While getting vaccinated helps reduce the chances of an initial Covid infection and possible hospitalization or death, a new report from the Alaska Division of Public Health reveals that Alaskans (ages 12 and older) who have already been infected with the virus enjoy substantial immunity, whether vaccinated or not.

While the chances of reinfection were 26% higher in the non-vaxxed, these reinfections almost never require hospitalization or lead to death. In fact, the state only recorded seven total hospitalizations (between July and September) among those ages 12 and older who were re-infected. Two other hospitalizations from reinfection occurred among those deemed “fully vaccinated” and one occurred in someone partially vaccinated.

Likewise, the chances of dying from reinfection were almost nil, with only four total deaths. Three of these among the unvaccinated.

Notably, of the nearly 200,000 Alaskans under age 19, zero have died from Covid this year.

The report strongly encourages vaccination for all age groups, but admits that immunity wains over time, especially among older people. This trend “can lead to an increasing proportion of breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated.”

Additionally, the report says natural immunity may build up faster among the unvaccinated because they are more susceptibility to an initial infection, which then results in greater protection from the virus.

While there are increasingly more breakthrough infections after getting vaccinated, the report concludes that vaccines are still “highly effective” at least in terms of protecting against hospitalization or death among those who have never had the virus.

The report reiterates the CDC’s advise that both the vaccinated and non-vaccinated wear masks while in public indoor settings in areas where the virus is still spreading.

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Alaska report shows natural immunity provides ‘substantial’ protection against Covid

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Michael S Totten says:

    Well imagine that!

  • Jen says:

    Time would be better spent getting us customers an over the counter Common Covid19 cold syrup at every store with a Pharmacy that reduces our symptoms at first occurrence, than getting us all vaccinated for another mutating coronavirus. Besides! Covid19 vaccine has magically aged all its recipients by 10-15 years. I don’t know what they put into that covid19 shot. Whatever it is you all covid vaccinated look frailer, thinner, pale, and older!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    God created us, yes with a natural strong immune system he built in us.
    Funny how that works. No shot for me and yes I know personally a friend who got the shot, then got the covid, passed it to there mother then she dies, sad yes.
    Stop with this woke controls of are life’s.
    Get a life you losers you wear your mask I’m not wearing a mask life goes on. Little sheep in the same clothing/masked and afraid.
    Remember it’s not going anywhere. Just like the flu which is a coronavirus it changes ever year.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    It’s Sunday maybe we should all be going to church today.
    And asking God to help us, get through this craziness

  • Ralph says:

    If you walked up on a dead horse and found flies on and around it..
    Does that mean the flies killed the horse? OR that the flies are opportunistic and are evidence of the horses weakened state?
    Maybe weak horses can die by flies? But healthy ones survive them?
    So if we inject all hoarse that will kill all the flies right? ((Maybe if we require all horses carry bug zappers.. forget science, we’ll make a city mandate..))
    What if we let and encouraged the horses to go outside and run in the sun..
    What if we fed them correctly, gave them good water, and access to whatever treatments the horse feels is correct for themself..

    So if the farmer let the horses runs free and be as God intended… you would not find a dead horse.. as the injection that was meant to help, indirectly killed it, as the flies carried disease that infected the weaker/inoculated horse.
    -Maybe it just needed a booster.

    • Patrocles says:

      Or you know what? Maybe some bright vet way back said “hey there is this anti-parasitic drug they’ve been giving humans for 30 years, lets try to give it to the horses”. They give it to the horses and lookie lou, there are no more dead horses, and subsequent flies. Now its deemed a horse medication though. But some bright doc says hey this stuff actually works on the cova virus lets give it to people. And it works. But now people are lambasted for taking horse medication. You know, they also give aspirin to horses too. Does that make it a horse drug and unsafe for people as well? Do they need to get informed consent from the horse to be administered either of the drugs? No, (I don’t even think they require signatures proving informed consent when they give the cova vaxxine) but those two drugs are at least both FDA approved for use in people, and not just as an emergency use authorization. But do you think you can get this other horse drug to keep you from dying from the cova virus? Seriously people, penicillin was an accident found in a petrie dish. They didn’t go stick it in the first person they found with staph. It took 13 years before they gave it to the first person. Given the choice between a 30+ year drug deemed safe for people and happens to work on the cova virus, and one ginned up in less than a year that they can’t even approve for use and apparently kills some people, guess I’ll be taking the horse pills. At least me and the horses will be running free as God intended.

  • Penny Johnson says:

    Suggested corrections: “susceptible & “advice”