There is no reasonable rationale for women to be drafted into war.

Last week, the Senate Armed Forces Committee approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which would require just that.

Men and women are physically and biologically different and are suited for uniquely different roles. War, the only real justification for the draft, requires a highly trained and effective fighting force. There is simply no justification for a female draft. Women already have the ability to enlist in the military; however, to force those who aren’t oriented for warfare into service is unnecessary, cruel, and unusual.

The U.S. military should reject sexual political games like this. D.C. politics have no place in modern warfare.

AFC signed onto a national joint statement opposing this amendment.

We urge you to contact Senator Dan Sullivan and Senator Lisa Murkowski and ask them to reject this amendment.


Woke DC Now Cancelling Rosie the Riveter

As the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) continues to make its way through the Senate, Family Policy Alliance and the alliance of state-based family policy councils raise the alarm that now Woke D.C. is trying to cancel Rosie the Riveter.

Earlier this week, the Senate Armed Services Committee approved an amendment to the NDAA that would require women to register for the draft. This is the latest disappointing move out of Washington, D.C., after months of the Biden Administration’s clear agenda to erase any distinction between the male and female sexes in law and in culture. From the Administration’s stated top priority, the Equality Act, to their recent “guidance” from the Department of Education that turns Title IX on its head by declaring it to be “discriminatory” when men are not permitted access to women’s locker rooms, sports teams, championships, or scholarships if they self-identify as women, the erasure of women appears to be a top priority in D.C.

The state-based family policy councils and Family Policy Alliance responded to the amendment with this joint statement:

“Now Woke DC is canceling Rosie the Riveter? Men and women are equal under the law and equally made in the image of God, but Woke DC has an agenda to erase any differences between men and women. Insisting that women need to be drafted in order to fully participate in our nation’s defense demeans women who have kept our country safe and on track on the front lines in our manufacturing plants and labor force, with our families, and by their voluntary service in the armed forces.

“To win a war but have no American families left at home would be doing the enemy’s job for them. Who will be left to raise children when both mom and dad have given their lives in required service?

Will that be the government—the same government complicit in the nation’s foster care system and lobbying to cancel faith-based adoption and foster care? Mandating women register for the draft is another flawed idea from DC pretending women do not exist.”

Now that the NDAA has cleared the Senate Armed Services Committee, including the Committee’s amendment that would require women to register for the draft, it will head next to the full Senate floor for consideration. The collective Family Policy movement will be urging Senators to reject the amendment.

Organizational signatories to this joint statement (by state):

  • Family Policy Alliance
  • Alaska Family Council
  • Colorado Family Action
  • Family Institute of Connecticut
  • Delaware Family Policy Council
  • The FAMILY LEADER (Iowa)
  • The Family Foundation (Kentucky)
  • Michigan Family Forum
  • Palmetto Family (South Carolina)
  • Family Action Council of Tennessee
  • Family Policy Institute of Washington
  • West Virginia Family Policy Council
  • Wisconsin Family Action
  • Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Alaska Family Council urges opposition to drafting women into war

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • Ralph says:

    Equality means you will do the same.
    Plain and simple.. males have to.. then so should women.
    You cannot have your cake and eat it too…

    • Fire says:

      When you can pass an 8 lb. baby through your penis then we’ll talk, Ralphie boi.

      • Random Alaskan says:

        8 lbs 13 and 1/2 ounces here!!

      • Michael S Totten says:

        Then the military needs to stop lowering the PT standards so females can keep up. When you feminists stop demanding that retarded crap then we can talk

      • Fire says:

        Who do think you’re talking to? I do NOT believe in any draft for either sex, certainly not for women. In my opinion, if women would like to be in the military then they should be allowed AS LONG as they can physically do the job they would like. I do NOT believe PT requirements should have ever been lowered for anyone ever. I am no feminist. I know how strong men are. I do not believe most women belong on a battfield because most women do not have the strength and stamina of a man and that makes women a liability to everyone in that position. My response to Ralph was crude I admit but really the point I was trying to make and should have made was this; Men are on this earth to protect women and children. Women bear children and children are our future. Anyone, especially a man, who thinks women should be fighting wars against men is a coward and can try to start having babies then.

