Courtney Chavez, of Wasilla, suffers from multiple autoimmune diseases, a blood clotting disorder and a bleeding disease. Since 2007 the stay-at-home mother of two has received life-sustaining treatment for her bleeding disease from Dr. Michelle O’Fallon, co-owner of Alaska Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Anchorage. In late July, however, Chavez said she got a call from Dr. O’Fallon’s office informing her that she was being dropped as a patient because she has declined to get a COVID-19 shot.

Courtney Chavez has been dropped as a patient at Alaska Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Anchorage because she declined to get a COVID shot.

For the past 14 years, Chavez has driven into Anchorage every 28 days to receive medication at Dr. O’Fallon’s infusion center. On Aug. 17, she was unable to receive her monthly treatment due to the clinic’s new policy.

“It is the only reason I am alive today, because the disease almost killed me,” Chavez said of the infusion treatments. “This is the only medication that my body has responded to.”

The Watchman obtained an Aug. 11 letter written by Dr. O’Fallon’s office advising Chavez on how to seek medical services elsewhere.

“Your physician Dr. O’Fallon also feels that if you are so opposed to the vaccine and not willing to heed her medical recommendations that this is not a healthy working relationship and has released you as her patient,” the letter states. “She will provide you with 1 month (from the above date) supply of your prescription medications that you receive from her while you find another provider.”

So far, however, Chavez has been unable to find a location that can treat her condition.

According to Chavez, Alaska Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is dropping all patients who do not take the experimental COVID shots. This, despite the clinic’s claim on its website that, “Meeting your medical needs in a timely and responsive manner is our top priority. Additionally, we encourage patients to take an active role in managing their health care for the best patient health possible.”

Chavez is not against vaccinations but worries that she may have severe side-effects from a COVID shot due to her existing conditions.

The Alaska Watchman contacted Dr. O’Fallon’s receptionist and left a message, seeking the doctor’s explanation about her stance towards unvaccinated patients. The call was never returned.

Chavez said she is not normally hesitant about taking vaccinations but worries that she may have severe side-effects from a COVID shot due to her existing blood clotting disorder and other conditions.

Initially she looked into getting the Johnson & Johnson shot, but it has been shown to cause serious blood clotting in some instances. She is also concerned that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA treatments could pose serious health risks to her already compromised body.

I told my doctor that I want to wait until they know more. I don’t want to run out and get a shot and possibly dealing with more long-term issues.

“My doctor knows I’m not anti-vaccine, but I’ve had multiple different medications that I have had different reactions to from mild to life threatening,” Chavez said.

Over the decades, she has learned what to expect when her diseases act up. When she has a bad reaction to a medication, she can stop the medicine and the side effects go away in a few days or weeks, Chavez said. She worries that the impact of a vaccine would not be so easy to deal with.

“You can’t stop a vaccine,” Chavez said. “Once it’s in, it’s in. They’re seeing neurological issues, strokes, blood clots – their seeing lots of things, but at this point there are no long-term studies. I told my doctor that I want to wait until they know more. I don’t want to run out and get a shot and possibly dealing with more long-term issues.”

Chavez said she was able to see her doctor for the past year and half with no problems. She has always taken extra precautions to wash her hands and avoid people who are sick. It’s just part of dealing with her health problems.

Chavez’s efforts to find another infusion center have proved futile in a state that has limited medical specialistS that can treat her disorders.

The fact that she is now being denied a critical life-sustaining treatment caught her off guard. Chavez said her family has gone to Dr. O’Fallon’s office for decades, dating back to when her mother used to be a patient there.

O’Fallon’s practice even boast about treating multiple generations over the years.

“One of the things we love most is to care for entire families, with multiple generations and we have cared for as many as four generations at one time,” the clinic website claims.

“They’ve watched my kids grow up,” Chavez said. “What do you mean I can’t come here? This has been my safe place. Now you can’t even enter the office without proof of vaccination.”

Chavez said O’Fallon’s office did agreed to call her regularly to see how she’s doing, but they refuse to treat her.

