Rep. Don Young and 12 fellow House Republicans gave President Biden a lifeline in providing the crucial votes to pass a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

These 13 Republicans now face major a backlash from conservatives across the nation.

The National Review’s Philip Klein called their action “an utterly disgraceful act” that propped up Biden’s failing domestic agenda, which even Democrats can’t agree on.

“Their goal has been to pass trillions of dollars of new spending at a time when debt as a share of the economy is at historic levels rivaled only by the fight against World War II,” Klein wrote on Nov. 6. “The strategy all along was for Democrats to win over some Republicans to their cause by creating a charade that their agenda was actually divided into two parts: a physical infrastructure bill, and a sweeping social-welfare bill.”

“Every Republican who voted for this monstrosity who is not already retiring should be primaried and defeated by candidates who will actually resist the Left-wing agenda” he concluded.

Klein and others have pointed out that in reality, Biden’s infrastructure plan is inseparably linked to his social-welfare scheme, which will likely be voted on in the coming weeks.

“Senate Republicans got the ball rolling when 18 of them [including both Senators Murkowski and Sullivan] decided to support the unnecessary infrastructure bill, with its $550 billion in new spending, and send it to the House for final passage,” Klein observed.

He noted that the infrastructure bill was on the brink of destruction due to the fact that some far-leftists Democrats opposed it in a closely divided House.

“With only three ‘no’ votes to spare within her own caucus, Pelosi lost six Democrats — enough to sink the bill,” Klein observed. “Yet 13 Republicans swooped in to rescue Pelosi, provide Biden with the biggest victory of his presidency, and put the rest of his reckless agenda on a glide path to passage in the House.”

In reality, only a fraction of the infrastructure bill provides funding for things like roads and bridges. Much of the funding is eaten up with public transportation projects, investment in drinking water, high-speed internet and a host of pet projects for climate change activists. Overall, the bill adds more than $256 billion to the national deficit.

Young admitted that he voted for the bill despite serious reservations about how it was crafted.

“It will also help grease the wheels for the passage of the larger multi-trillion welfare bill that will expand Medicare and Obamacare, initiate a federal takeover of preschool and child care, and impose economically devastating tax increases on individuals and businesses,” Klein wrote.

“Every Republican who voted for this monstrosity who is not already retiring should be primaried and defeated by candidates who will actually resist the Left-wing agenda” he concluded.

Young defended his vote, but admitted that the bill wasn’t ideal.

“Was this bill perfect? No, but truthfully, few pieces of legislation are,” he stated on his website. “However, I firmly believe that we cannot sacrifice the good for the perfect.”

Young said he is “very pleased by the historic investments” the bill makes in Alaska, including $3.5 billion in federal highway funds, $1 billion in ferry service projects and $73 million to construct new Alaska ferries – including electric boats.

Young also trumpeted the bill’s $250 million expenditure for harbors, $75 million for the Denali Project and additional funds for high-speed internet.

Young’s message concludes by admitting that he voted for the bill despite serious reservations about how it was crafted.

“But there are no do-overs now, and too much of America’s infrastructure is already in the 11th hour of its usefulness,” he said.

A number of Young’s fellow House Republicans vehemently disagreed with his stance.

“RINOS just passed this wasteful $1.2 trillion dollar ‘infrastructure’ bill,” Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted. “Pelosi did not have the votes in her party to pass this garbage. Time to name names and hold these fake Republicans accountable.”

“I can’t believe Republicans just gave the Democrats their socialism bill,” tweeted Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene had similarly harsh words.

“Republicans who hand over their voting card to Nancy Pelosi to pass Biden’s Communist takeover of America will feel the anger of the GOP voter,” she said.


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Rep. Young blasted for ‘disgraceful’ vote on Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ekim+Kcidrub says:

    I think it’s time for new blood all the way around.

    • Sharon Alice Turner says:

      Response of this voter was simple: You took an oath (s) , you have been a traitor (Many tines) to that oath. thus those who elected you and for whom you work (*we pay your wages). You 3 RINOS : Retire

  • Common Peasant says:

    Would be nice if we could build roads that lasted more than 3 heavy rainfalls a year.
    The government needs to stay away from our drinking water. They already regulated poison into it with fluoride, what else do they plan to put in it?
    Remember folks, government does not care about the health of our climate or environment. Just think, fuel can spout regulation. Yeah.