      • Elizabeth Henry says:


      • Michael S Totten says:

        Actually I was talking to YOU and the whole baby argument is stupid. Women think they are so tuff because they can have babies. That’s a retarded argument. Personally this whole argument is stupid. I have fought against females on the enemy battlefield and they are quite formidable. It’s this whole ” i want the benefit of being in the military but dont think I should have to go to war mentality that pisses me off. Personally when it comes to AMERICAN women. No i don’t want any of them in my military because all they do is piss and moan. Now the Israeli women. They are some bad ass soldiers. I would serve next to them anyday of the week. But in the american army. No I don’t think females should be anywhere near a uniform. They’re not geared for it. Im a retired marine so I’m not going to back off my comment. Everytime they tried to drop females into my unit all they did was screw things up. So there you have it. Go get triggered some more!

      • Annemarie Sheppard says:

        Thank you great response to Ralph.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    I knew the feminists were going to throw a tissy fit over this. EQUAL RIGHTS ladies. This is what you asked for. You want to be in COMBAT arms units then you can join the draft too! You can’t have it both ways

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Whom exactly are you talking to Mr. Totten? You will find few radical feminists here if any.

      • Michael S Totten says:

        Well apparantly I am talking to you ms Henry. You wanna keep going on this because i have nothing but time. I spent a good chunk of my life on the ground so none of you triggered fems are going to win this argument with me. Now fire back!

      • Fire says:

        Michael Totten! What is wrong with you? You are purposely twisting everything any woman says on here so you can shriek about feminists. Reread what many of us are saying and then get ahold of yourself. Sheesh.

      • Michael S Totten says:

        I don’t need to re read anything. You are a triggered feminist. The other readers know it and you get mad anytime somebody disagrees with you. Now crawl back into your virtue signal suit and have a coke and a smile

  • Michael Thurber says:

    Women are presently serving in the Armed Forces now. Working in nearly all areas of the military. Why would they not be able to be drafted? That may not mean going into warfare or an armed conflict.

    • Ceak says:

      Woman are supposed to stay home and birth babies. They can enlist if they want, but a draft means all eligible women have to go. No families to be made in battle. I say this as a stay at home mom, myself. And no, men can’t birth babies. I don’t care how many times the liberals say it. My job is to push out babies, my husband will go to battle if necessary.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    All of those 501c3 companies that were named are ALL run by feminists. Think about that.

  • Jan Stanton says:

    I have noticed that all the comments so far are from men. As a woman I feel that women should be required to register for the draft just as men do. That doesn’t mean that the draft will ever be used as it was in Viet Nam but if it ever does then no one should be exempt from the register, does that mean everyone will have to serve no there are exemptions for men and so there would also be exemptions for women. I don’t feel anyone who lives in this country should be exempt from serving to protect our country. If you don’t want to fine live somewhere else. I don’t like how this is being done by this administration as I feel it is for the wrong reason, it has nothing to do with the love of country for them, it is a political move. In

    • Linda says:

      Well said…I agree completely! One of my daughters served actively years ago and says it’s the best thing she could’ve done at that time in her life. Received her education and occupation as a result. There are areas where women are better than men. No disrespect to our guys!

    • Random Alaskan says:

      except the gov wants to disarm us at home and put everyone in an army, much like ccp…hmmm

  • Herman Nelson says:

    Why? I thought we were all “equal”. (sarcasm off) Today’s feminists want the rights and privileges of men and also want to retain their rights and privileges of being women. Pick one and stick to it. I’ve made the mistake of dating a feminist once. Demanded equal rights, got butt hurt when not given the respects and courtesies of a woman. “Why did you not hold the door open for me? We’re equal, remember?”.

  • Sierra says:

    Here is one who agrees with the article. Males and females are indeed different. As much as we try to erase that, biologically it is a fact. I do not think women should be drafted because, as a woman and a mom, I do not think women, in general, have the same warrior mindset. My son will take on the world. My daughters will feed them. It’s OK to have differences in life. In some realms of life there should be equality in opportunity, but not in mandates. At the same time, the standards must not be lowered to accommodate both sexes.

