As conspiracy theory after theory after theory materializes into conspiracy fact after fact after fact, there are still those who insist that the Titanic is not sinking.

“It’s unsinkable. Everyone says so. Open another bottle of champaign, the bulkheads will hold, rescue ships are on their way, and we have a first-class ticket, after all. We will be seen as the calm presence while those who are lashing rafts together from deck chairs will look awfully foolish in the morning.”

As we watch America quickly slip beneath the waves of history, conspiracy deniers cling to their first-class illusions. Here are some realities that cannot even be argued anymore:

Around the world governments, including our own, have had serious discussions about creating concentration camps for certain individuals deemed “high risk” to COVID infection, ostensibly to “protect” society. But the real reason is to remove the political resistance.

Feeling hemmed in these days? You should be. Australia is boxing in its citizens within a small perimeter of a 5 km radius. With armed checkpoints.

The supposed “cure,” to get us back to normal, keeps changing: just two shots, now three, maybe more.

Alaskans are being hemmed in more slowly. With the Alaska Highway severely restricted by a hostile government in Canada, you can still fly out, if you wear a mask and like being suffocated. But obviously don’t linger long in Seattle. And the conspiracy deniers laughed and scorned those of us who said, just six months ago, that soon we will have to be jabbed if we want to get in a plane, or to cross through Canada.  

Our government is a Class AAA, Five-Star, Blue-Ribbon liar… from foreign to domestic policy. It lies not to protect us from some sort of evil, like it might if there was a fleet of enemy ships heading for our coasts and they wouldn’t want us to trample ourselves to death before they do battle. No, they lie because they want to enslave us. We are their things, and they are the elite.

Our medical profession has been compromised. If we still trust our local doctors, consider that they likely are being pressured to conform or be ousted. It has already happened – in Alaska. Take the jab or go find a hole to crawl in and die.

Our churches have been compromised. Most of them closed last year because the liars told them to. They will do it again, or they will simply shut out those who refuse the jab.

Public education has not only been compromised, it is worse than that. It is a monstrous farce, accepting and peddling propaganda created by the liars. You are a racist for what you are, not for what you think or believe, which would be bad enough. Therefore, it might be better to create a new racial and gender identity for yourself in order to survive. Many will, many already have.

Those who trade their liberties for security will receive neither.

Children are to be used to manipulate public opinion. “Mask up, jab up for a care-free education!” “Our children must be protected!” When a school nurse in Minnesota resigned and scolded the school board over this, the ovation was thunderous and long. However, they did not call her back and they did not change the policy.

“Protecting children,” however, has its limits. They don’t want to protect the unborn children. They have been legally removed from personhood. That is the Holy Mantra of Privacy, as defined by the liars on our courts.

Here are some more lies that are not arguable. When liars speak, they fully understand that lies taste better than the truth, and that our memory is very short, so many chumps will keep coming back for more. We all remember Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football kick-off scam.

The supposed “cure,” to get us back to normal, keeps changing: just two shots, now three, maybe more.

“It’s perfectly safe, even though we have protected ourselves from lawsuits due to injuries, which don’t exist, but if they do it’s a small percentage anyway, and what’s a small reaction compared to the benefits, and nobody’s been proven to have died from the jab, but if they have it’s only a small number. If it is larger, well, so what, just get it and don’t believe the alarmists. They are kooks. I know we have changed the stories, but this time we really, really mean it. Trust us. We love you. We’re Democrats, after all. The socialists and Marxists are really, truly good people. They’re not communists. There’s a difference. Honest.”

And all those so-called experts from retired executives, Nobel laureates and highly honored physicians?  “Poo. They are a tiny number, and we are de-platforming them and discrediting them because, as everyone knows, they’ve gone off the rails, so don’t pay any attention to them and shut up yourself or we will shame you into silence as an enemy of the people. We know where you live.”

So, here we are: “Those who trade their liberties for security will receive neither.”

Are we still comfortable?

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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It is no longer possible to deny the COVID lies

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 47-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. He has a passion for studying and teaching Alaska and U.S. constitutional history. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for The Talk of the Kenai, on KSRM 920 AM from 3-5 pm and heard online


  • Burt says:

    More than 3x as many Americans have admittedly died from the “Vaccines” in 8 months than Americans killed in Afghanistan over 20 years of war. But the vaccines are “Perfectly safe and effective”.

    • Ronnie says:

      There is hope on the horizon for the people,,,they are taking the ivermectin that kills parasites in horses and blending in a cattle potion for “udder” stupidity. That will slow the calls going in to the poison control center if they take enough.