“You can call me every day, but what if I’m not doing fine?” Chavez said. “What’s going to happen to me then?”

We’re seeing patients being held hostage, and personally I feel that breaks the “do no harm” oath, because these are experimental.

Her efforts to find another infusion center have so far proved futile in a state that has limited medical specialist that can treat her disorders.

If it weren’t for the fact that all COVID shots are still experimental and have no long-term studies, Chavez said she may be open to getting one.

“I just want to wait and see what the long-term studies find,” she said. “For those of us who struggle with medicines, it’s scary, especially having been through some of the stuff I’ve been through.”

Chavez is not alone in being denied health care services based on her refusal to take a COVID shot. Doctors around the nation are making headlines for similar refusals. This week an Alabama physician announced that he would no longer see patients who decline COVID vaccination. Earlier this year, a Massachusetts man was denied a kidney transplant for failing to get the jab.

Chavez said she also heard from others who are experiencing the same roadblocks to medical care.

“We’re seeing patients being held hostage, and personally I feel that breaks the ‘do no harm’ (Hippocratic) oath, because these are experimental,” she said. “They do not know the long-term effects and they are seeing lots of side effects. Forcing something on someone does not follow ‘do no harm.’”

In fact, the Nuremberg Code, which was established following heinous violations against the Jews in World War II, recognizes that each individual has a right to freely exercise their will – without coercion – in consenting to or refusing any experimental or medical intervention.

Initially Chavez chose to remain silent about her plight. After two weeks, she felt compelled to speak out.

“People need to know this can happen to you,” she said. “We need to warn people, so they are not blindsided by this like I was.”


  • Alaska Internal Medicine and Pediatrics: 4048 Laurel St., Anchorage, AK 99508. Phone: (907) 770-7800

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Alaska woman denied life-sustaining treatment for declining the COVID jab

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Theresa says:

    This is awful. Thank you for sharing your story. My family will pray for you, that you’re able to find a treatment center to meet your needs.

    • Joy Bill says:

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  • Andy says:

    Wow, what a disgusting decision, at this point I wouldn’t even label them a medical practice, I’m literally floored. Prayers to you Courtney.

    • Colorado Conservative says:

      O’Fallon’s termination of this patient is not only unethical but I would consider it medical malpractice. The karma will come back to haunt her. How these doctors can look at themselves in the mirror or sleep at night KNOWING they have intentionally withheld treatment, including patients dying in the hospital who were refused HCQ, Ivermectin, etc. is beyond all understanding.

  • G Aleution says:

    It is your body your choice. It is unscrupulous to abandon one’s patient but a provider can not be expected to see one hundred percent of a community’s population since there is only so much time. Some find excellent care in Seattle and prices are not as high. A large hospital like VM is quick to get in, unfailingly nice, has a fantastic laboratory and a second opinion might make a big difference. It is possible to complain against the Alaska provider’s license to the state board if you wish. Some hospitals do not allow political tensions regarding a respiratory disease drive all of their decisions and that seems rational and professional to me.

    • Lobo says:

      She was already a patient, and the vaccines are not yet FDA approved.. That makes this patient an unwilling guinea pig.

      • G Aleution says:

        I’m not defending the practice. One practice might not be able to treat everyone in the community. Patient’s are referred when their insurance isn’t accepted (Medicaid, Medicare, VA etc.) Also when the patient needs escalate to emergency needs or patient condition doesn’t get better or needs specialists not available there to improve or remain stable. Not seeing a patient because they won’t take an experimental gene therapy is pretty unethical to my way of thinking. Not all providers have “good” personalities. Disordered personalities are scattered throughout the population.

