Common practice now is that a five year old girl tells a therapist “I think I’m a boy” and the therapist must immediately confirm and support this idea, recommend permanent, life-changing hormone blockers to prevent her feminine maturation, and proceed with counseling that affirms and reaffirms that her initial impulse was the truth, and that any reservations or second thoughts to remain consistent with your born biological sex are destructive to the child.

Society has lost its mind. My toddler son sometimes roars like he’s a lion. He’s adorable. But by their logic, I should put him in a cage and feed him only raw, red meat… or perhaps release him onto the Serengeti. Treat him like the other lions. If he decides that he’s ready to be a boy again, I cannot accept second thoughts, and must tell him he was right to say he was a lion and that we’ll be supporting his feline transition from now on, there’s no going back. It’s insanity that this passes muster in any scientific circles, yet, it does.

Gad Saad, author of the excellent book, the Parasitic Mind explores the idea of virulent ideas that are destroying or have destroyed common sense in many avenues of society. Starting with the preeminent nonsense of post-modernism (the idea that everything you’ve experienced in life is a verbal construct that doesn’t really exist, like objective truth, mathematics, it’s all just something we’ve made up, etc.) and he then through a host of virulent, bad ideas including marxism, socialism and communism which BEGIN with a noble goal, but eventually and universally descend into destructive nonsense at best, and mass murder or genocide at worst.

“CNN Contributors have already called for the national cleansing of Trump Supporters.”

I have maintained for several years that the left is guilty of one thing above all else and that is projection. All we hear on the news and from the maintstream media is white supremacy this, white supremacy that. Everything boils down to the evil of being born white. Even here in Alaska, Critical Race Theory, teaching our kids that to be born white makes you an opressor, and any minority is automatically a victim is being widely embraced. As Martin Luther King rolls over in his grave. One thing is for sure, and it can be observed from government policy to big business, there is indeed a kind of supremacy that is establishing itself firmly in the public square, but it isn’t white supremacy it’s woke supremacy.

You see all supremacist movements share common elements. Be they based on race, on religion, or on nationality… the supreme trait is what qualifies you to all the rights and privileges of your society. Born out of the human condition which lends itself to tribalism… if you do not share the supreme trait, zealotry of the leftist agenda, at first you are to be insulted and marginalized, outcast, but later when properly emboldened come the jack boots and the violence… you know.. the cleansing that CNN contributors have already mentioned as a necessity in America… of Trump supporters.

We are in late phase one of woke supremacy and it will only be stopped if it is publicly called out for what it is. This phase is cancel culture. Lifelong careers destroyed, contributions erased, statues toppled, history rewritten and books literally banned or burned. If you look the other way, keep your head down and your mouth shut… it will continue its advance which is currently, largely non-violent… still destructive though and in America the cleansing is still just mostly the words and wishes of the Woke Supremacist. The evil of woke supremacy and its infectious push to destroy all common sense and common decency between men and women, to eradicate the pillars which have allowed America to grow into the freest, most prosperous, most generous, most accepting and most abundant country on earth will be complete. It’s goal of the total eradication of our traditions, all faith in and mention of God, and the abolishment of the traditional nuclear family will be all but achieved.

I believe someday there will be a reckoning, whether in this life or the next, but if we do nothing to call out this evil by name and stop it, then we are complicit… and can neither plead ignorance, nor beg forgiveness.

This is why we raise the lamp.

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Jake Libbey
Christian, husband, father, amateur-apologist and lover of good communication, our Publisher has invested countless hours bringing the Alaska Watchman to life. Jake is responsible for operations at the Watchman, advertising, and design of the website. In partnership with our Editor-in-Chief, the content for the articles on are a product of the passion, energy and synergy between Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.


  • Arthur Braendel says:

    Thank you for this perspective. It helps me to define what is categorically happening in our country. Seeing it as a Woke Supremacy makes sense. It is a leftist anti God supremacy where there is no room for God and mores in our society. My faith in God is ludicrous to the left and in their wisdom they are made fools.

  • Craig says:

    All that is necessary in order for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    I, for one, am waking up!