  • Mike Moore says:

    I agree with Sierra. Women should not be drafted. They can enlist, but not placed on a mandatory draft role. It’s a matter of choice, and as we all know having a choice is the definition of freedom. I have two daughters that were raised to be ladies, not combat soldiers, they enjoy being ladies, that’s what they wanted to be. Attending college getting their degrees and having a good life was just fine for them. As a veteran myself, I went so my family would be safe, and to maintain our way of life. I’ll be danged if the government will take my girls and place them in harms’ way.
    I understand there are women that want to push the limits, and those who do can choose to enlist. But, don’t drag others into something they don’t want, just for some equality nonsense. Men and women will never be equal, they were created to be gifted with the tools needed to do what they can and are supposed to do.

    • Michael C Coons says:

      My wife is a lady who wore combat boots and wore BDU’s as well. I’m not attacking your daughters but I am tired of the mantra of “you can volunteer while I stay safe. Remember is was 3% of the colonist that fought in the Revolutionary war. When my wife joined think the women percentage was 2%, I heard past 20% now.

    • GI Joe says:

      Mike, Well said. A bullet awaits anyone who tries to take my daughter and get her killed in some sh#t-hole overseas. That was/is my job!

    • Michael S Totten says:

      Remember it’s years of feminists screaming EQUAL RIGHTS that brought this on. I say right on now you’re all equal

    • Michael S Totten says:

      If they cant be drafted then they shouldnt be allowed to enlist. You need to see your hypocracy in this.

  • Michael C Coons says:

    OK, I’m going to take a different tact to this.
    First off as a USAF 20 year NCO and married to another USAF 20 year NCO, I have no problem with women signing up for Selective Service. I’ll say here that I believe we waste a ton of money and should get rid this all together. That said.
    The foot solder, the fighter pilot (which women are), the mud Marine, the Navy, are all supported by a long lo logistics tail. Medical, Finance, Personnel, supply, bombs, bullets, food, intel, the list is long Think the last I heard it was a 4-1 ratio. So if we were to go to war, it isn’t all those that are drafted that are put in the point of the spear.
    That said, what is the front lines? I deployed a second echolon medical unit to Saudi in support of Desert Storm. That included men and women. They all slept in chem gear and when SCUDS came in they put on the gas masks. Look at London during WW II, lots of logistical people and civilians died from bombings and the V2 rocket attacks.
    My wife was intel. She almost got deployed to Saudi and would have been in the same boat as my medics.
    Women have served our nation going back to the Revolutionary War. Most honorably, some with distinction, fewer needed the boot out. So this idea that the draft will put women in combat role, in a foxhole is way over hype.

    • GI Joe says:

      Having served, you know the military. If we open this can of worms, women will be handed an M4 and off they’ll go. It would be nice if the military could get it right the first time, and only have women draftees serve roles behind the lines, but getting it right the first time has rarely-to-never happened in the realm of government and military. What part of the government has ever made sense when SHTF. How many women that didn’t choose to be on the front lines, will end up there before they change it up? One would be to many. But again, government control is the highest priority here, not a woman’s choice in the matter.

      • Michael C Coons says:

        Yes, having served, I do. To concern is not correct however.
        As the NCOIC of Medical Readiness from 1985 to 1991, we trained to be able to work at a second echelon (2E) medical treatment facility (MTF). That is about front line as you can get. So getting a M4 to any of those in the 2E is a possibility to protect themselves. I was in Honduras, all of us enlisted, carried M16’s when we went out to the villages. We had to worry about Sandinista, El Salvador death squad, Guatemala terrorist.

  • GI Joe says:

    Why are we even entertaining the idea of women being drafted? Is it because men in this country have contributed to what has become the weakest generation of all time? Is it because men are more concerned about sex changes, gay marriage proposals, gay pride movements, or their trending Twitter feed? Or is it simply a government ploy to further destroy the foundation this country was built on? I am not sexist; I believe women are sacred in the eyes of God and most men, which for anyone who has fought in combat next to a woman knows what I’m talking about. Women currently hold successful careers in a broad range of fields, including sports, medicine, science, public service, and even the military, but most importantly, they are the mothers to our children and thus have no place being drafted to fight alongside men in battle. Unless of course they choose to be. Women currently have the choice to enlist and that should be enough. If a woman wants to go be GI Jane, let her! It’s called freedom of choice – something I know the Democrats have a hard time understanding. Drafting women that either have no interest in being drafted or physically and mentally can’t handle the ordeal is both morally and ethically wrong. What happens to the children at home when Mom and Dad both give the ultimate sacrifice to satisfy the government’s call to duty. Why is our government always hell bent on imposing useless rules in the name of big government? Aren’t there enough lame duck bills circulating the swamp that can keep politicians entertained? Leave women out of this one! This issue should have bipartisan support to shut it down, but I have a feeling that something so crazy and dumb as drafting women, could only come from the left side of the isle.

