Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief COVID adviser, said he is “certain” that as soon as the FDA grants full approval of the COVID shots, there will be a flood of mandates on the local level.

Speaking Aug. 7 on NBC’s Meet the Press, Fauci said he expects full FDA approval of COVID shots in the next few weeks.

“I hope it’s in the month of August,” he said. “If that’s the case, you’re going to see the empowerment of local enterprises giving mandates. That could be colleges, universities, places of business – a whole variety. And I strongly support that.”

Fauci doesn’t expect there to be a federal mandate, but increased coercion on the local level is something he believes must be done.

“The time has come, as we’ve got to go the extra step to get people vaccinated,” he said. “You want to persuade them? That’s good, and I believe that some people on their own, once it gets approved as a full approval, will go ahead and get vaccinated. But for those who do not want, I believe mandates at the local level need to be done.”

Fauci’s comments come at a time when many Americans are protesting companies that are now firing employees if they decline to submit to the COVID jab.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy has repeatedly said he will not mandate vaccines on the state level, but a growing number of local entities are doing so on their own. Last week, Anchorage residents held a large protest outside the Alaska Native Medical Center, which is one many Alaska employers that are now ordering employees to get the COVID jab in order to keep their jobs.

Similarly, Providence Health & Services Alaska, the state’s largest private employer is mandating that all its caregivers submit to COVID shots by Sept. 30. Failure to do so, and employees will be required to undergo multiple protocols that include enhanced COVID testing, infection prevention and mandatory vaccine-related education. Providence has about 5,000 employees.

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Fauci expects local mandates if FDA grants full approval of COVID vax this month

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ekim Kcidrub says:

    Are your papers in order comrade?

  • Vonda Sanders says:

    The answer is still a big NO. The so called vaccine is not a vaccine and its maiming and killing people. People are still getting covid and Delta even if vaccinated.

    • Kfinh says:

      Exactly!! Yet some vaccinated few will scream and holler about how effective the shot is and how EVERYONE must get it or else it’s your fault that a virus is still out there infecting the “vaccinated”and unvaccinated. Their logic is so out of whack. They will argue that if you’re vaccinated and catch covid you’ll have a better chance of fighting it off and have milder symptoms but I’ll ask them this, how do they know if it really helps reduce the symptoms? Did they catch covid before taking the jab and catch covid again after taking the jab? Because don’t unvaccinated individuals also catch covid and have milder symptoms and some without symptoms at all “asymptomatic”? Don’t unvaccinated individual have a 99% chance of fighting off covid with their own natural immune system? So then why do the government and some individuals want the population to get this shot so bad? If you believe in the shot as you believe in the mask then it’s your right as an individual to follow their “science”. For the individuals who would rather take their chances and rely on their immune system that’s their right as individuals to choose to do so.

  • Bob says:

    One has to wonder how many people have died already listening to Joel’s bad advice

    • BackcountryBoy says:

      The vaccine does not stop transmission. At best it reduces symptoms. That’s it. My body my choice.

  • Andy says:

    You must get the vaccine! It is a must!! Without it we cannot get back to normalcy! You will make us all sick if you don’t get it, its very safe and effective!!! On and on and on….It’s currently being pushed toward approval because its efficacy has begun to unravel, we are seeing more and more vax disability and deaths and none of it can be hidden any longer, that’s right, hidden. Obfuscation was a tactic and it worked so well millions have received and stand by it even while their fellow man alongside them collapsed dead or sick. Unless measures are taken to fix a faulty vaccine many more will succumb. If you’ve taken it at least request from your doc a D-Dimer test every few weeks or months.

  • Jennifer says:

    The first oral blood clot medication for children was approved by the FDA in June. Why do children need blood clot medication now? This whole agenda stinks, bad, Do you wonder why they are so desperate to inject everyone? The reasons are many but have nothing to do with protecting anyone from any virus. I appreciate Joel’s honest reporting. Anyone who has a problem with it has much to learn.

  • Ralph says:

    Maybe a business should no longer exist when it treats human beings with anything less than what human dignity demands.
    “We The People”

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief COVID adviser,
    A doctor our president these guys are a Joke.
    What locals business you mean Sheep will follow mandating covid shots.
    Just like the mask bull crap. I stopped supporting those businesses a long time ago.
    When I returned they said we have not seen you in awhile that’s right you want me to wear a mask you lose out on my business. It’s all about control and the money.
    These local businesses will learn if they follow the science these Losers, stop trying to tell me how to live my life.
    I’m in control not these lunatics ( mentally ill person, an extremely foolish eccentric person) shall I go on

  • DoneWithIt says:

    The Nazis initially started demonizing the Jews by calling them dirty, filthy disease spreaders – that’s why they were required to wear the Yellow Stars on their chest. That’s how they de-humanized them – and we ALL know what happened next.
    This is why totalitarianism, fascism, marxism works – the majority of the population goes along with the government propaganda.
    We need to prepare to RESIST this attempt at forced compliance and subservience by the STATE – by any means necessary…
    My body, my choice – right – or does that only count when you are murdering an unborn baby?

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      AMEN! And don’t forget to boycott Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, they have called for boycotting Israel because it is and occupier country (of what Judea – JEWdea?) Hello! We must stand together and start to make our voices know on the stores and other establishments that sell products like these. B&J base their boycott because they believe a writer (whose name escapes me right now) that actually supports the eradication of Israel! Talk about racism raising its ugly head, again. Remember the Holocaust: NEVER AGAIN!
      If we don’t stand up now, we are part of the problem.

  • Kim Minnery says:

    Thank you Joel for your excellent reporting and sharing your writing skills with Alaska. We need your independent and fact based journalism now more than ever. Grateful for The Alaska Wathman!

  • Mark says:

    Thank you Joel for your balanced report. Dr. Fauci is the Court Jester for the Mad ‘king” Biden.
    We are on a slippery slope and many are already sliding willingly into the Communist abyss.
    Never stop sharing the truth even as it offends those embracing the lies.

  • Sharon Knowlton says:

    Would someone please ask him to retire? He is wealthy & thinks he’s an expert.

    • Alaskan says:

      No, not retire! That’s too nice!
      This criminal should be jailed till his last breath.
      He should answer for all deaths he caused for 40+ years.

  • NAV says:

    Can you say class action law suit for violations against your civil liberties!!! Remember they can’t mandate anything and if you think they can you don’t know your rights.

  • G Aleution says:

    What a tiny cgi!

  • Steve Peterson says:

    I am surprised this guy still walks freely since he is partially responsible for the Wuhan gain of function experimentation and eventual breach, which has killed so many people. At the least he should be behind bars, but a firing squad is more appropriate.

  • NAV says:

    Fauci must hang for global genocide him and Gates!!!

  • G Aleution says:

    I heard President Trump say right around the election snafu especially to Alaska Native Corporations he urged them to follow the Constitution; to not do so could be treason. President Trump truly loves America, its Constitution and its people. He imputes good motives and heroism to them. Our detractors don’t. That’s the difference. I wonder if this is one of those circumstances he was warning against. These events may not go the way awards delivering globalists have planned at all to their uncomfortable chagrin. If in stupor some are taking advice from members of the effete international foreign influencers’ private club the US Constitution may prove to be be a wild ride.