Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced on Nov. 5 that Alaska has joined a multi-state lawsuit to block implementation of a federal COVID shot mandate on private employers and states that have an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plan. 

The jab requirement is part of an emergency temporary standard published by OSHA on Nov. 5.

Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor joined attorneys general from 10 other states to request the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals block OSHA from implementing its rule until after the courts decide on its legality.

The OSHA policy makes it mandatory for all private businesses and certain governments with more than 100 employees to either get the COVID shot or undergo weekly tests.

“The Biden Administration’s OSHA rule was a longtime coming and we have been preparing for months now in anticipation,” Dunleavy said. “President Biden’s attempt to force mandates upon the nation is unconstitutional – it is an attack against the individual’s freedom and a threat against liberty.”

“The President is not a king, and he does not get to make up the law and control the individual,” Dunleavy said.

He added that he will take “every action possible” to defend the rights of Alaskans, noting that he is “not anti-vaccine; I am anti-mandate, and I will stand up against federal overreach.” 

As an agency, OSHA exists to protect against workplace hazards. It’s new policy, however, significantly impact religious liberty and personal freedoms.

The lawsuit claims OSHA has no legal grounds to expand its authority, and that the Supreme Court has determined that executive agencies have no power to institute such overarching rules. 

“OSHA’s emergency temporary standard violates the separation of powers and infringes upon the right of all Americans to decide for themselves whether a COVID-19 vaccine is right for them,” Attorney General Treg Taylor said. “This mandate is unconstitutional, and we have made strong arguments as to why the courts should block implementation of OSHA’s rule.” 

The suit states that OSHA must consider the potential religious objections of employees to the vaccine mandate and consider other alternatives for those with natural immunity.

“OSHA cannot use the fact that hundreds of millions of Americans are employed in the national economy to regulate all facets of their lives with only attenuated workplace connections. But the Biden Administration has effectively admitted that this is precisely the role the Vaccine Mandate is intended to perform,” the court filing states. 

Alaska joined Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming in the petition filed Nov. 5.

Read the full lawsuit here.

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Alaska joins 11-state lawsuit to stop OSHA’s federal vax mandate

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Dee Cee says:

    “The suit states that OSHA must consider the potential religious objections of employees to the vaccine mandate and consider other alternatives for those with natural immunity.”
    I read the proposed Emergency Regulation and it does give way for religious beliefs. So why they are suing on that basis is beyond me. The 10th amendment issue is totally fair game, but assertions made about the content of the rule that are not factual can be potentially devastating to the process.

  • Ed+Martin+Jr says:

    Joel please research Alaska’s Statutes with regard to the States adoption of the FEDERAL OSHA rules, I believe our Governor will fail due to theses statutes without resending them or suspending them by Emergency Order!

    • kris spencer says:

      You do realize that this is an EXPERIMENTAL drug m-rna that is not even a vaccine. Just the other day Sen. Paul was noting that the CDC had changed the definition of vaccine on their web site to accommodate the m-rna. It’s un-ethical and immoral to force, threaten or coerce or trick anyone to become a lab rat in a medical experiment against their will. What will happen to the employer when the employee has an adverse reaction? There are lots of problems with this and thee Governor is standing on his oath of office to protect and defend rights.

      • Ed+Martin+Jr says:

        The Governor is a phony he has backed the vaccine from the beginning and pushes it every day …wake up! The only reason he is doing this is peer pressure from the Rino’s like him to get him reelected. I originally voted for him but he abandoned me and many others with his lies & Kool-aid drinking from the beginning of this PLANDEMIC, with his unlawful mandates & his illegal extended EO’s ! He has no intention to Follow the LAW ! Our US CONSITUTION & IT”S ADMENDMENTS ! His Oath means nothing to him , just his HEIGHT ! I my eyes he is the shortest Man to ever hold office in our STATE … & I have been here since 1965 and Second generation of 5 since statehood!

  • Ed Martin Jr says:
    Posted: October 16, 2020
    Categories: General Industry , Vet and Animal Care , Medical , Dental
    Which States Have Unique State OSHA Plans

    Did you know that there’s a difference between federal and state OSHA plans? According to Section 18 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, states can administer their own job safety and health programs. These are also called State Plans, and they must still meet the minimum federal requirements.