      • Charlene Moore says:

        But she has been treated for her existing conditions by them for years as well as her family members. They choose to drop her because she isn’t ready to take the vaccine yet until there’s been further studies on it. She’s had problems before with medications. She is not being unreasonable, the doctor is by denying her treatment she’s been giving her for years. I refuse to take the vaccine because of severe reaction to the Shingles vaccine. Then 3 years after that I was required to get the Prevnar 13 vaccine for Pneumococcal Pneumonia vaccine at age 65. They thought I had a major stroke when in reality was a severe anaphylactic reaction. After days in the hospital and MRI’s body scan and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tests they realized it was an anaphylactic reaction, which is what I and my husband tried to tell them. He gave me 4 benedryl to take and slammed my epi-pen in my thigh to save me then took me to hospital 5 minutes away. Why would I ever trust a vaccine again?
        Why should she be forced to take it until she’s ready? The doctor is NOT TREATING PATIENTS BY THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH, DO NO HARM! Her doctor is refusing to give her life saving treatments that she has been giving her for years.

      • Josie123 says:

        I so understand. I too have anaphylactic reactions to them. It’s time for class action lawsuits. Hospitals and schools have been taken over by the CCP. The people we depended on to help us are against us now. We need to stick together and help each other out.

      • Sammy says:

        Wow, did you even read the article?

  • Verda Barrett says:

    Wow Unbelievable I wouldn’t ever go back. Doctors think they now have a right to let you die.

  • Shifra says:

    This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and other totalitarian societies. Doctors aren’t doctors anymore, just agents of a ruthless fascist state. Same goes for police. We are all Jews now.

  • Ruth Layman says:

    Courtney Chavez. I am not sure if she could help you, but there is a (Palmer) Dr Valerius who has taken a stance of waiting to see how it play’s out on the vaccines. She is a holistic MD. Not sure if she could help you with your type of treatments or not, but would be worth checking into it. A clinic in Anchorage to look in to also may be Avante.

    • Samantha says:

      Shifra, the midwife who refused to kill the Israelite babies. I wanted to name my baby that if it was a girl, but he’s a boy and we named him Noah. I just had to comment, because I’ve never seen someone named Shifra before. YAH bless you Shifrah! And yes, I want to start wearing a Star of David so they can more easily identify me!

      • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

        Interesting idea, maybe we could all start a movement wearing the Star of David in order to silently and peacefully protest against the evil growing in the world! I think I will try to get a friend who sews to make me one.

      • John Mathew says:

        That’s exactly what got Gina Carano fired last year.

      • lisa m wingo says:

        The Jewish community may not appreciate that 😉

      • Fire says:

        How would you know, Nazi Lisa?

    • Amanda Rumfelt says:

      I love Valeruis she is amazing.

  • Robert coulter says:

    Great public service reporting! Would ADN do this story?

    • Courtney Chavez says:

      I have reached out to them twice with my story and a friend called them. They have no interest, which I didn’t expect them to being more liberal based but I did try

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Honestly if this woman dies I can see somebody putting a hit on that doctor. They wanted a war,, well they’re going to get one. Sooner than they think

    • Ekim kicdrub says:

      I think that you are 100 % correct. Way sooner than they thought.

    • Templar 06 says:
    • Rachel says:

      The doctors are mandated to get jabbed. With lots of boosters. YAY!
      I hope O’Fallon dies herself soon. Then a lot of people will dance on her grave.

      • Haleigh says:

        Wow hoping death on someone? That’s karma waiting to happen. I’m sure this comment board will be turned into the police for threats also so let’s see how everyone acts when they’re not behind a keyboard and screen. Also this woman will not die, there’s multiple other doctors and infusion offices in her area. This is a one sided article. Do your research people.

      • Fire says:

        Hey Lee, It’s too bad they don’t teach civics anymore or you’d know there’s a 1st admendment. There were no threats. Your typos and poor grammar also show what a mouth breather you are. I knew you’d resort to threats of police and imprisonment. I also saw on MRAK you do not believe in treating medicaid and medicare patients. This means you are a mentally sick and unstable person and a danger to those around you and who you may possibly be “caring” for. I’ll leave you with this, you loathsome stupid pig. State Medical Boards and OCS.