      • Colorado Conservative says:

        Ivermectin is a human drug as well, in fact it won the Nobel prize. Better go back to school to educate yourself instead of parrot the usual idiotic ignorant talking points of the marxist left.

  • HeresJohnny says:

    Every week, this guy gets more and more unhinged. You gotta wonder — is he feeling that long COVID brain fog?

    • Lobo says:

      Biden doesn’t have a brain.

      • HeresJohnny says:

        Obviously I’m referring to the author, whose columns get crazier every week.

      • Andy says:

        Thats Biden for ya, Kamala isnt any better

      • Sharon Turner says:

        Next in succession: Nancy Pelosi

      • Lobo says:

        I figured that was your intent. I would appreciate someone pointing out the “crazier” content in any of the columns.

      • HeresJohnny says:

        The idea that everyone is “compromised” is 100% pure paranoia. It’s the kind of thing a tweaker in a tinfoil hat would have said 10 years ago before getting laughed out of town. It also gives the reader the impression that no one else is to be trusted — which is the behavior of a cult leader. “Don’t trust anyone else — I am the only one who speaks the truth” is just classic cult stuff. Truth stands on its own and can be verified with primary sources. Everything else is crackpot nonsense.
        Additionally, this is 100% false:
        > “Around the world governments, including our own, have had serious discussions about creating concentration camps for certain individuals deemed “high risk” to COVID infection, ostensibly to “protect” society. But the real reason is to remove the political resistance.”
        This is proven false. The document that gave rise to that theory was actually something that outlined how to prevent COVID from spreading in refugee camps. The link that is provided in that paragraph of the column makes it very clear. A correction to this column is needed, at the absolute least.
        I won’t bore you with the remainder of my problems with this and other Bob Bird columns. But suffice it to say — this guy is not just off his rocker, he’s off this planet.

      • Lobo says:

        Hey, Johnny, no one said “everyone” Is compromised.. Get the tin foil out of your hat.

      • Dean says:

        The writer is crazy? Just make sure you aren’t attacking our senile president of cognitive decline who has embarrassed us on the world stage, responsible for the deaths of untold thousands to come, thew open our borders, ended energy dependency, is responsible for inflation and divided the country even more than it was before. Because that’s not crazy. That’s normal to you.

      • Steve Peterson says:

        The news today is last month’s conspiracy, but don’t worry, head in the sand will keep you safe!
        Anyway, what part of the above opinion column can you disprove as “unhinged”? I’ll wait.

    • Lee Wilson says:

      Johhny, go play in the street. I doubt you have formulated an independent thought since you were passed through public schools.

    • James ONeil says:

      Stay safe young Johnny, maintain an adequate social distance, hopefully 50 or more miles from me.

  • Opus says:

    Outstanding article describing current events. The Titanic analogy is perfect. Some Americans are dealing with reality. The majority will be going down with the ship.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    so don’t pay any attention to them and shut up yourself or we will shame you into silence as an enemy of the people. We know where you live.”
    Not happening here No mask wearing No shot for me.
    I’ve said before please knock before entering, so I know if its friend or foe.

  • Dee Cee says:

    I’ve been asking people left and right, would you trust me after I blatantly lie to you? No? Well then why do you still trust the CDC? If they lie before Congress, why aren’t they in prison? If they lie on TV in a press conference, why are they still employed by the Government? I don’t accept any assertions from known liars. So if it comes from the mouth of Fauci or Dr. Anne Zink, I toss it where my used tp goes.

  • Andy says:

    Just 2 more weeks!!! LOL! I’m so glad I didn’t get jabbed, I almost did but then noticed folks started collapsing, some died and others were pretty messed up, others got over it but say they just don’t feel the same. I’ve had a pretty good run and am still going strong so I’m not planning on checking out when the govt wants me to. Yes its all unraveling, the vax is garbage and its killing and maiming people and many more folks are realizing this, its unfortunate its taken so long.

    • Sharon Turner says:

      Surprise and horror at how simple and easy to do a coup of over 330 million Americans. “Sheeple”. If any form of USA survives its’ from Prayers and resistance fighters for armed and unarmed. Read history. It you had read history already.. we wouldn’t be in the new “Gulag.”

  • Herman Nelson says:

    Thank you for addressing this Mr. Bird. Your logic is correct on what is happening. Those that say get the jab and “quit being selfish” are the same type of people who would’ve endorsed Asian- American concentration camps and turned Anne Frank into the gestapo.
    The news no longer reports factual news, they take the news and make it fit their narrative. We used to call this propaganda.

    • Sharon Turner says:

      Imploring all to read the Nuremberg Code. Or at least look it up, which takes only 2-4 minute or your , your kids and grandkids precious lives. Resist! Resist from knowledge, from logic and most of all faith.