    • Trained+Observer says:

      Yes it would, but this expenditure will only rinse and repeat the same tired cycle of road construction by hiring the same engineers, and the same contractors, utilizing the same methods of dig, level and overlay without mitigating the sub surface waterflow or using better surface material. Just another form of corruption in a state full of it.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Young should have been gone 15 years ago but the natives keep electing him. Alaska doesn’t have the brightest voters

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    It is all about buy-offs and bribes. Money is king not ethics or principles. Shame on Don Young. I tried to call his office in Washington DC and locally and neither number worked. Neither he nor Murkowski care about Alaskan constituents. How can we vote them out with ranked-file voting that MUrkowski put into place?
    We are praying daily at 5 pm with others. Look at the website dailyminuteofprayer and join the masses of us who are praying for America turning back to its godly Heritage, protection of our citizens, and protection of our troops. What a disappointment Representative Young is. He is also trying to vote for the statehood of Purerto Rico which is a very “leftist” island. These are bad votes and someone has “gotten to him” with bribes or blackmail or the promise of smears. Obama and Eric Holder are the puppetmasters of Biden and hate America.

  • AK49 says:

    Apparently Don young is the same as Murkowski. I’m done with him. I thought he could be trusted . What is his excuse for this treason? He just screwed Alaska, and America. Lets get rid of him.

    • Trained Observer says:

      He doesn’t care. He’ll be lucky to be alive come primary. He’s 88? and won’t be alive to see the destruction he’s caused. Another reason not to elect anyone over 40 to Congress without term limits, or for that matter Presidents either.

  • Matthew says:

    Young, Sullivan, Murkowski – they ALL HAVE to go. Remember this voters.

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      One vote in person with ID
      Vote out theses swamp creatures

    • valley guy says:

      wholeheartedly agree, all three of these rinos are weak knee politicians and needs to be voted out. murkowski is the most disgusting and shameful rino of them all.

      • Sterling Crone says:

        Agree. And agree with prev post, all are likely compromised long ago ala Epstein. The stupid “ranked voting” is yet another issue we are just not collectively smart enough to understand and do anything about…

    • Steve Chappell says:

      We must first repeal the Rank Choice Voting that was passed in 2020. Those who voted for that were to stupid to read the bill and see it was garbage.

    • john otness says:

      in order. for this the Communist Chinese Party owned Dominion machines must be smashed
      and one man one vote on the same day must be reestablished. PERIOD!!!!!!!

  • Mb says:

    Young voted against America.

  • Vonda Sanders says:

    All three need to be voted out!

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Young is a RINO traitor.
    He’s a drunk who spends the majority of his time in DC, not Alaska. Remember the Coco Beach real estate scandal – where he lost all of his committee assignments because he is corrupt. He sold the soul of a nation for a little nag of gold for Alaska. Sullivan and Murkowski did the same. This is absolutely disgusting, despicable behavior.
    Shame on all 3 of them- I’m embarrassed they threw Slo Jo a life vest.
    Let’s Go Brandon!

  • Johnny Furlong says:

    He has been a self serving and out of touch leech for too many terms.

    Look what he just did to our children and grandchildren.


  • Priscilla Hurley says:

    I was so disappointed when I heard of his vote. It’s sad because now he’ll be leaving in disgrace after many years of service!

  • NAV says:

    I never thought I’d vote for a Begich but this TRAITOR like the snake Murkowski must be removed!!!!

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    This is something I would expect of Murkowski but am a bit stunned such voting came from Congressman Young. He took the carrot and now we have the wheelbarrow of horse manure that it came out of. Yes, this may indicate it is time to retire.

  • Steve says:

    We can all thank Rank Choice Voting for our legislatures behavior. They now feel embolden to support the leftist ideas. Young voted yes in order to passify his native wards of the state. I am so disgusted with our federal legislatures and I will not vote for any of them again. We need to break up the club in Washington and now have all legislatures remain in their home state and govern remotely.

  • john otness says:


  • john otness says:


  • Greg in Homer says:

    What was Don Young thinking supporting this bill, he must have lost his mind. He clearly does not understand what is wanted by the voters in Alaska. I urge Alaskans to vote for the most conservative alternative to Don in next year’s primary and general elections. Also, if you want to make a contribution, I suggest donating to This is Marjorie Taylor Greene’s political action committee that has pledged to contribute to the political campaigns of those opposed to the RINO’s in congress. And one last thing, be sure to call Don Young’s offices in Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Washington DC to let them know how you feel. The Washington DC office in particular really likes to hear from Alaskans. They hung up on me yesterday when I called to record my opposition to Mr. Young’s vote, I am sure they would like to have a bunch more Alaskans give them a call.

