People are losing trust in the election processes and elected officials. Doing nothing in Juneau is getting old and people are fed up.

Have we forgotten that we who are elected serve at the pleasure of the people who elected us? Why is it that we run for office, promise the world, get elected and then don’t talk to the people who got us elected until we run for office again?

This cycle breeds distrust in the people we serve – our bosses. We report to them, work for them, are accountable to them and should make ourselves available to them. Raising money, getting elected, blaming the system for no results, saying we need more time to accomplish things, raising more money to get elected again for the things your first promised years ago – this has got to go!

I am not perfect by any means, but I answered to no special interest groups and did precisely what I said I was going to do – balanced the budget and not raise taxes. I have been doing this every year, day in and day out, with a great team at the Kenai Peninsula Borough. I also keep a literal open meeting policy. Anyone from the public is welcome to come into my office and meet with me. If I am in my office at the time, I will make time for you right then and there. If I am busy, then we will schedule a meeting for later. You don’t have to be a president of a company or a lobbyist to get an appointment with me. I’m a small-town guy raised by a mom who showed me that the value of people is not in their titles or how much money they make but in who they are as a person.

The other thing that Alaskans are losing faith in is our election system. Does my vote count? Why aren’t there stricter voter ID laws? How much voter fraud happens each year? Why are there not forensic audits on each election cycle? These are the types of questions I hear all the time from good, hard-working Alaskans all over the Kenai Borough, and I guess it rings true statewide as well. The average person I meet does not trust the system. Again, what are we doing to win back this trust?

Making political statements about trying to fix it – or looking into it – is not enough anymore. We need action and results at the state level. Anyone who tells you election fraud does not happen is lying.

A former elected official allegedly committed election fraud recently to get reelected. This potential election fraud happened just a couple years ago. What if there was more but she was the only one who got caught?

I get that there is no way of telling, but that’s why a forensic audit would at least help restore trust because you don’t have to look back but a couple of years to find this huge election fraud case happening right here in Alaska. Click here to see more all around the country.

The bottom line is that election fraud occurs, and we need to do a better job as a state to not only make sure it doesn’t happen anymore, while also taking steps to do things differently to prevent it.

So, what can you do as elected officials? You may not like what I have to say, but there is probably a reason for that. It’s called accountability. I encourage you to be grateful to the people who helped you get elected, know that you are accountable to the people that elected you, and make sure you show them that you know that. Secondly, give the Lt. Governor the tools he needs to ensure election fraud does not happen again in our back yards. We are losing the trust of the people, and doing nothing in Juneau is getting old fast.

The views expressed here are those of the writer.

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Kenai Mayor Charlie Pierce: Alaskans are losing trust in elections

Charlie Pierce
Charlie Pierce is mayor of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.


  • Steve+Peterson says:

    I love our mayor! And he is exactly right about losing trust in our elections… but then we’ve lost trust in far more than that.

    • john otness says:

      Please run for Governor … Smash the communist Chinese party owned dominion voting machine to Hell where they belong.
      We have no vote as long as the Gov and the Lt Gov protect their interests in Dominion….. Otherwise honest Men would have had a Forensic
      Audit done…. We live in evil times where Babies are slaughtered to create a MRNA vaccine to complete the satanic ritual of Genocide.

  • Steve says:

    Get rid of Don Young. He just sold us out!

    • john otness says:

      Chinese owned treasonous Don Young…. His vote assured. the Chinese Communist Party Billions as they produce the majority of batteries for the electric charging stations that the criminals passed in this vile bill….the commies will in turn. bribe more treasonous men in our Govt to bolster their million man army with advanced tech weapons to attack this Nation once enough die horrible deaths from this vaccine.

    • Matthew says:

      Done gotta go, and Sullivan, and Murkowski – they ALL need to go.

  • Mongo Love Candy says:

    Run for Governor Charlie!!! We need you, Dunleavy is a swamp rat RINO.

  • AKY says:

    Politicians and the parties created this mess. It will only be cleaned up by the will of the people and it must start sooner rather than later.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    One vote in person with ID End of story.
    If you don’t vote shut up

  • Dale Hall says:

    Run for Governor!

  • Kenneth Wells says:

    Ranked choice voting is meant to obfuscate further the elections process thereby setting the stage to make shenanigans easier.

  • Funny river man says:

    Spot on Kenneth. Jungle primary are designed to keep entrenched politicians in office. I’ve talked with Mr. Peirce he comes off as a realist and decent man. Would make a great choice for Governor of Alaska !