    Not every state creates their own OSHA plans, but there are 22 states in the U.S. that administer these plans, which cover both public and private sector employees. The states are as follows:


  • Jon Fairbanks says:

    More reaction from Mike. We need proactive moves. He will only stick his head out under cover. Coward. Fire Anne Zink. Clean out DHSS. Move all testing to doctor’s offices to be accompanied by medical diagnosis. Publicly apologize for the multitude of harms not due to “the pandemic” but due to government policies. Detail every single one and the impacts they’ve had on the state, country and world. Recognize the shot may not be safe or appropriate for indiscriminate injections, particularly in children. Remove and admonish masks. If he does this now, he’ll have a year to calm the shrieking from the acolytes and he’ll solidify his standing with moderates and others who see this for the scam it was and is.

  • Wisdom Cries in the Streets says:

    I pray to God that no company will move forward on this mandate until it has been litigated. Don’t do this to your employees. Our neighbors, friends, and family don’t need this arbitrary, anti-science mandate dividing us further. Let’s support one another freedoms and reject the federal governments intrusion on our Alaskan way of life.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    No shot or mask wearing for me, my family and friends.

  • Andy says:

    It is the mark.

    • kris spencer says:

      It is not the mark, relax…but it is a type or fore-shadowing of what is to come. In the Bible, you cannot have a “mark” w/o the beast. We don’t have a ‘beast’ yet. According to the Bible, the Beast causes everyone to take the mark in the hand or forehead when he breaks his peace treaty with Israel 3 1/2 years into the Great Tribulation and takes over as the one world ruler. This hasn’t happened yet either. It’s interesting though, that when you look up the word “mark” in the Greek, it has a sense of a sharp point (like a needle?). People do need to be aware of what is coming upon the earth and turn back to God. He will abundantly pardon and remember your sins no more.

  • Dalton Darl Fox says:

    I am thankful our governor is doing something to stand up to tyranny against Alaskans and Americans. To me this is the grave threat to our freedom.

  • NAV says:

    People OSHA has no authority to demand anything, bring it on ! There is no federal law anywhere show me the ordinance! This is nothing more than another scare tactic.
    “FU” Biden and all your jackboot thugs!!!

  • john otness says:

    Forked tongue LIAR,,,, Dunleavy is just playing the emotional field… Remember how he pushed the poison… Him and
    Jesus would take the jab charlatan Franklin Graham…. Both are just tools of this satanic slaughter of humanity…. Wake up!!!! then throw in the kitchen Zink to the list of diabolical henchmen from Hell!!!!

  • Ralph says:

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  • NP Adam says:

    Until Dunleavy starts protecting individual rights, this is just a platitude. It says nothing about the businesses that pre-emptively mandate the covaids shot. Businesses can’t do what they want. The state needs to put forth the original OSHA reg about holding the businesses liable for workplace injuries if their workers are coerced into taking it and they have bad side-effects.

  • jh says:

    Congress did not give OSHA authority to impose vaccine mandates!!
    OSHA sent a draft mandate to the White House on Oct. 8. Once the White House completes its review, OSHA will issue the order.
    Congress created OSHA to promote workplace safety. OSHA inspectors look for hazards that can potentially harm employees, such as improperly stored chemicals, inadequately lighted or ventilated workstations, or lack of protective equipment (e.g., gloves and hard hats).
    Vaccines against viruses are an entirely different form of protection and are beyond the scope of OSHA’s mandate.
    In short, Congress has not given OSHA license to mandate COVID-19 vaccines.
    Lawmakers needn’t prohibit OSHA from imposing a mandate that they never authorized the agency to issue in the first place.
    On the contrary, if Congress wants a general vaccine mandate, it must pass a law establishing one.
    Both agencies are within HHS. OSHA resides in the Department of Labor. Congress has given neither OSHA nor the Labor Department authority over vaccines.
    If Congress meant to give an agency authority to issue a general vaccine mandate, it would have enacted a law conferring and defining that authority.

  • jh says:

    Hey Joe Biden, our patience has worn out. We will no longer stomach your tyrannical overreach of power, your disdain for the sincerely held beliefs of half this nation, and your disregard for the lives of the American people along with the Americans trapped in Afghanistan.
    It is time for you to resign.

  • jh says:

    Congress did not give OSHA authority to impose vaccine mandates!!