  • Karen Kirkpatrick says:

    So…the doctor is abandoning the Hippocratic Oath that they took when they received their degree. Now the doctor appears to be using the “hypocritical” oath. I hope this woman sues this doctor/medical practice. No doctor should be pressuring their patient to get an experimental vaccine.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    The vaccine is not protecting people from getting Covid and I doubt we will ever hear what percentage whom are vaccinated are still getting it, nor will we hear whether those that are vaccinated and get Covid, will then have natural immunity. It seems anything that puts a shadow on the vaccine gets left on the shelf when information is disseminated. For a person with multiple autoimmune conditions it also seems it might not even be safe to get such a vaccine – one that is still experimental. Really bizarre. It seems strange they would not give the option of just being tested before her appointment. Ms. Chavez might consider a functional medicine doctor or nurse practitioner – there are a few in the valley. I would recommend Karis Integrative Medicine, and have also heard great things about Dr. John Boston DO who practices in Wasilla. Karis will not require vaccination.

  • Susan says:

    Unbelievable this is an experimental drug there are no long term information so she should not be black mailed into getting a shot , that could comprise he already unstable health !!

  • Pamela Rice says:

    Forget the do no harm clause, I am sure there is a lawyer out there whom would take it one step further. Withholding life sustaining medical treatment INTENTIONALLY should prove to be a medical malpractice suite worthy of losing your license to practice as well as ever penny to your name.

  • Carrie Harris says:

    I hope the medical providers are being paid really well to pull this crap.
    That list of serious but rare side effects keeps growing. Their is no way to hide any long term complications and you can dam well bet by the time this is over No one will have any faith in the CDC the FDA Scientist or Medical providers.

  • Susan Beck says:

    What about the patient’s bill of rights? Every clinic and hospital has it displayed on the wall at the check in desk. Everyone should look into this at their health care provider’s clinic.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Chavez said O’Fallon’s office did agreed to call her regularly to see how she’s doing, but they refuse to treat her.
    “You can call me every day, but what if I’m not doing fine?” Chavez said. “What’s going to happen to me then?”

    Don’t wait for them to call you. Call them back tomorrow and tell them to stick it where the sun does not shine. Yes in HeLL were this doctor belongs

  • Jen says:

    That is just absolutely wrong of Dr. O’Fallon.
    Thank you for exposing Alaska Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Anchorage, instead of keeping quiet.

    I just met my first Anchorage person today who is living with someone who had a negative side effect after the covid shot.

  • Aaron Keller says:

    I thought a doctor’s first oath was “do no harm”??? They are putting her life at risk.

  • Kandi says:

    My dad got the shot and was dead a week later my primary care dr. told me not a good idea due to all my health issues. I won’t be getting it but will wear a mask and gloves around people. I don’t need any help getting to the grave. I’m going to be there soon enough as it is. Why push my luck?

    • Andy says:

      Ive family and others I know who have literally dropped dead days to weeks after the shot from heart failure or a brain hemorrhage and I know there are many others, all not reported to VAERS. Something is going on, this vax push isnt to save us from a virus, this is evil.

      • Rachel says:

        Bingo. And it’s only possible because there aren’t enough with the moral courage or goodness to resist.
        People assume they’ll be safe so they let the disabled and elderly die. Until they get Beri Beri or MS from the “vaccine” and everyone on Twitter just mocks them. Amazing levels of stupidity and complicity in this evil.

    • Colorado Conservative says:

      I would suggest you forgo the face diaper and gloves. Neither one has been shown to be effective at the prevention or passage of viruses. My sympathy on the loss of your father. My senior neighbor got the jab and was dead a few months later from pericarditis, heart attacks, blood clots, and pneumonia. Despite that his family is insisting only fully vaccinated people attend his memorial service. This family will be the first to line up for the mRNA booster shot too.

  • Kandi says:

    Also at least now I know why that office hasn’t called me back

  • Ed says:

    Doctor holds gun to dying patients head…

  • Burt says:

    Dr. Mengele would be proud of this modern day Nazi Doctor.

  • KC says:

    Repost by Dr. Omar L. Hamada
    “Wanna know what makes me incredibly ill?

