After my husband and I fought a three-week nightmare battling Covid, I found myself humbled and wanting to be sure to take our experiences to help others with this terrible, and I completely believe man-made, virus. I did research, listened to conferences, read articles, made phone calls, and now I’d like to share with you what we did right, what I learned and what I wish we did differently.

What we did right after exposure was to immediately wash out our noses with a warm saltwater saline and wash and gargle with hot salt water multiple times the first three days to clear out as much of the virus as we could in the very beginning. We also took large amounts of vitamins C, D and zinc to prepare our bodies for the war inside. I made hot soup with garlic and onion broth, and we braced for impact. Our ivermectin order had not yet arrived.

As the virus progressed inside us, our symptoms increased, and the kids and dogs got sick too. We even gave our dogs vitamin C.

Take vitamins C, D, zinc and ivermectin immediately at the first sign of symptoms. This is what’s called a “Covid Kit.” If you develop severe illness before acquiring this kit, it’s too late because it’s so hard to obtain.

We had weakness, serious muscle aches, fevers and all that stuff, but the dry cough that came on the second week was the worst. What a sneaky virus this is, as I had no idea my husband was slowly suffocating. I’ve never seen anything like it, no phlegm, no gasping for air, just tired and burning up. A call from an EMT friend offering to “check him out” saved his life. With new-found information and two hospital visits, I learned to educate myself.

For those who have not yet had Covid, here is a list I now recommend to anyone willing to read it. This is just my opinion.

1) Get power of attorney and advanced directives lined up for those you trust and who will fight for your life. Hospitals are both overwhelmed and following a deadly protocol in admitted patients. It includes payoffs for nasty drugs, isolation, separation and refusal of ivermectin. Fairbanks Medical Hospital allows one visitor last I heard, but there’s a big difference between a visitor (which is appreciated by the way), and a person with authority to make medical decisions on your behalf. You and your loved ones need to have an advocate.

2) This is not a flu. It’s designed to turn your immune system against you and shut down the part of your lungs that transfers oxygen to your blood. Be aggressive in early treatment. I stress, aggressive. If you don’t have ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, get them. The CDC and FDA have removed them from hospital protocol and are making it difficult to get from pharmacies. Ivermectin combined with zinc helps keep the virus out of the cells. Also, buy an oxygen meter over the counter at any pharmacy. Oxygen levels in the 80s and low 90s are bad. Take vitamins C, D, zinc and ivermectin immediately at the first sign of symptoms. This is what’s called a “Covid Kit.” If you develop severe illness before acquiring without this kit, it’s too late because it’s so hard to obtain.

3) We were never afraid, and that was extremely important. Fear is a death trap and leaves people paralyzed. I found COVID to be a liar trying to trap us in bed which leads to blood clots and pneumonia. I learned to not stay in bed no matter what. Rest is great, but every day I got up and washed my dishes, my laundry, went outside and fed my animals and even shoveled snow in the beginning. I suggest you stand and walk a little everyday no matter how bad you feel. The high 12-day fever also wore out my husband, and with that I learned that COVID fevers are fine for a few days, and then that’s it. They’re too debilitating to just get rid of it. Take lots of fluids.

4) The final point is to watch your oxygen levels very carefully, and aggressively treat it early. I’ve heard that monoclonal therapy is a powerful tool for high-risk people. Do that early as well. It can only be used in the first 10 days of symptoms. Also, we found oral steroids for the lungs to be very helpful to open airways and increase oxygen.

I truly hope this helps someone to beat COVID.

Here’s a video I’d like to share as well to highlight the importance of avoiding hospital admissions:

We are wonderfully and fearfully made in the Image of God. Our immune systems are super powerful and adaptable. We don’t need to be afraid, but we must be prepared.

The content and views contained in this article are anecdotal and informational only and the views of the author. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice from a licensed doctor.

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Alaska woman shares tips on how she and her husband beat COVID

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She recently served on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is past-president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.


  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Amen! Prayers
    Right, you go to the hospital you die.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Wow! Thank you for the very helpful information and thanking the time to share your experience! Are there any pharmacies filling Ivermectin prescriptions?

