Employees from Southcentral Foundation and Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium are rallying once again to voice their opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Health care workers, community members, customer-owners, patients and any concerned citizens are invited to join the Aug. 19 event, which begins at 5 p.m. on the Tudor Road sidewalk outside the Alaska Native Medical Center.

Jointly operated by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) and the Southcentral Foundation, the medical center is part of a litany of groups that have ordered employees to get the COVID jab in order to remain employed. Both ANTHC and Southcentral Foundation employees must be deemed “fully vaccinated” by Oct. 15. This mandate affects approximately 5,000 people.

The peaceful gathering will include sign waving and networking on the public sidewalk in front of the Alaska Native Health Campus.

“Let’s enjoy declaring the freedom we already possess!” an announcement for the event states.

Participants are encouraged to wear Alaska Native regalia, bring homemade signs, flags, drums, guitars and other musical instruments.

“Sing your songs and dance your dances,” the notice declares.

Some 200 protesters took part in a similar rally earlier this month.

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Anchorage protesters to rally again as vax mandate deadline nears for 5,000 health workers

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Yes, let’s dance for our freedom. Wait maybe they will put a mandate on dancing too
    Stop the madness

  • Ekim Kcidrub says:

    We have to stand up and be seen and heard or they will continue to walk over us and take all of our Freedom’s and Constitutional Rights away from us.

  • Jen says:

    It is long overdue these health care worker leave government health care as Indian Health Service and Veterans Health Service to open up their own private practices bringing along with them the admin assistants and medical assistants who worked with them when they used to be employed by IHS and VHS.

    Native sovereignty doesnt exist when the group depends upon a nation for its education, sustenance, and existence. Its 2021! every Native family should be paying for their own healthcare costs of their family. By this year, ideally, no IHS facility should be sending its representatives and lobbyists into D.C every year just to BEG Congress for money. If the tribal members were paying for their own health care, while Native peoples personal health care will improve with less time waiting for appointments.
    Native nations/tribes do not exist when they are dependent upon the American nation. They are just any other dependent group of people here dependent on One Nation (America) under God.

    • No god says:

      Yeah your “god” doesn’t exist so no one should get special rights for their cult religion! Oh no my freedoms taken away. Your religion has spent hundreds of years trying to take rights and stamp out different cultures. Your still trying to do it under the name of some fake god. Bunch of hypocrites! I’m glad your kind will fade with time. You guys know it that is why there is all this desperate crying over stupid ass stuff! Oh yeah science is really out to get you. You should be paranoid your era is coming to an end. This government has been taking citizen rights away since inception but now that your religion doesn’t control government like it use to all of sudden your freedoms are being taken.

      • Matthew says:

        Why so salty zoomer. God exists, your ignorance wont change that. Science proves it, and if you ever elevate yourself past the low vibrations of your ego – you too will understand. You’ve allowed yourself to be indoctrinated by Satanic Cultists, follow their doctrine, believe as they do – yet you say god doesn’t exist. Wake up child – your time is ending, and the show is closing. The freedoms you loathe – are the ones allowing you to run your mouth without recourse. If you weren’t granted your freedom by will of god – your vehement frothing liberal diatribe would be met with your lifeless corpse on a spike – just like the infidels in Afghanistan today. You are less than a fool. Your a willing participant in live action idiocracy – I hope your frail mental state will make it through the next year.

      • No god says:

        Typical save the poor heathen from themselves. I must have upset you because I attacked your religion and beliefs for such an attack on me personally with such hatred. As an Alaska native my culture and beliefs are attacked all the time. Now you see how it feels. I follow no cult. Just make up stuff about me as you have no idea about me. Science doesn’t prove a god exists and keep making that up to fool yourself. Any religion that says you go to hell or condemns you because you don’t believe is just down right wrong and ignorant. I’m a lot older than you think and stronger physical and mental than you know. So good luck with personally judging me and others who don’t conform to your beliefs. There are lots of infidels in this country too not just Afghanistan.

      • Fire says:

        Dang, your stunningly atrocious Alaskan education is showing. You absolutely have no idea how much you just embarrassed yourself, do you?? I feel sorry for you now.

  • Rouge says:

    I don’t understand the mandate, like, SCF and ANTHC always preach to their employees and Customer-Owners about taking charge of their own healthcare and doing what’s right for *them* and that they’re called “Customer-Owners” so they know that they get to make choices that are safe for their own bodies/health. I say this because a lot of employees are Customer-Owners. Now they’re forcing them to get a vaccine that isn’t fully FDA Approved, just EUA? Make it make sense SCF/ANTHC. Make it make sense.

  • Jake says:

    This protest is a great idea. We need to get all the unvaccinated anti-maskers into one place breathing on each other. Then in a couple of weeks it will be less of a problem. We will certainly have fewer anti-vax idiots running around allowing this disease to mutate and infect those of us who are smart enough to trust real doctors with our health care.
    And its funny how conservatives who are always complaining about how employers should be able to fire anyone, anytime for any reason (and ironically call it “right to work”) are now all of a sudden protesting for employees rights.

    • Kfinh says:

      But aren’t you vaccinated folks spreading the covid virus to us unvaccinated individual also? So is it an effective vaccine? Because I can tell you that my god given natural immune system did the exact same thing the “vaccine” claims to do. It fought off the virus with no hospitalization and my immune system been tried, tested and true for many years now. Not to be boasting but I’m just tired of this argument of you’ll die off from being unvaccinated. How many booster shots will you need before you’re truly vaccinated?

    • Theresa says:

      It IS a great idea!
      You know, EVERY time I mingle with other human persons, maskless and vaxxless, I die!
      Immediately! It’s incredibly effective! It’s proven to be effective for the last 39 years!
      But seriously, if we maskless, vaxxless persons are going to die by living, why chase us down with a needle?