  • Steve Peterson says:

    Any draft should start with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  • John says:

    I’m a fairly recently retired military guy who served in Iraq and Afghanistan several times. Let’s clear up some misconceptions: Sure, the military service can be dangerous, but girls won’t be (intentionally) placed in combat. The biggest plus of drafting girls would be ( in an all out war) to fill support roles so the guys could fight in combat units. Girls would relieve guys in roles such as medical, logistics, administrative, etc. In my experience and opinion, there is no way girls should ever be in combat, 99% of mil guys Would agree and the other 1% probably haven’t been in combat.Feminists, disillusioned girls, and lesbians have argued with me, but the wimpiest guy is stronger and physically more capable than girls ( at least my non-woke generation). It would not be fair to the girls or guys. Then, there is the massive amount of rape by enemies and lesser by friendlies, and there aren’t showers and bathrooms where the ugly things are happening. Protecting women in combat is a male instinct and very distracting, unnecessary and potentially deadly. But if all is equal, during a draft should girls get to start a career or go to college, & skip horrors of combat, risk of life while guys serve 4 yrs? I’m mixed on the equality basis, but against women fighting.
    I will add the females I served with in non-combat times were excellent, often equally excelling above your in job performance, but never physically. Another question would be would pay be the same for support roles, technical roles, combat roles? They are now except a small hazardous duty pay ( combat pay).

    • Michael C Coons says:

      I agree in what you wrote by in large.
      As to physically able to do jobs. That was a big issue on women getting flight line jobs. The women didn’t do the job with heavy equipment the same as the guys, but they did work arounds that still got the job done.
      Would I have liked my wife having to pick up a M16 and fight for her and her fellow enlisted/officers lives? Of course not, she the same way for me. She was Intel but if the airline was attacked, she would have fought. Again, unlike how the battlefields in the past, the idea of a clear line on active combat vs rear echelon is way different today.

  • Jen says:

    I think it’s just going to be another mess.
    There was good reason our grandparents generations born before 1928 never thought of nor implemented such an action as drafting young women alongside males turning 18 by keeping women’s involvement all voluntary during their time.

    It sounds great now to all females at 18 enter the draft. I think there was good reason this gender was excluded by the grandparents who were born before 1928 who are not around to get their opinion. I trust their judgements more than today’s grandparents.

  • Andy says:

    Under Biden this is what we have to deal with, a president who is a idiot, borders wide open, shuttling illegal migrants to the interior with Wuhan flu, foreign affairs in the toilet, run over and caving to the extreme left, anti-2nd amendment, inflation rising, fuel & food prices rising, energy jobs out the window, pro abortion, pro idiot, and now this, woman on the front lines, this isn’t equality this is because the soy-boys who voted Biden in office don’t have a pair.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Many women do amazingly well in the military and there are myriads of jobs well suited to women. Still when it comes to raising young children, a mom is pretty essential, and the demands of the military can wreck havoc on that role. It is indeed an honor to serve in the military as well as a sacrifice, and young women not yet starting families can be an asset in many positions, as well as benefit from what military service can afford. It is not though an ideal situation for a mom raising kids. Not that it can’t be done, and I have had female friends do a pretty decent job serving while raising their children, but it is not easy and can be hard on a marriage as well as the kids.

    Draft is for war time. There is no draft right now for anyone so why is there some bizarre effort to draft women? Sadly the motive here likely has nothing to do with ‘equality’, and likely far more to do with the destruction of the traditional family as well as traditional values and world view.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    And to you FIRE if you really want to have the whole baby argument. Just remember that the pain of child birth was meant as a punishment for Eve eating of the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. So if you really want to get technical,, it was YOU (women) who put us in this situation in the first place. So don’t virtue signal and think that you’re going to win any prizes!