  • Christopher McElree says:

    It seems to me that Alaska grows increasingly financially desperate every year. Young’s job is to represent Alaska, not the Republican Party. What he did was bring needed resources to Alaska. That’s jobs and food on tables. It’s not Don Young’s fault that many states will get money that don’t need it. Alaska does. Alaska hasn’t enjoyed 200+ years of federal investment as other states have. I still support Don Young and I know he will put Alaska first, as he always has.

    • Sally Pollen says:

      I can’t begin to express how DONE I am with DON. New slogan, DONE w DON. Maybe he knew his political coffin was all but nailed shut and now we have heard that one last whack!

    • Steve says:

      If we are going to remain the United States then we need to behave like we’re all in this together. Each legislature grabbing a slice of the spoils is like a looter telling himself… “If I don’t take it someone else will”. Is that the type of person you think Alaskan’s are? Every time our legislatures take a slice from the trough the feds tie some rule or regulation in order to keep the money flowing. I for one have had enough!

    • Trained Observer says:

      I see you’ve drunk the same Kool-aid as Young. The reality is that Alaska is not a port supported state, in spite of the import-export nature of our existence, and never will be again. With our on again – off again oil production, the Fed’s have shown that they don’t need our oil. Little to no coal export, no timber, decreasing fish exports, and after these last couple of years without tourism, fewer American’s are willing to spend money to see Alaska. There is no manufacturing revenue stream, nothing from Alaska that is useful to the US economy. It would take 10-20 years for our ports to be revitalized to the point of making a difference either locally, nationally or globally. Alaska can’t even be reached by train, so no realistic transportation infrastructure to move goods. This is why Fairbanks remains an underpopulated, feeder community who relies on everything to be shipped to them. The time to build infrastructure was 40 years ago when oil flowed. By the time this “infrastructure” would be complete, after this recession has become a full blown depression, it won’t matter and you can stick a fork in Alaska, the last frontier on the rotisserie of over done to death. It’s gonna take innovation making the change from what I see, and the only innovation we offer is a pitstop to Asia as a transportation hub. This has become a classic example of fraud, waste and abuse as an artform. Think back on all the federal money that has made it to this state; how much of it made it to it’s intended destination? With all the money Alaska has traditionally received federally, we should have been the NY of the northwest. All the money that has come here has wound up lining the pockets of what Alaska produces plenty of; corrupt politicians. Politicians who employ their cronies, union delegates, and lobbyists to receive consultant fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and endless impact studies to determine the effects of useless topics with no bearing on indeterminate outcomes. Young has been the sole Congressman for Alaska 48 of the 62 years Alaska has been a state. That’s an awful lot of time gathering power and prestige at our expense and have so little to show for it. Stick a fork in Young; he’s outlived his usefulness.

  • Carla says:

    DITCH YOUNG -he doesn’t even deserve to live in OUR state!

  • john otness says:


  • Coach says:

    Republicans are simply progressives who drive the speed limit…

  • Don Young says:

    I did this because I could. I am the all powerful Don Young. You can do nothing about it now and I am set for life. Just watch my bank account grow. I never did give a damn about the state of Alaska, or the United States of America.

    • Steve P Peterson says:

      Ha ha!
      Well, “Don”, I believe you once did care. I heard you speak at Sheldon Jackson College in 1975 (?) and you seemed real, ambitious and in touch with Alaskans. I voted for you term after term (maybe shouldn’t have). I’ve been watching you go down hill the last two decades, and now it is time to go. Please.

  • jh says:

    A few of the provisions in the reconciliation bill that this group of Republicans and Don Young will help make possible. Among them:
    • A 10-year amnesty for illegal immigrants, which includes work permits and driver’s licenses and cannot be undone by future administrations for a decade.