  • A. N. Gottschalk says:

    Dear Editor,

    T. H. Huxley once wrote in his essay “Evolution and Ethics” that “if there is a generalization from the facts of human life which has the assent of thoughtful men in every age and country, it is that the violator of ethical rules constantly escapes the punishment which he deserves; that the wicked flourishes like a green bay tree, while the righteous begs his bread; that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children; that in the realm of nature, ignorance is punished just as severely as willful wrong; and that thousands upon thousands of innocent beings suffer for the crime, or the unintentional trespass, of one.”

    This by way of relating to you what happened to me several evenings ago: Having put on a face mask I entered a grocery store. While I was shopping an elderly woman chastised me for being duped into wearing the mask and mocked my “stupidity.” Her vitriol caught me by surprise, but I coughed up a gentleman’s defense: “I hear you, ma’am,” I said, “but I ain’t been saved! Why, when this is all over, me ‘n’ you won’t be able to count the dead with our toes!”

    At this, she snorted and hurried on. Had she been more engaging, ladylike, and charitable, I might have added, “When you go, I’ll slip St. Peter a fiver to help get you into an economy class room.” But, I suspect that she’ll have to schmooze her way into a cool crevice in hell!

    Profound ignorance being what it is, let the dead bury the dead!

    • G Aleution says:

      Not one word about the US Constitution. Why not, Atilla?

    • Fire says:

      Aww, Nazi Gottschalk writes a lying bullshit self absorbed novel basically telling us he wants us all dead. I am not surprized. Nazi Gottschalk murders their own children. But here’s some advice from my 93 year old unladylike granny, “You can wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one fills up first”. Hehehe!

      • A. N. Gottschalk says:


        In your madness, you failed to realize that the old biddy chastised me for wearing a mask: as D. J. Trump would have said, she “disrespected” me! My response to her was tepid! I haven’t confronted anybody for their mindless actions, but I wouldn’t take crap from people either. I personally know two COVID long-haulers and one COVID death–the death of a COVID scoffer at that: each family now facing the dire consequences of the illness!

        So don’t give me your high-minded guff. I have no desire for further encounters with the desiccated or the disgruntled déclassé here on the frontier. In closing, here is a little literary advice for you: “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” should be the next work you critique! Good luck!

      • Fire says:

        Ohh Wee! Well slap my buns and call me Soapy Smith! Looks like I done hooked myself a genuine pathological sociopathic narcissist! Welp, I’m sorry to break this to you Mr. Narcissist but us “frontiersmen and ladies” got ourselves the internet and those talking picture boxes too and you weren’t too hard to find. My advice to you, try eating some real food because it seems that soy you’re suckin down made your weiner shrivel clear up to nothing. Just being friendly, you know, ALASKA like.

  • Sharon Turner says:

    I will be there! Question for the “Higher-ups, aka Doctors, Administration types; you know, the higher paid, and thus way more Kissy’ toady, politicians whom I call the Quislings (means Traitors to those who attended Unionist government/public schools. Translation: how many MEN* do we expect to see rallying for common sense ‘real science? Not the Fauci-esque phony use masks to keep the mosquitoes from coming through the chain ling fence? Enquiring great grandmas want to know?

  • DoneWithIt says:

    I wonder if the vaxxed, when they are laying in bed at night, think about the serious potential for long term side effects – micro blood clotting, enlarged hearts, brain swelling, a host of immune disorders?
    Have they researched the plethora of vaccines that had 10+ years of development and STILL had to be removed from the market because of serious side effects and deaths they were causing?
    And to boot this isn’t even a vaccine it’s an experimental mRNA drug that isn’t even FDA approved.
    Oh yeah, BigPharma, the Fed Gov’t, they would never lie to us right?
    And oh yeah, Fauci, he’s been right about everything.
    All this fir a flu bug that we have a recovery rate of 99.97%.
    The horror…

  • Mo says:

    Its being said there will be bodies lying like cordwood this winter, very soon, victims of an over enhanced immune system. The medical system as it is doesn’t offer any compelling proof I need to be injected with an untested substance other then getting bombarded by CNN and the like so I get information from alternative sites like the healthrangerreport dot com. Good luck everyone.

  • kris spencer says:

    How bad can a virus be if the hospital is willing to let go of dozens of employees if not hundreds? I don’t see HOW they can do this when it is against the LAW to force or coerce anyone to participate in a medical experiment. If this organization receives ANY Federal money, it must abide by Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act. When they hire, the W-2 says right on it you cannot discriminate based on race, religion etc. So religious exemptions MUST be upheld by law. Also, the CDC just came out stating that the drugs are not as effective as they once thought. (It’s on their website). Increasingly more and more, it would appear this has ZERO to do with health!

    • Montoya says:

      I don’t think you understand how religious exemptions and Title VII work. It doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want, it just means the employers has to accommodate if possible and not posing an undue burden. Vaccination mandates have consistently been upheld by courts in the context of medical providers.

  • Ross Perrine says:

    All the Doctors, Nurses, and other Health Care Professionals that are passing on these Experimental injections would be wise to form their own Independent Health Care Institute. All of the freedom loving and sensible people who are also passing on these Experimental Injections would also then have a viable alternative and would I’m sure be more then happy to give such an Alternative Medical Institute ALL of their Health Care Dollars! We are now at the Cross Roads where Freedom Loving People need to exit the Forced Vaccine Death Train and Build Their Own Free from Oppression Medical Care System. We The People need to break free from Big Pharma & Big Government’s Forced Mandates and assert Our God Given Liberties and initiate a Medical Paradigm Shift!