    Seeing physicians, my colleagues, doctors who swore to do no harm and care for all, refuse care for, ridicule, insult, and shame those who’ve chosen to not take an experimental shot, and wish death on them saying “they deserve what they get and we shouldn’t waste resources on them”.

    This is morally reprehensible, sickening, and putrid. These so called physicians should face the same consequence the female Muslim physician who refused to care for Jews did a few years ago – permanent loss of their medical licenses.

    Do they treat HIV patients the same? Alcoholics with liver failure? Trauma patients who chose not to wear a seatbelt or a helmet? Women with cervical cancer or HPV related rectal cancer? People with lung, bladder, or oral cancers from tobacco use?

    Doctors who decide who to treat and who not to treat based on their own moral superiority over their patients’ individual moral or lifestyle choices don’t deserve to be doctors.“

    • Colorado Conservative says:

      Excellent points about treating patients for those other medical conditions, many of which are significantly more harmful than Covid.

  • Karen Kirkpatrick says:

    What’s next? Will these doctors refuse to treat someone who has let themselves get overweight? Will they refuse to treat diabetics because the diabetic didn’t follow a healthy diet to avoid diabetes? It seems to me these doctors are now playing God.

  • DEBORAH Buser says:

    There are no words to describe how reprehensible and immoral this is

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Writing your local, state, federal politicians.
    Wiring the editor of your local newspaper or website.
    Living your life as a free person.
    It’s all one big JOKE – we have the 2nd Amendment for a reason – that time is coming…

  • G Aleution says:

    Insurance companies sometimes try to practice manage. Government health agencies try to practice manage. Government personnel, like legislators, are typically not skilled at practice management. In fact they are unskilled, inept, and political (who gets what) and should not have any place in practice management. Practice management is part of every practice. The licensed provider is best at managing his or her practice management philosophy. No one is better trained than the physician to make determinations. If government doesn’t reduce its ambitions in this area many doctors may prefer to become farmers or something else. It is not in the public good for government health departments to “partner” with professionals in practice agreements threatening licenses etc. Although it is fun work for the young and woke: “Whee, look at me bossing those doctors strictly around”. “Who knew! How firm and far reaching are my impacts” is their unfortunate thought process. Make government smaller.

  • Bob Bird says:

    Regarding the Hippocratic Oath: in case you haven’t noticed, the part regarding abortion and euthanasia was air-brushed a long time ago. Instead of “Do no harm” it became “Do nothing illegal”. So, because we have tolerated those two evils in our society — as have the medical institutions — the terrible dynamics of human nature have kicked in, which is “Death, once invited in the door, leaves its messy footprints everywhere.” Oh, and also this: “First they killed the unborn, but I was already born, so I said Nothing. Then they killed the comatose, but I was not comatose, so I said Nothing.” You can finish the rest.

    • Fire says:

      I did not know that. Thank you Bob.

    • Rachel says:

      Great points.
      I’m disabled with an iatrogenic disease. Because of severe iatrophobia I also developed recently I will die at home anyhow.
      A pox on all doctors like this.

  • Fat Albert says:

    Dr. O’Fallon,
    Will you also reject any patient with a political affiliation you don’t agree with? Or perhaps believe in GOD? What a fraud…


    Have those who have gone into any Providence facility the past few weeks noticed that now they are asking if you are carrying any weapons? I tell them I am carrying the best weapon in the world, the Rosary (obviously I’m Catholic and do always have one in my pocket). Most of the rent o’ cops now in charge of letting us in really like it when I say that, but yesterday one nurse guarding the door I entered through told me, in a somewhat nasty manner, to, “keep that to yourself”; in a CATHOLIC hospital!!! We all need to find effective yet peaceful ways to stand up to the bullies that are getting stronger everyday or we will lose what few freedoms we still have.


    Although they may not have the expertise to treat your specific medical condition(s), any licensed doctor or nurse practitioner can prescribe any medication. I know this to be true as I have over a dozen doctors and/or PA’s I see and sometimes ask them to write a script for me for a condition they are not treating me for; these meds are all meds I have been on for years and are in their data bases. Worth a try! If you can’t go through a boulder in your path, find a way around it.