    • Provides millions of dollars in funding for the IRS to enforce the Biden administration’s plan to review every bank account with $10,000 or more.
    • Expands and shores up provisions of Obamacare.
    • Eliminates the statutory cap on employment visas, effectively allowing Big Tech companies and other mega-corporations to prioritize hiring foreign workers over American workers.
    • Facilitates enforcement of Biden’s vaccine mandate by increasing OSHA penalties on businesses up to $700,000 per violation and provides billions in funding for the Department of Labor to increase enforcement.
    • Mandates taxpayer coverage of abortion, leaving the long-agreed upon Hyde amendment out of the bill.
    • Provides half a trillion dollars in climate spending, including clean energy tax credits to subsidize solar, electric vehicles, and clean energy production, as well as federal spending on clean energy technology and manufacturing, all while limiting domestic energy production, thereby increasing dependence on Russia and China.

    • Provides roughly $400 billion for expanded government childcare and universal pre-K, which pumps millions into failed Head Start programs, excludes support for families who prefer at-home child-care arrangements, and by requiring that preschool teachers have a college degree, will reduce the availability of child-care options.

    • A host of new taxes, and a giant tax cut for the rich: by including a repeal on the cap for the state and local tax deduction, Democrats will provide a $30 billion net direct tax cut for the top 5 percent of earners, largely in blue states where the state and local taxes are much higher.

    The “Build Back Better” reconciliation legislation is a bill that transforms the role of the state in every aspect of an individual’s life, while expanding key Democratic priorities like amnesty, abortion, cheap foreign labor, a dysfunctional health care system, and invasions of financial privacy. And consideration of the bill in the House wasn’t made possible by the Democrats in the majority, but by HOUSE REPUBLICANS INCLUDING DON YOUNG! THEY BETRAYED OUR COUNTRY, REWARDED ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, WORSEN OUR ECONOMY !

    • john otness says:

      TY for taking the time to write this… exposure of this scumbag Young is long past due… This is treason as it is a direct assault on America complicit with China.

  • jh says:


  • Michael+Hughes says:


  • Jerry Cogdill Sr says:

    Don, I have supported you all these years! This is the straw that broke the camels back! I will no longer support any politician who goes against their constituents wishes. Say goodbye to me and my families votes! I am ashamed and completely disgusted!

  • Punahele says:

    Wow! Our own representative responsible for this irresponsible spending monstrosity. Respectfully Rep. Young, please retire.

  • jh says:

    Governor Ron DeSantis states he will bus illegal immigrants to Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware should the administration continue to pay for SECRET flights carrying illegal immigrants into Florida! :–)

  • Dan+Mann says:

    Dear Congressman Young,

    You claim you voted in support of the “bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs
    Act and support it more than anyone” else?
    You claim to truly believe that HR 3684 represents “a historic opportunity to secure the federal investments necessary to modernize and strengthen America’s infrastructure needs for the next century and beyond”. wow that’s incredible. The bill actually represents One Trillion dollars worth of advancing unions, medicare, welfare, taxes and environmental issues (84%), and just $152 Billion worth of infrastructure issues (13%) so you call it a “historic opportunity to secure the federal investments necessary to modernize and strengthen America’s infrastructure needs for the next century and beyond.”?

    You are actually claiming that you will accept a trillion dollars worth of federal American sociological destruction to get just $153 Billion in federal infrastructure…. I say that’s pathetic. You’re willing to completely destroy the historic social fabric of America just as long as you get a handful of infrastructure?

    I claim HR 3684 is actually an idealogical takeover plan camouflaged as an infrastructure plan. “H.R. 3684—Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,” is not actually a bipartisan infrastructure bill since most Republicans voted against it. Only 19 Republicans joined the Demoncratic caucus, you just happened to be one of them….

    An Infrastructure Bill? Are you kidding? It’s more about “The New Green Deal and Welfare” than infrastructure. The U.S. House did pass their 2.3 Trillion dollar plan, that got whittled down to a 1.2 Trillion dollar plan on Friday night, 10/29/21. They sent that legislation to fake president Joe’s desk who will no doubt instantly sign it into law if he happens to be conscious. Democrats claim their alleged $1.2 T “inter structure plan” is about increasing jobs when it’s actually about increasing taxes, which will in fact end up reducing those jobs. $152 B is actually for infrastructure, 1 Trillion is for advancing unions, medicare, welfare, taxes and environmental issues. That leaves about $48 Billion for “whatever”. Let’s see, 1 Trillion would be about 84% of 1.2 Trillion and 152 Billion would be about 13%. This reveals the “infrastructure bill” to actually be 84% about advancing (unions, medicare, welfare, new taxes, environmental / social issues) and only 13% for infrastructure… so naturally you don’t title it “The New Green Deal”, you title it “The Infrastructure Deal”, right…

    The actual breakdown of this misguided Democratic legislation reveals a deeply misguided “bait and switch” scam that claims “infrastructure” while actually implementing ideological goals like climate regulations, electric vehicles subsidies and manipulating perceived racial and gender inequities.