  • Dee Cee says:

    I agree… we have lost faith in our elections. Two things need to be addressed somehow: 1) The fact that our elected members of Congress are obligated by their respective parties to raise millions of dollars per year for the party–which when they serve on select committees makes them beholden to the very same industry executives they just shook down for dough. Do you get that? That’s how they wind up serving big corporate interests more than they actually serve their constituents. 2) This last election, the Supreme Court ruled that the courts cannot “legislate from the bench” by suspending laws legally passed by the legislative branch, even if the grand excuse, “Covid” is used. Even though this ruling was made in the context of a lawsuit in another state, the binding precedent set there applies. So WHY do we also have to sue our own state (no one did!) to force them to follow it’s own laws on the exact same thing? The Board of Elections should have thrown out every single unwitnessed mail-in ballot, scratched the election and started the F–OVER! Why? Because THEY did not follow the law. And furthermore, our Justices should be held to account for overstepping their authority in upholding election laws, consistent with the separation of powers. As of yet, so far our appointed leaders in the Board of Elections, our Governor, our Supreme Court justices, and everyone involved has imply ignored that. If the state and all branches of government, including the bureaucratic class doesn’t have to follow election law, then they’re just going to keep ignoring the law. Clean house. Get rid of all of them!!!!!

  • G Aleutian says:

    Somebody has to protect Kenai from the nazies though. I WISH Charlie was twins!

  • G Aleutian says:

    Why, exactly, does MY comment need moderation? Says who exactly. My speech is being delimited. I know it and I don’t like it. Don’t try to stand up for hostile lefty lawyers intent on harming an elder aleut either.

  • Joe Ray Skrha says:

    Our Alaskan elections are run in as safe and responsible manner as possible. I have observed and participated in this process for almost 38 years. If there is a violation, those persons who violated the rules and regulations are prosecuted. Putting more restrictions on all Alaskan’s right to vote for no justifiable reason is tantamount to skewing the election for one side or another. That may very well cause everyone to eventually loose faith in the system. A fair and just election is when EVERY RESIDENT gets to vote and you live with the result. Mr. Trump’s attack on our election process has caused his party to claim the election was a fraud. This has but irrational fear in many of his minions and I for one, do not want any restrictions on Alaskans right to vote. Stirring up fear in our election process is right out of Mein Kampf. Is that what you Alaskan’s want?

    • Kenneth Wells says:

      Mr. Trump didn’t ‘attack the election process’, he defended it from DNC shenanigans. Or, perhaps in this brave new world, defending yourself from attack is now called initiating?

  • G Aleution says:

    President Trump is the Best President we ever had. He is restoring the republic and US Constitution in a barrage of lefty liars obstinately fighting this.

  • thomas says:

    2020 election fraud took place in every state, we need a “real audit” and the machines need to go to the landfill.

  • David says:

    Ok time for exposing names of half truth folks who have perpetrated where we are at: Mike pacarro , Susanne Downing, both of them are Dunleavy supporters who will not allow him to be challenged on their venues.
    That is their right; but does it serve society in ways that lead us to come to understand what is true?
    Clearly Dunleavy and Myer are stonewalling on the subject of election integrity! I can’t believe there is any doubt about this. Why are these with the venues resistant to ask and pursue the hard and what seems to be obvious questions? Money? Friendships? Aren’t these incredibly short term motivated perspectives? The state of Alaska is our home, and is being invaded by power hungry people who desire nothing less than the weaponizing our very own children!!! Yes , did you just here what i said ?
    We can’t wait to see what happens! Address your governor and Lt governor with your child in mind! They inherit what we leave them! It has become apparent to me that neither pacarro or downing desire to push or or even whisper publicly that the governor ought to consider looking into a forensic audit of the 2020 election! If we knew what is happening in the dark smoke filled rooms of these power players, our response would be a volatile shame on you!!!
    Folks it’s time to realize this has gotten personal and our children are the ones that will be harmed!
    Let this governor have it , hold nothing back when communicating to him. Remember it’s gotten personal
    Also sign the petition Go to menu type in forensic audit and sign
    Thank you

  • jh says:

    Senator Ted Cruz stated, If things become hopeless, If Democrats pack the supreme Court, grant Washington D.C. statehood, and federalize elections, it will get to a point where Texas may try to succeed, secession will be inevitable.
    Texas would take NASA, oil, and the military with them! :–)

  • jh says:

    Another “RED WAVE!”
    One of New Jersey’s most powerful elected Democrat lost reelection to a Republican political newcomer, a COMMERCIAL TRUCK DRIVER who spent only a couple thousand dollars on his campaign.
    America must keep the red waves coming!