    And, my main doctor highly suggested I take a vaccine, denying that those available are tainted by abortion (my main objection at the time), but the doc that recently put stents in my heart vessels told me to absolutely NOT take a vaccine.
    We have the moral right to accept or refuse medical advise and treatments. And yesterday, the CDC director came out publically saying “science” is now showing that the vaccines taken in December, when they were first available, are becoming up to 50% less effective by the period between March and May…with some large differences based on which vaccine and what the age and health status of individuals are. So NOW they say we have to have booster shots. Like I always say, “Pray, pray, pray”.

    • Josie123 says:

      Most people don’t know this but the CDC is actually a V@CCin3 company that is OWNED BY BILL GATES (yes no joke). the CDC will lie and cheat, and smile and look you in the eye while doing so. I hope more people wake up like you have because if not, they will get booster jabbed to death. Why anyone would want to replace their natural immune system with a synthetic one is beyond me and why they would listen to the talking heads on the TV instead of their own soul is also beyond me. All the TV does is issue fear porn.

      All this being said, my parents got this “virus” on top of bacteria pneumonia and it was very bad ( so I do know there is something out there that is really making people sick. Is it a severe flu? Who knows). The PCR test is fraudulent and cannot tell the difference between a common cold and even the flu – both of which are cor0na type viruses and people die every year from the flu). My parents got Ivermectin from and it saved their lives. I would highly highly recommend them.

  • Sharon Knowlton says:

    This is scary!! Next we won’t be allowed to buy groceries!!

  • B. B. says:

    Courtney, Chavez, look into the vaccine called Novavax. It’s supposed to be released in September, according to the last article available. It’s different to the current shots.

  • Colorado Conservative says:

    Note to AW Joel Davidson: PLEASE tell Courtney Chavez to contact AK attorney for America’s Frontline Doctors, Thomas Renz. He is legally challenging these vaccine mandates and Courtney may be able to get help from him. I noted the website for the doctor/practice is not allowing email contact so I am sending a snail mail letter instead.

  • Martin Tousignant says:

    The internal medicine licensing bureau likely forced its members to comply. I’m pretty sure that insurance companies and Medicare took a similar stance. Both have basically mandated patients like Courtney to die.

  • D J Taylor says:

    What about asking for the others receiving this letter to join you in a class action lawsuit?

  • Haleigh says:

    They have a right to chose whom they treat just as you have the right to get or not get the vaccine. If she doesn’t agree with their stance on the vaccine, then she can humbly go find another doctor. Don’t believe everything you read from a one sided perspective people. Let’s also take into account that this article is complete grammatical GARBAGE, and if you didn’t notice this yourselves well… says a lot doesn’t it?
    * Also the comparisons to world war 2 and you being treated as Jews? Seriously, kick rocks.

    • Colorado Conservative says:

      Sounds like you are on the wrong website. Head back over to the Daily Beast or HuffPo where you can find like-minded other ignorant people who are into fascism, socialism, and communism.

      • Haleigh says:

        In what way am I ignorant? Stating facts? Stating she can find another doctor? There are multiple infusion offices in anchorage, she has options. And really, fascism, socialism, and communism? Nice try dude. Couldn’t come up with a better reply so had to use what you know best right

      • Bob Bird says:

        Just noting your own grammatical garbage: “Anchorage” is spelled with a capital “A”. Also, you need a “comma” (,) after “best” and need a punctuation mark at the end of your sentence, presumably a “Question mark” (?). Ergo, by your own standards, “that says a lot, doesn’t it”? Which also is missing a comma in your original screed.

      • Courtney says:

        Ok Colorado is that why you comment on here so no one will disagree with you? By the looks of all your comments you are a king amongst the most ignorant. Have a wonderful day

      • Fire says:

        WEAK, Corky, WEAK. That was some serious sad cringe. I do believe you and your girlfriend Haleigh are about 13 years old and in 8th grade. Run along now, Twatter.