    • Cynthia says:

      The Walgreens on Tudor in Anchorage filled scripts that my Doctor called in…for ivermectin and hydroxy about one month ago. Two weeks later I got something which I think was the EU variant…., so along with my daily vitamin protocol and the ivermectin I was on the other side of it in two days. It never got out of hand. I think my daily doses of vitamins kept it at bay Hence the mild case
      Prayer and daily devotions came first !! it is essential!:)

  • Andy says:

    Excellent information, thank you.

  • Dee Cee says:

    I’m so thankful that Mrs. Samash was brave enough to discuss her experiences in the open, and Watchman was able to publish it! I also have a Covid kit…. All OTC stuff I learned about very early on and it got my family through without incident…. Our room mate, who “doesn’t like to take things” ended up in the hospital with lung inflammation.

    I still pass my kit on to friends when I hear of them getting a positive test.
    We used:
    Nasal irrigation with H2O2 nebulizer (BE CAREFUL—use a strict protocol… this can hurt you!!!)
    N-acetyl L-cystein (chemical precursor to glutathione, order online at an independent supplement store bc Amazon cut this off at the beginning of the pandemic)
    Vit C/vit D/zinc (C and D in much higher doses during infection)
    QUERCETIN (if you can’t get IVM or HCQ, use this people!! Easy to get at Fred Meyer… also an ionophore, has similar effect on viral replication)

    At the Covid conference I learned:
    ASPIRIN!!! (Why?? It is a very efficacious anti-coagulant, which can help prevent you from getting micro-clots in your lungs and vascular system!)
    PEPCID!!!! (Why??? Apparently this is effective in blocking the H1/H2 receptors, which is also the purpose of the monoclonal antibodies)

    And guess what?? All this is OTC so you don’t need your doctor & pharmacist’s cooperation. If you’re sensible about all the above, you won’t OD yourself either… and if you go to the ER with tightness in the chest, great…. JBER prescribed my room mate a Budesonide inhaler and he was tip top in 10 days. He didn’t hesitate. He went, and it was dealt with, without an admission. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH!!!!

    PS: none of the above are “cures.” Your body will cure itself but you have to help it along. Don’t be a helpless kitten in front of a mac truck. Take charge, be confident, use your head and be grateful God gave you the tools you need and the wisdom to use them.

    • NP Adam says:

      Yes, this is a perfect list. As this is easily attainable. We need to stop looking at this being covid and just look at it as an immune response to a virus.

  • Steve P Peterson says:

    Ivermectin needs to be as available as it was this past summer, but it is not.

  • Kenneth Wells says:

    I’ve been linking to these guys for over a year. They are practicing physicians.

  • Common Peasant says:

    Self care is the best care. It is societies dependence on a system that SELLS ‘health’ that has gotten us in the trouble we are in now. So many parents bringing kids into the docs for sniffles and sore thoats. They are given medicine so early in life that it becomes conditioned into to kids that they should always be taking medicine. To those of you who cannot survive a pandemic without help from a for-profit establishment, you brought this on yourself. You can live (or not) with your choices and I will thrive with mine.

  • Greg In Homer says:

    Thanks to the author for sharing lessons learned from catching Covid. This is very valuable information for Alaskans. With respect to Ivermectin and Hcq, they are difficult but not impossible to obtain. I got mine by finding a doctor who did a consultation online and afterward used one of the few mail-order pharmacies willing to fill prescriptions for these medications. ( Ivermectin and Hcq, are not magic pills that stand alone, these medicines are taken in conjunction with other medications and vitamins to help fight the disease. If you want to have a complete covid kit, you must obtain these medications beforehand, but there are ways. You can do what is needed to fight this disease, but it will cost you a bit of money and is not likely covered by your health insurance. Think of it like insurance on your house. You don’t need it until you do, then it was worth the cost. Don’t give up, and stay safe Alaskans!

  • john otness says:


  • john otness says:


  • Diogenes says:

    “The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice from a licensed doctor.”

    If not for medical treatment then what is it for?