      • Herman Nelson says:

        Already did. My workplace asked if I was going to get “vaccinated’. I asked my employer if they were my doctor. They said “no”. “If you’re not my doctor, why are you asking me questions about my medical history? This is a HIPPA act violation. Do I need to get my lawyer involved?”. They never brought the subject up again.

  • Jennifer Titus says:

    Hey! Free Blood Clots tomorrow at Glacier View School! Karen Parker and Wendy Taylor are eager to profit off your family’s suffering! So be sure to get your Clot Shot at Glacier View School tomorrow.

  • Ralph says:

    “Take the jab or go find a hole to crawl in and die.”
    Hit it on the nose..
    -This will not stand!

  • Silly Goat says:

    It’s champagne… not champaign. You need a spell checker…

    • Sharon Turner says:

      Well, a slip to a sip. But in defense: ” Campaigns won by honest folks deserve a glass of champions champagne for the tough slogging work of a campaign! grandma

  • G Aleution says:

    Germany surrendered in WWII. The nazis didn’t. Evidently they moved here.

  • E% says:

    Can We Citizen Arrest anyone , Doctors or such ?

    • Sharon Turner says:

      probably. But make sure you have excellent case law examples, an excellent ‘conservative, constitutionalist lawyer! And sadly a ‘war chest’ of money. We know from Comey, and the gang that rule of law no longer works for us but they are free to burn, loot, maim and kill WE folks.

  • Alan Borland says:

    I’ve been using Ivermectin and it seems to be working great ! I would highly recommend !

    • Lee Wilson says:

      My Ivermectin is superior apple flavor… Makes me want to whinny ask bit.. Do you have advice on finding some that’s for peoples instead of Stallions and Mares?

  • A. N. Gottschalk says:

    Dear editor,

    The “Alaska Watchman” is mired down in filth and utter stupidity. Certainly the term “Judeo-Christian values” is more than an empty phrase at the “Watchman!”

    You must have noticed that many of your disgruntled “interlocutors” flock to this site as thick as horse flys swarm to and about a mare’s ass! The question is this: Does the vileness expressed here comport with your Judeo-Christian values?

    Regarding the “jab,” D. J. Trump has come out urging Alabamans to get vaccinated! The blind man has seen the light! Hallelujah! As a Trump candidate, what is Kelly Tshibaka’s position regarding COVID vaccinations? This is a fair question; it demands an unequivocal answer, one that might help quell the unrest at the “Watchman!”

    • Ishkobe338 says:

      Are you a bot??

    • Deab says:

      DJ Trump came out in favor of the vax? Good for him. He also came out in favor of choice. Which is what we at the AKW are about. And that is what irritates you. People making choices you don’t like and can’t control.

    • Alaska Rose says:

      Just out of curiosity, if you have such a low opinion of AKW, why are you reading it? Why are you here? Why do you care what the opinions of AKW are? Is it because what you read pricks your concscience? Is that why you lash out?

  • G Aleution says:

    The unrest at the Watchman is a mere mist in A.N.’s temporal, imaginative but empty mind.

  • Dean says:

    Let the communists who don’t know they are communists come here to the Watchman and deny they are communists. All are welcome and it gives all of us a laugh!

    • A. N. Gottschalk says:


      There is no doubt in my mind that you are serious, but I doubt that the editor of the “Alaska Watchman” would want to preside over such inane proceedings–there is enough zaniness on this site without adding more inanity to that which is already evident here! How do I know that you aren’t a communist yourself–you know, working secretly from the “Watchman’s” website? Worse yet, how do I know that you aren’t associated with Beelzebub out to undermine the “Watchman’s” Judeo-Christian values? I want you to prove to me that you are not now, nor have ever been, a follower of Satan!

      If you are not babbling, lay out the procedures that the “Watchman” should follow for me to prove that I’m not a communist and for you to prove that you are not now nor have ever been a Satanist!

  • Patrick Dalton says:

    Truthful observations in this article! Many of us have observed the same. Thank you

  • G Aleution says:

    A free man doesn’t need “procedures”.

  • Dana T says:

    Bottom line is the vaccination is about choice and being American that choice is my right. Shame on anyone trying to remove my rights from me.

  • Greg says:

    I think many of the people that have received the shot are afraid, though they will never admit it. They are afraid they may be wrong after all, and their arguments are as much (or more) about trying to convince themselves of their own position than anything else. No doubt, there may be fringe misinformation on both sides, but that does not negate the fact that this authoritarian “vaccine” campaign has had disastrous effects.