      • Courtney says:

        Said the immature troll Fire! Sorry if I believe others have a right to their opinion. Just as you have the right to respond with middle school language. Twatter really how old are you?

      • Haleigh says:

        Seriously? If you’re in the mood to debate please take yourself back to whatever forums you frequent as it is clear this is something you do often in your lonely long days and nights. Do something more useful with your time, like educating yourself on the many things you commented on but obviously no absolutely nothing about.

  • bug says:

    Try Moringa Oliferia for your autoimmune problems.

  • Haleigh says:

    In what way am I ignorant? Stating facts? Stating she can find another doctor? There are multiple infusion offices in anchorage, she has options. And really, fascism, socialism, and communism? Nice try dude. Couldn’t come up with a better reply so had to use what you know best right 🙂

    • Fire says:

      In what way are you ignorant? Well here’s a good example, Hutu Haleigh.
      You smash your cheeto encrusted mitts on the post comment button in teeth clenching frustration when it doesn’t post your comment IMMEDIATELY.
      Please come back and play when you outgrow sippy cups, diapers and velcro shoes. Though I believe your mother might actually learn to spell before that ever comes to pass.

  • Elaine Richey says:

    Courtney, I am so sorry your doctor was unable to put her prejudices aside and provide you with the
    treatment you need. I see Amy Elder in Wasilla – She is an advanced nurse practitioner who specializes in integrative medicine. Her office is called Karis Integrative. Maybe she can steer you in the right direction. She’s awesome and totally gets the current state of “irrationality” of too many medical practitioners. I hope you get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

  • Nonie says:

    How can we get this story confirmed? There must be more to this than we are being told! I can’t believe any doctor or hospital would be so stupid and cruel! If true I say find someplace else to go for treatment. Why would you want someone like that to do anything to your body! They don’t have the mental attitude to do you good! Pray for God’s healing blessings.

    • Fire says:

      How can we get this story confirmed?
      Well BOTH the Watchman and MRAK are running it. If you don’t believe them then go back to ADN.
      You can’t believe a doctor or hospital would be this stupid or cruel??
      Did you just get out of a cloistered nunnery? I find it hard to believe that you are that naive.
      Read the article again but slower this time. She cannot go to another treatment center because there doesn’t seem to be one.

      • Haleigh says:

        What a troll you are fire. There are MULTIPLE infusion centers in both Anchorage and Wasilla. Just because a site is running an article, doesn’t make it 100% real. Maybe you should look up sources or do a bit of research before you continuously badger people with mediocre child like replies.

      • Fire says:

        Maybe YOU should be helpful then and post that never ending list of infusion centers you are SO familar with. If you are so damn right on all this, then PROVE it by helping this woman with a list of doctors and infusions centers. But you won’t or can’t, will you? If that doctor cared she could have done the same for Ms. Chavez. But she did not. Why?Because really this is about DISCRIMINATION, MARGINALIZATION, CONTROL and HATE. YOU are a NAZI, Haleigh, right down to your cheeto fingers.

      • lisa m wingo says:

        Funny. My husband gets his IVIG in wasilla

      • Fire says:

        Funny that you don’t post the name of this center, Lisa Wingo. What is even funnier is that you use your own name like the conceited dummy you are. Thanks!

      • Courtney says:

        We’ll Fire since you’re so smart why don’t you look up infusion center information for one Courtney Chavez seems she needs help to do anything except being a victim. She stated in other articles that she receives disability and Medicare benefits which she would have never gotten if it were not for this doctors endless hours of documentation. Are you a healthcare provider? No then stfu are you a healthcare provider and unvaccinated? STFU In order to work in any hospital or medical clinic you must be up on all vaccinations. I think I’ll go with the people who are actually well educated and not the internet trolls that read conspiracy theories all day. And I’m pretty sure she was giving all the information she needs to find another place of business that’s right business and every business owner has the right to refuse. So don’t go to this doctors office if you don’t agree but I’m sure if this doctor told her not to get vaccinated and she got sick she would be trashing the doctor for that too. And Fire why not try to debate this without your continued spat of childish lingo Can you? Hmm no wonder you’re using a phone immature name

