The Anchorage Assembly is continuing its push to eradicate what it deems to be unwelcoming aspects of the community.

On Aug. 10, the Assembly will vote on a proposal to add an “equity pillar” to guide their social justice agenda. Introduced by Assemblymen Felix Rivera, Kameron Perez-Verdia, and Christopher Constant, the initiative’s roadmap will be based on goals laid out by Welcoming America, a left-leaning organization that aims to stamp out unwelcomed behavior based on immigration, race, LGBTQ identity and a host of other classifications.

Welcoming America is an umbrella organization that recruits cities around the world to work relentlessly in targeting specific practices and policies that do not reflect the organization’s “affirmative vision.” This includes affirming controversial notions such as the claim that America is deeply compromised and infected by systemic and institutionalized racism.

Welcoming America recommends cities launch “anti-rumor” campaigns to dispel what authorities consider to be misinformation.

“Acknowledge and address racism — individual, institutional, and systemic,” the Welcoming America website states. “Situate the work of welcoming in a local, historical context that recognizes how long-time residents may have experienced and continue to experience an unwelcoming environment.” The organization explicitly rejects traditional acts of charity and instead advocates for governmental and societal change to address systemic behaviors that it claims deliberately holds back certain identity groups.

“Understand that welcoming efforts begin with shared values and culminate in accountability — the accountability of our institutions to ‘we the people,’ with an ever-broadening understanding of who that ‘we’ encompasses,” the group instructs.

Welcoming America also recommends that cities launch government run “anti-rumor” campaigns that dispel what authorities consider to be misconception or misinformation. These campaigns employ trained “anti-rumor agents.”

Anchorage’s latest attempt to establish an “equity pillar” follows actions over the past two years in which the left-leaning Assembly has established the Office of Equity and Justice and the hiring of its first chief equity officer – a post charged with promoting the advancement of LGBTQ residents, communities of color, the disabled, immigrants and refugees. The equity officer is also tasked with presenting problems to the Assembly so they can eliminate perceived inequities through enforcement measures.


  • The Anchorage Assembly will meet on Aug. 10, at 5 p.m. Click here for information on how to participate.

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Anchorage Assembly set to vote on ‘equity pillar’ to eradicate unwelcome behavior

Joel Davidson
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