    World War 2 only cost the U.S. around 300 Billion and it saved the entire planet from Hitler!
    That means it was cheaper for America to fight and win World War 2 than try to “stimulate the U.S. economy” during the current pandemic! Are you kidding me? America just dumped $6 Trillion into its economy and it’s still limping along! America spent 300 Billion saving the entire planet but it can’t save it’s own economy with 6 Trillion? When you can’t prime the pump it’s time to admit there’s actually something structurally wrong with it. You don’t just keep trying to prime it! America needs a cultural/religious revival, not a better economy. This means we cannot save America with money.

    Does this tell you anything about politicians today and politicians back in 1945? For one thing back then politicians didn’t try the bait and switch as much. “bait and switch” was a rarely used tactic but it has become a standard Democratic Political Tactic within our current political society.

    This bill is not about roads, bridges, and waterways, it’s 84% about advancing unions, medicare, welfare and environmental & social issues, just 13% about actual infrastructure. The title is a deceptive lie in an attempt to hide the fact that democrats want to cloak the reality that they desire to spend Trillions of Dollars to finance their unions, medicare, welfare and environmental & social issues.

    Demoncratic’s are fighting and financing an idealogical war here and they are doing it by convincing American’s that they are not actually doing it. A minority of Democratic American’s are attempting to steal your tax dollars to finance and win an idealogical war in America, while claiming to be repairing infrastructure. This is nothing but financing an idealogical battle with your oppositions tax dollars by calling it an infrastructure plan. This is an idealogical takeover plan camouflage as an infrastructure plan.

    So where do you think they will get all the money for all these new projects? Presently, nowhere. It’s all deficit spending until Pelosi’s new road taxes kick into gear and charge you even more to drive or even start your lawnmower. She wants the infrastructure bill and the (really messed up $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill) to be passed in tandem and it’s all about spending money we don’t have, which the next generation will naturally be forced to repay, assuming they actually have a job and an economy to work in, which they probably won’t.

    HR 3684
    $351 billion for highways and bridges
    $107 billion for transit
    $73 billion for electric grid infrastructure
    $66 billion for passenger rail
    $55 billion for drinking water infrastructure
    $42 billion for broadband deployment
    $25 billion for airports
    $17 billion for ports
    $7.5 billion for electric vehicle charging stations
    $7.5 billion for electric buses and ferries
    $152 billion in infrastructure.
    $1 trillion in social engineering.
    This all means that you are working to help destroy America as long as we get some infrastructure for that destruction. You should NOT have voted for this legislation but you did.

    HR 3684

    Senate passes Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act

    Congressman Young, Biden’s HR 3684 also finances his vaccine mandate by increasing OSHA penalties on businesses up to $700,000 per violation and provides billions in funding for the Department of Labor to increase enforcement.
    • It also mandates taxpayer coverage of abortion, leaving the long-agreed upon Hyde amendment out of the bill.
    • it also provides half a trillion dollars in wasteful climate spending, including clean energy tax credits to subsidize solar, electric vehicles, and clean energy production, as well as federal spending on clean energy technology and manufacturing, all while limiting domestic energy production, thereby increasing dependence on Russia and China. Galbraith a trillion dollars! That’s half the entire Bills spending! The correct response to all this nonsense is to reject the Bill but you didn’t have the will-power so you became an official republic rhino… who will be swipe away with the next political breeze…

    Thank you,

    Donald Johnson
    Soldotna Alaska

    Congressman Don Young

    2314 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    T (202) 225-5765 F (202) 225-0425

    471 W. 36th Avenue, Suite 201
    Anchorage, AK 99503
    T (907) 271-5978 F (907) 271-5950

    100 Cushman St. Suite 307
    Key Bank Building
    Fairbanks, AK 99701
    T (907) 456-0210 F (907) 456-0279

    Congressman Don Young Website

    907) 271-5978

    2314 Rayburn HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone 202-225-5765
    Fax 202-225-0425

    • john otness says:

      Amen Donald…Don Young is treasonous…he knows we know. Look at his face in this pic above…a broken treasonous to his nation sack of nothing.