      • Courtney Chavez says:

        I would reply to the Courtney above but there is no reply option to her. Fire yoy are correct, they did not provide me with any information to other doctors or infusion centers. Said to let them know where to send my file, that’s it. I have, thanks to this article, been contacted by a local rheumatologist who is taking me on as a patient who also has an infusion center that administers my medication and accepts both Medicare and the patient assistance program through the distributor (until my husband is rehired, still laid off due to covid, and we have private coverage again) and are working on obtaining the insurance approval and then I will be able to have my infusions in their center.
        As far as miss Courtney suggested no I’m not a victim, I’m far from it. Yes that doctor played a roll in me being approved for disability as did my 7 other medical specialists. She did the job I paid her to do.

    • Carol M says:

      I believe this story is true. I am a former patient of her partner, Dr. Laurie Montano. I too refused the vax because unless something has been around for at least 5 years I tend to “wait and see”. I don’t react well to many medications and treatments that work well on others and are approved. Her partner “kicked me to the curb” and refuse to treat me.

    • Courtney Chavez says:

      I can verify that this story and situation is infact true, I am the patient. Feel free to ask anything you’d like, I’m an open book.

  • Paul says:

    Doctors that push the failing jabs have forgotten the ” first, do no harm” part of the oath….
    Discerning patients need to reject their care.

  • Tracy Phillpott says:

    I went for my physical in July and was told the doctors were not allowed to ask your vaccination status. I recently went to the doctor and vaccination status was one of the questions for checking. What has changed? HIPPA has gone out the window. All that BS about preexisting conditions to force Obamacare on us. HIPPA used to protect you.

  • Mary Lechene says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I just left a voicemail at that “medical” office letting them know of my disgust with their decision to put political propaganda ahead of a patient’s health needs. Praying for you and all humanity.

  • Rene Morehouse says:

    Contact for legal help. They have attorneys and doctors who are against the mandates and have won hundreds of cases.

    • lisa m wingo says:

      Its a private practice. They have a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

      • Fire says:

        Just like when businesses now see YOU, LISA M. WINGO, they will refuse service and goods to you. See how that works.

  • Josie123 says:

    The goal of the WHO/UN/CCP is to literally kill all of us. It’s time people WAKE UP!!! The V’s are a dealth jab. How many boosters will people take before they either die or wake up to what’s happening? We all need to be aware of natural medicines that can help us. First off, people need to be aware of blood cleaning herbs such as and heart strengthening herbs such as Hawthorn berry tea. One can also look into a comfrey hybrid called Symphytum uplandica x which doesn’t have the “bad components” of regular comfrey when taken internally as it is known to heal internal organ issues (look up “Susun Weed comfrey”). If one read the book or listened to the audiobook called the Medical Medium, one just might find the source of blood clotting issues. Also stay away from anything with canola oil in it as canola (a.k.a. rapeseed) is known to cause blood clots when it is raised to the temperature of the human body. Hopefully you can read between the lines of what I am saying here. If I were Courtney, I would contact

  • Josie123 says:

    Need a list of attorneys who are willing to fight for your rights against Vax mandates? Here’s a list of them by state:

  • Amanda Pagaran says:

    Call disability law center in Anchorage. They were a huge blessing to our family (with a different disability & situation) but might be able to help, maybe even for free.


    The Nazis have arrived in Anchorage. “Show us your papers, Sieg Heil”.

    I just received an email from Anchorage Opera: the PAC (performing arts center) , “All attendees to events at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts must provide either proof of vaccination against COVID-19 completed at least two weeks prior to the event, or proof of a negative result for a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of the show.
    Also, all attendees, regardless of vaccination status or test result, are required to wear masks at all performances.

  • NITZAKHON says:

    To those who say “Well, it’s a private business, they can do what they want…” I give you my cartoon:

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