Gov. Mike Dunleavy had harsh words for President Joe Biden’s recent request that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) increase oil production, while he simultaneously blocks efforts to increase oil production in Alaska.

“We’ve entered the Twilight Zone,” Dunleavy said on Aug. 12. “President Joe Biden begging OPEC to increase oil production as gas prices soar, while killing safe & clean domestic energy production is wrong.”

Dunleavy joined others in maintaining the nation should address its oil needs through U.S. based efforts rather than relying on foreign production in the Middle East.

Fueled by high demand and limited oil production, the U.S. recently reached a new seven-year high with regard to the price of gas at the pump.

“Alaska and America’s energy industry can solve this problem if the president gets out of our way,” Dunleavy stated.

The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal also blasted Biden’s hypocrisy.

“Talk about a political climate change,” the WSJ board wrote on Aug. 11. “This is the same Biden Administration that has spent six months doing everything it can to crush U.S. oil production.”

Fueled by high demand and limited oil production, the U.S. just recently reached a new seven-year high with regard to the price of gasoline at the pump.

“Higher gasoline costs, if left unchecked, risk harming the ongoing global recovery,” the WSJ said.

On Aug. 11, Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan said the president wants to see much greater oil production in the Mideast.

“President Biden has made clear that he wants Americans to have access to affordable and reliable energy, including at the pump,” Sullivan said. “Although we are not a party to OPEC, the United States will always speak to international partners regarding issues of significance that affect our national economic and security affairs, in public and private. We are engaging with relevant OPEC+ members on the importance of competitive markets in setting prices. Competitive energy markets will ensure reliable and stable energy supplies, and OPEC+ must do more to support the recovery.”

Biden’s request for more foreign oil production comes just months after his administration suspended oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife, reversing policies approved by the Trump administration to increase domestic production.

Biden has repeatedly said he want America to focus on alternative green energy and climate change efforts. On his first day in office, he killed the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline which would run from Alberta to Texas.

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Dunleavy blasts Biden’s ‘Twilight Zone’ call for Mideast oil while blocking Alaska’s industry

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ralph says:

    Old frail Joey is killing America, plain and simple.
    HE is the virus that is destroying this nation..
    -Follow the money..

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Our president, doesn’t even know is own name. It’s so sad acting like the leader of the world. He’s a Joke and a Loser. Stopping oil production for some false climate change.
    Drill baby drill. Do you know how many, millions of gallon of fuel each year. Is barged into Nome to run there electricity systems. We need oil to run this country. There’s a
    Transportation bill in the works. To build things, wait it takes fuel to run the equipment.
    More madness

    “Alaska and America’s energy industry can solve this problem if the president gets out of our way,” Dunleavy stated

  • Mo says:

    It’s unbelievable the amount of ruin Biden has left in his wake, controlling the masses to stymie covid is unreal when he opens our southern border, what hypocrisy! Shutting domestic oil and gas production down and begging OPEC for an increase? Pulling troops out of Afghanistan and now putting them back? Do we even have a president who is for America? I think not!

  • Don Dogood says:

    Joel, I’m thinking if your definition of “harsh” is met with twilight zone and wrong, I may be unpublishable. The outright design of the biden presidency is to destroy America. While we are actively under attack from foreign enemies, our so called president does everything he can to weaken our economy, decimate our military, and divide our citizenry. This is high treason; our governor, along with other heads of states should denounce this tyrant as such before his mission is complete.

  • Ross Perrine says:

    To say that the Xiden Regime is a Horrific Catastrophe for our country is an understatement! Klaus Schwab’s NWO Sock Puppet is a disaster beyond words! Not sure what to make of it yet, but Cliff High’s has done some brilliant computer analysis and research revealing what he describes as a “De-Evolution Protocol” now being implemented by a Continuity of Government order. This protocol appears to involve letting the fraudulent criminal corrupt elements now in power to expose themselves in all of their insanity for everyone to see, and only then to attempt to recoup what’s been stolen from us! When the American People and the Entire World see what idiots these people are, and what a disaster they’ve brought to our country there’s a Great Awakening coming which will be their undoing!

  • Jen says:

    The only thing good about Biden is he is bringing the return of Christ sooner.
    Interesting how he is being used to shift power from America to the East

  • Steve says:

    Want to do something about move forward with opening the oil fields back up and screw the Feds what are they going to do jump up and down and say you can’t do that? Under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution anything not in the Constitution is regulated by the states. Move forward and dare them to shut us down. Texas and all the other oil producing states should dot the same thing.

  • NP Adam says:

    Just start it back up and don’t ask for permission.